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December 31, 2010

A Whole Year of Retro Gaming in One Post, Happy New Year 2011!

There is much to say about this year with so many highlights that it has one of the best years ever for my collection. There were some amazing finds such as the sealed NES game lot which included two sealed copies of Castlevania 3 as well as three sealed copies of Garygoyle's Quest 2. Sadly, due to financial problems a couple of months later, I had to sell almost all of them. Then there were all those trips to the flea market that flourished amazing find after find. With so many finds there will surely be one to top them all out of the water. I think this year has been the year of the sealed games especially with the already mentioned NES sealed games among others. In the month of December, there have been a lot of sealed findings including Super Mario Advance, Valkyrie Profile (NDS), and Tetris DS(NDS). Getting into collecting sealed games is very rewarding and tempting at the same time. You just want to open the game so bad but also know that if you open it, you will damage its value for years to come. That's why I decided to buy used copies of the games if I really want to play them in the future. I do have a big long list of games that I'm trying to finish so I just can't keep adding more and more games to a list that's already packed and has a waiting line with other games as well. My main problem is that I play RPGs for the most part which are ten times longer than other type of games like platform or fighter. Well, I have talked little by little of this year but why don't we make a walkthrough of every month....


A new started and it was time for the usual such as hunting and blogging. The month went by as usual with the neat findings as well as finally finding a box for my disc only Tactics Ogre game for the PS1. Then, my discovery of a NES deluxe set with a brand new R.O.B. Made the whole month jump with joy as I finally found the previous accessory. It might be quite useless for many but it's a very important item for Nintendo collectors. There was also one last trip to the flea market that was a complete success. I ended up finding a lot of games and a very odd power joy cartridge. It looked like a gameboy cart for a while but it ended up being something completely different.


This month was filled with a lot of odd finds as well. I got a repro of Earthbound as a gift from a good friend and I continued my hunting to thrift stores, flea markets, and even Play n Trade. I also picked up a copy of House of the Dead for the Saturn for free! Sadly, that Play n Trade would close their doors to the public in very fast fashion. I also picked up some other games such as Spider (PS1), Dragon Warrior III (NES), and Joe & Mac (SNES). There were lots and lots of findings in the NES area as well. I bought around ten CIB NES games in the final day of this month as well as many other things. I also found a lot of Gijoe action figures! A great month indeed.


This was a slow month for finds but I still managed to pick up some games like Hammering Harry (FC) and Metal Slug 7 (NDS). There was also a TMNT vehicle I used to have when I was a kid that I found at the flea market. I still haven't tested it yet. There is no use doing that anyways as it's away in my storage unit for the time being. There was also a huge really huge video game lot that I was more than happy to receive. It came short from being one hundred games but when you get anything close to one hundred games, you are going to have a great hell of a time with them. The lot included games for various platforms such as Famicom, Gameboy, and Game Gear. There was just so much to love about this lot of games that it seemed never ending at one point! There was also this very odd Sega calculator I found at a thrift store. I never got to try it out but it looked in great shape so I'm guessing it works. This is according to my sources, what kids used before texting in cellphones came along. The online store eBay was very nice to me as I won this awesome Famicom lot for around fifty four dollars! The Famicom came CIB in very decent shape but that's not all, there were also twenty six games that came with it some of them being pirates! It was a great month for findings nonetheless.

This month was when things started to slow down. There were many changes going on in my life and I just didn't had the time to devote it to my hobby. These kind of things happen to everybody so I know most of you would understand. The blog also reached forty followers which I see it as a nice milestone. Retro Game of the Week posts were still coming and going. There was not much discipline on releasing them every week for some reason. I guess there wasn't much urgency or demand as it is now. I didn't had any new additions until almost the middle of the month when I posted about this video game lot with lots of fun titles. This lot of Pokemon games and handheld kept my hunting spirit up as well as this amazing find of Valkyrie Profile for the PS1. There was a lot to love after that like the Ys game for the PS2 I picked up from Gamestop. I also picked up Magna Darta for the PS2 and a great PS2 lot for mad cheap! The month ended great with the finding of Marvel vs Capcom for the Dreamcast. You can even have great finds during crappy times

