Finds 1676: A CD Case Book Shelf

It's got to be the cutest most awesome design for a CD case ever!

Pokemon Black is added to the shoppe

Be sure to check this and all the newest releases on the Retro Gaming Life Shoppe!

Ads from the Past 461: Sega Game Gear

Classic ad for the handheld that rivaled the Gameboy.

Yu-gi-oh! Custom Deck Box: Toon World

Stop by and check out my custom Toon World Deck Box!

Kitsune Zero: Adorable Fox Girl

Play as a cute fox girl in a world filled with Japanese Folklore!

August 31, 2009

A Month to Remember....

Man so many things happened this month, it's hard to keep up. First of all I started my Session series which involved myself playing through classic games until the end. I was able to release the first three sessions but there is still more to come! Also, I made it to my 100th finds blog entry which turned out to be a total success. If you haven't, check out the youtube videos I uploaded involving the trip and the finds. I also continued the countdown to find out how many games I have in my collection. So far the number is over 1000 games! My prediction is 1600 games so we'll just have to wait and see to find out the result. Well a lot of stuff happened and I'm happy to keep the retro collecting alive. I'm going to be busy this week with my latest session video and also with other projects I'm working on. You'll have to wait and see what I have up my sleeve har har har! Cya next month!

Finds 105: Enter Turbo Duo kind of....

Well I hit the thrift store today and to my surprised found some Turbo Graphs stuff! Well, only a couple of controllers plus a multi pad connector thing. I'm not sure what to do with them as of now. Anyways, I also wanted to show the other cart I got last trip to the thrift store which was Friday I think. That's about it for now! Until next time!


Why I Should Win Nintendo World Championships

I think that foremost I should win Nintendo World Championships because I have the skills to be the champ! If you are referring to the golden cartridge holy grail well I would love to find it during my hunts but it's a reality that finding one or having one of those is a tough task. I am an avid collector that helps keep retro gaming alive by sharing it with people around me. Anyways, I have some skills to prove that I can be number one in every Nintendo World Championships! bring it on! I'll kick your ass with my modified Famicom controller to play on the NES.

August 30, 2009

Finds 104: NES pirate cart, Road Rash, and Mister Mosquito

Well today was a pretty awesome day. I met up with a friend from Digital Press to do a transaction and hang out. We ended up hitting some gamestops and a Play n Trade but only ended up buying Mister Mosquito for the PS2 which is quite and interesting game. The other two games I got from him which are Road Rash for the Genesis, and the NES pirate multicart. Lots of good stuff to enjoy on my day off! Until next time!


Update on weight loss

Well two weeks ago today I was 220 pounds and I though to myself that is enough! I have been exercising and eating healthier for the past two weeks and weighted myself this morning. I'm down to 209.4! woohoooo!! I'm going to keep loosing weight until I reach my goal which is in the 180s. Wish me luck!

Finds 103: More Genesis Finds!

Here are four new genesis games I got. They all came out to five dollars so I can't complain. I have to thank Play n Trade for making this possible har har har....


Retro Game of the Week 007: Pokemon Red/Blue(Gameboy)

So here is another week passing by and another pick of the week. This time around we visit the gameboy library to pick out a must have RPG for the memorable handheld. Pokemon Red/Blue(doesn't matter which version) offered gameplay like no other back in 1998. The goal is simple, create your own dream team of six monsters and battle it out against all who stand in your way. On the way of course, you'll encounter other challenges like breeding Pokemon as well as collecting badges. Of course, you want to be a Pokemon master so you'll need the badges anyways.

Some of the other factors you have to take account for is the strategy because each Pokemon is weak against a certain type, you'll need to come up with an strategy against all known Pokemon(151 if I remember right). Catching the same Pokemon more than once is a good strategy since all Pokemon are not the same. You can even start out by catching five Rattatas and leveling them up until you see which one is the most powerful one.

This game can give you months and months of fun. Apart from the story you follow, you can even battle friends via link cable with two gameboys. Of course, it'll be real hard nowadays to find someone that's still playing Red or Blue to battle against, but back in 1998, this was what it was all about to us geeks and nerds. I still remember looking at a magazine that had a report on Pokemon and would have photos of kids in the mall linking up their gameboys to play against each other in a good old Pokemon battle. THose days will never return, but new Pokemon games will.

Did you know? Pokemon was released in Japan back in 1996 but we didn't got the games until 1998? It sure is a long wait for what became a phenomenon....

August 28, 2009

Finds 102: New Thrift Store Finds(FINALLY)

Alright so it's been a week and a half since my last finds so I'm very overdue for my newest finds! har har har....Anyways, I visited the local thrift store and came up with some neat stuff!

Sega Genesis loose carts 95 cents each.

