Finds 1676: A CD Case Book Shelf

It's got to be the cutest most awesome design for a CD case ever!

Pokemon Black is added to the shoppe

Be sure to check this and all the newest releases on the Retro Gaming Life Shoppe!

Ads from the Past 461: Sega Game Gear

Classic ad for the handheld that rivaled the Gameboy.

Yu-gi-oh! Custom Deck Box: Toon World

Stop by and check out my custom Toon World Deck Box!

Kitsune Zero: Adorable Fox Girl

Play as a cute fox girl in a world filled with Japanese Folklore!

January 31, 2017

Pokemon Card of the Week 053: Croconaw

This is the evolved form of Totodile. 
It opens its huge jaws wide when attacking. If it loses any fangs while biting, they grow back in.


January 30, 2017

Ads from the Past 380: Ascii Pad

I can't really complain much about this pad as it was actually quite helpful. They also released an arcade stick for the SNES which was actually really awesome. Believe me, I have it! I can't tell if this is a girl or a boy so I'm not going to label the person as I might miss-gender them and I'm against that. 


Namco Founder Masaya Nakamura Dies at 91 Years Old

Some sad news today. Masaya Nakamura, founder of historic Japanese games publisher Namco, has passed away at the age of 91. He was behind the success of the wonderful company which brought great classics like Pac-man and Ridge Racer. He was a big part of the company and still was to his very end. A very ingenious figure to the gaming world and a sad loss for everyone especially in the gaming community. My condolences to the Nakamura family. You will always be remembered as a legend to the gaming world. Thank you for everything! 


January 26, 2017

Game-bit of the day 709: Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga (PS2)

Here is a wonderful tough game from the Shin Megami Tensei. But really, the games are tough altogether. They are made for hardcore RPG players. I suggest you check this one out, it's actually a pretty good challenge. 


Yu-gi-oh! Card of the Week 062: United We Stand

This is a card that's useful to this day. I can't believe people don't run it as much as before especially with all the special summons you can do. You can pendulum summon and then have five monsters just to attack and destroy everything! Hmmm... I'm getting some ideas now. 


January 25, 2017

Game-bit of the day 708: Persona 4 (PS2)

This is my favorite RPG of all time. Persona 4 just has everything right. Music, battle, story, and replay value are all in there at a very high level. Looking at this cover alone will help me patient for Persona 5 coming this April! PERSONA! 


January 24, 2017

Game-bit of the day 707: Taito Legends 2 (PS2)

This is a pretty awesome compilation of games. If you are looking for some arcade games of some of your classic games or games that you have never heard of from Taito, then look no further. You have a big share of games to try on here! Definitely check this one out. 


Pokemon Card of the Week 052: Bayleef

Bayleef is the second stage of the Chikorita evolution. It's stronger but less cuter! I rather keep my Chikorita!


Retro Gaming Life the E-zine January Issue !

A new year! New games! We take a quick look at a game that's already a classic, Shovel Knight. We also have new sections debuting in this issue. The usual Yugioh formula and more games I'm sure you have never heard from before. Read it now!

Retro Gaming Life the E-zine December 2016 Back Issue!

An awesome way to end the year. This e-zine comes packed with more goodies than ever before. Lots of new endings and we talk about some very unknown parts of gaming, bootlegs! Read it now!


Retro Gaming Life the E-zine November 2016 Back Issue!

Here is the November issue if you missed it the first time around. Be sure to read up all the goodies that are in here! Read it now!


January 23, 2017

Ads from the Past 379: Dracula for Sega CD

This game has just really bad controls. The game was released of course as a bait for the movie. I can't complain about the movie though, it was quite good. Sadly, this game is quite the opposite. Definitely listen to the "Play it if you Dare" on the ad. 


Game-bit of the day 706: Ki Ki Kai Kai (FDS)

If you have played Pocky and Rocky for the SNES then this will definitely be up your alley as it's the game series but for the Famicom Disk System. Of course, it's not as graphically enhanced as the SNES version but you get where I'm going with this! 


January 22, 2017

Game-bit of the day 705: Super Pika Land (Gameboy)

This is a pretty cool hack of the first Super Mario Land game. The character is changed from Mario to Pikachu and bad guys as well as coins and what not have been changed. It's a very fun game and probably worth a playthrough. 


January 21, 2017

Game-bit of the day 704: Ghoul Patrol (SNES)

This is Ghoul Patrol which is the sequel for Zombies Ate My Neighbors although the game is not as good, it's decent at least. I don't know what else to say about this game as it's really not as memorable as the first one. Nothing is! 


January 20, 2017

Game-bit of the day 703: Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha (SNES)

This is a crazy game that's called a Hong Kong original since that's where they were reported to come from. It's a choppy version of Street Fighter that tries to mimic the EX formula but fails. It's definitely worth a collectible.


January 19, 2017

Game-bit of the day 702: Magic Girl (Genesis)

This is a bootleg in its original release. It's a very decent bootleg if you ask me. I don't have many complains except the tough difficulty. Maybe you'll have more patience than me? Try it out!


Yu-gi-oh! Card of the Week 061: Cyber Jar

This is a pretty awesome card. Another one in the ban list but playable with GOAT. The card pretty much destroys everything that's on the field and then each duelist picks up five cards, if they're level 4 or lower monsters, they can be set or summoned. Amazing card indeed!


January 18, 2017

Game-bit of the day 701: Might and Magic (Genesis)

This is Might and Magic by EA. They did released a bunch of decent RPGs although this one is one that leaves you hanging. It's not bad, it's just not that good... Get it?


January 17, 2017

Game-bit of the day 700: Light Fantasy (SFC)

This is another forgotten RPG for the Super Famicom. I gotta tell ya, there are tons of this for the console and I'm ready to dig them all up! Lets do this! 


Pokemon Card of the Week 051: Cyndaquil

The third starter of the Johto region I'm posting about is Cyndaquil. This is the fire starter and a favorite by many. A lot of trainers out there seem to always to for the fire type ever since gen 1. It's all about what you love!


January 16, 2017

Ads from the Past 378: Pac-Man and Babies!

This kid looks quite confused! I'm not sure if they took this photo while he was asking "What the hell are all these pac-mans doing here??" I would seriously have to be doing some drugs to hang out with them in a photo shoot! 


Game-bit of the day 699: Mother 1 and 2 (GBA)

What a great combo when you can play both Mother 1 and 2 on one cartridge and best of all, it's portable. This is the games translated although Mother 2 is not translated completely which is fine by me. I'm sure you can get around through the game without a full translation especially if you've played these games before. 


January 15, 2017

Game-bit of the day 698: Pokemon Cock (Gameboy)

This is a very interesting game that is for adults only due to the foul language. It's hilarious though, but you definitely need a dark sense of humor for some of the jokes in this game. Also, pick Mew as your starter, you'll thank me later ^_^


January 14, 2017

Game-bit of the day 697: Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3)

I was finally able to pick this up on clearance. It sucks I missed out on the collector's edition but I will have my day! At least, Now I can try this game and see what all the fuss is about. 

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