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July 31, 2010

My Updated Computer Section! WOOHOO!

So I have been finding great deals on some new gadgets to add to my computers and have came up with a decent set up. I have a total of three desktops in the same area. My main one is the fastest one of course with a AMD Athlon(tm) 64 x2 Duel Core Processor 4800+ 2.5 ghz with 3gb of RAM and a 250gb hard drive. It also came with a built in graphics card but I don't know how good it is since I never play games that use a lot of graphic card power to see the limits. I also have an XP machine with a P4 1.6ghz 40gb hard drive, 1 gb of ram. Of course, this one has XP unlike the other machine(main one) which has Windows 7 pro on it. This machine also came with a Geforce 2 PCI graphics card which can help run some games as well. Then there is the last desktop which is my "classic" machine. The old timer has a processor of 166mhz Celeron or something like that. It runs Windows 98se well and I took the liberty in installing it a sound blaster 16 card which uses an ISA slot(Yeah you don't hear of those anymore). I also added a 4mb graphics card for the old games if needed. It's enough to run them so it's all I needed. And that's not all, photos and more info below!

As you can see in this photo there is PS1 with LCD screen which I use when I am bored out of my mind and want to play a quick game of either Street Fighter Alpha or King of Fighters. There are many other games I have for this little console which is also moded so it opens the doors for tons of new never before seen imports. You can see the monitor next to it is from my main PC while the one on the side with Commander Keen 4 on it is the classic desktop's monitor. I also have two keyboards there, one wireless and the other one with wires. I also have two mice, one wireless and one with wires.

Here is a close up of the keyboard area which also has a USB hub so I can add four extra USB connections. They work well because I have two printers connected to my main PC for work purposes. You can also see my external hard drive which is already full(500 gb of stuff!) so I will need to get a new one sometime in the future. I have a lot of discs I need to back up!

So here are my three desktops. From left to right(new, middle, old). On top of the new one is the control of the speakers as well as the subwoofer while on top of the middle desktop there is a balance that works via USB that I use to weight the items I sale on ebay so that I can print a shipping label via-paypal. It works great!

Here are my two printers, one laser(the big one) and one crappy inkjet. I only keep the inkjet because the laser printer only prints in black and white. Inkjet on the other hand can print in color. Besides, I just bought the cartridges for the inkjet like a month ago.
And here is a closer photo of the monster laser printer. It can do everything!! HOORRRAAAYYYY!

So that's it, I should be alright for now with my computers, hope you people liked this entry. It took me a while to put together mainly because the photos are of high resolution and I was using "borrowed" internet to upload them.


DOS Month Day 31: Commander Keen

So it's finally over, although I could have mentioned more than 31 titles this wil have to do. I hope to do this next year and pick 31 new titles and add on from there. After today, everything will return back to normal. So time to finish things up, Commander Keen made themselves heard because their creators knew their created engine. This was a base engine for many of the other platformers to come and in my opinion they released the most insanely fun side scrollers of the PC era. Furthermore, who hasn't played classic PC games without bumping into Keen for a fun filled adventure. The original first game is just as amazing as the favorite part 4 and in many ways plays like Mario. You can't go wrong without trying this game. This game is so well known that you can even play it on your PSP(Yes I installed and tried it out!). There is just so much fun you can have at home or on the go. I hope you guys enjoyed and tried at least one of the thirty one titles I mentioned during this month and well, back to retro console gaming starting tomorrow. Cya later!

DOS Month Day 30: Dark Forces

This game is what Star Wars fans urged for their PCs back in the mid 90s. The game is very exciting and intriguing. The classic Star Wars tunes really keeps me on my guard as you know something is going to happen. This game delivered with great results and is still one of the favorite PC Star Wars games to this day. You can't beat a FPS combined with Star Wars characters. Enjoy!


DOS Month Day 29: Quake

And yet another shooter worth a mention. Quake was really something back then and all the way to their sequels, they delivered incredible gameplay. I myself was addicted to Quake 3 multiplayer, but I have very fond memories of the original Quake. This is just another game that leaves you satisfied after a long day of gaming and although it's not that dated, the game is still considered a classic by today's standards.


