Finds 1676: A CD Case Book Shelf

It's got to be the cutest most awesome design for a CD case ever!

Pokemon Black is added to the shoppe

Be sure to check this and all the newest releases on the Retro Gaming Life Shoppe!

Ads from the Past 461: Sega Game Gear

Classic ad for the handheld that rivaled the Gameboy.

Yu-gi-oh! Custom Deck Box: Toon World

Stop by and check out my custom Toon World Deck Box!

Kitsune Zero: Adorable Fox Girl

Play as a cute fox girl in a world filled with Japanese Folklore!

September 28, 2012

Random Fact of Video Game History: E.T. (2600)

Did you know that E.T. Was such a horrible game that they weren't even able to sell all the carts that were manufactured? They were actually dumped in a landfill! The game was released on September 6th, 1982 for the Atari 2600. The game had such high hopes mainly because of the movie it was being based on. The problem was that they developers only had a limited amount of time to work on the game which ended up being a big mistake. Many say that this was the push in the wrong direction which sent the console market to crash in the years to come. Now you know, and knowing is half the retro battle :p


3DS Pic of the Week 045: Super Mario Out of Gameboy

I think that titles states what this is about. It's a pretty neat photo taken with the 3DS camera. I really hope all of you enjoy it especially with the wicked 3D effect. You can never have too much Mario. 


Retro Gaming News 150: Energy Breaker English V1.00

"Energy Breaker is an isometric strategy RPG developed by Neverland Co. and released by Taito Corporation in 1996. You play as Myra, an amnesiac young woman with a thirst for adventure.
The story begins with Myra being visited in a dream by a mysterious woman calling herself Selphia, only to meet her in real life the next day. On the advice of Selphia, Myra heads to Eltois, the Wind Forest, hoping to catch up with a man who may know about her past. Shortly after arriving at the Wind Forest, Myra joins up with Lenardo, an old scientist who’s hunting for the Reincarnation, a legendary flower whose scent is said to have the power to bring the dead back to life…
After countless long years, Energy Breaker is finally available in English to YOU. Download, patch, play and enjoy.
Get hip Schweinhunds!
EDIT: This early release was buggy, but some quick followup bug fix patches have been release. See the project page for more details."


September 27, 2012

Retrobeat Tuesdays 026: Pokemon Intro 11th Season

This may not be retro at all but still one of the best Pokemon songs ever! Check it out if you haven't yet! Pokemon FTW!


Animonday 026: Sailor Moon Intro

This week we have the intro for the classic series Sailor Moon. The series is set to come back sometime this year as I've been told although I doubt it'll top the original, it should be interesting to check it out as well. Nostalgia all over again!


September 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Nintendo

Happy birthday Nintendo!! I wish you were back in the 90s but oh well! I still wish you well. ^_^


September 20, 2012

Retro Gaming News 149: FFT: War of the Lions Slowdown Fix Released!

"Love FFT: War of the Lions, but hate the slowdown that comes with it? You’re in luck! With the help of fellow member Archaemic, I’ve created a .ppf file which removes the slowdown, allowing you to play WotL without having to suffer from the annoyance of slowdown during animations. To apply the patch, you’ll need to use PPF-o-Matic to patch a clean War of the Lions ISO- not a CSO- with this patch. Enjoy!"


Finds 436: Persona 4 Animation Boxset, Ookami Boxset, and Coors Light Shirt

These are pretty awesome new findings mainly because I got one of them for free while the other one was a gift. To start things off, I purchased the Persona 4 Boxset and waited over two weeks for it even though the seller was in the USA. After messaging the seller he apologized and sent another set with a free boxset of Ookami which is a series I've never heard before but it's always fun to check out new anime. I was very happy to have Persona 4 the animation series so that I could watch it all together instead of downloading each torrent. Furthermore, the Coors Light shirt in the background I got as a gift! Coors Light is my favorite beer so it was perfect! You gotta love those commercials where the train comes and cools everything down....ahh what a great feeling that must be. That's all ^_^


3DS pic of the week 044: Sexy Couple ^_^

So this really makes a nice 3D pic. It's nothing gamer related but it's still pretty wicked awesome. Be sure to check it out in full 3D ^_^

Retrobeat Tuesdays 025: MIDI Animation "Rètro Game Medley" 【MIDIアニメ】レトロゲームメドレー

What an amazing set of music this is. I'm sure you'll find them familiar, I sure did! This is going in my Itouch! 