This month had great find after great find coming to my hands. There were many discoveries like the NES Prototype in this awesome hunt. There were so many finds from that previous hunt that I had to split them in two different posts. The second post didn't failed to deliver as well with tons of new finds like the Turbografx console and tons and tons of games. Such new sections like the Question Session and Retro Gaming Life News had a short life span as they didn't survived for long. They might have a future but I have so many sections to take care of right now that there is no room for them as of now. This month also had a great arrival of Famicom Disk System games as well as more Famicom pirates. There were also more insane finds from the flea market including a Neo Geo pocket as well as lots of Nintendo 64 games! Then, I finally picked up some import PS1 titles once more for my collection. I also picked up yet another Nintendo 64 lot with a lot of good resellers and to end the month on an amazing note, well just click on this link I can assure you that you won't be disappointed.

This month had a very important milestone but before that it had a finding. This handheld actually has a touch screen, talk about way ahead of its time. The games weren't that good so they failed in the end to the all mighty gameboy. With that find out of the way, I was able to hit the jackpot with probably the most amazing Famicom related finding ever. Finds number 200 made Finds number 100 look like crap! Well you see and compare. There was just so much to love about Finds number 200 that I am still amazed about the stuff I was able to add to my collection not to mention all that 8-bit porn! Things got even better as I was able to pick up what could probably be the best find of the year. Finds 204 proved that there are still amazing hidden gems somewhere out there and we have to find them! With so many sealed NES games, I was as happy as a collector as I could ever be. Sadly, they wouldn't be in my hands for long as a real bad turn of events forced me to sell the majority off to collectors all over the world. This is one bitter-sweet find indeed.... Moving on, I was able to pick up the notorious Gimmick! for the Famicom. It may be a pirate but it's better than playing it on the emulator that's for sure. I also got some mixed video game lots and Pokemon games couldn't be absent from my findings, that's for sure.

Things turn for the worse as I wasn't able to invest in the hobby as I was in the middle of selling off all the wonderful sealed games but other than that, it was DOS Month! I used to do this every June in my old website and decided to migrate it to here except it'll take place in July. This is a yearly tradition that has been adapted to Retro Gaming Life so be on alert this coming July as you'll get thirty one more posts! There was only a sole find this month with an easy Find of the Month award.

This month was even worse than the one before it. With DOS Month over, there was little material to add so there wasn't much information to upload. There was this lot of games and a sealed MAC OSX that I was able to sell for a good amount. A trip to the flea market brought some decent finds with Thousand Arms being favorite of the current month.

With all my problems finally getting resolved, Retro Gaming Life was coming back to life and at just the perfect time too! With this great hunt, Retro Gaming Life was officially back in the game! The joy of me the hate of some...believe me, I got some assholes annoying me trying to take me down for some reason, go figure! Furthermore, I got a very sexy Nintendo DS lite that I ended up selling off anyways...There was also another awesome lot of games with some Pokemon CIB games among other gems and the Yu-Gi-oh! Finds made their debut!

By this month, things were already getting back to normal and new stuff was brewing for the blog to have more content than ever. The Yu-gi-oh! Finds was a nice addition as many gamers and retro gamers out there are familiar with this game, some hate it, some love it. A new section related to the Yu-gi-oh! Finds also made its debut. This one is called Yu-gi-oh! Amazing Cards which showcases counterfeit cards that have hilariously incorrect grammar as well as "amazing" stats. It's certainly worth a look. There were some neat finds as well as some great Nintendo titles from the SNES era! I also found myself with some PS1 Russian pirates.
There were also more interesting items such as the Merio handheld from that same hunt. Talk about a pirate month! There were finds, such as Sakura Wars for the PS2, and lots of other ones. Famicom Guide made its debut on the 30th of this month and the Famicom madness started!