DOS Month Day 28: Blood

And back again with another shooter from the early gaming years. Shooters back then weren't as vast as the ones today especially if you look at the Xbox 360, there are so many of them that in some ways the games start looking like clones of each other. Back in the early 90s there was no exception, games looked and played the same but offered different storylines and game mechanics. Blood is one of them, if you are still not interested in it, well you are just one boring old battle axe! Just kidding....


July 27, 2010

DOS Month Day 27: TMNT Arcade Game

If you want to ruin your night with some really bad and annoying PC gaming then TMNT for the PC is your answer! This game is bad, sadly it should have been better but it felt like the game was rushed so many bugs were left unnoticed. The music of the game makes you want to hang yourself at times as it never changes and the bugs all over the game can help you as much as destroy your chances of beating the game. Overall, the game is murder! Try it out for a good laugh or two though....


DOS Month Day 26: OverKill - The Six Planet Mega-Blast

An epic game from the past, Overkill had a lot to give for with their intense gameplay and facinating difficulty. The game is your typical shooter that makes you want to come back for more! Really, there are some shooters out there with this ability but this one(back in the day)Made me want to come back and replay it over and over. It's just a lot of fun and brings back a lot of memories. This is one of the games that doesn't do anything fancy but yet still makes the experience fun.

DOS Month Day 25: Micro Man

One of the most intriguing titles from the past is surely Micro Man. This game was a platformer like very few in its time. Originally released for the Windows 3.x system, Micro Man took advantage of many aspects to make itself look good. As you may know many of the games back then ran on DOS so Micro Man was very unique since it ran on a windows box made ready to play. Not many games were like this and not many were this good. The game is something else so try it out!


DOS Month Day 24: Apple Panic

Here is a very interesting game. This game mostly reminds me of lode runner on the NES. Your goal is to dig holes in order for the monsters to fall in(sounds familiar?) But it gets good after this. You have to hit the enemies so that they stay in the whole and bury them like the trash they are. Furthermore, you will need to dig up a hole completely or the enemy won't get trapped inside. I hope you can check this fun little game out.


DOS Month Day 23: Castles II - Siege and Conquest

Here is another one of those sneazy strategy games. This is another one of those conquer the other country while getting rich and building an empire games. It's a lot of fun, the music is not bad as well, and of course the game play keeps you wanting to come back for more. It's an awesome game overall.


DOS Month Day 22: Warcraft

The original warcraft proved to be one of the more interesting games of its day. Nonetheless, the franchise would evolve over the years to become what is now a very addicting online game with millions of subscribers. There is a reason for this, the game is just so good wether offline or online game is available, I can still have lots of hours of fun with the original one. This is a highly recommended title for sure.


July 21, 2010

DOS Month Day 21: Jazz Jack Rabbit

Another popular game that deserves to get a word out is Jazz Jack Rabbit. This game had a lot of geeks in the early 90s crazy about some nice good spanking side scrolling action. I remember trying out the game and just coming back for more. This game is everything you can ask for which is great because that's mainly why it's so popular or was so popular so to speak. The game is really challenging later on but still remains fun. Sadly, I never finished the game as I only had the shareware like many of us and wasn't easy on sending money in an envelope to some building that may not even exist anymore. Either way, there should be a full version out there somewhere.


DOS Month Day 20: Cyber Dogs

Do any of you ever remember this one? It's a very interesting game with lots of stuff to wish for. You have yourself shooting at monsters and such. This game really teased me back in the days as I have gotten a disc with a bunch of shareware games but when I got to try to install this one, the files were missing! Back then 1997 or so very few people had internet and connections were slow. Luckily I was one of them that had internet and was able to look for it. Sadly, I came up empty handed until a year or two ago when I decided to search for it again. I have a copy of the game somewhere in my over two thousand discs that I will eventually get to and play.


DOS Month Day 19: Zeliard

Another great game that has long been forgotten, Zeilard was an amazing game with little recognition. The game plays like a side scrolling adventure game with RPG elements. To make things simpler I will refer it as a game that plays like Zelda 2. The game is very challenging at times and keeps you interested in the storyline. Your mission is to turn the princess back to normal as she is a statue for the time being. The game plays amazingly well and very responsive for a hack and slash adventure title. The music either PC speaker or sound blaster is incredible. This game is one of the hidden gems for the old PC systems and it's highly recommended at least by me.

