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August 31, 2021

Retro Tuesdays 001: Mario Wendy's Kids Meal Figure

So what's Retro Tuesdays? It's simple, I will post a random toy, game, or gadget from the past and talk a little bit about it. That's about it so lets get started.

This week, we have the Mario figurine from the Wendy's kids meal from 2002. 

It was part of five kids toys from the GBA releases of the games. Overall, I think that the Mario figurine I'm showcasing is the more interesting one of the set although that Mario Advance box art is interesting as well. You can find these toys on eBay in large quantities. I would love to get the entire set sealed and keep it sealed for crazy collection purposes.

I hope you enjoyed this blast from the past. Until next week! 


Finds 1507: Limited Run Games Arrivals! Scott Pilgrim vs the World and Panzer Dragoon

Here are some Limited Run Games arrivals! This time around we got Scott Pilgrim vs the World and Panzer Dragoon. For some reason they sent me another cover for Panzer Dragoon that I'm guessing it's for the PS4 version? I'm kind of confused on that. Well, really cool additions overall! 


Finds 1506: Flea Market Finds! Super Mario Galaxy 2, Magic the Gathering, and FIFA 98

I went back to the flea market after a year or so. Life has got me so busy that I can't really go to the flea market as much as I would love to go but it is what it is. I didn't find much but I was shocked to find what I did! I honestly didn't think I would find anything at all. The first thing I found was the Super Mario Galaxy 2 disc which was on a table that looked run down. It was five bucks so I was happy to pay for it. The second find was the FIFA 98 cart which is in Portuguese which is quite interesting. I will be talking about this FIFA 98 cart in a future post because there is something interesting about it. The last item was a Magic the Gathering Quick Start Set which I have no idea what it's worth or for but I picked it up because it's vintage and complete. I didn't even finished walking through the entire flea market but it was good times once again. Even better, I ran into my friend that goes to the flea market and we hunted like old times. Good times!

Here is the Mario Galaxy 2!

FIFA 98 moment! 


Finds 1505: Epic Local Pick Up! Nintendo 64, Zelda, 007, and Genesis Gems!

I haven't really hunted locally as much as I should have in matters of garage sales and what not, but this one didn't got away from me. This lot was really good. I paid 130 for everything and I thought it was quite fair! I picked up the Nintendo 64 because I know there are lots of friends I know that still need one. This is going to one of them but I am keeping the green controller. Overall, I was very happy with this lot. The Genesis games were really cool and they all worked well except for Red Zone which acts funny at times, but then again, I need to really clean this one. So happy!

I forgot to mention, I also got Battletoads and Double Dragon for SNES. Here are the rest of the Genesis goodies. Gotta love them...

The N64 came with 007 and Zelda Majora's Mask which is really cool. The console already has a future owner so yay! 


Finds 1504: DOS Book & Container Case

A trip to the thrift store brought me into these findings. The book was a no brainer as it's DOS! the container was needed for my label work. Now, I'll be able to organize them and won't have to go through all of them. Organization is a must when you work. 


Finds 1503: PC Software Exile, Riven, Hellbender, and More

Hit a couple of thrift stores and found more PC software. I was actually surprised at finding a sealed Myst 3 Exile so I'll take it. I also found Riven and I believe I have Myst(the First one) Somewhere so I can say I have the trilogy. The rest of the software look interesting so I'll take them. Gotta preserve the old forgotten software.


Finds 1502: Playstation Pick Ups and Algebra 1

I found a bunch of decent Playstation games at the thrift store which was surprising because I usually don't find them. I did picked up a bunch that I already have which I'll be passing on to my friend as well as an Algebra 1 software. More to come... 


Finds 1501: PC Software Bicycle Solitaire, Body Works 5.0, and Key Clip Art 25000

I found a new thrift store and this is what I found. The software was really cool and they even gave me a discount on them! Three dollars for all three. This new thrift store has a lot of promise and will definitely be back. I have a feeling that I'll be able to find some good stuff there as I feel I have to dig. I was so exhausted when I found it so I wasn't all there. I shall be back!


Finds 1500: Klik n Play Create your own classic games!

So back in the late 90s, there were these fan made games that were released online which were really cool. You could find games like Mega Man to Mario and more. The program used for these games was Klik & Play. This little program helps you create a whole lot of stuff. It was a lot of fun to see what people created with this wonderful program. I would be on AOL finding these games and always wondered how to get the program. I never did got the program till now. A little eBay search brought me to this purchase and it was totally worth it. All that's left is to boot it up on my Windows 98SE PC and see how it works. I'm quite curious! 

Here is more info of the program. Did you ever created a game using Klik & Play? 


Finds 1499: Megacon Pick Ups 4! Mortal Kombat and Bonk's Adventure

My final day at the con, I was able to decide on a couple of games I've wanted since day 1. I finally pulled the trigger and got Mortal Kombat for the Sega CD which was at a very fair price and always wanted it! Watch me find another copy in my collection that I forgot to add to my game list. I also picked up Bonk's Adventure for the Gameboy which is quite decent. It's just a little fun platformer that I'm sure many of you are familiar with. I had lots of fun at the convention and always like to find me deals especially with gaming! 


Finds 1498: Megacon Pick Ups 3! Robin and Street Fighter Collection 2

Here are more additions! In the previous post I posted the action figure of Batman which I got! It was only fair to get his partner in crime, Robin! I believe me and my brother also had this one but once again, we probably lost all of his accessories. It's cool to have it again! I also got Street Fighter Collection 2 for the PS1. It has a printed cover so I will need to get the manual somewhere! It's totally cool! 


Finds 1497: Megacon Pick Ups 2 -It's Batman-

The convention also has a lot of action figures and I had to get this one! I had this one as a kid and it was really cool because of the armor feature in which you can take the parts off. I remember losing all of the pieces except the armor and helmet. I might open this one for display but I don't know yet. I lost picking this one up before so it's really cool to run into another one. Nostalgia indeed. 


August 30, 2021

Manual Monday 039: Donkey Kong Country (SNES)

Here is the Donkey Kong Country Manual. This game is legendary as it introduced us to amazing 2D gameplay in a very 32-bit looking game. This is by far my favorite of the entire series and still holds on to this day. Be sure to check out the goodies that come with the manual. 

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