Finds 1676: A CD Case Book Shelf

It's got to be the cutest most awesome design for a CD case ever!

Pokemon Black is added to the shoppe

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Ads from the Past 461: Sega Game Gear

Classic ad for the handheld that rivaled the Gameboy.

Yu-gi-oh! Custom Deck Box: Toon World

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Kitsune Zero: Adorable Fox Girl

Play as a cute fox girl in a world filled with Japanese Folklore!

December 31, 2016

Finds 995: The Finale! Wild Guns Reloaded!

This is it! The final arrival of the year. I'm pretty sure this is it! The rest of them will surely arrive in the next year. Anyways, this is a great game to end the year with. It's a remake of Wild Guns for the SNES with more playability added to it. I highly recommend you get a copy of this game. It'll definitely become sough after in the near future. Happy 2017!~ 


Finds 994: Mega Man 7, Sir Ababol, Blade Buster, Mother 1 + 2, and Yoshi's Woolly World!

I just realized I posted the Yoshi game in a previous find post but don't mind that. The new arrivals are below which are Mega Man 7, Blade Buster, Sir Ababol, and Mother 1 + 2. I'm happy with all of them! Gotta love it! 


Finds 993: Pokemon Sun & Moon

So I was surprised with these games! Pokemon Sun and Moon are pretty awesome and will definitely play through them. I think I'll start with Moon. 


Finds 992: Famicom Classic Edition!

I got this Famicom Classic Edition for Christmas! Now I have both of them! Definitely loving this little console but I'm afraid my hands are too big for them. I think they took the term mini a little too much! It's alright though, it'll make a really good display! 


Finds 991: Cowabunga Dudes!

Got these four turtles in the mail. They are so awesome! The next ones I want are the ones from the arcade game and believe me, I'll get them! Also, nutcracker included! 


Finds 990: Big Haul from Japan and Others!

I usually get new arrivals from Japan every other month. This time, the loot was pretty epic. There are of course many notables such as Magic Knight Reyearth 2, Bomberman '93, Street Fighter 2 for PC-Engine, and more. I also got some US releases such as High Seas Havoc, Arcus Odyssey, and Insector X. If you also look closely, you'll see Legendary Axe 2 for the Turbo Grafx. This is a haul that just gets better as you look more into it. One last game that I forgot to mention is Kikikaikai for the Famicom Disk System which is known as Pocky and Rocky in the USA. Never knew there was a Famicom release of such a game. 


Finds 989: Secret of Mana 2, Might and Magic, and Universal Soldier!

Secret of Mana 2 is finally here! I swear, this game took like three months to get here and it was mainly because of a shipping error. What a journey! The other two arrived well. I was mainly interested in Universal Soldier as it's a pretty awesome side scroller. Check it out if you have a chance. 


Finds 988: Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary Edition and Mercury Meltdown Revolution

Hail to the king, baby! It's Duke Nukem in his best adventure ever! The game also comes with a new episode which is a pretty nice add-on. Gotta love Duke! Mercury Meltdown Revolution is an odd game, but cool! 


Finds 987: Magical Pop,N and Gameboy Repros!

This is a pretty epic lot. Not only was I able to get a copy of Magical Pop'N for the SNES, but also some gameboy repro carts. They're all based on games that weren't released over here and are translated. Isn't that great? 


Finds 986: Crusader of Centy, Mega Man the Wily Wars, Double Dragon 2, Battle Mania, Cotton, and Super Back to the Future 2!

A lot of more awesome new games for the collection. Cotton is a pretty cute shoot 'em up and Super Back to the Future 2 is probably the best retro Back to the Future game period. The others are pretty hard to run into. Mega Man the Wily Wars is the remake of the first three Mega Mans but for the Sega Genesis. Double Dragon 2 only came out for the Mega Drive and it's actually decent. Crusder of Centy is the answer to Zelda for the Sega Genesis. It's a pretty amazing game. Battle Mania is all about two girls shooting everything on their path. It's a very challenging game. 


Finds 985: Calling, Capcom Classic Collection, and Aegis of Earth

Three more additions here. Calling is a horror game for the Nintendo Wii by Hudson which is pretty odd. I've never heard of the game so it was a pretty obvious pick up. Capcom Classic Collection contains the classic Street Fighter II HD remake which I heard is quite good as well as other classic Capcom gems. Aegis of Earth is another game added to my PS Vita collection. Gotta love it!


