Finds 1676: A CD Case Book Shelf

It's got to be the cutest most awesome design for a CD case ever!

Pokemon Black is added to the shoppe

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Ads from the Past 461: Sega Game Gear

Classic ad for the handheld that rivaled the Gameboy.

Yu-gi-oh! Custom Deck Box: Toon World

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Kitsune Zero: Adorable Fox Girl

Play as a cute fox girl in a world filled with Japanese Folklore!

May 30, 2010

Finds 198: NES Deluxe Set, Golden N64, and other amazing finds!

With a day starting very slow, things started to pick up as the day progressed. I was about to hit the road when I saw from far away a big box with ROB on the cover....I ran to it and asked how much, the rest is history....

Picked this up for five bucks. It only comes with the console and manuals, luckily I have an extra set to complete the console and of course, an extra controller.
Got all these Atari controllers for 30 bucks. Very good resellers, now I have to find a way to test them.

The hard to find Golden N64. I was told this limited edition was only sold at toys r us for a limited time. I paid 31 dollars for all of these, that's two Kirbys in one week!
More Atari as I picked up this AC adapter for two bucks, this guy had a buy four for a dollar so I picked out those four. I only wanted the PS1 title but got stuck with some sports titles as well. They might be good for something someday.
Each of the green controllers cost me five bucks while the SNES controller was two bucks.
Game Gear titles for a dollar each. Man the guy really wanted to get rid of all his stuff and I was glad I was there to buy these.
Mario all stars, TMNT 4, and Mario Kart 64 were five bucks each while Prince of Persia(GEN), and the two gameboy games were three and two dollars respectively.

Finally, picked up this NES deluxe set for 50 bucks. Not bad at all! sadly it's not complete....
So that's it for this trip, I surely spent more than I should have but got my moneys worth. Another successful trip comes to an end, I'll be back very very soon'll see.

May 28, 2010

Finds 197: Kirby 64 and then some...

Here is a lot I picked up from a Craiglist ad earlier today. I'm very happy with this pick up although the only game I didn't had is Kirby 64. I paid 60 dollars for everything.

That's all for now, gotta survive somehow!

May 27, 2010

Finds 196: Sunsetriders for the Genesis and more!

Today I visited various places around my area to hunt for games. I came successful with my hunt so I'm happy. The only thing I am going to keep from all these finds is the Sunsetriders Genesis game. It's an awesome game period! Haven't played it for the Genesis though. Behold photos!

Here are nine Game Gear games. Notables are Sonic the Hedgehod, Lemmings, and Junction.Here we have a Game Gear that has some problems with the screen. Going to sell it for parts.
Here are some game I picked up from a craiglist ad, five bucks each.

That's all for now, it has really been an amazing month for findings. I hope this good streak keeps up.

May 26, 2010

Finds 195: 50 Disk System Games!

A big lot of disk system games arrived in no time! A lot of interesting titles in this lot, as well as the classics, Super Mario Bros 2, Kid Icarus, and Zelda. So much stuff to check out but so little time....well here are some pics!

May 25, 2010

Retro Game of the Week 040: Streets of Rage 3(GEN)

Here we are back again, another title of the week that deserves a mention. The tardiness of this post was supposed to be on Sunday but due to my trip to the flea market, I wasn't able to write something up. It's Tuesday and I'm finally 100 percent better! Well, here we have a very sought after title, Streets of Rage 3! This game is not my favorite but still good. It contains a lot of upgrades from the second one that will appeal to some and disgust others. it's your choice if you want to pick this game up and play, but if you chose yes, it'll cost ya quite a bit.

The game is part of the trend of beat em up games during the early 90s. This genre was very popular and both Sega and Nintendo wanted in on the money making beat em up master gaming goodness! In my personal opinion, the streets of rage games beat Final Fight by a long shot. By the time Final Fight 3 came out, it was just the same thing as the first one, except with different characters. Streets of Rage 3 introduced different characters as well as new aspects to make the game play different and better to some.

Overall, I say it's worth a pick up if you can find it for a reasonable price. The game usually goes for 30 dollars loose and at crazy prices boxed. I suggest you hit the thrift stores and keeps your eyes opened for this gem for the Genesis. If you are not into hunting, just pick up the Genesis Collection games for the new consoles which has all three Streets of Rage games. Pick it up, play all three of them, and pick your favorite, if you can that is. Until next week errr this Sunday.

Finds 194: PS1 Import Lot Straight From Japan!