July 18, 2010

DOS Month Day 18: Ancient Land of Ys

Another title that has been resuscitated multiple times with a lot of success. It's for a very good reason that this game has come back to different platforms as well as handhelds. Ancient Land of Ys is a very memorable game with lots of interesting concepts. This game reminds me of the Zelda games(early ones) and delivers with success with a very rewarding gameplay and story. With lots of challenges along the way, I am sure this title will keep you interested in till the end. Enjoy!


DOS Month Day 17: Bio Menace

One of the games I could never get to work in my Pentium 77mhz computer was Bio Menace. As kewl as the game looked I couldn't get it to work, the computer would always crash and I was left with nothing! Finally, one day I went to my friends house to play some PC games and guess what game he had? Bio Menace and guess what more? It worked. I was in heaven and I wouldn't let my friend play it with the excuse of "you have this game to play all the time" It always worked. Years went by and I found out that the computer problems with Bio Menace were very common which made me feel good and bad. Good because I wasn't the only one in pain but bad because I was never able to play it. Now with DOSBOX and my sexy classic PC I am able to enjoy it everywhere and it was worth the years of wait(didn't got to play it at my friends house that much especially after I got into a fight with him oh well). The game is outrageous and a lot of fun. Apogee sure got things right with all these amazing titles we enjoyed, well at least some of us.


DOS Month Day 16: Hocu Pocus

Another hit game for the older games with side scrolling style gameplay was Hocus Pocus. The game had yourself shooting bad guys down with your magic powers..It's not bad at all and quite interesting as well. Then again, all these games were really unique even though the same engine was used on them. Hocus Pocus FTW!


July 15, 2010

DOS Month Day 15: Blake Stone

Since I have been talking about FPS of the past, why not do one more? Blake Stone is one of the FPS that very few talked about. It's not that it's bad but the game is just not well known. You can relate to games like Wolfestein 3D because it was one of the very first FPS to show yourself shooting Nazis yay! And Doom because well it's Doom! Blake Stone on the other hand has very interesting aspects. You can collect money to buy yourself health and I think weapons later on. There are also these scientists that will either help you or shoot you down or you can even shoot the good scientists down after they helped you har har har! Overall, this is another title you can check out and have a blast with.


DOS Month Day 14: Wolfestein 3D

Since it was only fair to mention Doom, why not mention the one that has always been in the shadows of Doom. Wolfestein 3D made us hate the Nazis even more. As a prisoner of these demented monsters, your only goal is to escape, get the hell out of there, abandon ship, whatever you might call it, just find a way out! The game itself is incredible and very tough as well. Getting shot right in front can really damage your health so in a way the game is very realistic. Don't forget to look at your poor guy's face in the bottom of the screen since you will see him bleed more and more as you take more damage. Heal him! Find soup, eat a turkey leg, or just find the health kit, you must survive! As much as you love Doom you have to give this one a try. I say it's just as good but not as long. The final boss is........


DOS Month Day 13: DOOM

No need to introduce this awesome classic of classics! This game had me obsessed with killing aliens back in the early 90s and you just couldn't get enough of Doom. With a killer sequel after wards this game really placed a foundation for future FPS games. This is all that you had to play in order to feel pleasure in blowing things up on your PC. With massive levels and a long cruel story line with a saddening ending(Did I said too much?) Doom is one title to come back over and over and over. If you haven't tried this one out yet, it's waiting for you, at least pick up the shareware for some alien bastard action!


Finds 211: Pokemon Games and Asian PC Games!

Another interesting set of finds today. It has been a while since I went out looking for stuff but I am happy with the games I came upon this time around. As usual I picked up the Pokemon games which are all in working condition although some of them have names written in the cart. I also picked up a Game Gear game from the Disney series of Donald Duck(I'll test that later today). I also picked up a couple of CDs which looked like PC games for older OS except they were they games Dragon Ball Z and Smash Bros! I have to try them out but sadly they don't work on Windows 7, the case says they work on Windows 95/98/2000/XP so I'll have to somehow get a hold of an XP machine and try them out. Photos below!

The covers for these games. I think the language is Chinese? Maybe?

Pokemon Games FTW!
Donald Duck Game, man he looks like he is freaking out! Can he ever get a break?

So that's all for now, I might have more stuff coming in the weekend but I'm not so sure. Until next time!

