Finds 1676: A CD Case Book Shelf

It's got to be the cutest most awesome design for a CD case ever!

Pokemon Black is added to the shoppe

Be sure to check this and all the newest releases on the Retro Gaming Life Shoppe!

Ads from the Past 461: Sega Game Gear

Classic ad for the handheld that rivaled the Gameboy.

Yu-gi-oh! Custom Deck Box: Toon World

Stop by and check out my custom Toon World Deck Box!

Kitsune Zero: Adorable Fox Girl

Play as a cute fox girl in a world filled with Japanese Folklore!

September 30, 2009

Arcade at the flea market

Well as we took a break from shopping last Sunday, we decided to check out the arcade inside the flea market. It was awesome! Lots of different machines! Also, some misleading ones...check it out!

This is a very misleading arcade game. You can see that donkey kong is the game in it instead of the Pac Man game....I want my quarter back!

More machines around here.

and more...

even more...

and more..

Me and my friend ended up playing some Die Hard game which was really fun. I also played Xmen vs Street Fighter but the buttons didn't work that well so I lost real fast...oh well...

Find of the Month (September)

Well I am done buying games for this month so it's time to look through them and see which one is the best find of the month. I have looked through all my finds and decided that the Famicom AV CIB is the find of the month! Not only is it in super mint condition but I only paid 55 dollars for it! I tested it and it worked great. I did not even dare to open the still bagged dogbone controllers because I decided to keep it as a collectors item. This is just one of those finds that got me anxious and made me check the mail everyday(stuff that comes in the mail doesn't usually make me do this). At first I though that the Famicom AV wasn't complete but then my friend Tyler explained to me that it didn't come with the cables because the console was released during the early SNES era so people would be able to use the cables of their super famicom to be able to play this console and I'm sure it helped keep it at a lower price.

Here is the photo once more of this awesome purchase. I'm totally happy I could finally get this console especially when someone beat me to another one about a year ago for around the same price but it wasn't boxed. I'm going to cherish this console especially since I'm Famicom Freak! I love Famicom! Until next month!

September 29, 2009

16 hours left! VOTE AWAY!

The poll is almost done and it has turned into a two console race! Both the NES/Famicom and SNES/Super Famicom are tied and with so little time it'll be interesting if any of them come out at top. Anyways, don't forget to vote! AWA!

Tiny is a Sega Fan

Well my cat surprised me as she picked a new place to hang around......

She really loves's ok though I like Sega too...

September 28, 2009

Lots of stuff for sale to save for event!

Yeah I really want to go to this classic gaming convention next month so I'm going on a super sale on Ebay! Check out my items on the link(on the right of the page) and maybe you will see something that interests you. Remember to bid with confidence!

Finds 114: PSX Import Lot!

Here is something I got in the mail today. A lot of nine import PSX games. Some of them I understand what they are but some other ones well I just don't get it. Anyways, I'm happy they arrived so quick. I'll definitely have a great time playing with Street Fighter EX Plus.


Finds 113: Famicom AV CIB

I finally have this awesome console! It arrived yesterday but didn't got the package until today. The box looks in excellent condition and it came with everything mentioned. The console, controllers, and manual were included. The controllers are even bagged up and looked like they have never been used and I will make sure they remain that way. Now, you are probably wondering if I spent a fortune on this? Well, not really! It was only 55 shipped! I had to jump at the chance to get it and I did! I'm so fucking happy about this new addition to my collection!!!!

That's all for now!!

September 27, 2009

Retro Game of the Week 011: Super Mario World(SNES)

The game that came out with the SNES release was really something out of this world. If Super Mario Bros 3 took the NES to the next level, Super Mario World gave the SNES a good start. This game is huge and I mean the name says it for itself, "world" is actually an entire world in the Mario universe. Lets move forward to the gameplay. The game is your typical Mario game but there is so much more going on including new power ups. Of course, you have your mushroom and fire flower but this time around you can also get a feather that'll help you fly something like the leaf power in Mario 3.

