Finds 1676: A CD Case Book Shelf

It's got to be the cutest most awesome design for a CD case ever!

Pokemon Black is added to the shoppe

Be sure to check this and all the newest releases on the Retro Gaming Life Shoppe!

Ads from the Past 461: Sega Game Gear

Classic ad for the handheld that rivaled the Gameboy.

Yu-gi-oh! Custom Deck Box: Toon World

Stop by and check out my custom Toon World Deck Box!

Kitsune Zero: Adorable Fox Girl

Play as a cute fox girl in a world filled with Japanese Folklore!

September 30, 2017

Finds 1074: Famicom Games, Genesis Chinese Beat 'em up, Perfect Weapon, Fighters History, and More!

Here is a nice loot of goodies. First of all, we have some arrivals from China! The Famicom games are Bio Force Ape and Earth Worm Jim. Two unique games that weren't out officially so they make a good addition to anyone's collection and the urge to play something new. Next, we have a beat 'em up game for the Sega Genesis that's actually pretty cool. It's a Chinese original so it's quite unique. Definitely, check it out as it uses Knights of the Round and Streets of Rage style gameplay. The name of the game is Shui Hu Feng Yun Zhurn. I also got Geometry Wars 3 and that's only because it was recommended by Game Sack. You guys have really made my collection flourished! Up next is Perfect Weapon for the PS1. I bought it disc only because I got the case at a thrift store a long time ago (About 4 years ago) So it was time to make it complete! Fighters History for the SNES was another game recommended by Game Sack. See the trend? Finally, another Game Players magazine. It's crazy to believe how cheap I found it. It's a pretty dated magazine from the late 80s! 


Game-bit of the day 836: Don Doko Don (PC-Engine)

This is a game I've been looking for a long time. It sucks I don't have the case for it, so the Hue-card will do. Don Doko Don is just a fun little game at the Bubble Bobble style! I gotta say, it plays best in two players!


September 29, 2017

Ads from the past 400: Sailor Moon (SFC)

The gorgeous girls from my dreams back in the 90s are here for the Super Famicom! it's a beat 'em up that's actually kinda of tough! I actually streamed this game some months ago... Better have guts! 


Finds 1073: Game Players Magazine and Rolling Thunder !

Here are a couple of goodies that arrived recently. The Game Players magazine has a very interesting article of the Super Famicom. This magazine was released before the SNES was around so it's nice to see and feel the world before the SNES was out. The golden era of gaming is packed and preserved in this magazine as well as other magazines of that same era. It's ultimate nostalgia indeed. Also, Rolling Thunder for the NES is an action packed game that's quite a hidden gem. I don't understand why people don't mention this game more often. 


Game-bit of the day 835: All-Star Slamming' D-Ball (PS1)

Agetec brought us some of the weirdest titles out there. This is one of them! Although, if you look closely you will see similarities to the Kunio Dodgeball game. Isn't that something? 


September 28, 2017

Finds 1072: Night Trap for the Playstation 4

Here is a very awesome release by Limited Run Games. The game was quite tough to pick up as everyone went crazy over it. The ultimate remake of Night Trap for the PS4 was released in a special edition that definitely was worth while. The game was pushed for a remake years ago but failed to do so till recently, when it was finally released! The cult classic is now available for newer consoles!


Game-bit of the day 834: Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (Xbox)

Two classic Street Fighter games in one? Heck yeah! The best version of each Street Fighter in one disc. Street Fighter 3rd Strike, and Super Street Fighter 2 are in this little gem. 


September 27, 2017

Ads from the past 399: Pac-land and Burger Time

This is a bizarre ad by Namcot for their ports of arcade classics suck as Burger Time and Pac-Land. I'm not sure what to think of it. You be the judge! 


Finds 1071: Tiger Road, Famicom Controllers, and Limited Run Games!

More goodies! This time around, I picked up Tiger Road for the Turbo Grafx. The game is quite tough and a head ache as you will be dying a lot. Just like any tough old school game, you will need lots of practice before you get over this one. Up next are a couple of Famicom Controllers. The controllers feel great and were made for clone systems. I wish it would have the pins for the NES, but sadly it doesn't. I'll have to keep looking for some for the NES. Now, a couple of releases for the PS Vita by Limited Run Games that are called Oceanhorn and Plague Road. Interesting stuff as usual. 