Predator 2 for game gear for 95 cents.

PS1 Controller for 1.95.

And here is my most precious find of the day! Gameboy multicart with 100 games in one cart including some really weird ones for 1.95. They always charge much more for portable games.

Well that's about it for now. I might have something special for Sunday. We'll see har har har....Until next time

August 27, 2009

Another NES Session ending...

So I was finally able to upload the final parts of TMNT 2 NES Session. I was able to beat the game and complete another successful run. Check it out as well as other sessions I have already uploaded. I should have some new ones very soon! Also, request any game session you want to see!!

Part 6

The Final Battle

August 25, 2009

Cooking up something special har har har

Well I have a find that I will probably not be able to show until Sunday because it's when I'm going to actually have it in my hands. I might hit the thrift stores this week but we'll see how things go. Anyways, that's about it for now....oh yeah that Sunday find may be a big hit or miss...we'll see!

August 23, 2009

Retro Game of the Week 006: TMNT 2 (NES)

Well since I have been doing a walkthrough of this game, I decided to pick it as a retro game of the week. There is not much to tell that many people have already mentioned before. This game is a lot of fun with a second buddy and a real challenge as well. Too bad this game wasn't made for four players but it's understandable because the NES hardware would go nuts if there were four turtles in the screen.

Moving along, this game is a lot of fun either way especially for TMNT fans. You get to fight your old buddies from the cartoon series like Bebop, Baxter, and some polar bear that froze New York City......yeah all of them! The game does get a little boring after killing off over five hundred foot soldiers but the atmosphere and the attempt to make the game feel like the arcade game(which rocks) keeps it interesting.

To finish things off, this game is a must pick up for any fan of beat em ups since it really contains a lot of it! I recommend picking it up but please don't spend too much money on it as it is a highly common game. Also, be sure to check out the sequels and the first part as well.

Did you know? The pirate Famicom cart of this game starts you up with five lives rather than three? Really helpful if you are just starting up!

Just another Sunday

Well it has come to my attention that I can't live like this. I'm going to be struggling once again on my bills and I won't be able to buy any new games. God, not even selling the games I found will help with my financial situation. Anyways, I'm going hunting for a second job so updates will probably be less from now on. You never know!

August 22, 2009

TMNT 2 parts 2-5 added

Just a reminder that parts 2-5 have been added to my youtube page for your viewing pleasure. That's all for now!


Saturn and Sega CD games added!

Well earlier today I updated my backloggery list again and it's now updated with those games of course. Well that's all for now. This is a very slow weekend so bare with me.

August 20, 2009

List updated over 1k games!!

Well just updated my list with my genesis collection and I just went over the 1k mark! Woohoooo! I still have around 500+ games to add so don't think that's my limit! har har har....anyways check out my list at my backloggery page on the links section(right side of this page)

NES Session: TMNT 2 Part 1

A new session has started. This time around TMNT 2 the arcade game for the NES. Check it out!


August 19, 2009

A long day finally done....

Well today I had an eleven hour shift and I'm finally done. I'm just relaxing at home now but I'm going to be busy tomorrow with more stuff to do and hopefully will have time to play a game for at least a little bit god damn it!!! Cya!

August 18, 2009

Back to old habits...

Well tonight I went for a run and man do I missed it or what? har har was great to go out to run again and I can't quite remember why I stopped in the first place. Anyways, I currently ran a total of 10 blocks to start off slow but I hope to run 50 blocks like how I used to in time. Wish me luck!

August 17, 2009

Finds 101: New Thrift Store Finds + Ape Escape 2!

Well today was an interesting day. After I drop my wife at her cake class I decided to visit the local gamestop in that area and found Ape Escape and Legaia 2 cib. I picked them up and was happy with my purchase.

Then afterwards I decided to drive around and check out some areas I never drove by and found a pawn store. They had a lot of CDs(music and such) and to my surprise some PS1 and 3DO games. I kinda of hesitated to ask how much for them because I had gone to a similar pawn shop and they told me 5 dollars a piece. I asked anyways and the lady said a dollar for each so I looked over and picked up the best of the bunch.

The item I liked the most was this demo disc for the PC which brings a demo of FF7! I will boot it up on my classic desktop and try it out har har...

Well that's all for now! Cya later!

Super C part 2 and final part + Flea Market Video added

Be sure to check out my youtube page for an update on my NES Session videos and also my flea market trip! Lots of interesting stuff found!

Flea Market Trip

August 16, 2009

Retro Game of the Week 005: Sonic 2 (Genesis)

This week we have a true classic of the Sega ages! Sonic 2 defined the way we looked at sonic games. This is probably the best sonic for the Genesis (Sonic 3 comes real close) because of how many memories we had with it. For me, it was the first Genesis game I ever played, in fact, it was the first time I ever saw the Genesis and it was all thanks to the popularity of this franchise. The game is breath taking from beginning to end with some of the best level design in any Sonic game.

