Finds 1522: Castle of the Winds, Limited Run Releases, Mobile Light Force 1 and 2

All of these arrived at the same time so lets put them all together in one post. You will definitely like what you see!

Finds 1436 PC Galore! Phantasmagoria 2 and Others!

A trip to thrifting brings a bunch of PC gems!

Ads from the Past 454: Zelda for Disk System(The First one)

Classic artwork for a legendary game, the Legend of Zelda ad is here.

Smarty and the Nasty Gluttons Getting a Physical Release

A Game from the past will be getting a physical release in the coming future. What kind of game is this though?

Retro Game of the Week 173: Gradius 3(SNES)

Shoot 'em all up, get all the power ups and try to survive this legendary game!

March 26, 2014

Ads from the past 269: Robotrek (SNES)

This is a very unusual RPG by Enix but totally fun. It has robots, it has RPG elements, it has everything you ever wanted! Robotrek is quite obscure and underrated! 


Finds 713: Konami Classics vol. 2

I finally found the second volume for a decent price. I'm definitely going to give Contra a try! 


Game-bit of the day 083: Zelda (NES)

The first one of the series! This is the legend! The first Legend of Zelda! It's so beautiful, the cartridge is even gold colored! 


Manual Monday 027: Splatterhouse 3 (Genesis)

This game is getting all the attention this week and this is no different! Splatterhouse 3 is a demon of a game and definitely deserves a look at its manual for more info on the gruesomeness it delivers!


Game-bit of the day 082: Zelda 2 (NES)

This is the odd Zelda of the bunch. It's actually not bad but the final boss is one of the most ridiculously tough bosses ever! If you are able to beat this game, you're a pro! 


Finds 712: Megacon Loot! Blue Dragon Loot! Sega Saturn goodies and others!

Here are some awesome new additions! I found the Resident Evil at Megacon and the rest were from Blue Dragon in Daytona Beach. I mostly focused on games I don't have in my collection as far as I know. I picked up Hook and The Pagemaster for the SNES which are two awesome platformers! I also got Resident Evil, PTO 2, Xmen Children of the Atom, and Mortal Kombat 2 for the Saturn. The guide for Dragon Quest IX was a good addition as well.


CIB Sunday 025: Power Blade (NES)

This is actually a real good platformer game. It was more than enough reasons to pick it up especially in boxed form. Taito had a bunch of good games released for the NES and this one is just another gem by them. Be sure to check it out as well as others! 


Game-bit of the day 081: Tales of the Abyss (3DS)

This is an spectacular RPG that was originally released for the Playstation 2. It was a smart move to port it to the 3DS especially when you can play it in 3D. Nevertheless, it's a great game that will keep you busy and another awesome Tales game.


Sega Saturday 025: Splatterhouse 3 (Genesis)

This is a pretty awesome game, there is no doubt about it which is why it's the entry for Sega Saturday! 


Finds 711: Splatterhouse 3 and Power Blade !

Here are two killer games to add to my collection. One of them is a Sega classic called Splatterhouse 3 while the other is an amazing side scroller called Power Blade for the NES. They are both incredible additions! I still need to make time to play them! 


Game-bit of the day 080: Super Street Fighter 4 (3DS)

This is a pretty awesome fighting game. It was well overdue but it didn't disappoint! 


Game-bit of the day 079: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (3DS)

Here is a pretty good game for the 3DS. It's also crossed platform so you can play it on the Wii U! 


March 19, 2014

Finds 710: Lonely loot, Project Number 3

This is an interesting game by Capcom. I have never heard of it but will definitely look into it. It has to be somewhat decent since Capcom released it, right? right????


Finds 709: Final Fantasy X-X2 HD Limited Edition, Spectral Force 3, and King of Fighter XII

Here are three new titles for my collection. I was able to pick up Final Fantasy X-X2 HD Limited Edition which was just released and while waiting for my turn in line, I came across a couple of other games which were King of Fighter XII and Spectral Force 3. I will definitely be trying these out! 


Finds 708: Zapper and DS Games!

Here are some games for the Nintendo DS and a Zapper! The games are your usual Mario games but there is a Donkey Kong and Kingdom Hearts in there! 


Game-bit of the day 078: Suikoden 2 (PS1)

Here is the gem of my Playstation collection! Suikoden 2 is just an amazing game and rare! The gameplay is fantastic and the story is just to die for. No wonder this game goes for over 150 dollars! Ouch! 


Game-bit of the day 077: Bleach (Gamecube)

This is another game that wasn't released here in the states but we were able to enjoy with the ability to import them. Gamecube was known for having amazing fighting games including the Naruto series. This is another one of those...


Game-bit of the day 076: Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter (PS1)

This is another game in the "vs" series that Capcom brought to the home console. It's definitely one of my favorite ones mainly because it's such a crazy fighting game and contains some of your favorites in it! 


Game-bit of the day 075: Joe & Mac (Genesis)

This is one of the most fun caveman games to play with a friend. You can use team work and even push each other in order to save your own ass. You can't have a better experience than this! 


Finds 707: Lots of Poke-Loot! SNES PC controllers, and More Portables!

Here are some new wicked additions which were really needed as it has been a dried week. The SNES USB controllers are quite interesting and have been tested to work. I think once I run into a SNES controller that is not working well, I will definitely try to swap the shells! I also got more Pokemon games and some portable devices. It was definitely a good day! 

Manual Monday 026: Robopon (GBC)

Robopon is just wicked awesome! Even the manual is fully colored! you can't ask for anything more!!! Scans will be coming in a future update so stay tuned! 


CIB Sunday 024: Robopon (GBC)

This game is getting a lot of praise here! It's the CIB game of the week! If you haven't played it, be sure to play it especially if you're a Pokemon fan! 


Sega Saturday 024: Battletoads for Game Gear!

I only have one Game Gear that works and it's this one! I decided to play some Battletoads and I gotta say, the game is tough!


Finds 706: Yoshi's New Island is here!

Here is a nice game I picked up...I'm actually disappointed with it but whatever. Believe me, I gave it a chance but I think I will stick with the SNES release...


Finds 705: Free Loot!

So a friend of mine had some Nintendo games he wanted to get rid of and I picked it up! This is everything! Lots of awesome loot and for free!!! I can't say no to free! 

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