July 14, 2010

DOS Month Day 12: Mario & Luigi

Another one of the more occult games that were released in later times also made this month's list. Mario & Luigi takes Mario into the PC engine with a lot to desire. The game is great with the classic Mario power ups such as mushrooms and flowers. The game also features PC speaker sound which is a nice feature as you have probably never heard the Mario sounds using a PC speaker. The lack of levels though makes you wish there was more to it. With a very low level count and no music, the game falls short from being one of the great but it's still good to be able to play some classic Mario on your old machine. Enjoy this one!


DOS Month Day 11: Day of the Tentacle

One classic that has always made you come back for more is Day of the Tentacle. If you are familiar with the Maniac Mansion for the NES, I'm sure you have heard of this game which is also connected to Day of the Tentacle. The game itself is a classic from start to finish and is always fun to beat from beginning to end as there are different ways to reach your goal. Altogether, this is another classic that must be at least analyzed by any adventure game fan if you haven't done so already.


July 10, 2010

Currently Gaming?

Well I should be doing this more often since I have been getting into gaming in a more serious fashion! Anyways, I decided to return to the world of Conquer just a little bit ago. Yeah, I am back in the world of endless hunting and pking sprees but sadly things aren't the same like in the good old days. As to kill time until Final Fantasy XIV hits the stores, I will be playing some of these MMORPGs out there and who knows maybe seriously play some of these in the end. So far it has been a very odd hunt on Conquer as all my friends have move on to other games or no games at all.

Another game I have been gaming in the past week is Diablo 2 for the PC as well. This game looks dated but it's as good as the day it was released. I highly recommend anyone who hasn't played it to pick it up. I want to get online experience which I will do very soon.

Other titles I have been going through are Gimmick!(famicom), Super C(NES), Winning Eleven(PS2), and Parasite Ever(PS1). That's all for now

DOS Month Day 10: Skunny

Now here is a treat for everyone! Skunny is one of the most incredible side scrollers ever!! Just kidding! I decided to mention this game because I have known a lot of gamers from the past that have come into play with these cheaply made games.....yeah sure they loved it...The game is simple, side scroller with crappy sounds and I think the rodent talks to you in some of them. Yes, there are various games in the series. I still would recommend this so that you can get the experience of just a side scroller, nothing great, nothing amazing, just a jump and get through the level game. Enjoy :)


DOS Month Day 9: Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar

Another day, another pick. This time around we have an RPG that really takes me back. With the command lines, ability to attack civilians, and a great story quest of the avatar stands out as one of my favorite Ultima games. The game has very basic gameplay with interesting commands. You will have to learn them all and check out a tutorial or instruction manual to be able to advance in this game. The game is known to have a good PC speaker sound track and even though many won't appreciate that, to me the sound is heaven. Anyways, enough said go check it out!


DOS Month Day 8: Duke Nukem 2

Just another one of those days with no internet for a while....well anyways, this game is just another one of apogees gems, with action packed side scrolling gameplay, this game is a must play especially since this is Duke's last adventure in 2D...well kinda.... The game has a lot of interesting concepts like the usual soda that heals you but if you shoot it, you lose the soda booohoooo....just don't shoot the turkey please!! That one heals you all together. With improved graphics, great sound track(also PC speaker!), and great level design this game is one not to be ignored! Hope you can check out and enjoy this classic Duke adventure. Then go 3D!


July 07, 2010

DOS Month Day 7: God of Thunder

Want to play a Zelda like game for the PC? God of Thunder has it! This game is truly incredible, not only does it play like Zelda but it also comes with puzzles to make you think your way through. The game comes with three chapters that'll keep you busy for days on. The game has a very neat musical score as well as kewl sound effects. You carry a hammer in order to kill the badguys. For some reason the hammer returns to you as a boomerang which doesn't make much sense but hey it's a video game. There is also a GTA style gameplay believe it or not! You can go to town and kill everyone in there! Of course you will loose your points and the people with regenerate but it's fun to kill them when you are mad or can't get passed a puzzle. Check it out ok? har har har!