Retro Gaming Life turned two and lots of new updates started to appear. I finally decided to start writing articles for the blog and started with a couple such as To Date or not to Date a Gamer Girl? And Retro Gaming Collecting 101. Finds kept coming and going with lots of new additions to my collection. The usual Nintendo lots were not absent from my findings and many interesting games came to my hands. A great flea market hunt took place as well with some of the more interesting finds I have ever had! The awesome horror game Fatal Frame for the PS2 also became finally mine, I'm only missing part three and I will have the trilogy! I also picked up three sealed games for the NES. Not the best titles but a sealed game is a sealed game.... I also picked up some Nintendo DS games even though I didn't had a DS at that time, I do now. There is just so much to talk about but not enough time. One last thing, Pirate Game of the Week made its debut with great success.

This is probably the golden month for the blog as a lot of new stuff was added to it. New sections such as Ads from the Past and Retro Cheat Page came to life. The Pirate Game of the Week also made its debut with Super Bros 8 as its first entry. There is just so much to talk about from this month that you will have to go into the records and see for yourself. To sum up, we have Famicom Guide posts, Ads from the Past every day, Retro Cheat Page every Thursday, Pirate Game of the Week every Wednesday, and many other things coming. There is just so much going on that I will probably miss so many things that it wouldn't be fair. There are over one hundred posts from this month so you can see why it's so amazing! This activity won't slow down as I'm going to continue working on this blog so that one day it'll be a very respected and cherished blog for every retro gamer out there. In findings, there were some fantastic additions such as Great Greed CIB for the gameboy as well as a lot of Famicom games with one of them being autographed by a mysterious person that I hope to find out who that person is. There is just so much to talk about from this month so I'll just leave it to you to check out the rest.

So that should do it for this years overview. It was an amazing year for sure and I can't wait to start over in 2011. There are still many games out there to discover and add to my ever growing collection. There is a lot of research to be done and information to be discovered. Some obscurities are still out there for us to dig out and show them to the world. I hope all of you have a nice and safe happy new year...cya next year!


Extra Extra Ostro is a Cross Dresser!

I was checking the Super Mario Bros 2 manual when I came across this! To clarify all those dudes that said that Ostro was always a girl, you are so wrong! He is a cross dresser ok? He has always been a dude.... hmm I guess Nintendo was making games thinking of every type of person out there. Happy New Year!

Retro Gaming Life

Famicom Guide Featured Game: Donkey Kong

Lets end the year with style! Donkey Kong gameplay video....hmmm there is more though as it's the entire walkthrough for such an awesome an playable game. Have a safe happy new year!


Ads From The Past 018: DJ Boy

Leave it to Sega to release such a hip game. DJ Boy is not a bad game and how do I know that? Because I played it myself, duh! This ad is actually the cover for the game so not much work was done to create this ad after all. We'll have something great tomorrow I hope...after all it's a new year and new beginnings start! Till 2011!

Retro Gaming Life

December 30, 2010

Finds 268: Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door

This will probably be my last find for the year 2010! A good one indeed since this is such a great title for the Gamecube after all. Sadly, there was no manual but not to worry as I can play the game without it! Who needs a manual anyways....

Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door (Gamecube)

Retro Gaming Life

Yu-gi-oh! Amazing Cards 005: Super Hotblooded Baseball Boy

If you want amazing defense for your deck then look no further. Super Hotblooded Baseball Boy brings you everything you need to defend your life points and more. Not only does it contain a devastating effect but it also has a whopping 11000 defense points! Any monster attacking this card face down will be game unless they have more than 3000 attack points which will be unlikely. Hope you enjoyed this wonderful card and be sure to add it to your deck! It's a must have! Till next time!

Retro Gaming Life

Retro Cheat Page 003: More Cheats for you Cheaters!

Hello cheaters! Here we have more cheats for all of you unfaithful to your games. A little bit of everything again from the pros of SWATPRO. Enjoy this week's cheats you pigs!

Retro Gaming Life

Two Games Out of the Most Wanted List!

I'm happy to announce that I have two games to scratch off my list! Dragon Quest IX and Pokemon Heart Gold have been conquered! There are still eighteen more to go...some really tough one as well but it'll come eventually. Be sure to check out my most wanted list for the remaining eighteen. I must have these at all cost!


Ads From The Past 017: Hellraiser -Happy Camper-

This is a very peculiar ad not only because it's scary but because it has a cover photo of the never released Happy Camper game for the NES. This game was supposed to be released but it never saw the light of day. A prototype was found by a member of Nintendo Age and he was nice enough to release the game so that everyone can enjoy it. Very interesting stuff!