The game will take you through some interesting worlds like umm Donut Plains??? and some chocolate cave if I remember right....makes me want to eat some sweets. You also once again have to battle against the koopa kids in each section of the world. They are all pretty easy in my opinion. This game was also the debut for Yoshi! Yeah the beloved dinosaur that Mario would hit in the head for him to stick his tongue out....that Mario....

Anyways, I won't give anything more again because well unless you have been living under a tree, you have probably already played this game. If you are one of the rare players that have never played this gem then you are good. Play and enjoy it! NOW!!!
Until next week...

Finds 112: Another set of super duper flea market finds!

Man what an awesome day today was. I decided to make a trip to the flea market and it paid off for sure! I found lots of different kewl games including pirates, ps1 titles, and others! Enjoy and let me know what you guys think!

I will post prices I paid for these later on just too tired now....

September 26, 2009

An interesting day....

Well today after weeks and weeks of no gaming, I finally sat down in front of my TV and played some games(not just to test them out). The amazing thing is that I had lots of fun! I miss when I used to just sit down and play a game or two for more than thirty seconds....

The gaming session started with some good old toaster NES with the game Life Force. That game is a lot of fun. I got to the second stage and died a lot though. After that I used my good old Famicom to NES adapter(had it since 1995!) and played a multicart cart. This was just the generic forty or something games from the early years of the Famicom/NES lifetime. I played a lot of Balloon Fight and Mappy though. Those two games are incredibly fun in my opinion. I tried to score a really high score but died a little bit over five hundred thousand points oh well next time. After some multicart goodness I decided to play some 3DO Street Fighter. The game is really something. it's just like if I were playing the arcade version. The Honda stage song really took me back....great memories...

So that's about it, I could go on and on about the games I played today but the ones I mention are the ones that stood out. I'm going to try to play more games rather than other stuff. Until next time...

The slow month continues..

Wow the lack of finds has gotten me worried. It feels like I have to snipe on Ebay to get some good deals.....but I won't go to that extent just yet. I checked the mail hoping to have a package waiting for me but still nothing so I will have to be patient. Luckily, October is coming and therefore a fresh start. Anyways, be sure to check out next week for new session videos as I'll finally have time to record and upload them. I hope you guys can stick around in these tough times.....

September 25, 2009

Forgotten Finds #15 GBA SP NES Edition

So here is finally a new forgotten finds! It has been months since the last one and finally decided to post a new entry. The main point of Forgotten Finds is to show finds from the past that came prior to the birth of this blog. This is a way I can show you some neat finds from wayyyyy before the blog came along.

This time around is the GBA SP NES edition. I remember looking at one of these at gamestop and wished I had one in my hands. Well some years later the NDS was out and the SP prices lowered so I decided to search ebay and found one that was going for a pretty good price. I remember paying around fifty dollars for this one so I was glad to finally have it. I don't use it that much since I like to show it to friends instead of playing with it. Overall, it's a great addition to anyone's collection specially NES collectors. I would recommend it as well as the Famicom 20th anniversary Gameboy Micro which I have as well. I'll probably make an entry of that one in the future. I just wished I bought the NES edition one complete with box....

Busy day....

So I'm finally home and so tired from a busy I had so much to do and tomorrow....I'll have to do even more errands including shipping some items I sold. I will be also selling a couple of NES consoles I have(not sure why I have them...) and other stuff so check my store by tomorrow and see if there is anything you might like. In other news, I tried opening that damn PSP and still can't! I bought the damn screwdriver that the hardware store guy told me would work for it but guess what? It doesn't! I'm going back to return them and try my luck on Ebay. I just saw one for five dollars with free shipping and the title says that it'll work for any PSP better work. Ah yeah I also don't know how this happened but a hair found its way inside the PSP and in front of the screen so now I have an annoying hair all over the screen...(damn screwdrivers).