Finds 984: Witch's Wish, Legend of Oasis, and Yomawari Night Alone!

Here are some pretty cool additions for the collection. Yomawari Night Alone is a horror game for the PS vita which Legend of Oasis is the sequel to Beyond Oasis for the Sega Genesis. Witch's Wish looks really cute and was recommend by a fellow instagram member. I'm happy with these additions. 


Finds 982: Question Mark Mario Lamp!

This is one sweet lamp. I think my only complain is the lack of light it radiates which is understandable as it's more of a decoration piece. I love the fact that you have to press it on top to turn it on and off and it'll give out a coin sound every time. That never gets old! 


Game-bit of the day 673: Advance Guardian Heroes (GBA)

This is a pretty awesome game for the GBA. It's Guardian Heroes after all! A gem from the Saturn. Definitely try this game out! You must! 


Finds 981: Ghen War and Gameboy Repros!

Here is a game called Ghen War which is pretty decent although it won't wow you, it's an acceptable game for the Sega Saturn. I also got some repros for the Gameboy and Gameboy color. These are games that are either ridiculous rare or translated in English. They are quite fun to play and will definitely be future streams!


Finds 980: 3G PS Vita and Risky Woods

This is one of the first run PS Vitas which have a 3G service you can connect to with a cell phone provider. This was a big fail as the service offered was too slow and therefore a failure if you wanted to use it anywhere you go. What a joke! Be smart and stick to wifi or your hot spot. The Genesis game is called Risky Woods and it's a decent platformer although it could get tricky and challenging. 


Finds 979: Sega Label Project!

I love making labels for games that have crappy labels! I gotta say I am happy with the results. You probably seen these labels elsewhere but you know what, I put my own touch into each of them. Enjoy! 


Finds 978: Dragon Quest VII Fragments of the Forgotten Past

Been meaning to pick this up for quite some time. I'm currently playing it and believe me when I tell you, this is a 100+ hour game. It's insanely long! 


Finds 977: Psyco Fox, Sonic Sega All-Stars Racing, and Tsugunai

Psyco Fox was on my wanted list for quite some time and was able to find it locally. What are the odds of that??? I also got a good recommendation about Sega All-Stars Racing so had to get it. Finally, Tsugunai was an uncommon game I ran into and it's by Atlus so it's an automatic pick up. 


Finds 976: SNES Classic Lot! Vikings!

There are still lots to pick up from locals and that's always a good thing! This is one of them which has the Lost Vikings in it. It's the only game that I'm missing from this lot. Everything else will probably be trade bait! 


Finds 975: Lotta Games! Alex Kidd in Shinobi World, Yoshi's Woolly World, and More!

More additions to different consoles! Dungeon Traveler 2 for PS vita, Alex Kidd in his best adventure ever! Yoshi's Woolly World which looks amazing! Dragon's Revenge which is a pinball game full of craziness! and Death Duel which leaves a lot to desire! All around loot of craziness! 


Finds 974: NES Classic Edition!

This is a pretty awesome little gadget that was hyped way too much. As many have already said, you can build a raspberry with all the games and then some! That's a project I'm leaving for next year which is tomorrow! 


Finds 973: Golden Axe, Cursed Crusade, and Sailor Moon Another Story

Here are three unusual additions for the collection. The Sailor Moon Another Story RPG being the most notable. I definitely have to do a stream of that one. The other two look interesting although I read that Golden Axe was such a disappointment. 


Finds 972: Golden Axe Warrior, Sega Classic Collection, and More!

This is a big game to add to my collection! Golden Axe Warrior that is! This game is hard to find, but a good one indeed. It plays like Zelda as it was the answer to Zelda from Sega. They did a pretty fantastic job if you ask me. I also added some Sega love for newer consoles as well as some games I've never heard of before but got me curious. 


Finds 971: PSP Blue!

This was a pretty cool pick up. This is the PSP blue which is actually called the Sports edition since it came with Madden 08 or something like that. I don't really care about that! The PSP can be plugged into the tv to play on the big screen! Isn't that awesome? Only the PSP slim and up can do such a thing. 

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