The game consists of three levels per world and a boss fight. If I remember correctly, there are eight worlds with three levels each. I myself haven't reached the end but one of these days I will try to accomplish it. Either way, anyone can pick it up especially since the game is so common to find and usually has a collector value of .50 cents so there really shouldn't be any problem picking it up. The reason this game was so common was because Sega packaged it with the Genesis console to help pump up sales which worked for a while and gave Sega the lead over Nintendo during the early 90's console wars. Furthermore, the game has excellent sound and peculiar bad guys that turn into animals when you kill them.

To conclude, this is a game to pick up and play and have a good night with. It should definitely be in everyone's gaming collection. I also suggest if you don't want to buy a genesis get the recently released Genesis Collection disc for the next gen consoles. It brings tons of games and will definitely satisfy your Sonic needs. Until the next retro game of the week.


Well it had to be something special and it really was! Behold, the finds of the 100th entry in Retro Gaming Life Blog!

Ah what a beautiful day for hunting...really there were water puddles everywhere but that didn't stopped me or the vendors.

Anyways, after a long day, me and my cat decided to arrange and count all the findings...

First up is this cart which if I remember right cost me a dollar. I did bought a lot of stuff so it was kinda of hard to keep track of the expenditures....

Super Mario Advance (3 dollars), Zelda (5 dollars), and Pirate Gameboy Game (1 dollar)

If you put them together they all came out to ten dollars.

These games except Resident Evil 2 were included in a lot I bought for 15 dollars.
Resident Evil 2 cost me 2 bucks

Just out of curiosity I asked a vendor how much he wanted for the controller and he said a dollar and I said OK and that's how it's in my hands now.

Got all these games for 15 bucks.

Why why from the whole lot the first disc of parasite eve was missing....sob sob came so close to finding it.....awa!

I forgot to show these in my finds video..guess I forgot about them. Anyways, I got them for ten bucks altogether. The vendor is actually a guy I buy a lot from when I visit the flea market so I kind of did him the favor. These games should be interesting.

Bought this Genesis for 5 dollars...I only wanted SF2 but she offered them both for a good price and I couldn't refuse it.

Finally, got all of these NES games for 20 dollars. I don't know much about NES but I have been wanting to start a boxed collection of them so this is a great step for it.

Well, that should do it for today was a huge day of finds for myself but I must rest now since I haven't slept all night. Be sure to check out my youtube page for videos on the trip and don't forget to rate and comment! It helps me improve on my mistakes! I hope you enjoyed this 100th finds entry! I know I the problem is playing all these games!

August 14, 2009

NES Session: Super C part 1

Part 1 is up so please check it out!


August 13, 2009

Working on new videos...

I'm currently working on new gameplay videos with the enhanced graphics! I hope to release at least two more walkthroughs by the end of the week. I'll keep you all posted!

August 11, 2009

Finds 099: Paper Mario & Midway Classics

Just like the title says, I found these at the thrift store for two bucks a piece. Nothing that great but at least I can resell Paper Mario or maybe trade? Be sure to keep visiting for a very special Finds 100! that I hope will come soon!


Famicom Session has started....

Students please sit and get ready to learn about Super Mario Bros 8! WOOT! I completed a whole walkthrough of the game and uploaded it in five different parts. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I'm already working on the next Session video so stay tuned!


August 10, 2009

Retro Game of the Week 004: Mega Man 4 (NES)

Here is my pick of the week. Sorry if it's too late but I had a long day....anyways, this week I picked Mega Man 4 for the NES. This is the first Mega Man I ever played back in the NES era. Anyways, the game is just your average Mega Man game with all new eight robot masters and the same evil doer behind each Mega Man game. This time around there is another Dr. behind this although he was being controller by Dr. Wily.

Furthermore, the game is your basic Mega Man title on the NES. With all new levels and the newly added mega buster you are going to have lots of more fun! har har well sort still have to go through the robot masters beat up ratio. You can also destroy them with the mega buster if you are one of those hardcore mega man players. There are also the usual E tanks to help you in boss battles and also your allies Rush and Beat. Well, there is not much to tell about this game. One of the best features I like of this game is the music. In my opinion, the music is amazing and will keep you coming for more.

So that's about it, try this game out and any of the other Mega Man games because I'm sure you will enjoy them. Also, be sure to get lots of practice to play Mega Man 9 on your virtual console. Now that's a big challenge! Until next week!

August 08, 2009

4 in 1 Famicom Pirate Cart : Harry's Legend

Here is another video I uploaded and this time around is about a pirate cart I found in Peru. Check it out!