Retro Gaming Life

December 29, 2010

Famicom Guide Featured Game: Double Dragon

This game doesn't need an introduction! Good old beat em up!


Pirate Game of the Week 005: Earth Worm Jim 3 (FC)

This week we have yet another Famicom entry. This game was released as many different games. I will use the number 3 since that's the one it has been mostly known as. In fact, I would suggest you play this game instead of the Playstation release which was awful. When you think of pirates you always think of horrible gameplay but believe it or not, there are some good ones out there. This game is in fact pretty good. It deserves a lot of credit as the creators of this game did the best job they could to mimic the SNES release of it. But why call it Earth Worm Jim 3? I'm guessing these guys were so disgusted by the third release that they decided to take matters into their own hands and create a decent third installment to the franchise.

The gameplay was done quite well and is very responsive. The level design is decent and does its best to mimic the SNES version. They even added the select button function to switch from your head whip to your gun since the NES/Famicom controller doesn't have as many buttons as the SNES controller, now that's impressive. The bosses are awfully easy so you'll be able to get through with ease. The music is so-so as they tried to copy the SNES sound score although they felt short from making it successful, it was a good attempt nonetheless. You will be able to tell which song is which so no worries there. For 8-bit music, it's what you get for it.

This game reminds me a lot about Boogerman which I will be discussing in the coming weeks but for now you'll have to settle with Jim. It does show some similarities to Boogerman hmm maybe they used the same engine? Who knows but both deliver quite well and better than other original pirates. So as usual, here is the rom now off you go into another pirate adventure arrrrrr!

Earth Worm Jim 3


Finds 267: Pokemon Heart Gold Version

Well here is a new must have find! I was able to pick this up from Best Buy as they had it on sale for 19.99 which is half the price from Gamestop so it was a no-brainer to pick this one up. It's a very desired title although I would have been happy with either version (Talking about Soul Silver) So it was a win-win for me. The odd part of this sale is that they only had the gold version on sale while the silver version was still at full price. The reason for this? Maybe Heart Gold sales haven't been as successful as Soul Silver and they want to get rid of their extras but who knows. I'm happy nonetheless! Be sure to visit your local Best Buy and pick this one up before it's gone! They also have Retro Game Challenge for 9.99! Another must have!

-Findings List-
Pokemon Heart Gold Version (NDS)

Retro Gaming Life

Ads From The Past 016: Back to the Future

I had to add this ad to the collection since we celebrated not long ago the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future! It's probably one of my favorite movies of all time. An amazing trilogy it turned out to be indeed although the game was much of a miss, it could have been better if the developer would have been oh lets say Capcom which made some of the most amazing and memorable Disney games for the NES. But enough of that, just enjoy the ad and until next time!

Retro Gaming Life

December 28, 2010

Finds 266: Dragon Quest V, Luminous Arc 2, and Devil Survivor

Good day everyone and welcome to another edition of finds! This time around we have an RPG lot of games. First up is Dragon Quest V which I can finally take off my top 20 most wanted. Gamestop was having a buy 2 get 1 free so why not take advantage of their sale and stock up on some wonderful RPGs from Atlus. In the end, I was able to pick up Lumous Arc 2, and Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor. Two wonderful games that I'll eventually play once I'm done with all my current ones. These were probably my last purchases of 2010 although I wouldn't be surprised if there is something I find that gets my attention. Until next time!

-Findings List-
Dragon Quest V -Hand of the Heavenly Bride- (NDS)
Luminous Arc 2 (NDS)
Shin Megami Tensei -Digital Devil- (NDS)

Retro Gaming Life

Ads From The Past 015: You are all Weenies!

This ad really made me laugh by calling all the players for rival companies such as Nintendo and Sega weenies....At least they took the time to show a chart showing how their console is better in power than anything out during that time. Too bad they didn't had the balls to place the price tag on that console. Either way, in the end they fell but I have to admit they did released some great titles.

