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It's got to be the cutest most awesome design for a CD case ever!

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Ads from the Past 461: Sega Game Gear

Classic ad for the handheld that rivaled the Gameboy.

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Kitsune Zero: Adorable Fox Girl

Play as a cute fox girl in a world filled with Japanese Folklore!

August 31, 2012

Retrobeat Tuesdays 022: Bubble Man Remix

This week we have a remix of this retarded robot master. I say retarded because all he does is jump around while you shoot his face off. Furthermore, the track will remind you of the classic Mega Man 2 title that so many retro gamers love. Enjoy!


Animonday 022: Beet the Vandal Buster Intro

Since the other video was taken down by Blogger due to copyright infringement, I had to come up with something new. Sadly, the anime series Beet the Vandal Buster never saw a second season. It was a pretty good show nonetheless so watch this shit!!!!!!


August 27, 2012

Ads from the past 230: California Games 2 (SNES)

The games are here! As Summer it's almost can still enjoy the Summer games on your SNES in crappy style! I never liked this series, maybe someone out there did. This game sucks!!!


Retro Game of the Week 116: Mega Man (NES)

The first Mega Man had a lot of potential which turned out to be the legend we know today. It all started with this simple side scroller game. The game developed into an amazing franchise and you'll definitely feel the tough beginnings it went through. One can relate this game to both Mega Man 9 and 10 for the current gen consoles as it mimics the early beginnings of how tough gameplay could be. Anyways, lets take a look at this awesome game.

The music is what made Capcom games unique at many times during the NES era. You could just listen to a game's music and know it was made by Capcom. The game has very awesome music although not as memorable as other Mega Man games. You'll love the entire soundtrack that's for sure. This is the beginning of something amazing after all.

The graphics are very stable. They are nothing amazing but it does make you feel like if you are in the future. The game looks and feels great overall. There aren't that many weird things off from the game but it wouldn't make any sense since it's from the future. The bad guys are definitely known by many with such simple names as Cut Man and Guts Man.... Yeah, I remember those.

The gameplay is quite tough. This is one of the more difficult Mega Man games out there mainly because there is no Mega buster, no sliding, no E-tanks...I can go on and on. You'll have to use your best Mega skills to get through this. It'll be worth it though!

A game like this is good to return to from time to time especially if you want to have a Mega Man marathon. I had a few of those in the past...they are lots of fun! ^_^ . The game is definitely short enough to get through it in just over an hour so you won't be wasting whole evenings on it. It's Mega Man after all!

The game is the first one of the legendary blue bomber. It's just so much nostalgia to play through it after such a long time. I feel it's a great way to feel the beginnings of things and even look for inspiration. Games like these are legends and we should cherish them even if we don't find them that appealing.


Pirate Game of the Week 046: Card Captor Sakura (FC)

There are a lot of silly hacks and pirates out there but this one is actually quite interesting mainly for the reason of why it was done. Who on their right minds would see this as a Card Captor game? As simple as the game it is, it couldn't have been more than someone bored out of their mind trying to create something out of this. Anyways, lets go further into this although there is not much to tell.

The music is nothing but music from Tower of Druaga because that's what this game is based on. It's a hack of Tower of Druaga! There is not much to listen to, honestly...

The graphics are done decently. You can actually tell the Sakura character and indeed it does look like her. Other than the title hack, and the character hack there is nothing left. That's all the hacking that was done to this. It must have taken a whole nights of work if anything. Not calling the creators of this hack lazy but that's what I though it would take in the first place. Now, if the levels were redone and the game had some added features, we are talking a totally different thing now.

Gameplay is the same as Tower of Druaga. Your character moves incredibly slow. You have to hold your little wand to destroy the enemies by walking over them. You will also find other items that aide you on your quest. Hopefully there is something that helps you walk faster or you'll die of old age before you reach the end of the game.