August 07, 2009

Finds 098: Two Nes titles....har har

There were only a couple of NES titles were found today....that's about it.....

NES Titles
Burger Time
Mike Tyson's Punch Out


Video Game Finds Video!

Here is the newest Video Game Finds that include Finds 096-097. Enjoy and please rate and subscribe!


August 06, 2009

World Cup Gameboy Video Added

There were some problems with the audio so I added some game soundtracks....enjoy!


August 05, 2009

Items in Ebay Shoppe

I have some items on my Ebay Shoppe if any of you are interested. Some items include Super Mario RPG, Super Mario Bros Deluxe, and Super Mario Land 2! There are also lots of Famicom games to check out including Yu Yu Hakusho! Anyways, you can click the link on the right side under the links section. Thank you!

August 04, 2009

Finds 097: Lots of finds including Residen Evil 2!

Today was a long longggggg day but at the end I was happy with my results. Me and my wife decided to do some errands since it was my day off and therefore went to hit some places. First, of all we visited the local thrift store where I found a couple of interesting N64 titles and some anime mangas! Each game was two dollars and the mangas were all for 1.95 + tax! I also found a PC game with a lot of shareware titles in it which I love to collect as well as a dreamcast game. Those two were .95 cents each...

PC game and dreamcast game for 95 cents each.

Lots of Nintendo 64 games were there but I picked up four that really caught my eyes.

Here is the lot of mangas which are mostly novel style mangas....awa!

From all the mangas in that lot this one was sealed and guess what? it's the only one rated M sooo should I open it or not? har har har

Then we decided to hit the plaza where there is a Play n Trade so I went there and got these games for ten dollars. I used my ten dollar store credit so that was ten dollars less I spent there.

Here are some interesting titles. There was a Chocobo Dungeon 2 that I will pick up next time I go there.

Finally, me and the wife went to another shopping plaza to shop for groceries and there was a target there. I saw these titles last week for seven dollars but this time around they were marked down to three dollars each so I picked them up. It's great to still find some sealed GBA games for that cheap.

The Spyro games looks interesting but I have too many games to play to be opening this one up yet.

Alright so that's about it for now. Lots of new finds and an interesting day as well. Time to check them all up and play the ones that caught my eyes the most!

Ohhh yeahhhh I'm pissed because my Defenders of Oasis saved game got erased! The battery must be low....fack!

Finds 096: Quake + Memory Card

Just a couple of things I found last week and just posting about them today....


August 03, 2009

What's next on the countdown? Famicom!

Yeah things are going to get a little tougher now with the Famicom games addition to my Backloggery account..... The main problem with them is that they are in Japanese so the first thing I'll need is a database with their names in letters and then I'll need to get the codes of each of the carts. These codes are what separates them from each other. You can think of it as their social number if that makes it easier. Well I'll keep you guys updated on this.

August 02, 2009

Retro Game of the Week 003: Defenders of Oasis(Game Gear)

So it's another week and another session of Retro Game of the Week. This week I have a real treat and probably a game many of you didn't knew about. Defenders of Oasis is a Dragon Warrior(Quest now) RPG that involves a kingdom going at war. It's the cliche storyline but wasn't this what the games were and still are about back then. Who cares about a cliche story when you have such fun gameplay. This game is challenging in many factors but mostly in battle. I got killed five times at the first dungeon before I was able to get past it....yeah it's a challenge at least for me.

Furthermore, the game has decent music and good graphics for a game gear title. I suggest playing it with an emulator if you are having trouble looking at the game gear screen. I personally like playing it on my good old blue game gear rather than an emulator but that's just me. After all, this game will cost you around fifteen dollars if you buy it off ebay but if you have the extra cash, I suggest picking it up.

To wrap things up, this game is nothing that great but also nothing that bad. It's your typical RPG with RPG elements and RPG "stuff". The characters also have Anime style characters which was something interesting back in the day.This game is a must have for any old RPG fan though, it'll keep you entertained. There are not that many RPGs for the Game Gear to say the least and it's a real shame....


Finds 095: Dance Pad and Gun!

I found these at the local thrift store for 1.95 each. Not sure if they are worth anything but for that cheap of a price, it's worth it.


Game Count....oh man...

Well just finished counting my PS2, Cube, and Xbox titles....which took longer than what I expected. At last, it's done and now you can check out my list at well you know where! My Backloggery account! (on the right side under the links section). That's all for now!

August 01, 2009

Dreamcast List Updated

I updated my Dreamcast game list at backloggery and was amazed how little games I have for that console....I need to start focusing on that console some more!
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This is a site dedicated to retro gaming in particular but it'll have other things as well. We are open minded to all sorts of gaming included non-video gaming. Please take a chance and explore what we offer! -Famicom Freak

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