Finds 1676: A CD Case Book Shelf

It's got to be the cutest most awesome design for a CD case ever!

Pokemon Black is added to the shoppe

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Ads from the Past 461: Sega Game Gear

Classic ad for the handheld that rivaled the Gameboy.

Yu-gi-oh! Custom Deck Box: Toon World

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Kitsune Zero: Adorable Fox Girl

Play as a cute fox girl in a world filled with Japanese Folklore!

December 30, 2009

Finds 150: N64 console lot

Well I was able to pick this baby up for ten American dollahs at the flea market but that was it. It sure was a horrible day for hunting....

I hope to have better luck in my next trip which will be very soon. Stay tuned!

Finds 149: Shin Megami Tensei and more!

What awesome purchases I was able to do by taking advantage of the buy two get one free from good old Gamestop. I decided to go with high priced games since those are the ones I have been looking for the most and are also harder to find complete. After browsing through the store I came up with these selections....

Eternal Poison, Suikoden V, and Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga were my choices.

I still need to try them out...

Better late than ever Christmas photos....

Well here is some of the items I acquired this past Christmas. Of course, many of you know that the one I am abusing in use is the Itouch! Man is there anything this gadget can't do??? I hope not! Here are some photos as well!

The Itouch charging with the Ihome. They go well together!
I also got some classic DVDs. I can't wait to watch them all.

Finally the biggest surprise was my brother dressing up as Santa. Here is a photo of him with some guests we had over.

That's it for now...

December 29, 2009

Ohhh yeahhh....

I will be updating the retro game of the week which it's past over due!! dangggggg!!

Some finds to come....

Well I haven't had time to update the finds section but I'll be able to add some new shit real soon! Stay tuned....

December 25, 2009

The Christmas Village is complete

Well here are some final photos before I take the village out. We never did came up with a name for it so we'll just call it Christmas Village 09. Anyways, here are the photos!

I hope you all liked it as much as I did. Have a Merry Christmas!

Blogging using my itouch!

This is one of the most kewlest gifts period har har jar I will show pics later!

December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas from Retro Gaming Life

Well just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you are celebrating this month and hope you all have a great time and most of all, have someone to spend it with. Everyone at RGL(actually only me) is happy to be able to be near their loved ones this holiday and you should be too god damn it! Ohhhhhh anyways, that's all for now har har har....

December 23, 2009

Some other news

Well I totally forgot about the Retro Game of the Week posting last Sunday so I am preparing one for tomorrow that I hope you all will like. I have just been so busy with gift wrapping and going from one place to the other. I promise some good updates by the end of the week.

Back to some Yu-Gi-Oh card collecting

So I have been getting back to one of my old hobbies once more. Back years and years ago I used to play the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game at the local card shoppe and had a blast each weekend. Then finally the fun ran out as I spent a lot of money on the cards(probably more than a grand altogether) and decided to step down. Now, I decided to start playing again but with more precaution. Anyways, I picked up a three pack with random variant card to start off and decided to post photos of the package opening.

Toys R' Us are over charging bastards!

At the end I only ended up getting one super rare card and no other shiny ones. I didn't know what to expect and don't know if I got any good ones or not. Anyways, wish me luck in my next unpacking!

Finds 148: Some New Games Finally!

It has been a while since I have posted but the wait is over. I got some games from different places such as thrift store, and games stores. Nothing that great but something is something. The game that actually got my attention the most was the game for the Nintendo DS which only cost me 4.99 and it's totally retro. I didn't know what to expect when I picked up the box at the store until the I read the back of the box. The game also came with a soundtrack that I haven't listened to it yet. This is the perfect game for a gamer like myself and any other gamer that likes classic adventures.

I also took the time to subscribe to the Edge card from Gamestop so I can buy used games with ten percent off once again! They gave me the 200th issue of game informer with one of the most interesting covers har har har.
The thrift has been very dried lately but I manage to pick these two games up Spider Man and R.B.I. Baseball 93 for 95 cents each. They also had a copy of Double Dragon for the NES but I didn't picked it up.
Finally, I got these two games at Gamestop along with the retro Nintendo DS game. It has been a while since I got new PS2 titles. The Fatal Fury game sure brings back a lot of memories.

December 19, 2009

Christmas Shopping!

Well I haven't done much Christmas shopping so I'm trying not to think how much of a bitch it'll be to shop in the days left....Man I'm going to be taking some pills in the next week. Anyways, not much to tell about findings although there might be something interesting coming in the next week. Since there is not much happening lately, I'll have to update my other stuff like game list(Backloggery) and finally (wait for it!) finally(wait) finally upload my new youtube videos!

Just be patient everyone!!

December 17, 2009

A very dry month....