The game is another one of those pick up and play games. It can be fun to go back to as it starts you off in the action. No one hour story telling before you destroy your first slime in this one. If you like how it plays, then go back for it. As for me, I'll only be playing it because I'm writing this and that's it!

The game is just a regular hack trying to add a cute little anime girl into an old 8-bit game. The game was released in 1999 which was the time the anime was highly popular so it makes more sense the existence of it. I don't think there is a physical copy of it but you never know. Anyways, until next time!


Retro Game of the Week 117: Little Samson (NES)

There are lots of NES games we missed from Japan because they didn't think we were ready for them. This is one of the few gems that made it even though the NES was well past its prime as the SNES was already taking over the world. Little Samson is not only a hard to find game, but it's a good one. In most cases, when the game is really hard to find it, it's mainly because of low production numbers while other reasons would be popularity. This one is a case of low production numbers due to the fact that the NES was long gone. Many people missed this gem but thanks to wonderful tools like eBay and emulators we can enjoy what we missed. I do remember playing this game back when the NES was still around and it was quite amazing. I had no idea it would be worth so much all these years later. Enough of this history lesson, lets check out the game in the different basis of review.

The music is marvelous. Each character has their own musical number that defines their character. It's quite enjoyable for your ears. The game is also packed with great sound effects as well as music other then the character's music. You'll definitely enjoy this one if you are an 8-bit sound fanatic.

The NES was already past its prime but developers knew every trick there had to be for the console. Programming a beautiful game was no problem due to the experience developers had. In other words, since this game came out in 1992 and was developed by a brilliant team, it means the graphics are awesome! Each character looks as exquisite as the other. The backgrounds are live and vivid and the enemies are just as lively as everything else on the game! Well done!

The gameplay is probably the best part of this game. This game is just amazing to play with. Each character has their own abilities which will help you through the game. You have the mouse that can climb all over and drop bombs Metroid style, then you have the powerful stone warrior with enough strength to destroy anything. The dragon comes in handy as it can fly for a short period of time and then of course the main hero which has a little bit of everything. A great balance of characters makes the game ever so enjoyable.

This game is so enjoyable that it's great to come back to. You can't say no to another round especially when you get to use the cute little mouse!! The dragon is also awesome, well all of them are!! You'll definitely come back to this game for another round because this platformer is just amazing!

The game itself is a gem but it won't come cheap. I highly suggest you try it on an emulator and then decide if you want to buy it or not. It goes for around 100 dollars cart only. In the end, it's just an amazing game that having a physical copy of it will look amazing in your collection. There is nothing more to say except that this game is amazing!! I think I've said that before but it's just that enjoyable. Everything in it will give you hours of joy whether it's the music, characters, and most of all the gameplay.


August 26, 2012

Pirate Game of the Week 047: Contra Fighters (FC)

Pirates are just amazing at times and misleading at other times but this one really makes you wonder a lot. It's not only a side scroller with Street Fighter characters but it's a Gijoe hack of Street Fighter characters. They worked on it real well except for the fact that M. Bison is one of your allies. That really made no sense but we'll take it! Check it out!

The music is quite good in this hack although it's based on the Gijoe game for the same console. You definitely won't feel any Street Fighter feel other than the fact that they are Street Fighter characters added to the mix. The sounds are all there so it was nice they didn't chopped up the game at all in that department.

The graphics are quite good and I say that because of the fact that the pirates took the time to edit the character screen section to add Street Fighter characters to it. Now that takes a lot of effort. It's good for a laugh or two that's for sure.

The gameplay is quite fun as with the original. It's great how they make the characters use their powers instead of guns although the bullets do look like bullets. It's a good attempt nonetheless. I loved it to a point. Again, you'll feel the Gijoe factor not too long after you have started playing the game.

There is not much replay value but it does more of a gimmick factor. It's a great game to pop in to make a conversation of something silly from the past. I'm sure it'll turn heads in a video game party. There is a lot of fun to come from here especially when drunk!

