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Ads from the Past 461: Sega Game Gear

Classic ad for the handheld that rivaled the Gameboy.

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Kitsune Zero: Adorable Fox Girl

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March 29, 2010

Finds 175: Metal Slug 7! and a pirate

New arrivals today! Metal Slug 7 for the Nintendo DS is one sweet game. I ended up playing this one for a maximum of five minutes!(Yeah I don't play games that much anymore) but from what I played, I loved it. I definitely recommend everyone to pick this one up. I also got a pirate for the Gameboy. It comes with two unique Japanese only release titles, one is Doraemon 2 and the other one, no idea! It says 50 in 1 but it's more like an 8 in 1. Nothing too spectacular to be honest. I didn't paid anything for these titles as I got them in a trade.


March 28, 2010

Busy busy....

Well been busy this weekend and sick as well so not much to update although there are some finds I need to show off here. I will be busy tomorrow with lots of shipping, yeah I sold a lot of games over the weekend. Good thing business is picking up because I need some extra cash for the bills in the next couple of weeks. Anyways, I also got a new job that I will be starting next month so I will be busy with that as well. Until next time!

March 26, 2010

Finds 174: Famicom CIB + 26 Games har har har!

Here is a sweet deal I got on Ebay that finally arrived at my home....yay!!!

Great Deal

Anyways, it arrived today and I tested everything out. Everything works great! There are some interesting games in this lot as well. Overall, I am happy to finally own a boxed Famicom. I can now live up to my name of Famicom Freak...well the Twin Famicom is next, I'll get it eventually you know :)

Here are the photos of it all!

That's all for now!

Finds 173: Some Genesis, NES, and PS1...

Here are some small finds from a couple of days ago. Visited the local thrift stores as well as Play n Trade. I used my ten dollar credit in the store and got four PS1 titles. My favorite pick was the gundam game...looks like a fighting game of some sort. It should be interesting. Well check out the photos!


March 23, 2010

Please don't overfeed my fish :)

I placed a tank of the fish I bought a couple of days ago on my blog but I request for you guys not to overfeed them as I am going to breed them into a new super fish race. Thank you for your time.

Nintendo 3DS coming in 2011!

Yes a new Nintendo handheld is on the works and wow the info I got on it from anonymous is quite interesting. The future handheld will be able to create its own 3D effects without the use of 3D glasses! Can you believe that? It's amazing! It'll also be as powerful as a Gamecube and have the screens closer to make a better closer picture. It will also have the Virtual Console system like the Wii and even have rumble built in the sexy new handheld! I just wonder what it looks like and what the 3D effects will be on it. I can't wait!!! This is going to be awesome but sadly we'll have to wait to 2011 to see it on stores. Well that's all the info for now! Cya later!!

Nothing but gaming

Hmm I had a very interesting day off and another day off coming tomorrow err today. Well, first of all I had planned to game all day and check out the merchandise I need to let go but I ended sleeping through the whole day and then I watched a movie on's funny how you plan things but never get anything done. Well, in a few moments I'm going to try to do my routine again and hopefully be successful at it this time around. It's time for some Persona IV WOOOOOHOOOOO then maybe some Famicom pirate carts and finish things off with some PES(Pro Evolution Soccer)....I have a lot of things to do tomorrow but there is always time right? right!

I hope that very special item will arrive before the end of the month because it'll surely make it the find of the month with no other competition at hand. har har har!

March 20, 2010

Retro Game of the Week 032: Captain Tsubasa 2(FC)

One of the most incredible games for the Famicom which combines two genres together is none other than Captain Tsubasa 2. I'm sure this game is something you have never seen before, well just think about it, the game combines RPG elements with sports which is something that has been seen in very few games. The story is simple, you are this kid who joins a soccer team and well you are pretty good at playing soccer and you want to win it all! Of course, you start up in a sucky team, in fact you are the only one that can score for the team so everyone is depending on you to score a hat trick in every match. The controls are simple, once you meet an opponent on the field you will have four options which is usually to pass, dribble, team pass, and shoot. The one I use the most is team pass because you can pass it to your team mate and avoid getting tackle. Of course these options are only when you are holding the ball but when the opponent is coming towards you well you have other options. You can tackle and injure that asshole, or you can try to take the ball away from him "cleanly". You can also just let him pass.