DOS Month Day 6: Castle of Winds

Due to the lack of internet connection in my home I wasn't able to update the blog yesterday. Sadly, this will happen more than once during this month but the good news is that I will be making them up! So lets start, this time around Castle of Winds is one of the more simplistic unique games for the early windows/DOS systems. The game is a very simple RPG. You create your adventurer and use points at the beginning to make your character either very strong and stupid or very weak and smart. You venture into dungeons and with the help of the mouse you are able to click on commands. Be sure to equip yourself to the max as these games tend to be as tough as you can get. If you are up for a quick adventure that will keep you interested, this is it!

A must play game!! CLASSIC ALL AROUND! Only problem is that it doesn't have sound...oh well...

July 05, 2010

DOS Month Day 5: Xatax

This is another one of those shooters that not many knew of it but it's quite good. The game is simple and somehow reminds me of Super R-Type for the SNES. The game contains your challenging levels, upgrades when you kill the right monster, and not sure if it does have but it would be nice for it to have some insane boss fights. So far though, as far as I have reached the game I haven't encountered any bosses. Either way, this is one of the games to try out if you are a shmup fan since it becomes quite challenging. Well, that's all!

Power up and destroy your enemies!

July 04, 2010

Happy July 4th! Independence Day

Just want to wish everyone a happy fourth of July. Have a good one!

DOS Month Day 4: Secret Agent

One of the various releases by Apogee back in the day had a lot to do with side scrollers as it was the amazing engine that made them stand out over other developers. With such amazing releases as the Commander Keen series and Duke Nukem, there were bound to be some that were left out of their popularity. That's where this title comes in. Secret Agent was just another Commander Keen clone if you might consider it that but a real fun one. With the neat PC speaker sound, this game made you feel as retro as the first Commander Keen did. So nostalgic, so detailed even with its limited capabilities. Anywho, this is just another side scroller that'll leave you wondering and wondering until you are done with it. You shoot, you jump, you die, what else can you ask for, so check it out.


DOS Month Day 3: Pickle Wars

One of the more bizarre and unknown titles from the older era of games is known as Pickle Wars. Released in 1993 by MVP Software, the game looks like your usual platformer except is the story that keeps you interested in it(Of course the gameplay is a big plus). Anyways, the story is very simple, stop the pickle invaders from taking over the world!! You have to destroy these veggie baddies with all your pickle killing skills! The game plays like many platformers and it's quite enjoyable. It also has music so no quiet game for you, then again that's not too bad to begin with. I haven't been able to find a place to buy the full version of this game so I won't be able to tell you much but there is a lot of sites with the shareware, I wonder if this ever became an abandoneware game but in the end, there is still enough to enjoy the first episode of this amazing game.


July 02, 2010

DOS Month Day 2: Duke Nukem

So here we are at a very early start on day two of DOS month. If you liked the first title(Commander Keen 4) you will love this one as well. A classic game that started a legendary franchise. Duke Nukem for the early windows and DOS modules was just plain fun and action packed! Released by Apogee(You should know who they are nowadays) this game was just as enjoyable as the later released Duke Nukem 3D masterpiece. Of course, you won't find babes trapped by aliens on this one but you will find coke cans that'll heal you! Not sure if the sugar rush makes you feel better but that's the idea behind this coke scheme. You can also eat a turkey for all your energy to replenish and you will need it as this platformer brings you to points where you have to just go through obstacles by taking hits, in some cases that's how you do things.

Overall, this game kicks ass, and it's highly recommended. The PC speaker sound makes it a delight and even though the majority of you will use DOS BOX to run this masterpiece, you will be missing out on the original PC speaker experience if you don't get one old PC but it's a small price to pay as long as you can get to enjoy the gameplay which is what matters most.

Here is some gameplay video.

July 01, 2010

DOS Month Day 1: Commander Keen 4

So time to get things started. This is one of my all time favorites from the older PC era. This game blew me away with the gameplay and replay value. I can always start this game up and play it from beginning until I get to the tough pyramids. Either way it's a must download for any gamer who appreciates a classic side scroller with awesome music!

The gameplay is similar to the Mario games so there will be a lot to like about this awesome title. Your main goal is to rescue these old wise men so you will have to keep your eyes opened for them as they are in different levels all over the map. Overall, it's a title I have talked about a lot in the past and will continue mentioning in the future. Cya!
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This is a site dedicated to retro gaming in particular but it'll have other things as well. We are open minded to all sorts of gaming included non-video gaming. Please take a chance and explore what we offer! -Famicom Freak

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