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September 27, 2010

Yu-gi-oh! Finds 002: Lot of interesting cards

The mail brought a very interesting lot of cards. I'm not sure how I will be able to use these cards in my current deck but you never know when you might need them. Check out the photo!

Here are some useful cards I could use. Metal reflect slime can really help defend my life points. There is also a monster called Strong Wind Dragon that could work real well with a dragon deck. Bone Crusher is another card that can help a zombie type deck. One card that can deal a lot of damage to your opponent is Magical Explosion, hmm you can use it as a final attack to finish off your opponent! Well, be sure to check out the other ones! Enjoy!

Yu-gi-oh! Finds 001: Lets duel yet again!

Some of you know that I have started playing this game again and what a great opportunity to share this hobby than to show my purchases. Of course, these aren't going to be amazing finds like the ones I have with video games but there will be enough to look around to keep you interested especially if you play the Yu-gi-oh! trading card game. Well, this will be one of many posts on this kick ass card game! Lets start!

I won this card in an auction on eBay(you will see lots of my finds from that source). As you can see it's an Ancient Fairy Dragon! Also, if you see a little further it's ultimate rare! I love ultimate rare cards, they always have such intriguing art work that makes the monster come alive! (Wish it did!) Anyways, I paid 2.50 for this card plus the shipping which was another two dollars. I'm not sure if it was a good deal or not but I am happy with the card nonetheless. Until next time!

Everything away for the coming months...

Well the move started and that means everything must go out. Sadly, I had to pack up all of my collection and store it for the coming months. It's funny that I won't be able to use any of my possessions but it's for the best. I wasn't using any of it anyways. All I need right now is my computer, laptop, and Itouch. I should be alright with these. I have planned more trips to thrift stores and other places in the next months so there should be more updates. I will hopefully have a very nice finding tomorrow so stay tuned!

September 24, 2010

Retro Game of the Week 047: Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories(PS1)

In commemoration to my return to playing the good old never ending confusing Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game, I decided to dig this game up and talk a bit about it. This game is one of the first to be released here in the states when the crazy Yu-Gi-Oh! trend took off. Believe it or not, I though that the rules of this game were also the same rules for the trading card game and I was real wrong. It was funny to play this game for a while and then pick up a deck and play with those rules. It did made things interesting but I guess there was some satisfaction in summoning a Blue Eyes White Dragon with no sacrifices needed. Also, the rule of having five cards at all times in your hand made the game very interesting to play but uneven in many ways.

But enough about old embarrassing memories, the game itself does play in very confusing fashion and it's nowhere similar to the card game so for those of you who know how to play the card game, forget those rules and listen to this. Each monster contains elements which you can combine to give you advantage over other monsters. It's like when a type of monster is stronger than the other one like in Pokemon. You have to fuse your cards together to obtain stronger monsters. You can also use magic cards and trap cards. The rules on this game though only lets you use one card from your hand per turn. That means you can either fuse a bunch of monsters together or use a magic card, or set a trap card. This gives you a lot of headaches especially when you don't know what the effects of some cards are. Believe me, you'll be as clueless as I am.

To conclude, the game is not that long and it'll only take you a short time to master these rules and gather the cards you need to create a real strong deck to defeat the pharaoh. You can also add cards from your deck(From the real early sets) To the game and use them in your duels for a great advantage. I suggest getting a Blue Eyes White Dragon in there. Make sure you duel with style because your duels will be measured according to how good you dueled. Overall, this is a very interesting game to pick up for the trading card aficionado, and one for those who don't care about the card game at all because believe it or not, you don't need to know the rules to play this game. Until next week!

September 23, 2010

Finds 221: Xbox 360 controller and weird clone controller....

Hello, Famicom Freak here once more with another edition of these wonderful long lasting finds posts. This time around I didn't find much but it was more than enough to be called a successful trip.

It's always a gamble when you purchase these controllers as they state they are sold as is. It already happened to me with a wired xbox 360 controller which I might take apart and see what binds it together and probably find a fix for it. Either way, I picked this controller with another controller for 1.95. For some reason both of these controllers(You'll see the other controller below) Were placed together in the same bag. I picked it up mainly because of the Xbox 360 controller but the other controller remains a mystery.

Here is the other controller. It seems to be wireless for a clone of some sort. The front of the controller says power games which sounds very clonish like. Anyways, it's peculiar that this controller needs three double A batteries to run while the Xbox 360 controller only needs two. Technology amazed me once more.
I also saw this little game in a pile of games. I actually seen this game there since last week and to be honest games don't last on the shelves for long at that thrift store. This looks like a remake of Galaga but with interesting changes all over it. The CD case inside the box is sealed. I think I'll keep it that way.

Finally, I picked up this game for 1.95. I never heard of it or know anything about it but I figure it would be a great addition to my collection.

So that's about it, there should be a lot of interesting things coming in the next couple of weeks. As for me, I need to continue packing. Until next time!

September 21, 2010

Shopping for the right Stadium Events

Just a heads up to all collectors out there about how to tell if you are buying a NTSC Stadium Events over the more common Pal Stadium Events. This picture should be very helpful. Credit goes to Video Game Price Charts for making this picture of course.

Just wanted to point out that there is an auction on eBay with a copy of Stadium Events but there is not mention if it's the Pal or NTSC so with this wonderful guide you will be able to purchase the right one. I hope this helped some of you who had doubts, for the other collectors, I'm pretty sure you knew about this but I'm just throwing this in for future reference and any doubts whatsoever of this gem of retro gaming.