Here are new arrivals, all I can say is that these games were mad cheap and fun as hell! Great additions like Dragon Quest VII, and King of Fighters 99 make this lot shine. Also, can't leave Capcom Generation 2 behind, it comes with an awesome classic! Behold photos of mastery!

I know some of these like Arc the Lad, and Choro Q....I have only been playing NBA Live 98 at expert settings and I still kick ass! I know I rule!

May 23, 2010

Finds 193: Neo Geo Pocket, N64 Mega Lot and more!

Another trip to the flea market with great success once again! As I was hunting I bumped into a member of NA and decided to check out the flea market as a team. Thanks David for the help! Anyways, lots of new additions so lets start!
I bought this N64 lot for 50 dollars, it's not only the console with controllers and the memory card things but it's also 38 games included!!
Lots of great new additions to my collection for sure!

I also picked up these two Hori PS1 Fighting controllers for five bucks. I can't wait to try them out!

Zelda was 5, Neo Geo Pocket Color was 2, and the NES game was a dollar. I tested out the NGP color and it works, sadly it doesn't have a battery cover but there is always eBay for such ordeals.
Here we have a Famicom multicart(top left) which I got for five bucks, the vendor wanted ten dollars for it but after a while she realized she was overcharging too much! I mean come on it's the flea market, we come here to get deals! Streets of Rage 3 was three dollars while the Gameboy Games and the Action Replay were all two bucks each. The yellow gameboy game is Donkey Kong Land, though it was Pokemon Yellow for a second there....

The magazine was a dollar while the Metal Gear Gameboy game was two bucks. The PS1 game was a dollar as well. Sadly I couldn't find the first disc of that PS1 game, this is just disc two but someone out there might need this disc to complete their game and I'm going to be their savior on this
I picked all these games up for twenty dollars. I though I picked four but the guy gave me five since I bought a lot. I saw a buyer that got there before me picked up a Lunar for the PS1 so I was kinda of sad when I saw him walking away with it, it's alright though, the vendor then took out a box that he had hidden under his table with these games in there. Guess these were waiting for me.
Picked these games up two bucks a piece, for some strange reason the price of Gameboy games were really low, they usually charge 5-7 dollars each game. Guess it was my lucky day.
Now here is for the less appealing finds, I picked up all these sports titles for five bucks. I actually just wanted hardball but the lady told me six for all and I said five and she said yeah and I said OK!
I picked all of these up for four bucks! Here is the catch, they are all just the box and inserts har har har! I figure someone must have the cart only and could complete their game with the right box. I know the Mario Kart will be sought after.
Last but not least, I picked this Super Multitap for a dollar. Haven't tried it yet but I will surely clean it up and give it a shot.

So that's all for this day of hunting goodness, lots of new additions for my collection while others will serve to keep my hobby alive. You know the drill, check everything, sell some, keep some, and head back once more. Until next time!

May 21, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Pac-Man

Want to wish Pac-Man a happy birthday! Wow 30 already, it's not that old, but it does make me feel old myself. I am aging with all my favorite video game characters, can't have a better wish than that! Well Pac-Man I have played your game for so many times over the many years in many different consoles. I also played all your clones that could never reach the nostalgia the original always made me feel. You are truly unique and one of the most hungry video game stars of all time! Keep going strong my friend!


NES Session Part 3 & 4 six months later!

So here we are, finally! new gameplay videos, enjoy already, kinda of rusty at first but will have the rest up this weekend. Let the challenge begin!


The power of my desktop is back in my hands!

Yay after six months of not using my desktop I was finally able to get on it. I have internet once more on it and there was a lot to do, especially the windows updates since it has been over six months of no updates. I think I have taken care of pretty much everything I needed to take care of. I have also been cleaning my hard drive from all the junk it had. It just feels so good using a powerful desktop with a big screen once more. It's good times once again :)

May 20, 2010

Finds 192: Gameboy Family Arrivals

This package arrived real quick, I was surprised and all you know! I won this last Sunday on eBay and was real excited about it especially because of the variety of gameboys it came with including a Nintendo DS Lite! So far they all worked including the Nintendo DS Lite which only needed a replacement battery so it was quite a steal. I forgot to mention, I couldn't get the Gameboy pocket to work, not sure what's wrong with it, I will open it up and check it out but it could be just a drained battery or something, not sure exactly. Behold photos!