Other than a graphics hack, this game is exactly the same as its original. If you aren't a Street Fighter fan then I suggest you skip on this one. The game is quite hard to come by so be patient if you don't find it in a single search on eBay. Furthermore, if you aren't happy with it, just go play a round of Street Fighter 2 and you'll be alright.


August 25, 2012

Retro Gaming News 144: Yuan Shao's Revenge (Destiny of an Emperor Mod)

"Yuan Shao’s Revenge (Destiny of an Emperor mod) now on!

The setting takes place between the Yellow Turban rebellion and the timeframe of the Cao Cao vs Yuan Shao war (200 AD). Play as Yuan Shao and lead your army to victory!"


FInds 434: My Two New Gadgets! PS Vita and 3DS XL!!

An awesome day of new additions and what additions these are!! Enter PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS XL! I think it was time for me to move on to better things so I got rid of my old 3DS and upgraded to this one. As for the Vita, I didn't had PSP(Well I do but it's in my storage and I'm not going to go in there and look for it) But it was a total new addition. I also picked up Gravity Rush which looked like an amazing game. The dude at Gamestop let me tried it out first! Totally awesome!! That game and another game I'm looking for at the moment should hold me over till 11/20/2012 which is the day Persona 4 Golden is released!! SO EXCITED!! It's great to be excited about video games once again! As for the 3DS XL I'm so impressed at how improved it is from the previous one. The screen is just amazing to look at and makes your gaming experience even better! Now, I need some new games for it but that can wait as I'm still in the middle of some games for it. Furthermore, the handheld sure makes you feel like you have an awesome new piece of hardware with you, well an improved one. It's totally beautiful and man it's great to be able to get a red one again as my first ever DS handheld which was the lite ended up being of the same color combination. I can't wait to play some games in it!! Excited huh? Yes? I am!! AHHHHHH!!!

I took this pic the moment I got in my car from purchasing it!! AHHHHHHHHH Such a wonderful feeling!! ^_^

I'm still confused on what the Vita can do but hey! I got a game and that's all that matters. I shall discover it and will be ready for Persona 4 Golden this November!! EXCITEMENT TO THE MAX!!!

Nintendo 3DS XL RED
PS Vita Handheld
Gravity Rush (PS Vita)


August 23, 2012

Finding Miis 014: Got Ten More Miis! WOOT!

So another day on campus and lots of new Miis in my collection. I actually tagged some new ones (about half) and some second tags! They have helped me filled up my puzzles rather quick. Tomorrow is yet another day and I have even included personal messages for them! This is quite interesting! Apparently, there is a Pokemon club on campus...I'm intrigued !


3DS Pic of the Week 040: Sonic, Pokemon, and More!

Why not relax and check out these awesome video game characters some of them are Pokemon!! For some reason there is Sonic in there....go figure!! Furthermore, this is a pretty awesome shot! Check it out in 3D ^_^


August 21, 2012

Ads from the past 229: Jaguar XJ220 (Genesis)

This game sure put lots of emphasis on the model of the Jaguar. They had so much hope on it that they named the game after it. Isn't that kinda of dull? I mean, is that the only car you can use in the game? With so many different racing style games do they really had to just focus on one? Now I see why I never heard of it then again there are lots of hidden gems for the Genesis so might this one be one of them?


Finds 433: Persona 4 Arena is Mine!

Just a quick update on my latest acquisition. Persona 4 Arena is truly an awesome game and this is not only because I'm a fan but if you have checked out over the web, people have loves it just as much. The game takes place two months after the events of Persona 4. The main character Yu is coming back for a visit during Golden Week which is a holiday in Japan. I won't say much after that because I don't want to spoil it for you. The game does have some interesting fighting mechanics and what not. You can play online, story mode, and arcade mode. It's a great feeling to have all the characters in Persona back for another go. With Persona 4 Golden coming this fall, I'm just itching with anticipation! Persona 4 life! ^_^

Persona 4 Arena (PS3)

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