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August 31, 2011

Pirate Game of the Week 034: Somari (Famicom)

A very diabolical experiment to give Mario a new athletic look turned out into Somari. With the view of a less fattening Mario, pirates sure had it right! Here is a game that had so much to give but too many bugs to desipher. There is a lot of interesting things about this game but in the end we end up with a game that could have been something much cooler than just an ordinary Sonic hack of an original pirate. Yes, it's that twisted!

The music and soundtrack is the usual of a pirate original. Most of them really don't have an idea of which tones to use so they will always be out of sync on most of their intent to mimic the original game's music. Of course, don't let that throw you off as you'll hear a demonic style Sonic soundtrack. You'll be alright though, no ear bleeding potential on this one.

The graphics are your average one for a Sonic game. This one actually looks a lot like the master system release but only an approximation of it. You'll find the levels similar to the other Sonic games except you are Mario, a skinny Mario running through them. The majority of the enemies should sound and look familiar to Sonic veterans.

The gameplay is decent although unfair at times. The point of a Sonic game was to show you the speed and pace it could keep which seems to be the problem in this one. You'll have to be careful not to go too fast or you'll bump into an enemy and lose all your rings. Gameplay is painful so be sure to walk through each stage with caution.

The game can be played any time as long as you are ready for a challenge. I can see myself coming back to this game once in a while to try and beat each stage. I wonder what the ending of this game would be like, then again there is always youtube!

Finally, the game itself is quite interesting to check out but not to get into. There are factors of it that will leave you wanting to break the cartridge in half. You can't seem to catch a break during your adventure. As usual, this game will be a challenge to veterans but for those of you trying to find a fun Sonic title, you are better off going with the Genesis releases. Enjoy and play safe!


Pirate Game of the Week 035: Rockman VIII (Gameboy) Series Finale

Rockman VIII is so packed with bugs that it'll be impossible to play the game all the way till the end. Then again, people can get lucky one way or another. Nevertheless, get ready to suffer in what you think would be a great game to play, it's actually a horrid disappointment. In our series finale, we take a look at Rockman VIII for the Gameboy!

The music is nothing to's odd and weird and could make your ears bleed if played too loud. The sound is nothing to enjoy so I suggest you play the game in mute and play the Rockman 8 intro song in the background.

Looks like a Mega Man game but it's nowhere near as good as one. Looks can be deceiving huh?

The gameplay is what makes this game so unplayable. Not only is your Mega character buggy but there are parts of the game that disappear which makes you get stuck or jump into nothingness. If you are one of the few lucky ones to finish the game, then you are quite a trooper and one lucky son of a bitch.

There is no reason to play this game unless you want to go mentally insane. There is so much wrong doing in this game that to try to play it would not only take all the patience in the world but all the luck along with it. Make sure you don't come across any black cats!

There is no reason why you should play this game other than curiosity. The game itself shows some promise but with the struggling controls and missing platforms there is no way you can enjoy this game as you would enjoy an original Mega Man game. I say stay away from this and just watch the videos on youtube about it.

So this is it, the end of another series! I hope you all enjoyed all thirty-five releases and hopefully help you decide on what games you should stay away from. There is lots of interesting things about them but most of the games are unplayable for the most part. There is nothing left to say except for cya next time!

Pirate Game of the Week 032: Futbol Peruano 2010 (PS2)

So here is a different type of pirate. This one is actually a mod of the same game. The teams are edited, the animation as well, even the intro is edited. These games are quite popular in South America as they tend to ignore the teams in that area to savvy programmers open the game and edit the data in it. The result is a hacked game with added teams and special features. Can't get any better than that right? Lets take a look as when you hack something, there may be downfalls to it.

The music doesn't suffer as much as you would think because it was left untouched. You'll have the great soundtrack of different genres entertain you over and over again. The sound effects are also there and even added sound effects for your favorite teams. It's a plus when you add such things to an already great title.

Other than new teams, the game has been left intact with its graphics. The graphics show what the PS2 is actually capable of so you'll have much enjoyment looking at them. Of course, this is no PS3 so be sure to not get your hopes up too high. The game offers the stadiums which really doesn't make any difference as you are going to be playing in the same style of pitch in every single soccer match. It's not like you can get in the crowd and go check out the views. The only time you'll actually enjoy the scenery is when you are entering the stadium. With that said, the game is based on Soccer not scenery....

