Finds 1676: A CD Case Book Shelf

It's got to be the cutest most awesome design for a CD case ever!

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Ads from the Past 461: Sega Game Gear

Classic ad for the handheld that rivaled the Gameboy.

Yu-gi-oh! Custom Deck Box: Toon World

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Kitsune Zero: Adorable Fox Girl

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February 28, 2010

Finds 167: Better Days of Hunting....

Well here we are once more, the final day of the month and a final hunt to the flea market for the month of February. This time around I had a good buddy of mine(Justin) help me with my hunt, well we helped each other out. He found some neat stuff as well as I did and we were both satisfied with our purchases. There is so much stuff to show off so here we gooooooo!

First of all I will like to show you all these CIB NES games I got from a fellow friend called Justin! All for twenty seven bucks! Thanks again buddy!

Got another one of these with lots of games! See below!

The following games were from a lot of Genesis games that I paid twenty dollars except for a few.

Got this game for two dollars.

Paid a dollar for each of these games. Can't go wrong for that price.

I got this game for free by purchasing two genesis games.

Paid two dollars for this neat game!

I paid five bucks for the SP and three bucks for the GBC.

Bomberman and Harvest Moon were three dollars for both while the Yugioh and the other Gameboy game came free with the SP and Gameboy respectively.

I paid four for Joe & Mac finally I have it! Also paid three dollars for each of the other carts!

Pirate cart for free as a gift from Justin! You are the best!

I paid seven dollars for this and I'm still trying to figure out how to use it lol...

Two dollars each for these games...good for resale!

I also found this awesome game boxed! Two bucks...

Picked this one up for three dollars.

Got these two games for five bucks each.

Another great hunt comes to an end and more great stuff will be added to my collection while others will be for sale to other collectors. That's all for now, sorry for the lack of text in recent posts but I have been very busy and not feeling well lately. Cya next month...

February 26, 2010

Finds 166: Sega Saturn Model 2 and some Genesis Games!

Neat stuff today especially the Sega Saturn for five bucks. It came with two controllers and a weird RF switch adaptor. More of that some other are the photos!


Finds 165: SNES lot

Paid 32 dollars for this lot of games and I guess I am glad. At least I got Super Valis IV...more redhead girl action!!


February 23, 2010

Finds 164: Tactics Ogre but for GBA + Others....

What a wonderful day for purchases! It's just amazing what with a little time in your hands you can find. That's the beauty of hunting for retro games or games at all in gigantic junk yards. Anyways, in this case, I didn't found anything amazing but stuff decent enough to show off in my wonderful never ending blog. First up, I hit the thrift store and picked up a couple of games which were the following....

Not the best haul but something is something. Afterward, I visited the local Play n Trade and picked up a couple of neat items including Tactics Ogre for the GBA! I played through this game for a little bit and it's kinda similar to the PS1 title. I'm not sure about how similar they are so blah... Here are the photos!!

That's all for now!

February 22, 2010

Parasite Eve

I must have Parasite Eve!! Black Label !!! SOMEONE TRADE!!

New Template!

Well the other template I had hasn't been working well for a while so I switched to this one which I don't like as much but it'll do for now. I will work on getting a new one in the future. Enjoy....

February 21, 2010

Retro Game of the Week 029: Dragon Warrior III(NES)

This is definitely my favorite Dragon Warrior for the NES. Apart from the introductory Dragon Warrior for the same console, Dragon Warrior 3 introduces different ways to play the game. One of the neatest ways is the option to build up your ultimate team. You can change the characters of your team to your liking and therefore have a dream team! Well, wouldn't call it a dream team since you will be trying a lot of different characters before you find the one of your liking. Your dream team could be different from every other players dream team. For myself, I would pick all fighters and one mage just to heal but then again there are some monsters that are weak against spells and strong against hits so there goes that idea. I would probably pick two fighters, one healer, and one offensive magic user. It's just like in FF for the NES, it worked great all the way to the end.

Dragon Warrior 3 is just one of the best RPGs for the NES period. I personally liked it better than part four and more so than part 2. I don't think the first one counts as it's more of an introduction to the genre. The graphics of the game are your typical Dragon Warrior for the NES graphics and the music delivers the same Dragon Warrior feel. Old RPG fans will be in heaven with the complexity this game can accomplish. The quest also keeps you involved in the game and makes you want to come back for more. As for price range, this game goes in the 20-30s depending on condition and if it comes with that damn NES box.

Overall, Dragon Warrior 3 is a must have for an RPG collection especially if you are trying to find those old NES titles. You won't be disappointed I guarantee it!

February 20, 2010

Retro Game of the Week 028: Earthbound(NES)

Probably the only way to get a copy of this game is by reproduction method which is really worth it but if you are a cheap bastard, you can get the rom of the game with the translated patch included in it. So here we go, one of the big mistakes Nintendo made was not to release this masterpiece. The game is just a groundbreaking hit and Nintendo didn't know what they were thinking. In fact, they had the chance to release a lot of crappy ass games errr Star Tropics 2 which also came with a battery packed in like Earthbound why not?? Nintendo, you are truly a scumbag. Anyways, we did got the one for the SNES but missed out on the GBA one so what the hell? Lets move on. The game plays like an upgraded Dragon Warrior title except with very interesting twists and a very interesting storyline. Hmm you can even fight hippies in the game with their own theme song to drift you out of your seat so to speak.

The game is long and fun, the leveling system is simplistic and ideal for a NES game(We don't need it to be so complicated especially when you are trying to have fun). Also, the characters are just your typical regular people! This game doesn't take place in the past during the middle ages or the future? This is one of the few games that gives you the present life feel and does a good job at it. Overall, I don't want to say much but I would highly recommend you getting a repro of it or like I said earlier, a rom file(you cheap fuck!). Either one will work.....

To conclude, the game has a lot of interesting facts but mentioning them will probably take the fun out of it so it's better if you find it out on your own so no spoilers for you guys. That should be it for now, so until next time.

Other recommendations:
1. Earthbound(SNES)
2. Mother 3(GBA)
3. Roms for both you cheap bastards!

Did you know?
Earthbound is called Mother in Japan....neat!

Finds 163: Sega Random Games

Nothing much to show off this time around but I was able to pick up these Genesis titles for 95 cents each. Some of these are fun to play including Sonic 3 so no complain there. Check out the photos...

Now off to play some Barney woohoooo!!

February 16, 2010

Finds 162: Deadly Finds! Dragon Warrior III!

What started like a horrible day in finds ended in an awesome finish! First of all I went to the local thrift store but there was nothing there so I was sad until I saw a bag with G.I.joes action figures from the 1980s! I was thinking what to do with my new stand at home since it's empty and though wouldn't it be kewl to have a war scene with the action figures? Yeah it would be kewler than ever!! I need clay now to make the scenery and all. Well here are the figures I picked up...

Now off to play n trade since I couldn't find anything gaming related except the action figures...Play n Trade had some neat items including Dragon Warrior 3!! I paid 22 dollars with the discount so to me it was worth it! Behold a photo, only part four to go...

Now here comes the good part, they have this deal of buy 2 get 2 free so I decided to look around and got a bunch of titles for various consoles to enjoy my day off with! hmmm check these out!

One last killer find was a copy of House of the Dead for the Saturn and guess what? I got it for free!!! Disc only but still! AWESOME FIND!!!!!!!!!!

Don't believe me? Check the receipt which you can also use as a price guide for my purchases today...aAW!

So that's about it for this awesome day of celebrate I bought me a Loca Moca Monster energy drink....hmmm always a good choice. Until next time!!! JOE JOE!
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