Retro Gaming Life

December 27, 2010

Finds 265: Plumbers Don't Wear Ties

This should be one of the most interesting and peculiar finds of 2010 and it's finally here. Plumbers Don't Wear Ties is one in my wanted list I'll be glad to scratch off. This game is one of those that it's so bad it's good. You may not want to play it but it's so hilariously bad and corny that you just can't stop but wonder what the developers were on when they created such monstrosity. I was able to pick this one up for 1.50 on eBay thanks to the seller using the wrong name which I'm sure you don't want to know. Thank you eBay once more! Until next time
-Findings List-
Plumbers Don't Wear Ties (PC)

Retro Gaming Life

Famicom Guide Featured Game: Downtown Special -Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki Dayo Zenin Shuugou

Here is another hit game from the Kunio series. This is a game I want to have a repro of in the future although having the original Famicom release would be great as well.


Finds 264: Great Greed

I got this nice little game in the mail today. I gotta say it's in amazing complete shape and finally a part of my collection. I paid 32 dollars shipped for it via-eBay so I say it was worth it. This is one of the more obscure and odd RPGs out there and I suggest all of you to give it a shot. I will be playing this awesome title in the coming weeks. I have been wanting this game for years already but I would either miss out on the auction or it would sell too high for just the cart itself. This auction though was perfect! Until next time!

-Findings List-
Great Greed (GB)

Retro Gaming Life

Ads From The Past 014: Koei

Hello and welcome to another edition of ads from the past. This time around we have an add from the developer Koei. This developer delivered a lot of interesting strategy games that never really caught up with the audience. They were more of a Japanese thing which is the reason why RPGs weren't as popular as they are now. Enjoy !


December 26, 2010

Ads From The Past 013: Robocop for the Gameboy

Hello again! Another day, another ad...I tend to keep this going until I'm very low in ad stock lol so keep on visiting! This time around we have an ad for the Robocop game for the gameboy. I never actually played this game but if it's something like the NES counterparts then you are in for some fun! After all, they do use the art cover from the first Robocop game. Enjoy!

Retro Gaming Life

December 25, 2010

Finds 263: TMNT -The Hyper Stone Heist- Pirate

I totally forgot about this find especially since it was in the mail box. I got this wonderful game thanks to eBay! Now, you might think this game must be the Genesis version! That's one of the reasons why I bought it in the first place. Sadly, this is not a mega rare pirate conversion of the Genesis hit but rather the third part of the TMNT gameboy series. It's also the Japanese version so it's all good. Either way, I see the gameboy TMNT 3 goes for quite a bit and since I paid 1.99 for this one, I say it's a good deal!
-Findings List-


Retroweb Shout-out: Beetle Mania!

Welcome to another edition of Retroweb Shout-out! This time around we have a very interesting site to talk about. This site does not contain much information about retro gaming but rather a game from the past. Remember Super Mario RPG? A lot of people do! Well this wonderful site offers you to play the very addictive Beetle Mania mini game from that disturbing looking kid in the Mushroom kingdom. You can try your best to beat the high score but I suggest you start practicing! Until next time!

P.S. Merry Christmas!


Finds 262: Enter Dragon Quest IX

Merry Christmas yet again from Retro Gaming Life! Whew when will this end? Soon soon...anyways I had to make a post of one of the Christmas gifts I got today. This one is actually the only gaming related Christmas gift so it made sense to post it. The rest of the gifts were great as well but not gaming related although they could be by going in a shopping spree tomorrow lol. Anyways, I got Dragon Quest IX for the Nintendo DS! I have been wanting this game for months and it's finally mine, the only problem? I have a list of RPGs I'm trying to finish before starting this one so I'll keep it sealed for the time being. It'll be a great experience for sure! I also got a gift card for Gamestop which means I'll go and bother them on their buy 2 get 1 free on their Playstation 2 games. I guess Gamestop finally decided to get rid of their Playstation 2 games which is fine by me because there are some RPGs I want to pick up before they become hard to find. So that's about it, enjoy the remaining of your day and take it easy on the eggnog!

