Finds 1676: A CD Case Book Shelf

It's got to be the cutest most awesome design for a CD case ever!

Pokemon Black is added to the shoppe

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Ads from the Past 461: Sega Game Gear

Classic ad for the handheld that rivaled the Gameboy.

Yu-gi-oh! Custom Deck Box: Toon World

Stop by and check out my custom Toon World Deck Box!

Kitsune Zero: Adorable Fox Girl

Play as a cute fox girl in a world filled with Japanese Folklore!

February 26, 2016

Pokemon Card of the Week 035: Pachirisu

This is one cute little critter. It's an electric type and can compete for cutest rodent against Pikachu! 


Ads from the Past 316: Dragon Ball GT Final Bout

This is a pretty awesome ad. This was before Dragon Ball was a huge hit and the game was released for the original Playstation. The game would be re-release and chopped at the end of the Playstation's lifetime as they were milking the series back then. It's still happening today. 


February 25, 2016

Retro Gaming News: Black dawn

"A contra hack made by Contra Editor czx version. Some almost impossible jump included. Some high HP’s enemies included. Enemies only hack those HP, even don’t move enemies. Made in China."


February 24, 2016

Yu-gi-oh! Card of the Week 035: Arisen Gaia the Fierce Knight

The Gaia cards are back to make you use Gaia once more. I'm not sure how effective the deck is but I'm pretty sure it's not Tier 1. Nevertheless, it's fun! 


Retro Gaming News: Castlevania COTM: Hugh Baldwin Hack

"IPS Patching is required to play.
This is a hack that changes Nathan Graves to Hugh Baldwin from in Castlevania Circle of the Moon.
Although its mostly a graphics hack there is one key thing that has been changed other than Nathan being replaced with Hugh, and that is that Nathan’s whip has also been changed to a longer version of Hugh’s sword. Also Nathan’s pause portrait has been replaced with a portrait of Hugh Baldwin (special thanks to fuckyeacastlevania for the image).
This hack works with the Castlevania Circle of the Moon US version of the rom.
Depending on the feedback there may be touchups with this hack at a later date, enjoy!"



February 23, 2016

Retro Gaming News: Blood of Bahamut

"Yet another wonderful game that was decided to not be released worldwide! It’s an action-RPG that is mostly operated by use of the touchscreen. It has a whole Shining Souls feel as it has several characters to choose from and they all have their strengths and weaknesses.
The graphics of the game switches from 2D to 3D, with the main characters and the normal ground enemies being well done pixelated sprites to 3D environments and a huge giant (Behemoth) that you’ll need to fight.
The maps aren’t anything to brag about and the story is lackluster. It makes up for it with multiplayer capabilities, it’s scenario and the absolutely awesome boss battles.
I’ve compared this with Shining Souls on GBA (and I’m pretty mad there wasn’t a Shining Souls 3 on DS so Blood of Bahamut is one of the games that makes up for that), but this is fairly different. All characters have varying melee and ranged attacks, and you can play with all the character with one save file. This is a really great addition since it gets tiring to use the same character over and over.
The best selling point of the game are the boss battles. Taking down a huge behemoth is the main objective of the entire level. And the fights are of epic proportions. I suggest playing through the first level just for a taste of what this has to offer.
The music is also not anything noteworthy, although it is not bad.
For the DS, it is not as great as Soma Bringer, but its nice to play. Especially playing boss battles in multiplayer."


February 22, 2016

Retro Gaming News: BS Super Aleste English Patch Released!

"After being announced a few weeks ago, the translation patch for ‘BS Super Aleste’ is now out!
Though this is v1.0 of the patch, it has achieved most of the original goals for the project. Namely, all Japanese text in-game has been fully translated; all “Engrish” has been cleaned up; AND the patched ROM will now function as a standalone SNES ROM, without need of the BS-X BIOS or a compatible emulator!
There are still many other things that will hopefully be implemented in future patches, so stay tuned! In the meantime, the translator truly hopes this will be seen as the definitive version of ‘Super Aleste’/'Space MegaForce’!"


February 21, 2016

Retro Gaming News: Complete Hack: Lode Runner Blue Released!

"Strobenz has released his first ROM hack of the Lode Runner [Color] series. Using the Lode Funner tool made by Disch, 41 of the 50 original levels were completely remade, while the other 9 have been tweaked to be harder than before. Lode Runner Blue itself is a challenging game that requires the player to have advanced skills so they can beat the entire game!
Lode Runner is a simple game; the goal is to grab all pieces of gold and escape the mine. To do this, the player is equipped with a ray gun that digs holes on bricks. Digging such holes is essential for the game to be beaten. There’s at least one enemy in each level, which the player must either avoid, trap in holes or use as a tool to reach all of the gold!
The original game itself isn’t really that easy, and Lode Runner Blue takes it to another level by featuring up to six enemies on each level (instead of the regular three), plus complex and difficult brick arrangements, especially on the final levels.
It is strongly recommended that you play the original Lode Runner first if you’re unfamiliar with it, because Lode Runner Blue can surely be frustrating at some points! The last three levels are the most difficult ones in the entire hack! Think you can get that far and beat them?"