Man I haven't had any game finds worth mentioning lately and it's due to the lack of money at the moment as well as just damn bad luck. I will try to have something great before the holidays are over so stay tuned!

December 15, 2009

Finds 147: NES Dogtags are finally here!

Well I was finally able to find in my mail the dogtags I ordered a week or so ago. They look really kewl and now people will be able to recognize me if I'm burned to death. One of the tags has my full name with the name of my blog(Retro Gaming Life if you didn't knew), while the other one has my nickname Famicom Freak! I didn't know what else to put on them but I'm happy with them. Here are some photos!

They are pretty kewl and came with some accessories like a carrying bag and protectors for the tags. I hope you guys liked this stuff . Until next time!

One last piece of info, if you want to order your own set of customizable dog tags then click here

December 13, 2009

Retro Game of the Week 022: Crystalis(NES)

This week I have one of my favorite picks period. Crystalis is the equivalent of an upgraded Zelda title. The game itself is jam packed with action around every corner. The story line is also very interesting since it takes place in the not so far future. The year is 1997, now back in the NES era this would have made more sense since we were in the early 90s but nowadays it doesn't make much sense since the year has passed and well, just saying they should have made it the year at least 3000. Lets move on, the game is only one of few Zelda-clones which there weren't many to begin with(The only other one being Faria as far as I know). SNK learned well on how to apply the Zelda-like mechanics.

We will start by talking about your main weapons. Your hero(whatever you name it) has the options to wear a sword, armor, and shield. This made the game very simple which meant anyone can pick it up and play as it's very understandable. The game itself become focused more on your adventure and less on modification. You'll start off with a regular armor and shield that will help you take less damage and at one point completely shield you from enemy attacks. Furthermore, you'll also be able to use different swords to be able to defeat different creatures. This is where strategy takes place as there are some monsters that will deflect certain swords while they will be weak against other swords, it's just a matter of trial and error.

The also comes with an item and magic screens. They are quite simple to use and helpful at tough times. I always recommend you have your healing magic equipped because at some point in a dungeon or even in the field area, you'll be attacked over and over by a whole lot of monsters so using the healing spell will be quite helpful and time appropriate. You have a wide range of spells and items to choose from but you must use them wisely and strategically.

Crystalis is one of the most memorable for the NES and shouldn't be one to avoid. This game includes a quest that'll kepp you interested, awesome music, and fun gameplay of course. You can't beat riding a dolphin!

December 12, 2009

Finds 146: Mysterious Famicom Board Revealed!

Well it was about time I posted about this board. Anyways, behold 12000 games in 1 WOOOHOOOO!!!! Yeah this ended up being one of those one billion games in one.....Behold some photos below with more info!

Here is the board before the testing procedures started.

My good old Famicom is ready for action!

Here is a shot of the menu this multi-cart uses. Like I said, 12000 in 1! So many games so little time!

One of the more unique games is actually this Super Mario Bros which looks to be overclocked. I mean everything is sped up like the music, movement, etc. It's actually kind of fun and gives a spark to the gameplay. No more slow Mario brothers!

This is a very unique game as well. It's just your usual Mario Bros game right? Not! This game gives Mario and Luigi and the Bad guys long hair! Yeah that's right! Just check out the photo! They kinda of look like they are wearing those traditional Russian hats.

Also there is a copy of Tetris BPS (I think that's what it's called). Interesting stuff indeed since multi-carts tend to have the other version more often.

So that's about it, let me know if you liked this multi-cart at all. It's quite interesting overall and who knows, maybe there is more to find out about this game. After all, I haven't tried all the games just yet. That's all for now!

Mega Man 10 Announced!

Some awesome news for you Mega Man fans. Mega Man 10 has been announced to be released somewhere in 2010 not sure when but the good thing is that it's coming. Due to the high demand and success of Mega Man 9, it was more than an obvious decision to release another title of the same caliber. I'm quite excited about this release because as many of you followers, I'm a retro gamer and love anything retro released to the public. Anyways, not much to say right except that the possible first boss is Sheep Man.....well I know there is not much to work with as to robot master names but it could have been better. That is just my opinion. Of course, I don't have a Wii so I'm only hopeful that I'll have one by the time the game is released but even if I still don't have Wii, I always have my brother to bother for some Wii time. So that's all for now! Below is a piece of artwork of the new game which also showcases Proto Man in the cover. One last piece of info, there will be three playable characters in this new title. So that means Mega Man, Proto Man, and ??????. Who knows! We'll find out soon enough!

Source is from the magazine Nintendo Power.

December 11, 2009

Backloggery list lacking updates....

Man I haven't had an update on my list for quite sometime. I am going to try to update it to the end. This is just a heads up for the lack of updates on it. Take care everyone!