-Findings List-
Dragon Quest IX -Sentinels of the Starry Skies- (NDS)


Yu-gi-oh! Amazing Cards 004: Remote Elder

Merry Christmas once again! It's time for another amazing card from the wonderful Yu-gi-oh! trading card game. This time around we have the card called Remote Elder....very odd name for a monster card but what the hell. This is one powerful monster though, with 15800 attack points it'll destroy any monster out of the water errr field. The text reads as follow "The white sheep lived in the jungle long time ago is actually the elder of the forest." Now, I'm no rocket scientist but does a sheep living in the forest for a long time not add up? Well, enough of that....enjoy this super amazing card that can be your ace card!

Retro Gaming Life

Famicom Guide Featured Game: Downtown -Nekketsu Koushin Kyoku- Soyeruke Daiudounkai

Merry Christmas to all (Can't say it enough). It's time for a new game and what a game this is. Kunio-kun do your thing!


Retro Game of the Week 060: Parappa the Rapper (PS1)

First of all, I want to wish a Merry Christmas to all and hope you are having a great time with the family. Now, lets talk about video games! This time around Parappa the Rapper made the list and why shouldn't it? It's an amazing game and very revolutionary for its time. Before the Guitar Hero trend came to place there were very few music genre games out there. There were Parappa the Rapper, Umjammer Lammy, and MTV Music Generator although those two games last mentioned games came out later in the Playstation's lifetime. Nevertheless, there were very few games using music as the main part of the game. Anyways, Parappa the Rapper made its debut in 1997 which was a really great year for the Playstation with such releases as Breath of Fire 3, Final Fantasy 7, Crash Bandicoot 2, and even Tomb Raider 2. It was pretty much the year of sequels for many franchises so the gaming library was filled with great titles. We also cannot forget about Castlevania Symphony of the Night being released and I'm sure there are others I must have forgotten to mention so I apologize.

Parappa involves into six stages which may sound short but will keep you busy for quite some time. They are fun and great to play through over and over. Even if you don't like rap you'll fall in love with this game. The main point of this game is to match the cursor on the top by timing it when it passes through the screen. Make sure you press the right button or you'll loose your score and become awfully uncool. The game does deliver you difficulty in small dosage as the first level is extremely easy, it'll become harder and harder as you progress which is very fair and should be implemented in every game. This is what keeps the player coming back for more.

Once you finish the game though, there are many other things you can do like go for the highest score and reach the cool factor. If you do then you'll be sent to a different style of gameplay opening the possibilities even further. I won't spoil it for you though, you just gotta believe! Until next week!

Retro Gaming Life


Ads From The Past 012: Dragon Warrior 2

Merry Christmas to all! As many of you must be having a nice day off, here at Retro Gaming Life we keep on working all year long for your satisfaction! Anyways, this time around we have an ad of Dragon Warrior 2 for the NES. I can't express this enough, I love when the games offer special gifts with the game itself. I love getting those little extras that make the game worthwhile and collectible. Enjoy your turkey and I'll cya later!

Retro Gaming Life

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope you had a great time with family and friends. As a token of appreciation, I have made a donation in your name for the one and only Human Fund, money for people.... har har har!

Retro Gaming Life

December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays from Retro Gaming Life

Just want to wish everyone a happy holiday of whatever the hell you celebrate! It doesn't matter, spend your time well and enjoy your time with the family. Take care!


Finds 261: Video Game Manual Lot -Little Samson-

I didn't even though two seconds on buying this lot. Not only does it bring some of the more popular manuals like Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Bros 3, and TMNT 4 but it also brings the hard to find Little Samson manual. Mondo kewl indeed!

-Findings List-
Manual Lot

Retro Gaming Life

Famicom Guide Featured Game: Dengeki Big Bang!

This game is pretty fun but tough at times. I recommend at least looking at how it plays! Enjoy!


Finds 260: Gradius III & IV

This actually came yesterday in the mail and I totally forgot about it until I went through my stack of magazines and saw it under them. I wonder how it got there as I just had it out earlier the day. Anyways, this one is a title not to ignore, what is better than a shmup game? Two shmup games! Yeah, this one not only brings part 3 but also part 4. There is going to be a lot of shooting going on in the next weeks....a must have indeed! Well done Konami...well done.