Gameplay is truly one of Winning Eleven's best features as it's the reason why FIFA suffered for many years until they decided to copy Konami's Soccer franchise. You'll have lots of freedom to do such amazing plays that you'll feel you are in the field with the players. It will take some used to but you'll get the hang of it!

Can't say no to a soccer match against your friends. Better yet, you can't say not to soccer if you are a soccer fan that is. Replay is what sport games are best at and this one is no different. Play through tournaments, conquer leagues, and defeat your most hated enemies over and over again! Well done!

To all the soccer fans out there, I wouldn't suggest this game unless you are from the South American part of the world as you will probably not understand much of this game. This is a hack which means they took the liberty of what was already there and flipped it around. A whole new world of teams and players are awaiting so if you are curious enough to go explore it, then go for it. Totally worth it in my opinion.


Pirate Game of the Week 033: Super Mario Bros 2J (Famicom)

So we have seen this game in many platforms but one that we weren't supposed to see it was obviously the Famicom. It was a Disk System only release but our friendly pirates made sure it made its way to cartridge form and we ended up with a big happy smile although Nintendo didn't smile but rather went hunting these pirates down. With those things behind us, we are glad to introduce once more the forgotten Super Mario Bros 2J for the Famicom!

I think it would be obvious to say much about this game as it's a true masterpiece. The only difference is that it's in cartridge form. You will have the same amazing experience so sit back and enjoy! The classical tunes will give you a massive nostalgia boner and probably a retro orgasm with it.

With classical graphics of wonders, this game is a total masterpiece from beginning to end. There is not much more to say except flying blooper? Yes sir!

Even over 20 years later jumping around getting yourself high on mushrooms and saving a princess to get lucky is still fun. Did I mention that you eat a flower to shoot fireballs from your hands? The mastermind of this plumber sure had quite an imagination! Gotta love it!

Probably the most replayable game in the entire history of video game involves the Super Mario series. They are just that fun even after so many years. Try to play the game drunk, or even high! You will experience new experiences you probably haven't felt before and get close to knowing how Mario feels when he eats a mushroom...yummy

I can only conclude this by saying the following phrase: What are you waiting for?


Emulation News 153: Updates for 8-31-11

So the month is over and lots of news in the emulation world are ready for you.

August 30, 2011

Virtual Library Update 002: Back with more!

So here are some new articles/scans uploaded to the database.

-Taxan Videodiction -Article-


Emulation News 152: Updates for 8-30-11

So the month is almost over, ready for September?


Retro Gaming News 058: Maten Douji Translation Released

"Today I have released a translation for Maten Douji. I am extremely satisfied with how the hacking turned out for this project and I implore all of you to spend an afternoon to enjoy this wonderful game splendidly hacked by me and beautifully translated by Eien ni Hen."



August 29, 2011

Season 2 Starts Today!

So as many of you have noticed, there hasn't been much activity since the previous series ended such as Retro Cheat Page and Amazing Yu-gi-oh! Cards. The reason is mainly that I was taking some time off to take care of my own things. Finally, with the start of a new school year there is a start of a new season har har har! As you can see, I have made up a weekly schedule that I will follow accordingly with some new series showcasing. Some of you have seen the 3DS pic of the week already which was just released today but there are others coming in the future! The usual series are still running such as pirate game of the week and retro game of the week which will need to be caught up to date as each are behind some entries. Of course there are new ones added as well which I think will be worth a look. That's all for now and hope you enjoy the new schedule and all the new things to come!


Retro Gaming News 057: Debias: Legendary Space-Time Hero English Translation Released!

"Debias: Legendary Space-Time Hero, formally known as Jikuu Yuuden Debias has been released as a 100% full English translation. This game is a Famicom game with an accessory that can be viewed at my website that will help you during your adventure in using the Zodiac like wheel. I also have maps given to me by reyvgm and the original manual from Pennywise.

This game somewhat resembles Cadash and has day/night cycles similar to Castlevania II without the messages. After passing Elbos Gate, you’ll find three doors leading to very large areas to explore. You can read more about it in the readme file I provided with the patch.

A big thanks to Steve Martin for translating the scripts and also to Paul Jensen who translated the title for the game.

Have fun and enjoy!"



3DS Pic of the Week 001: Beer Me!

So here we have a new series which should interest a lot of 3D fanatics! Every week there will be a new 3D photo uploaded here for your enjoyment. 3DS owners will have to click here in order to see the photo in pure 3D har har har! This time around, we have a bucket of beer...hmm isn't it deliciously looking? Good times indeed!