The Search for the Gameboy SP ++

Yeah I am still on the look out for one of those. It's very hard for me to figure out the differences on them since they upgraded one doesn't look that different from the first edition one. I have found four SPs during my hunts that I ended picking up and none of them had the brighter light display. I can't complain though since I didn't paid much for each of these. I even had to buy one of them a new battery because it came without it. I kept wondering whatever happened to the original battery to this day. I have a friend who was teaching me how to tell the difference but the one way I can probably just tell them apart is by looking under it and finding out the release date/year. That would make things a lot easier don't you think. I have come to quite many of them during my hunts though. I picked up some(four) and left a lot of them behind which kept me wondering if any of them had the brighter light. Hopefully one of these days I'll be able to show off one of them when I find it. I want to be able to hit the flea market before the year ends which is not likely but one can only hope for it to happen. Well that's about it, I just wanted to rant about my pain of not having a gameboy sp ++ or is it +? Well who cares! I just want the brighter screen damn it!

One last thing, here is a photo I googled up from the internet on how the screens are supposed to look like. That's a hell of a good comparison and upgrade!! AWA!

Finds 145: Gameboy games and more!

Today was a gameboy day! I found a total of four gameboy titles! Woohoooo! Anyways, the games are the following and I only paid two dollars for each: Zelda Link's Awakening, Ultima, Final Fantasy Legend, and Daedalian Opus(Really neat puzzler). I tested all of them and they worked great so no complains there. I haven't had a chance to test the Genesis games which were 95 cents each. The games are the following: Jeopardy Sports Edition, Road Rash(I think I already have this one), and Raiden Trad(Already have this one for the SNES). But that's not all, I also picked up an anime dvd for 95 cents as well and it's still sealed which is a nice plus. To finish things up I also picked up a copy of NHL 06 for the PS2 which was only 95 cents. I picked it up since I am also trying to find all the sport titles slowly but getting there. The sport titles are amazingly cheap even at your local gamestop so it's not much of a challenge but more of looking for the games complete with box and manual. Here are the pics of the finds!

Here are the four gameboy additions. They are all cart only which sucks but I'm used to it since I never ever have found gameboy games boxed at the local thrift store around here. I paid 1.95 for each of these which is normal for the thrift store prices around here. They seem to think that portable games are a lot more harder to find than the big carts/cds.

Here are my three latest Genesis additions. Hopefully they will all work! I paid 95 cents for each of these as I stated earlier.

Here is the anime dvd and the nhl 06 game. I paid 95 cents for each of these.

To conclude, I'm very happy with my new additions to my never ending growing collection. I did tried playing some of these but I was mostly lost while playing Ultima and the puzzler game. I hope things look up and I'm able to find better finds. It has mostly been dry this month because of the lack of money I have to spend on games since I'm spending them more on gifts. So that's about it for now, Famicom Freak signing off!

December 10, 2009

A New Kitten!

So I think our family is complete with this little new addition. We had this kitten just a little over a week and we couldn't be any happier. Our cats have accepted him very well and sleep and play with them. He is a very energized kitten for sure! He plays and plays with our other cats that even they get tired and end up laying down while the kitten starts to bite their ears. His name is Oreo and he is just adorable! He is a mix of course but it looks more like a mix of two cats we already have. I'll have to post photos of them sometime. We have five in all now and well we are packed to the max in terms of pets. That's all for now, oh and here is a photo of the kitten sleeping on top of one of our other cats(Pig).

A mysterious Famicom board found!

Well I went to the thrift store and found this board of a Famicom game. I'm wondering what it is but I won't be able to figure it out tomorrow since I'm just too lazy to plug the Famicom right now. har har har! Anyways, I'll take photos and show them here so lets hope it's something interesting. I hope it sure is! Cya later!


I wonder what it is!

December 09, 2009

An updated banner photo

I updated the banner photo because I wasn't satisfied with it. I hope many of you liked it. I also wonder if any of you can tell which are the four games being played on the gameboys? You can tell a couple with no problem but there is one or two that are going to keep you guessing. Well I hope you guys like it! Cya later!

December 06, 2009

Finds 144: GBA Multi-cart 12 in 1

Well here is an interesting find for my personal collection. The game came on Saturday but I haven't been able to get to it until today. This is one of those unique pirate carts that come with worthwhile games such as Super Mario Bros 3, Rockman 1-6, and Mighty Final Fight among others. A neat feature about this cart is that since it comes with some RPGs that require you to save, the cart itself came with a save system to help you save your progress. Here are photos of all the twelve titles!

GBA cart label shot!

Hanjuku Hero

Dragon Quest 4

Some SD game....


Super Mario Bros 3

Mighty Final Fight

Rockman 1

Rockman 2

Rockman 3

Rockman 4(my favorite)

Rockman 5

Rockman 6
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