Today was a pretty boring day you know. I did went to the thrift store and found nothing, but the worst part is that I waited like fifteen minutes for a parking spot. I was cursing so much in the car with the windows up of course. I also went to the local play n trade to pick up Metal Slug V for the Xbox but guess what? Someone bought it!! AHHHH!!! I started looking at other stuff they had but nothing interested me that much. I'll be back next week to check out if they got new games.

Finally, I went back home empty handed for the first time ever(really it has never happened). I couldn't believe it but I guess it hasn't been my month. I haven't had much luck at all but I hope things improve and I end up in a high note with my findings. All I can do is get over this bad streak and move on to the upcoming month.

One last thing, I will be posting a blog entry at the end of the month declaring the best find of the month! Haven't had much going for this month but it should be interesting to look through all previous finds of the month and find a specific one that got me excited! That's all for now!

September 23, 2009

Har Har Har more stuff to come soon!

Well I have a couple of things coming in the following days(I hope) so I will showcase and even make a couple of videos of some of it. I really can't wait for these special items arrive!! AWAAAAAAAAA!!!! Here is a photo to keep you guys occupied....sort of....

Mocha the craziest cat of them all!

September 22, 2009

New Poll Added

Finally a new poll has been added so vote away. Sorry for the lack of answers.....

My PSP faceplate is finally here!

Well as some of you know the faceplate is finally here. Man it has been such a long wait but now I need to get a screw driver for the tiny screws I need to take out. I know I have one around my place so I'll have to do a massive cleaning. I'll have some photos of the whole process once I find that damn screw driver. Anyways, haven't gone hunting for a while but I'm going to do it before the end of the week(probably Friday). Until then, stay tuned....

P.S. If you visitors wouldn't mind visit any of the ads on the right of my page. They have some interesting things as the infinite bits convention going on here next month. Check it out and help me raise some monah as well! Thanks!

September 21, 2009

Awesome find but not here yet...

I just hit the jackpot with something I have been looking for a while. Well not much of a jackpot but it's something I wanted for a while. heheheh you guys will have to wait until it gets here. har har har stay tuned!!

September 20, 2009

Retro Game of the Week 010: Chrono Trigger(PS1)

Alright time for the weekly retro game of the week pick. This week I have a really memorable pick. The none other ultra mega classic role playing game Chrono Trigger. This game was one of the reasons I fell in love with RPGs. It had pretty much everything you could ask for in a game. Great story, great characters, and of course great gameplay is only a few of the amazing features this game brought. The story is the usual gotta save the world from evil but in the end it's a fun story to play through. The game also has multiple endings so it'll keep you coming back and fix what you did wrong to get the better ending. The gameplay is pure genius as you battle Final Fantasy style but instead of going to another screen like most RPGs. Your battle will happen wherever you find your enemies. It's simple, fun, and exciting to battle these monsters.

Another feature of the battle system is the combined attack combos where you can apply combos with your allies for higher damage. You'll of course need both allies to have their battle gauge filled and for them to have enough points to complete the attack. If one player doesn't have enough MP, then you are out of luck.

Furthermore, the game features side quests that you can accomplish when you get tired of following the story among many other things. The best feature of the story that I like is the time travel factor. You can travel through time to help save the world, how fantastic! So that's about it, be sure to pick this one out as I highly recommend it. Until next week!

Did you know? There was a text based game called Radical Dreamers that unveils a lot of info of both Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross games. Neat huh?

September 19, 2009

Car almost almost!!! got towed....