My other Nintendo DS Lite's battery was used to check the Nintendo DS Lite that arrived today. I already tried it at my brother's Nintendo DS Lite battery so it was bound to work the second time around.
This is the Gameboy pocket I haven't gotten to work yet. Hopefully I can get some help from other savvy members on the forums I bother to show up.
GBA handheld, works great! I have the box for this handheld so now I have a boxed GBA WOOT!
Here is a Gameboy Color handheld. It also works great, it had some stickers when it first arrived but those things are long gone har har har...
Here are some accessories and what not.

By the looks of it, the owners of these handhelds were Pokeymon fans which is fine by me, they have good taste after all.

So that's about it, this is one of those finds that doesn't contain any games whatsoever which feels kinda of weird, but it's a good feeling anyways....cya later!

May 18, 2010

Finds 191: Killer Instincts...

It was a good day at the thrift store as I picked up quite a few new items. First of all we have a SNES console with no yellowing! Yay! Paid 14.95 for this one. I decided to resell it though.

Then we have a couple of N64 titles. I bought the MKT thinking I didn't had it but I checked my list and there it was so I am going to sell it. The Killer Instinct Gold is one I haven't come across yet so it's a welcomed new addition to my collection.

I also found Killer Instinct for the SNES which I have been looking for a while. I had way back when it first came out but not sure what happened. I also picked up Pokemon Crystal. Each game was 1.95 if I remember correctly.

Also, picked up a cube game, this time around, it was a Kirby game. I think it's some kind of racer game well I'll try it out eventually. 1.95 for this one as well.
Finally, a new NES addition, from SNK! Little League Baseball is the title for this one, it's just your typical baseball game. There were so many for the NES you know, I still favorite the Baseball Stars games as the best ones although I haven't tried all of them yet.

So that should do it for now, I already know what needs to go and what will stay, hopefully I can sell this stuff before we announce the next flea market trip we'll have. Until next time!

May 16, 2010

Retro Gaming LIfe News 002: Interesting Arrivals

Well I had a very interesting week, mostly overall with Kart Fighter finally arriving! Here is the second news session of the year! Lets begin

New Famicom arrivals and hopefully some other interesting ones to come soon, Kart Fighter really got me hooked on crappy fighters once more. The problems the cart has didn't stopped me from playing the game and enjoyed its crappyness.

I won some auctions on ebay, I wont them in the United States so they should be here this week. I hope so!

I have started to draw again, mostly anime related drawings, this should keep me busy for a while, I'll have a decent enough drawing to show off very soon!

I probably didn't mentioned this but I went to the doctor and was told I am completely healthy so I can go back to do what I do best, run! I am also down to 197 lbs yay!

I will have a very slow next month as I will be in the middle of a move, yeah must find a new home after those backstabbers.....blah enough of that..

A new flea market trip is in the making, hopefully some NA members will join up so we'll have a blast!

That should do it for this week, till next week.

Retro Game of the Week 039: Kart Fighter(FC)

One of the more interesting pirates out is Kart Fighter. What else can you ask for? Mario characters kicking each others asses! You can play as Peach, Mario, Koopa, Bowser, and many many more! No kidding! What makes this different from the other crappy pirate fighters is the Mario characters. They also have the wrong names(at least some of them do). The game is quite simple if you have played these flawed fighters you can find the super move that will always hit the enemy and prevent them from doing anything against it.
There is not much more to say about this game, it's quite easy but surely one you have to try out mainly because of the weird factor it contains. You can also get this game via-reproduction which is cheaper than finding the pirate cart which usually goes for 30 plus but I could be wrong. You can play this game two player which will go great if you are high or drunk or both, I'm sure it'll give you a good laugh. The music is also just out of this world, it's like they change some notes of Mario songs to make it sound different. I have a theory about this game, it was made to be mario kart for the NES but they must have gone through some programing problems and what's the cheapest alternative? To use the crappy fighting engine other games such as Master Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat use and you have a "new" game.
Nokonoko says buy my pirate or Mari will beat me!

May 15, 2010

Dos Juegos .com

A new affiliate site that decided to join forces with Retro Gaming Life! I suggest you check it out! The link is either at the links section or all the way in the bottom of this page, you can't miss it! That's all for now! :)

May 13, 2010

Finds 190: Famicom Carts all around!

Gather around fellow collectors because it's time for a Famicom lot arrival, yeah that's right! New arrivals straight from the land of the rising sun(Japan). They cost me 16 dollars shipped so not too much of an investment. I waited almost a month for these to get here because I paid for cheap shipping lol but it was well worth it. The only down side of this lot is that I have six of the nine games while only three of them are not in my collection. This is what happens when you start to collect a little bit too much of one console. Well, enough talk photos below!

So that's it, that Sumo cart gets my attention! Until next time!
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