The difficulty of the game increases greatly and keeps you coming for more. If you loose a match you will be sent back a game so you will need to replay that match and then the match that you lost. In the end, this helps you out because your team levels up according to their performance in the match so next time you meet that team that kicked your ass, it might have a different result. Moving on, the storyline gets very interesting as the game goes along, too bad I don't know how to read Japanese or I would probably have had a bigger attachment to the game. The cut scenes are very well made for a Famicom game, at some times you must have felt like if you were watching a movie....yeah they are good... The music is also very very good and keeps you on the edge of your seat or couch or wherever the hell you play your video games.

Overall, the game is a must have for anyone trying to find something different and retro to play. The game doesn't go for that much, usually ten dollars on ebay. Be sure not to pick up part one as it's very inferior to the sequel. You will have a better time playing this one. That's all for now, till next week.

One last thing, the game is packed with super moves each of the characters has but remember not to use them that much as it'll take a big chunk out of your stamina.

Finds 172: 98 Games Arrival Famicom-Gameboy-Game Gear

It's finally here, another awesome lot for my collection and resale of course. This time I made a massive Famicom purchase to make my collection and make up for not working on it in the past. So many god damn pirates have arrive and are waiting to be played! But that's not all, we also have some gameboy pirates as well as game gear pirates and Japanese titles. There is so much stuff to check out!!! It sure is a great day for stuff like this. There is also one more surprise coming next week that I think most of you Famicom fans will love. You'll have to wait for it though. har har har Now here are the photos!


Finds 171: Some VHS Dragon Ball Z Stuff! KAMEHAMEHAAAA!!

Today I went to the thrift store and I didn't found shit except until I turned to the VHS section and they had a super sale on VHS tapes of the Dragon Ball Z saga and I picked them up because why the fuck not? Anyways, there were some other small things that I picked up including a pink GBA for a fag like me, and a Sonic & Knuckles cartridge. That's all for now!!


March 17, 2010

Happy st. Patricks day!!

I just want to wish all the wonderful Irish people a happy st. Patricks day. Hope you drink a lot of green beer!! I know I have!! Har har har

March 16, 2010

Finds 170: Mysterious Sega Finds...

A very interesting day has finally come to an end. I visited a new thrift store today and found a very odd piece of hardware there. Also, I visited the other usual thrift store I always go to and found some stuff mostly for my curiosity. Anyways, I was able to pick up some PS1 titles and an Xbox title as well. The odd item was a Sega IR 7000 which is some kind of communicator that lets you do lots of stuff with it. I need to get batteries to see if it works or not but that is just what I am guessing from the look of it. Enough talk, here are some photos!

A big bag full of goodies...lets see what we got.

This is the bag of the new thrift store I found...I can relate to that har har har

Got these titles for a dollar each. Mostly for trade and resale.

Hmmm the Metal Gear also brought another game with it. DBZ UB 22 errr this version sucks, I prefer the import.

So here we have a Genesis I bought mainly because it had a mountain of controllers and what not. As you remember, last time I bought a SNES that came with a Power Joy and Power Joy cart so maybe I get lucky with something else in here. It sure looks like there is something more inside.
I also picked up these titles for whatever reason really. I already have Kirby so that's going for trade or sale. Not sure about the Brothers in Arms though.
The Genesis console brought two of these inside. I don't know what they are for but they seem to be controllers. I wonder if it's for an specific game.
I also got this connector thing to plug in four controllers. I didn't know there were four player games for the Genesis but I guess I was wrong...

As you can see there is a lot of crap go to through but for fifteen dollars, it was worth the curiosity.