Well last night was a very stressful night because of what almost happened. I was closing the store up until I got a phone call from a frequent customer asking if we would deliver food to him. Since the guy is a very nice person I accepted and took his order. I went home to pick up my car(lost my good parking spot) and by the time I got back to work the food was ready for me to deliver it. Anyways, I took the food to his place which wasn't that far to start with but there was no place to park. On the way there I saw a towing truck and disregarded it. I got tired of looking for a parking spot so I went to an alley and stop the car there. I placed the blinking lights so that any car coming from behind would go around. So I got and started looking for this guy's apartment and all of the sudden as I'm at the end of the block I see the tow truck driving as fast as it could(really it was going really fast!) towards my car. I had to run all the way back with the food in my hands to see what the hell was going on. When I got there the fat mother fucker was already getting ready to tow my car and said I couldn't leave my car like that. I said to him that I was doing a delivery and wouldn't take long. There was literally no place to park so I had no other choice. Finally after exchanging responses with that fat asshole he told me I could leave the car behind another parked car by the building where the delivery was. Funny thing is, there was a car that was parking in the road with the back sticking out and I was wondering why didn't he towed that car? That car was in the way more than mine you know. So in the end, I ended up giving the guy his food and giving the finger to fatty towing guy. So I went back to work and the cook told me why I took so long and I explained to him what happened. I spent almost half an hour leaving a food that was five blocks away thanks to that towing fuck. Anyways, I made a good tip so it was worth it. Next time though, I'm taking the cook's bike har har har....

September 18, 2009

NES Session: TMNT parts 1 & 2 added

So finally it's time for a new session. This is the fourth one of this year and should be a good one. This one is of another TMNT game. This is probably the toughest TMNT game anyone has ever played. I know a lot of you got frustrated from playing this game, I know I did but I was still able to beat it. There is always hope when there is will. Anyways, parts 1 & 2 are uploaded and hopefully more to come by the week's end. Enjoy!


Finds 111: Xbox and Gamecube stuff...

Well still no luck with finding the older games but I did passed by the local Play n Trade and took advantage of their buy 2 get 2 free offer on Xbox, Gamecube, and PS2 games. They had a limited amount of games so I had to pick certain ones I would actually play. Furthermore, the games look like a lot of fun and will surely play them if I get the chance today. They are all complete with case and manual so it's a plus and I only paid a little over ten dollars for them. Here are some photos...

All four games starting from top left and ending with bottom right (Tak 2(Gamecube), Blood Wake(XBOX), Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball(XBOX), and Metal Slug 3(XBOX))

Showing the manual and disc for the games.

Same as above...

So that's it for now. Not happy with the lack of finds but I hope to get past this and find me some awesome retro stuff. Cya later.

Updates updates and more updates....

Well there hasn't been many things to brag about lately but I am working on several new things. First of all, I'm currently writing a new series of articles that I hope all you find interesting. Interesting because they are obviously about video games and facts about them. Well, it's really about anything I can discuss involving video games from the past. Another thing that's finally coming is a new video that'll be shown here and in my Youtube page so stay tuned for that. Then finally, I'm going to start working on again my .net site which I'll finally showcase once it has something on it(thanks bob for the hosting).

So this should keep me busy. I do plan to hit the local thrift store but with things being slow right now, I don't expect to find anything. I will still give it a try. So that's it, oh yeah here is a photo of my banner at my other blog(El Vicio Total) which is this same blog but in Spanish....har har har...


September 17, 2009

Finds 110: Zelda 2 CIB for the NES

Well here is my latest acquisition. The box is minty and the manual was included. It's not bad but it's already on my ebay store(link on the right). I hope to have good finds tomorrow. Cya later!


It has been a slow week...

Well not many finds lately but I know every time something like this happens something big comes after it. I'll keep you guys updated on new findings! Oh I also started to work on the fourth session of my video game session videos. This one should in interesting but I'll leave it at that. har har har until next time

September 16, 2009

Still Stuff Up For Sale!

My shopped currently has some neat stuff up for sale and more to be added by tomorrow so please check it out and BUY BUY BUY har har har....cya later!

September 15, 2009

Backloggery Updated

Well it was about time to update my list. I'm currently still working on my Famicom and Super Famicom titles so it's going to take a lot of time and a lot of photos to ask what the names of certain carts that aren't in the database are. Anyways, check it out when you get a chance. Thank you!

Two new blogs added....