Lemmings, a puzzle platform video game, was developed in 1991 by DMA Design and programmed by Mike Dailly and David Jones and was inspired by a simple animation that Dailly created while experimenting with Deluxe Paint.

Lemmings just turned 25! Most of us would have grown up playing this game on our PCs, Amigas, Atari ST, etc.
I know I did. But I haven't played it in so long, I wouldn't know how to play it now!

The main objective of this game was to guide a group of anthropomorphised lemmings through a range of obstacles to a designated exit. To save the required number of lemmings to win, one must determine how to assign a limited number of eight different skills to specific lemmings that allow the selected lemming to alter the landscape, to affect the behaviour of other lemmings, or to clear obstacles to create a safe passage for the rest of the lemmings.
This may sound easy but there were times where things didn't go to plan. 

Lemmings was divided into 4 different difficulty categories. Each level began with a trap door opening from above releasing a steady amount of lemmings who followed each other. Each level consisted of obstacles that prevented the lemmings from getting to the exit. These obstacles included lava, large drops, booby traps, etc.
The goal is to guide at least a certain percentage of the green-haired, blue-robed lemmings from the entrance to the exit by clearing or creating a safe passage through the landscape for the lemmings to use.
Unless the lemmings were designated a specific task, each lemming would walk in one direction, ignoring  other lemmings in the process. falling off any edges and turning around if they hit an obstacle they cannot pass. A lemming can die in a number of ways: falling from a great height, falling into water or lava, disappearing off the top, bottom or side of the level map, being caught in a trap or fire, or being assigned the Bomber skill. Every level has a time limit; if the clock counts down to zero, the level automatically ends.
To successfully complete the level, the player must assign specific skills to certain lemmings. Which skills and how many uses of each are available to the player varies from level to level, and the player must assign the skills carefully to successfully guide the lemmings.There are eight skills that can be assigned 'Climbers' climb vertically though fall down if they hit an overhang. 'Floaters' use a parachute to fall safely from heights. 'Bombers' explode after a five-second timer, destroying themselves and any destructible landscape in close proximity, though not damaging other Lemmings or traps. 'Blockers' stand still and prevent other Lemmings from passing; Lemmings that hit a Blocker simply reverse direction. 'Builders' build a stairway of 12 steps. 'Bashers', 'Miners' and 'Diggers' dig horizontally, diagonally downwards or directly downwards respectively.

But alas, Lemmings was one of the best games go the early 1990s coming in second highest rating game behind Armstrand Action and is considered the eighth greatest game in history by Next Generation in 1996.

I would not hesitate to play this game again. I think I should find a way to install this game on my computer.


Until next time, 



February 20, 2016

Retro Gaming News: Kishin Douji Zenki: Battle Raiden English Translation Released

"Demon Child Zenki: Battle Raiden is a game based off of the popular (at the time) manga series by Kuroiwa Yoshihiro, which ran from 1993 to 1996 and spawned several games. This title is the only action/platformer related to the license. The player takes control of Zenki, a large and powerful demon imprisoned in servitude long ago by Enno Ozunu, the ancestor of the female lead, Enno Chiaki. Zenki is revived from his long sleep by the re-appearance of hyoi no mi, or “seeds of dependence” evil seeds that bind lives to the desires and needs of the physical world. However, to help keep him under control Zenki’s powers are sealed the majority of the time, leaving him in a small and weak child’s body with only Chiaki having the power to change him back."


February 19, 2016

Retro Gaming News: Naked Princess Peach Fucks the Dick Nazis

"Ever wonder what Princess Peach was up to prior to Naked Headless Mario Fights the Dick Nazis 2?
Naked Princess Peach Fucks the Dick Nazis aims to answer the question. Taking place immediately after Naked Headless Mario first made his way into the Kingdom of Sodomy, but before Naked Headless Mario Fights the Dick Nazis 2.
This is the first brand new Naked Headless Mario Series hack to be released in 6 years!
Hack features include:
  • 21 brand new levels!
  • Brand new music!
  • Animated Backgrounds!
  • MMC5 conversion to accommodate all kinds of new behind the scenes features"


Pokemon Card of the Week 034: Vespiqueen

This Pokemon looks quite deadly and reminds me of Beedrill. I'm sure you know that only the female will evolve into the Queen form for obvious reasons. 


Ads from the past 315: Interlude, the Ultimate Experience

This ad looks like it's for a hot line but it's actually for a game. There is a 1-800 number on it though. Care to call it? 


February 17, 2016

Retro Gaming News: Terranigma - Boss rush

"This hack turns the game into a boss rush of the 10 bosses listed below.
Simply talk to the girl and continue trough the door and defeat the bosses.
The game will give you new armor and weapons after each encounter as well update your level, so don’t forget to equip them!
In the case you should die you will be transported to a room with exits to each boss which are counted from the top left to bottom right.
1. Shadow Keeper
2. Parasite
3. Dark Twins
4. Stormkeeper
5. Dark Morph
6. Bloody Mary
7. Big Fish
8. Hitoderon
9. Security Robot
10.Dark Gaia
There is also a computer in the middle of the room where you can restock supplies."