Here is another odd find from Sega. It seems to be an organizer of some sort and a communicator as well. These were very popular back in the day were no one had cell phones har har har.

So that should do it, there is something gigantic coming by the end of the week so keep visiting. It's going to be awesome! Until next time!

March 14, 2010

Retro Game of the Week 031: Road Rash 3(Genesis)

This is definitely one of the funnest games on the Genesis. How can you say no to beating up the competition? It's just that fun and you have to do it while you are driving like a maniac against traffic at some points. Road Rash 3 showed us that motorcycle type games can really be fun unlike that other title that came out for the SNES hmmm can't quite get the name of it but all I remember is that your driver flew out like a plastic toy which was fun at first but annoying later on.

Road Rash 3 is very simple. You just start the race and try to make it to the finish line by beating up the competition. It can get a little tough because you might focus on one of the drivers you want to beat up and forget to look at the road. It's a multitasking game! Stay sharp and keep your balls in your place, you'll do fine. The previous games of the series are really good and fun as well, I do suggest to play this one first because in my opinion, it's the most complete one but I could be wrong, it's all about personal taste.

So that should do it, not much to say and I don't really want to spoil peoples fun so pick this one up and why not, pick the other ones up as well. A nice motorcycle beat em up is waiting for you.

Lots of items on the shoppe

Great new items have been added to my ebay shoppe. Some of the items include a copy of King Kong 2 for the Famicom as well as Street Fighter EX plus Alpha and Legend of Legaia for the PS1. There is a lot of other stuff in there. I also want to take the time to ask if anyone is interested in a copy of Power Joy 008? Twenty dollars shipped is what it's going for so let me know if you are interested. That's all for now retro readers....


Finds 169: Hammering Harry for the Famicom

Here is a neat game for the Famicom. I got this one as a trade which I am intending to do more often. I had to give up some good games from my squad but it was worth it. The game is in great shape and it's one of those little fun platformers from the yesteryear. Thanks again Jake for the trade, you are the best! Finally, a nice Famicom title to add to my collection....I know it's been a while since I have picked up new official Famicom titles but I promise to increment those findings in the future. Until next time!


Pokemon Gold/Silver are Finally here!

Well today is the day.....I'm heading to pick up my copy early today and so should you! It's time to train those damn pokeymons once again. This is a great chance to play these games I missed the first time around. I'm still not sure why I didn't picked these up when they were released on the good old Game Boy Color since I started back all the way with Red/Blue but oh well. Not missing them this time around. I assume the Crystal remake will follow these. Cya later!


March 12, 2010

Something Very Awesome Coming Next Month

Something real awesome is coming up next month! I hope to show a video of it as well as lots of photos! har har har!

March 09, 2010

Finds 168: Titles not to be forgotten!

I was finally able to go visit the thrift stores! I visited this new thrift store that finally opened and got some neat stuff there as well as a SNES and some boxed genesis games. I also went to the mall to watch Alice in Wonderland in 3D which was pretty kewl and stopped by the gamestop to pick up two PS2 titles. There is a lot more so check it out!

Good resale titles indeed...

This one was half off!

Another copy of point blank 2. That means one has to go.

The thrift store had some sealed PC games and picked out this one and the one below.

Also picked up some NES titles. Ducktales being the ace.

Bubsy for the Genesis for 95 cents.

Here we have some boxed Genesis titles. Nothing that great but at least I can get rid of my loose cart copies of each of these.

Also picked up this gameboy title....looks interesting.

Finally, stopped at gamestop and picked up these two titles. Grandia Xtreme came out to 8.99 with the ten percent discount while Neo Contra came out to four something. Can't complain!

So one last interesting find was probably the SNES which came with two controllers but what's this?? A power joy Famiclone? Yeah!!! The best part is that it came with a Power Joy 008 cart which I will sell since I already have it. The SNES also has to go...bought it for a friend.

Well that should do it, it was a very interesting day indeed. I already know what I am going to let go and what will be welcomed to my collection so no big job there. Until next time you geeks!
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