Well I finally decided to revive my Spanish blog for my friends down south but it was gone so I had to create a new one. It's OK...I'll make sure to update that blog as much as this one. I also started a blog about my other hobby which is my virtual soccer league. There is a lot of info on that in the blog. I'm going to do my best to keep them updated. You can check out the links on the right side of this page under the links section.

September 14, 2009

Finds 109: A little bit of everything even a lamp!

har har har so I'm back again this week and started pretty good. I went to the thrift store today and got a copy of Super Mario Bros 3 for a dollar as well as this weird gameboy game called Laura har har har.... Then I went to a pawn shop and found a sega cd game called Stellar Fire which looks kewl. Also, I went to Play n Trade and saw a bunch of Genesis games and picked out a couple that caught my eyes. The Play n Trade employee told me to pick out some more which I would get for free for buying a bunch at the same time which was fine by me. There was a little yelling going on at the store though, an angry customer came by trying to get her money back for a game she bought. She said she wanted the money back and wasn't going to buy anything at the store ever again. She really looked pissed and the Play N Trade employee was calmed and tried to do his best to keep the customer cool. At the end, she got her way and got her money back but I just don't see why do you have to make a scene especially for twenty miserable dollars. I felt bad for the Play N Trade employee and told him to forget about it and these things happen when you work in customer service....I know how people can get because I get bitchy mother fuckers all the time. Furthermore, me and the wife went to a plaza with a Best Buy, Target, and Petsmart. We got some cat food and some dog treats at Petsmart, then we went to check out the small laptops they have for around three hundred dollars and man are they light or what?? Finally, we went to target where I usually go to the clearance section and get games from. There were no games this time of my liking but there was a lamp and a official PS2 memory card with 32mb of memory! It's awesome because I can place everything I have in all my memory cards in one! It's just totally awesome!!!!!!! Well, that's about it for this day. A lot of stops and some neat items. Below are the photos....


September 13, 2009

Well, I am almost 100 percent

So I'm able to walk again and normally but I still have some pain in my ankles which I hope will go away. I should be back and running once again by the middle of next week. I found out that my pain was probably due to the running shoes I was wearing. I'm going to start running either on the beach barefoot or with another pair I have in the park. Anyways, that's all for now.

Retro Game of the Week 009: Rainbow Islands (NES)

Well it has been a slow week but among my finds one of them caught my attention. Rainbow Islands for the NES is one of the most interesting games I have ever played. It's just a really fun game. I'm not sure how this game is related to Bubble Bobble but it doesn't matter. This game rocks! The gameplay is just a lot of fun and makes you want to come up with ways to destroy the monsters with your rainbows.

This game also has a two player option. That makes the game even more fun to play. This is just another game that you can play with a friend or even on kaillera with an emulator with a friend online. Yeah I had to mention that for those of you who have no retro gaming friends near you like me. Anyways, this game is just another great title that Nintendo released that we were able to enjoy. We had to get something good after missing so many gems(Mother or Sweet Home).

So that should do it. Another entry and another suggestion. If you are unsure whether to pick this game up(costs around 10-15 dollars on ebay) then I suggest you use an emulator and try it out before you buy. I do suggest that everyone should pick this game up for their collection. Until next week.

September 11, 2009

Another 9/11 Anniversary.....

Well another year and another anniversary of this tragic event. I ask at least to keep a minute of silence for the victims and the family of the victims of the 9/11 attacks. Well that's about it for now. Cya later....

Finds 108: Lolo 2 and Rainbow Islands boxed!

So I went to visit a new thrift store that was walking distance and found some neat games. The thrift store was very small but they did had a little bit of everything. Anyways, I saw a stack of boxed NES games and decided to look at them. The ones that caught my eyes were Rainbow Islands and Lolo 2. Anyways, as you can see, those are the ones I bought. A dollar each isn't bad huh?


