Finds 1676: A CD Case Book Shelf

It's got to be the cutest most awesome design for a CD case ever!

Pokemon Black is added to the shoppe

Be sure to check this and all the newest releases on the Retro Gaming Life Shoppe!

Ads from the Past 461: Sega Game Gear

Classic ad for the handheld that rivaled the Gameboy.

Yu-gi-oh! Custom Deck Box: Toon World

Stop by and check out my custom Toon World Deck Box!

Kitsune Zero: Adorable Fox Girl

Play as a cute fox girl in a world filled with Japanese Folklore!

May 31, 2020

Finds 1269: Orlando Trip Finds! BomberMan, Blackthorne, Zombie Revenge, and Populous

I recently went to a trip to Orlando and stopped by a game shoppe. It used to be called Game Trader, but they went under years ago. Somehow,this place kept that name. It might be the last one left in the entire country! I ended up picking up some Star Trek TMNT Figures as well as some games.  

 Speaking of which, I did picked up the Bomberman and Populous at a thrift store but Blackthorne and Zombie Revenge were from the store. 
These are the turtles before they were opened and placed on display. Yeah, I'm picky on which action figures I leave sealed!


May 30, 2020

Finds 1268: Pocky & Rocky for SNES and Silent Magician

Pocky & Rocky has been a game I used to play when a friend lend it to me. Who knew how much fun it would be! I totally love it! I'm just so happy to get the game back. I would love to have the sequel, but it's insanely expensive! I will however hold up and hope one cheap beat up copy appears at some point. Also, Silent Magician card is just beautiful. She's gorgeous! 


May 29, 2020

Finds 1267: River City Girls for Switch

It's finally here! River City Girls! It's a good idea and another title from the River City series. This time around, you play as one of two girls, they have to go save their boyfriends! With an adorable palette of graphics and soundtrack, this is one you must have. Lots of quirks from the old River City games make a cameo appearance ! Gotta love it! 


May 28, 2020

Finds 1266: Enter Atari 5200! Also, a Boxed NES

The best kind of loot is free loot. A good friend of mine gave me these for free! It's the first time I ever had my hands on an Atari 5200 and guess what? From the three controllers it came from, one actually works! That's rare indeed. Anyways, I played some Pac-man in it and it's just beautiful. Gotta love it. But yes, I'm now an Atari 5200 owner! I also got another NES boxed! That's a nice plus! 


May 27, 2020

Finds 1265: Falcom Games Collection Plus Yugioh Cards!

Falcom Games collection is pretty awesome. It comes with some classic games in one. I gotta love these compilations with classic games on the Saturn. There are more of them out there. Also, got some cute girls in Yu-gi-oh! 


Finds 1264: Sega Saturn Games in the Wild WOW!

You can still find Saturn games in the wild! I would pick these up any days! The games are Casino, World Series Baseball 98, and Tetris Plus. Of course, the one that's totally worth it is Tetris Plus. Gotta love Tetris. Sega and Tetris is a great combo! 


Finds 1263: Sunsetriders for SNES

One of my favorite games of all time! Sunsetriders! I can't believe I gave this game away years ago...what was I thinking? Anyways, I'm glad to have it back as it's an amazing run and gun style game. I have yet to beat it in Hard...I will accomplish this one day. 


Finds 1262: Captain Commando for SNES

This is Captain Commando for the SNES. Man, did I get a deal on this one. I am so happy to have such a hard to find game and best of all, the price I paid was not even half of what it's worth. Anyways, I placed it on my Famicom as a gag. Funny huh? I highly recommend this one. 


Finds 1261: Stonekeep for PC

A lone find after all the thrift store shopping I've been doing. This is Stonekeep and it's a memorable game by Interplay. It's not a crazy good game, but PC gamers from the past recognize this one. I love the cover art because I love skeletons. 


Finds 1260: Sexy Bootlegs!

I got a bunch of bootleg famicom games from a friend. I usually buy from him and he offers me so much good stuff. I still collect these after all these years. Some of the titles are Ice Climber, Captain America, Punch Out, and Don Doko Don. Love these games!


Finds 1259: Video Game Guides!

Here are some game guides. I personally love when the guides are hard cover. They just feel great and I'm a fan of books so these are amazing additions to the collection! Ni No Kuni, Dark Souls 1 and 2 are the game guides. 


Finds 1258: Super Adventure Island II for SNES

I've been adding a lot of new titles for the SNES that I've missed the first time around. This one is Super Adventure Island 2 and it's just an amazing game. It turns the game into more of a quest for items and adventure. I like the new take! 


Finds 1257: Tetris for Nintendo Switch

Here is a game I wanted to have in physical form. It came with a one year subscription for Nintendo online service so that's something more. I love Tetris! 


May 26, 2020

Finds 1256: Knights of the Round for SNES

Here is a title I've been wanting for a long time! It's Knights of the Round for the SNES. I remember renting this game all the time. It was a lot of fun to play with my brother, but we never got to beat the game. That's alright, I got to beat the game finally after all these years. Another wonderful game added to the collection. 


Ads from the Past 448: King's Quest V (NES)

King's Quest V was the only King's Quest game released on the NES. It was a very odd conversion as we weren't used to having PC games on the NES. Some of these titles made it including this one and a couple of Ultima games. Captain Comic would be another one even though that's more of what the NES was all about. Overall, it's a beautiful artistically defined piece. 


Finds 1255: Catherine Heart's Desire Premium Edition

Here is an epic addition to the collection! This is Catherine for the PS4. One of my favorite games for the PS3 got a remastered release for the PS4. Although I would've loved to have a sequel, this will do. Best of all, it was free because of the gift cards I have!


Finds 1254: Random Stuff! NBA Jam, Escape from Monkey Island, and More!

Here are a bunch of Playstation 2 titles! I went to this flea market that I haven't gone to in a while and found some nice little additions. Lots of stuff for the collection! Also, an unusual Wii game by Hudson. I honestly just got it because it was released by Hudson. 


Finds 1253: PC Stuff! Random PC Stuff!

It's time for some PC additions! Animated Desktop was actually something out of this world back in the day. To have a more interactive experience with your desktop back in the windows 95/98 eras was something else. Also, some compilation shareware games! So much good stuff!


May 04, 2020

Corona Virus Craziness!

So it's been a while since I've posted something on here. I do want to apologize but the past month and a half has been so crazy for me. My life has totally changed starting with school which went online only and that was a total change for me as I've never taken an online class ever. Then, I became an essential worker due to my job and our shift hours changed dramatically. Not only that, but we have been working so hard with the rush of people that came in. Things have started to go back to normal and with the semester done, I feel like I can do more things now. Stay tuned for more updates! Sorry for the delays! 
Everyone stay safe! Things are not done yet... 

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