Game-bit of the day 833: Capcom Fighting Evolution (PS2)

This is an interesting fighting game although it got criticized because it lacks fighters. I guess it was another attempt at Capcom to promote their different franchises. 


September 26, 2017

Finds 1070: Wonder Boy the Dragon's Trap for PS4 by Limited Run Games

Limited Run Games has done it again! Wonder Boy the Dragon's Trap is another wonderful physical release that we retro gamers were drooling for and finally got. The game was released in limited quantities by Limited Run Games and is essentially a remake of the classic game for the Master System. I gotta say, I love the artwork and the classic Master System style box that it came with. If you haven't picked one up yet, you will be paying a pretty penny, but not to worry, you can always get the digital version which is quite cheap!


Game-bit of the day 832: Alien Syndrome (PSP)

A remake of the classic arcade hit. This one is a huge improvement while keeping some of the classic gameplay of the original. I gotta say, I recommend it! 


September 25, 2017

Game-bit of the day 831: Air Diver (Genesis)

An upgraded Top Gun, that's all I can say about this one. It really is! It also has boss fights at the end of each level. Check it out, it can't be that bad. 


September 24, 2017

Ads from the past 398: Final Fight (SFC)

The Final Fight for the SNES and Super Famicom were considered the weaker version in comparison to the Sega CD and Mega CD versions as they were nowhere near close to the arcade version. Either way, it's a beat 'em up and you should be happy with it!


Game-bit of the day 830: The Combatribes (SNES)

This is a very hilarious beat 'em up for the SNES. I gotta say Technos, this one fell under my radar till last week. I'm satisfied with this game and I feel it's a hidden gem. 


September 23, 2017

Game-bit of the day 829: Fantastic Dizzy (Genesis)

This is a good take on a platformer in which the main character is actually the mascot of the company. I guess you could say, this is their Mario. Codemasters sure loved Dizzy as he would be in other games as well. This one is solid though... 


September 22, 2017

Ads from the past 397: Powerfull from Mindscape !

A very neat ad from a company that made some decent games. Nothing groundbreaking but there are some interesting ports from arcade classics. 


Game-bit of the day 828: Cosmic Spacehead (Genesis)

This is an odd ball game that is actually not bad once you get through the weirdness. I believe there are some games like that out there. Either way, this is one you should try for platforming purposes. 


September 21, 2017

Game-bit of the day 827: Log Jammers (NES)

So Mega Cat Studios has released a couple of new NES games into the market. This is one of them. Definitely worth a playthrough. I was very satisfied by this one. The game plays like a newer version of Pong except they throw each other axes and are balancing themselves on logs. You can use power ups to increase your chances at victory. After one player wins three rounds, the match is over!  


September 20, 2017

Ads from the past 396: Metal Gear (NES)

Metal Gear by Ultra(Konami) is a game that can bother some while others will love it. I don't know exactly why, but I guess the best way to enjoy this game is with a lot of time in your hands, or an strategy guide. Your choice! Gotta love the gear on this add though...


Game-bit of the day 826: TMNT 3 (FC)

This is a pretty awesome label art for a bootleg game. It's TMNT 3 but nowhere in the cover art do you see the name of the game. Gotta love it! 


September 19, 2017

Game-bit of the day 825: Talespin (FC)

This is the least liked Disney title for the 8-bit console. I guess because it's a departure of the side scrolling style such as Duck Tales or Darkwing Duck. Either way, I think it's awesome! 


September 18, 2017

Game-bit of the day 824: Goal! (FC)

This is a pretty awesome and classic game for the Famicom/NES. It was all we had to play in soccer style games back in the day! No yearly PES or FIFA during these times. 


September 17, 2017

Ads from the past 395: KB Toys Ad!

Now, take a deep breath and check this ad out! Can you get any more classic than this? This is just beautiful! That NES though, needs to go down in price although if it's sealed then it's totally worth it! 


Game-bit of the day 823: Dinosaurs for Hire (Genesis)

A game that plays like Contra but with dinosaurs! Isn't that awesome? I gotta say, it has been hidden away all this time as I've never heard of anyone mention it. 

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