Animonday 025: Caballeros del Zodiaco

This week although a little late we have a intro of Saint Seya in Spanish. The series was quite popular in Latin American but somehow didn't do that well when it was released in the states years ago. The series was bought by a Brazilian company and aired over there as far as I know. Lucky Brazilians as well as Latin Americans enjoyed one of the most amazing series of all time! Care to listen to the intro?


Ads from the Past 233: Exile (Turbo Grafx)

So Working Designs was one of the most amazing developers of the early 90s and this is another proof of it. They released the most amazing games ever for RPG lovers! Hmm...should I say more? Good luck finding this one.


September 13, 2012

Happy 27th Birthday Super Mario Bros

So today is the 27th anniversary of the release of Super Mario Bros. The game that changed and filled our childhood forever. This game is one of the reasons why I love and got into video game in the first place. I'm sure a lot of you can relate to it. With an incredible amount of clones and putting the base of how a platformer should be, there is no amount of words I could come up with that will show enough gratitude for it.


Show your love for the beloved plumber and go play a round of Super Mario Bros. It's in different consoles even the 3DS so there shouldn't be any excuse! Mario 4 life!


Ads from the past 232: Vasteel (Turbo CD)

The ad for this week is brought to you by Working Designs. Before there was Atlus, Working Designs was the developer that brought us all these awesome obscure games especially in the RPG genre. If you haven't tried this game out, what are you waiting for???


3DS Pic of the Week 043: Crazy Snake!

This week we have a snake in 3D! This one looks quite crazy indeed! I enjoy snakes but not as pets although I did had one snake at some point. I even fell asleep with a snake in my bed at one time. I was like she didn't strangled me lol! Enjoy the 3D!


Retro Gaming News 148: Super Mario World The Lost Adventure Episode 1

"Finally,after 2 cancelled SMW hacks and after a year of work,I finally release Super Mario World The Lost Adventure Episode 1.Its a complete Super Mario World that features,80 stages(more than the original game),Custom musics,Custom Boss battles,Custom graphics,Custom palette,New Power Ups,Increased difficulty,Redesign overworld map,And more…
Have Fun!!!"


September 12, 2012

Retrobeat Tuesdays 024: Final Fantasy Guitar Themes!

This guy right here is a god with the guitar! He plays the most amazing video game themes ever!! You have to listen to his stuff. Also, like him on facebook here.   So I hope you give him some support. He also has a link to his youtube page on there. Enjoy the joy of beautiful guitar retro music! ^_^'


September 10, 2012

Animonday 024: Captain Tsubasa PS2 Intro

This is a very popular series in Japan to this day. It's about a boy who is very talented soccer player. He develops his skills and faces a lot of rivals with unique skills. The series was highly popular in Latin America due to the fact that soccer is quite popular in those countries. The series can be quite ridiculous at times but fun over all. Check out the PS2 installation intro. The game definitely uses mechanics very few games managed to pulled. You can think of this game as a Soccer RPG. 


September 09, 2012

Retro Gaming News 147: Luigi Kun Hack Released!

"Demons from an unknown dimension came and stole Luigi’s cherry stash, no one takes Luigi’s stash! So Luigi goes into their dimension & get what’s his!
This is a 53 level hack, I gave this hack more of an action feel like I gave Lolo2 an action feel back in 2008. So yeah that’s pretty much it! I hope you enjoy the hack as much as I had making it."


September 05, 2012

3DS Pic of the Week 042: Here Comes Your Super Heroes!

These characters should be familiar to all you geeks out there! I kinda of like the female edition of Captain America a lot ;) Spiderman looks a little chubby but pretty good otherwise. I really hope many of you upgraded to a 3DS XL because it looks totally awesome on the bigger wider screen! As usual, check out the link for 3DS users.

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