-Findings List-
Gradius III & IV (PS2)


Ads From The Past 011: Shadow of the Ninja

Here is a very interesting Natsume ad based on the Shadow of the Ninja game for the NES. I really love the artwork on this ad and just realized that one of the ninjas is actually a girl! Now that's hot! Slice me please! Anyways, if you check on the left, there is a text box of instructions on how to redeem a Natsume t-shirt! I would give anything to have this sexy shirt in my hands! RAWR!


December 23, 2010

Mario is Here!

He is mad!

A New Mystery Unravels, Whose Signature is This?

As I was checking out the condition of my recently acquired Famicom games I couldn't help but notice that there is a signature on the box of Time Zone. I'm not sure who is it from so that's where you come in and help me find out. I do know it's dated "91" which I'm guessing is 1991. I need your help to solve this mystery! Thanks in advance!


Finds 259: Famicom CIB Lot

So this finally arrived from Japan. It's a lot of seven Famicom games all complete in a box. I paid three dollars for each so not much of a loss if I bought a mad cheap game. Either way, Famicom complete games are hard to come by here in the USA so picking them up wouldn't have hurt anyways. I do plan on keeping these as I'm a big fanatic of the Famicom (Just look at my nickname for crying out loud!) So they should make great additions to my Famicom collection. The best part is that I have my Famicom out of my storage unit so I will be playing these right now! Until next time!

-Findings List-
Thunder Birds (FC)
FC Empire City:1931 (FC)
Time Zone (FC)
Magic Darts (FC)
Achi Sochi Kochi (FC)
Touch (FC)
Double Dragon 2 (FC)

Retro Gaming Life

Finds 258: Super GB Booster

Here is a little gadget I am dying to try out. It's called the Super GB Booster and it's for the original playstation (not PS1). The main purpose of this accessory is to let you play your gameboy and gameboy color games on your playstation console. Isn't that neat? The Booster also uses a gameshark-like cheat menu which also lets you add your own cheats to your gameboy games. The games are run by an emulator(Not sure which) so it's said that the emulator is not one hundred percent compatible and that you could see a glitch or two here and there. Nevertheless, I must try this baby out sometime in the future.

As you can see, I have bought two of them. The reason for this is because they are very obscure third party accessories that they might break fast. If everything works great though, I will keep the other one sealed....till next time and happy holidays!

-Findings List-
Super GB Booster (PS1)


Ads From the Past 010: Fist of the North Star

I really like how they used a scene from the anime to promote this game. I remember the Famicom version, that game was brutal! I remember how you would punch the bad guys and break them in half. I wonder how this one is. I did played part four of the series for the Famicom which they were savvy enough to turn into an RPG style game. Not bad...not bad at all...


Finds 257: Playstation Imports Have Arrived!

I got some awesome imports for the original Playstation in the mail today and I just had to share it with all of you like always. Here they are!
This is the first batch of them which include games like Dino Crisis, Oddworld, Chrono Cross, and Dragon Quest VII among others. Good thing I have a modded PS1.
And here are the last of them. I paid a total of six dollars plus shipping for these titles so I couldn't say no. I'm planning on playing Dragon Quest VII for the purpose of learning how to read the Japanese language. I know this is a 70+ hour game so with all the translation I'll be doing, it'll be more like a 200+ hour game. I can't wait! Until next time!

-Findings List-
Tobal #2 (PS1)
Alundra (PS1)
Dragon Quest VII (PS1)
Dino Crisis (PS1)
Dino Crisis 2 (PS1)
Chrono Cross (PS1)
Abe a Gogo (PS1)
Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Remix (PS1)
Soul Edge (PS1)
Eisei Meijin (PS1)

Retro Gaming Life

Retro Cheat Page 002: Super Mario Bros 3 Cheats!

Here we have some brand spanking new Super Mario Bros 3 cheats! They are so 1990s.... but seriously, this time around we have some Double Dragon 2 (NES) cheats as well as the already mentioned Super Mario Bros 3. There are also cheats for Populous (Genesis) and World Court Tenis (Turbografx 16).
Hope you enjoy this week's cheat page! Happy holidays!


