Finds 1676: A CD Case Book Shelf

It's got to be the cutest most awesome design for a CD case ever!

Pokemon Black is added to the shoppe

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Ads from the Past 461: Sega Game Gear

Classic ad for the handheld that rivaled the Gameboy.

Yu-gi-oh! Custom Deck Box: Toon World

Stop by and check out my custom Toon World Deck Box!

Kitsune Zero: Adorable Fox Girl

Play as a cute fox girl in a world filled with Japanese Folklore!

October 31, 2021

Famicom Fridays 009: Don Doko Don

Sorry for the late Famicom Friday. I know it's Sunday but here it is at last. Here we have Don Doko Don for the Famicom. This game plays like Bubble Bobble and if you haven't played Bubble Bobble, you better look it up. The game plays in just different screens and you use a hammer to destroy your enemies and throw them to create amazing combos. 

You can also play the game in two player mode for even more fun. The game does get tougher as you get more through the levels. Definitely a title that never made it to the States, but needs to get imported. It's also available on the PC Engine.


Finds 1535: Video Game Haul! Games and Tomb Raider Action Figure

Thrifting again and got some really cool stuff! I have to say, I am happy with the new PC additions as a lot of them are brand new to my collection. I also got some Xbox 360 and the unusual Laura Croft action figure. More photos below!

PC Games and software in bunches. I am really interested in the game Outlaw by Lucas Arts. I already saw video of it and it plays as a FPS game. The Pokemon Studio games are also really cool. I need to match each game or software to the right computer and that's what's great about having multiple PCs as you can use the right one for the right time period. 

I got a bunch of Xbox games plus a PSP game. Some of them will be to send to my friend as they were quite cheap. New additions overall! 

The mystery gameboy cart, a memory card for N64, and the Tomb Raider action figure! Love stuff like this!


October 30, 2021

Finds 1534: Girls Gone Wild VHS Tapes

I'm always looking out for some obscure stuff and you can't really get more obscure than Girl Gone Wild VHS tapes. They are unique and can probably sell them for a good amount. As for now, I will keep them and see what all the fuss is about. I remember seeing the commercials non stop while watching cartoons late at night especially during the Adult Swim early days. I never ordered them though. I will keep adding more random weird stuff to my VHS collection that's for sure. 


Sega Saturday 009: Wonder Boy (SMS)

This is a classic game that plays like Adventure Island but which one came first? I have done research and I'm still confused on who came up with who. If you have any info on this let me know.

As you can see, the game is similar to the first Adventure Island and they do play quite similar. Of course, we know now that both franchises took different roads and weren't that alike in their future releases, but when you saw this and the original Adventure Island, it was pretty much the same game. Overall, this game is a nice addition and a good pick up and play for the Sega Master System library. The sequels are way better, but can't take away the classic feel of this one. 


October 28, 2021

Finds 1533: TMNT Party Wagon

A new friend I made in social media made this possible! He got a lot of TMNT Party Wagons and hooked me up with one of them. I was so happy to finally have this thing! I have gone to check at Walmart multiple times so it's kind of annoying when I come out empty handed. Overall, I'm just so happy with the graphics on the box, it's so retro and don't plan on opening it anytime soon. Cowabunga! 


DOS Thursday 009: Hocus Pocus

This is another awesome game by Apogee. They tend to release gem after gem back in the day. Why aren't we getting sequels for these games???? Anyways, this is a really awesome side scroller in which you use your powers to traverse through the levels. 

The game is full of dangers and awesome graphics. The sound is also quite good. You can also go back to use the PC speaker sound if you desire. These games are amazing! Gotta love it. I highly recommend it. Definitely download it here or check out the DOS games section for download. Use DOS Box if you desire or put it on your old machine for some old school action. 


October 27, 2021

Finds 1532: Moero Crystal H Limited Edition

Here is a game that took a while to arrive. It's called Moero Crystal H and it's a very adult themed game. Your goal is to tame monster girls and catch them in order to use them in your battles. It's an RPG and quite an odd one. This was released in Play-Asia as far as I know. Finding one wasn't easy especially with the crazy prices some of these games are asking for. Overall, I'm happy to have this one in the collection. Just like with Gal Gun, I'm always in the look out for these type of naughty games. 


Password Wednesday 009: Mega Man 3 (NES) Final Stages

This password will put you at the final run towards Dr. Wily. The extra stages will also be defeated so you are extremely close to the finale. An added bonus is that you'll have 9 E-tanks in order to have everything you need to finish this game. 


October 26, 2021

Finds 1531: Massive PC Loot! A collection from a gamer who passed away...

This is one of the more sad pick ups. So I was going online checking local listings for loot and found this PC lot of games that was being sold. I finally met the seller and apparently he was selling this for a gamer that had passed away recently. He was doing it for the relatives so it was kind of sad to know that this belonged to someone that really loved gaming. This collection is really amazing and I've already put some of these games aside for a friend of mine that loves PC gaming as much as I do. I will keep the majority of these items, mostly because of the sentimental value they hold and because I don't have them on my collection. I have posted photos of everything below so please check it out when you can. It is a full collection of PC games and one PS1 out of everything. I will be trying some of these out in my various computers. 


Retro Tuesday 009: Troll Donatello from TMNT

Many of you have probably seen my set of Troll TMNT turtles so it was only fair to show off at least one of them. This is Donatello and as you can see, he does resemble a troll! I really liked this series, I think it was because they were so weird and the hair was cool. I had the Leonardo figure back in the day and ended up shaving his hair!!! What was I thinking? I probably wasn’t thinking at all. That’s just ridiculous. During the release of these toys, the turtles were pretty much everything and had every career you can think of in the toy line. I was happy to be able to have the entire set at a reasonable price and I’m happy displaying them with all my other junk. I highly recommend you hunt them down if you are a fan of them. 

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