September 09, 2009

Finds 107: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Sealed for the PC

I didn't had a lot of finds today but one of them caught my attention. They usually have PC games(the old ones) boxed and all here so it's nice to pick up some of them just for the nostalgia factor. This time around I came upon a copy of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo for the PC which looks totally awesome. This game was distributed by Gametek which does ring a bell. I know they released other kids toys as well. Anyways, the box art looks awesome and I just love reading the PC requirements. Man those were some good old days. Of course, this game is sealed and I do plan on keeping it that way. This is another gem I'm going to keep for my personal collection. Gotta love big box PC games har har har....


Planing a flea market trip by the end of the month

Well I decided to start saving up for a flea market trip by the end of the month. If things are good, I will have as good luck as I did last time. Anyways, cya later....

September 07, 2009

Happy Labor Day

I hope all of you are having a great labor day and enjoy this day by going out and enjoying the day! I'll cya tomorrow!


September 06, 2009

PSP Lives On!

Well I fooled around with my fat PSP again today. I was able to add a feature so I can watch youtube videos on it which is really really kewl! Cya later laptop har har har...I was also able to add messenger feature which lets me log into messengers such as AIM, Yahoo, MSN, among others. I was really psyched about what I was able to do with it. I'll be fooling around with it tomorrow as well since I can't walk that much right now. I'll blog the story later tonight or tomorrow. Well, that's all for now, cya around gamers....

Retro Game of the Week 008: Tomba 2(PSX)

Here is an interesting entry for this week. Tomba 2 for the PSX redefined a golden era of platformers that were though to be dead but weren't! This game has some of the most innovative gameplay around for the PSX. Anyways, the game starts you out as caveman of some sort that goes on adventures like saving a crab for does contain some great graphics and interesting concepts. The game is just so damn fun and hard to find. I for once have only found one copy of it and has been loose which is still worth a pretty penny(around 35 US dollars loose according to my friend that owns a gaming store).

This dude's hair looks crazy being all pink and all but it sort of reminds me of the good old Joe & Mac games. Those were some classic fun games for sure. The gameplay pretty much goes from 2D to 3D at times. You can call it 2.5D if you please since it switches views at times. In the end, you are always following one road which keeps to its platforming genre.

Alright, I don't want to say too much about this game to give stuff away but I do suggest picking a copy up if you ever see it in the while. I don't recommend you buy it off ebay since it goes for a lot of money and we want to keep our costs down hehehhe.... You can also pick up part 1 of the Tomba series which is as good as this one. Take care and until next week.

Finally took out the PSP and.....

Did an awesome upgrade to it! I first started by buying a new faceplate because somehow someone had broken the one it had. I got it for a good price as well. Now, I have to wait for it but it's ok I'm patient. Anyways, I also updated my firmware which was 1.5 to 5.00 m33-6 which took me a while because you can't update straight to 5.00 m33-6, you have to go through different firmwares until you reach the top one. Anyways, after that was done, I installed emulators and other stuff like music and videos to my psp. I currently have a GBA, NES, GBC,and Genesis emulators. I can't wait to see what else I can get to it. One last thing is that I heard that you could play youtube videos on your PSP so I did a little research for it and came up with a new application that lets me do it with great results! I can now check out videos on youtube through my PSP har har har. I also installed a radio station application which is pretty neat! Hmm what else? I think that's all for now. If you need to upgrade your PSP and are in firmware 1.5, then I suggest you visit this wonderful tutorial here. If you need any help, I might be able to help you out! Well that's about it, time to play some good old NES games on my PSP har har har!

September 04, 2009

Finds 106: Lots of Finds! Enter game!

Well the games must have been waiting for me because when I got to the thrift store I had to get a basket thing to place all of them in there! Anyways, it was a great day for finds! I manage to find a copy of Super Man for the n64 har har har see I told ya it'll show up eventually. I also got my first ever cart! Of course, it's Duke Nukem 3D so I can't complain. Alright so now it's time for some photos!

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This is a site dedicated to retro gaming in particular but it'll have other things as well. We are open minded to all sorts of gaming included non-video gaming. Please take a chance and explore what we offer! -Famicom Freak

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