Emulation News 151: Updates for 8-29-11

So here are today's news! Take a look why don't ya?


Emulation News 150: Updates for 8-28-11

So here are today's emulation updates!


August 27, 2011

Retro Game Ending 004: Mega Man IV (Gameboy)

So here we are another edition of Retro Game Ending. I do promise there will be more and more of these in shorter periods especially since I have decided to return to my good old gaming ways. I actually beat this game about a month ago and forgot about all the footage I took of it. As you can see I used my camera on the screen to give it a retro recording style look. I could have used an emulator but this will be my own style of finishing a game up! If you don't like it, oh well!

Retro Gaming News 056: Monster Rapist Updated To Version 2.0

"Jomb’s been hard at work on his Monster Party editor since the initial release over a year ago.

The changes are too numerous for me to even remember them all, but here are some of the major ones:

  • Now there is has a sprite editor. You can rearrange all the sprites in the game, you can change which palette each tile uses and what it’s draw style is. Furthermore, you can remove a tile from one sprite, then add it to another sprite as a new tile.
  • All the enemies and bosses in the game can be edited, you can change practically everything about them from where they start at, how much life they have, how fast they animate, what item they are carrying, you can change their collision detection information making them larger or smaller, how many points they are worth if defeated, what type of projectile they have if they have one and how it behaves.
  • You can now view where enemies are on the round maps, and move them around.
  • There is now a place in the editor to arrange the tiles for the static screens of the game (such as the title screen), and most of them can also have their palette arrangements changed.
  • You can now edit how any block on the level maps behave by changing it’s perceived type. For example, you can make any block be a platform, a spike, water, a doorway, etc.
  • There are now thousands of gameplay hacks you can apply to the game which do anything from making Mark jump higher, have a longer bat, crawl or walk faster or slower. These hacks can also be used to make bizarre and crazy behavior in the game, for example its possible to make the imp on round 7 telekinetically throw mark around the screen, or the minotaur boss on round 3 pull you to him to attack.

Basically this is now a platform by which even a ROM-hack beginner could make a new game based on the Monster Party engine instead of just being a level editor.

Also this is likely the final version of this editor, as Jomb feels there is little left to do with it and wants to move on to other projects."



Ads From The Past 180: Totally Rad (NES)

Care to be rad? This game has everything you ever wanted to be the kewl kid on the block...not really but it's a good Mega Man clone! Check it out!


Emulation News 149: Updates for 8-27-11

Happy Saturday! ^_^ Care to emulate?


August 25, 2011

Retro Game of the Week 090: Dragon Warrior 1 & 2 (GBC)

So here we are with another entry. This one is based on the classic Dragon Warrior series. What's better than one Dragon Warrior game? Two Dragon Warrior games! Check this out!

Retro Game of the Week 089: Mega Man X3 (SNES)

So it's time for another pick of the week even though it's a little late but we'll keep them coming along steadily. This time around we have Mega Man X3 for the SNES. The game itself is the final release in the SNES trilogy of the X series and in my opinion, the toughest one of them all. You may not get a hadoken or a fire punch like in previous games but you'll get whatever you need to get the job done. Read on!

Capcom has always been known for having such great soundtracks in their games and this one is like the others. The music is memorable and has its classic Capcom bits all over it. You'll enjoy this soundtrack as much as the previous X games.

The graphics are a little disappointing as they look exactly like the first X game graphics! Even with the help of the FX chip, this game wasn't able to showcase much better graphical interface. I'm not saying I'm disappointed as Capcom and Mega Man games have always had that similarities on their sequels which is that they don't change much over their releases. The gameplay is king of these series anyways.

The X games gave new life to an already used to Mega Man series. This time around, X can climb on walls and such which is something you didn't see in the original Mega Man series. The game itself is challenging from beginning to end so you better bring your A-game if you want to be able to get through it. I personally think this game is the toughest one of the three in the SNES. If we talk about the rest of the releases in other consoles, well not going to get into that.

Mega Man games are always great replay value. The thing about these games is that you can get through it in one run if you know enough of the game that is. Practice makes perfect! I dare you go and play through all three X games in one sitting. I know I would if I had them! Mega Man X collection anyone?

So to conclude, the game itself is totally worth it. You might end up paying a lot for this in its SNES form so be sure to check out cheaper alternatives like the PS2 compilation or an emulator. You can't go wrong! Just play this great game and defeat Sigma once more!!

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