Yu-gi-oh! Card of the Week 034: Red-Eyes Retro Dragon

I've gotten this card to add to my red-eyes deck although I have been out of the game for a while. Little by little, I'll get back to it! 


February 16, 2016

Retro Gaming News: Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey Bu: Team Hack

"Logical continuation of Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey Bu: VS Menu Hack. Makes original teams available in versus mode, plus adds two more: Meteor - based on characters from soviet cartoon. Captain-centered, prone to anger outbursts. Florida Espers - known from Nekketsu Basketball. Teleporting telekinetics (press A+B in jump, when other team has the puck to teleport)."


February 15, 2016

Retro Gaming News: The Legend of Zelda - Another Evil

"“The Legend of Zelda - Another Evil” is a finished hack of The Legend of Zelda. It contains 4 short dungeons and an over-world around 1/3 the size of the original."


Retro Gaming News: Galaxian Enhanced

"In this archive, you will find three IPS files. Each updates the title screen to look more professional, and more arcade-like, instead of a big ugly block.
They also affect the rate of fire (speed of firing shots) as follows:
Galaxian (J) [SuperFireMod] [TitleMod] [Final] Approximately 3x faster, and far more enjoyable, but still challenging.
Galaxian (J) [TurboFireMod] [TitleMod] [Final] Many times faster, and makes the game easier, but not too easy.
Galaxian (J) [HyperFireMod] [TitleMod] [Final] The fastest ’safe’ setting. Ultra-fast firing. The game is very easy until at least wave 10."


February 14, 2016

Retro Gaming News: Super Mario Advance 4: eReader Version

"Super Mario Advance 4 was well known for its failed e-Reader functionality, which provided some new items and levels to the game.
While the e-Reader failed in both USA and Europe, Japan saw a bunch of releases for this attachment, seeing 33 new levels!
With the Virtual Console release of the game, all of the 38 e-Reader levels that Super Mario Advance 4 had have been restored and are now available with these patches!
You will find an xdelta and IPS patch inside the .rar Just apply them to:
  • Super Mario Advance 4 - Super Mario Bros. 3 (USA, Australia) (Rev 1)
It’s also known as v1.1"


Happy Valentine's Day 2016!

Other than love, this is a day of friendship as well. Even if you don't have anyone to show them how much you love them, show them to your friends, pets, and of course family. Also, stop being so sour! Have a good one, everybody!


Retro Gaming News: Somari the Adventurer

"Based off the unlicensed port of Sonic the Hedgehog for the NES/Famicom by Hummer Team, Somari the Adventurer replaces Sonic with 3 unique new moves. Mushroom Kingdom Zone is a newly added 1-Act level as the first zone.  
A/C - Standard Jump
B - SpinJump (SMW)
Down + A/C - Spindash
Down + B - Backflip (SM64)
Jump + B - Double SpinJump (SMG)"


February 13, 2016

Sim City 2000

Okay, trip down memory lane.

Who remembers Sim City 2000?
I do. I spent many hours on the computer paying this game.
Building your own dream city, naming your city anything you want. From real places to made up names. Never forget. Oh and the music that came with it. Wasn't bad.
And who can forget this catchy tune?

Simcity 2000 is a city building simulation game and was first released in 1994 by Maxis

In this game, the player could create and build cities. Any creation!
Once you started a new game to build a city, you become the Mayor of the city. You get given money to start with, start building the city.

You could build homes, businesses, fire stations, police stations, hospitals etc

Who remembers not turning disasters off early in the game had a natural disaster and didn't have all emergency buildings? Be it fire, flood or earth quake, it was the emergent building you DIDN'T have, that you needed. I remembered watching helplessly, many times, my city getting destroyed. Not to mention the disaster of an alien attack! (Cue Mudler and Scully)

As a Mayor, you could see how well your city was going by profit and see what residents wanted.

I used to hate not having enough money but alas, there were hacks!

Buddamus would have to be my favourite. $500,000 and all rewards. If only getting that kind of money was that easy in real life!
$500,000 each time would allow you to buy anything you or the city wanted.
The more money, the more ridiculous things you could get for you city

In conclusion, I loved this version. Not that the newer versions are bad, but SimCity 2000 just brings back so many memories!


Retro Gaming News: Batman - Tweaked Edition

"This hack changes some of the colors in the game and gets rid of some of the gaudy purples and greens.
Most prominently, it changes Batman from purple to gray.
Some of the text was also tweaked.
Patch available in beat and ips format."


February 12, 2016

Ads from the Past 314: Neo Geo Love

I would definitely be distracted by this beautiful Neo Geo. They are quite rare nowadays so this ad makes sense. Neo Geo rules!!!!

Visit my store on Storenvy

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