December 22, 2010

Pirate Game of the Week 004: Super Donkey Kong 2 (FC)

When it comes to pirate originals you can't help to wonder how much effort these developers must have put into these games. In some cases, a lot, in others probably not much and in certain ones, a very lazy attempt to resell Mario, (Mario hacks) Nothing! You do have to give the creators of this game a lot of credit. They may not have done a great job but the attempt is there, it just seems that it was too much but it would have been a lot better if they weren't rushed. I'm sure that's what they are thinking right now, yeah that's what they are thinking as they are sitting in their desks at Nintendo of Japan headquarters....well maybe, but this game delivers with the little material it brings. This game delivers a very painful gaming experience but you can't help wonder the possibilities this game could have had. You do have to put aside the fact that this is a pirate original, I mean just think about it. How many people were appointed to create this game, it might have been four or maybe just one. You have to think of the budget and deadline! That's one of the reasons I appreciate this game.

The game looks really good for the perished 8-bit console and the gameplay is on the so-so factor. The controls are sluggish but with enough practice and precision (And no whining) You can get through the game with ease. The music mimics the SNES counter part but too much of it can hurt your ears and make you go deaf especially with those annoying rat sounds that sound more like beeps than a rat at all. The game consists of three levels in total which is quite short and the third one ends up being very difficult so beware you whiners.

You play as Diddy Kong in the ship level but at the third and final level you'll be the snake mutation of Diddy Kong. This one really creeps me out but being serious and all, it's just the jumping snake you turn into in the game(Not sure what happened to riding the damn animals). The game does show signs of being incomplete especially since you can collect coins for the shop which you will never reach as the game only has three levels. You can also collect the 1-up balloons as well as the bananas. If you get hit once, you are a dead monkey so make sure you know the controls real well.

There is not much left to tell about such a short game. This game is available as a single pirate cart and even comes in multi-carts (I should know as I have it in my clone). For those of you not wanting to spend the average price of 15 dollars for the game, well guess what? Like in other entries you will have the rom to download here. I hope you enjoyed this and keep having a great holiday season! Take care and until next week!


Ads From The Past 009: Thor Once More!

And yet another Camerica ad with Thor is found. This time he is actually promoting a really good Camerica game. Micro Machines plays somewhat like R.C. Proam (NES) so it's a joy to have a crack at it!
I'm sure this is not the last of his ads with Camerica. I gotta give Camerica credit though, they did things right by getting the champ into their gaming ads. Until next time!

Amazing Retro Gaming Video: Item Abuse TAS

This is probably one of the kewlest Super Mario World videos I will ever see. The beauty of it is uncanny! What a masterpiece and thumbs up on the music. Enjoy!


December 21, 2010

Finds 256: Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core and Others...

I was able to pick up some new games. One that I wanted to pick up for a while was Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core so I figure why not? It was just nine bucks. The other two were five bucks each.
Now all I need is my PSP! In time....

-Findings List-
Generation of Chaos (PSP)
Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core (PSP)
Polarium (NDS)

Retro Gaming Life

Famicom Guide Featured Game: Crystal Mines Color Dreams Unlicensed

Another interesting title! This one is actually very fun. Enjoy!


Ads From The Past 008: NES Wireless Controllers

Here is a very interesting ad about NES wireless controllers. The controllers are pretty kewl although I'm not sure how well they work. My brother did bought a set of them but we don't have a NES at the moment to try them out. These dudes are a little too close don't ya think?
Overall, it's an ad that showcases a couple of wireless controllers that portray more competition? I'm not sure but I sure hope they work as good as they look. Don't let me down wireless technology! Until next time!


December 20, 2010

Finds 255: Nintendo Messenger Bag

I was happy to have accumulated the required coins to order this reward when I saw "sold out" next to the photo. Son of a beach! Since then, I waited until they had these bags once more in stock. I checked their site daily for them! Now, the wait is over! Presenting the official Nintendo Messenger Bag!
It's one of the coolest Club Nintendo rewards available. The next item on my list is the Hanafuda card set. Those are really kewl. Well, time to collect coins once more. Till next time!

Oh yeah the package also came with this little card in it...
It's a nice plus I guess... I'll keep giving back my feedback as long as they keep giving me extra coins!

-Findings List-
Nintendo Messenger Bag


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