September 19, 2010

Finds 220: A lot of Everything! CIB NES, CIB GB, etc!

So I headed out real early to do a craiglist score and ended up scoring multiple times! I scored so much, I'm tired! Anyways, I had to travel quite a bit for this pick up but it was totally worth it. I picked up a NES with 30 something games(8 of them boxed) for 40 dollars. I already agreed to just get the games for 25 but the seller convinced me to take the NES as well so I did. I already have a NES so I think you know what is going to happen to it. Almost all the games I already have so nothing new to pick up. The only game I am actually going to keep is Legendary Wings, yeah it's a Capcom classic. Here are some photos!

Here is a pick of the lot with the boxed games. Below are the cart only games.

Loose games....

More games!!! YAY!


I took the liverty to search for nearby Play n Trades in the area as I know there was one in Kendall so I found one only five miles from my NES finding. I headed there and saw a bunch of Pokemon games in a box and just out of curiosity I asked how much? The games were 4.99 each !!! I was like WTF ORGASM!!!!! So I looked around for other stuff to add to my collection and left happy with these additions!

I also picked up a couple of Yugioh games for the Gameboy and the PS1, both complete but with no cards :( I know, it's a long shot but I was ready to have another orgasm if I found the little package with the cards in them. Wouldn't that had made my day perfect? Har har har!

So that should do it, looks like things are looking up for us retro game hunters, until next time!


September 18, 2010

Finds 219: Gremlins 2 Blockbuster Rental and some gameboy games

I decided to pass by the thrift to see what was up and came out with some titles at half off yay for me. There are some that are very familiar to everyone like Super Mario Land and Donkey Kong. I also came accross a copy of Gremlins 2 with a Blockbuster sticker on it. I never knew they had NES games for rent at one point.


Gotta love HDMI!

Well today was the first day I was able to try out the HDMI input my laptop came with(I got this laptop three years ago!) I'm happy to announce that it kicks ass! There is nothing like playing a NES emulator with enhanced graphics! Makes it look like the game is made up of clay! It kicks ass! Nestopia was the emulator of choice for this experiment and the results are as satisfying as the playing experience. I also tried out a SNES emulator both SNES9x and Zsnes (SNES9x being the victor in this match up). I couldn't get the resolution I wanted with Zsnes and not sure why. I also took the liberty to watch One Piece and Bleach never looked better! With all my stuff put away in storage for the next months, this is the perfect solution for my retro gaming needs. It's also the first time I gamed in the last four-five months! Life is good!

September 17, 2010

Finds 218: Sealed Sega CD Game err sort of

As I was packing my stuff away I came accross this find which I totally forgot to blog about and show it off. This is a sealed sega CD game! Sadly, it's not of the rare type and the seal has been ripped quite a bit so you can call this halfish sealed. Anyways, enjoy the photo!

Happy Birthday Mario! Now let me tell you something....

You bastard! How dare you fall on those pits and die. I though we were buddies but you kept dying and losing your powers. Now, I know you are going to say "mAMAMIAH you were the one controlling mamiah!" But and hear this, we were supposed to be a team which means both of us have to work together but it was always me and never you. You....only....moved your arms like if you didn't know what to do every time a gomba would bite your ass or a turtle shell would come right back and ran you over. You bastard!! It's not 25 years later and I went back to play your first adventure, the one that meant to me the most, the one I spent endless nights trying to complete. Yes, I didn't sleep much during those days and guess what? I still died! I don't know about those five minutes run where you seem invincible but at least could you I don't know jump when I tell ya?

Enough said, I hope you stop gaining weight you Italian fatso, you are going to kill Yoshi...and the princess is never going to give you some...that reminds me, did you ever got some from her? I doubt it or else we would be playing Mario Jr right about now.

A little late Mario, but I wrote to Merio first, happy birthday.

Bubsy 3D, what where they thinking? Really!

As you can see in this video, Next Generation must not have been playing the same game we got in stores, please, redue this video and send it to me or else, I will!


4x4 Playstation Preview Next Generation

Here is a little video I uploaded from the CD I found at the thrift store. It's always good to have these videos in public, you never know, maybe someone will find them useful someday. Enjoy!

September 16, 2010

Retro Game of the Week 046: Primal Rage(Gameboy)

Here comes one of the more decent fighters for the forgotten portable handheld. Primal Rage brings you dino-busting action to the palm of your hand and even though our handhelds nowadays do this with ease, this was a tough task back in the golden age of gameboy. Lots of other fighters were introduced and failed misserably and although not that playable, they still manage to give you an experience to their console predecessors. Primal Rage is one of them. While not offering much, this little cartridge offers more than enough to keep you entertain for a good amount of time, the time of course is your choice. Like many of the old titles of the original gameboy, this game is as simple to pick up and play.

With supreme graphics for its time, Primal Rage was something to look at and tell yourself "What an age we live in". We sure take games for granted nowadays, back then this was all we had god damn it! Respect the past, and be grateful for what we have today, Oh! And kill some dinos while you are at it.


Finds 217: Pink Nintendo DS Lite ! GAY, but I like it !

So another day and another find. This time around, a pink NDS Lite ! Enough said!
I have never felt so manly!

September 14, 2010

Finds 216: Returned!

It's a pleasure to be back! What a better way to start things up again in this quest for retro gaming goodness than with a hunt! Hmmm found some interesting items, met new people, and even witnesses and angry customer/worker fight(Wish I had a camera to record it). So behold, finds of today!

Here is an Atari 2600 I believe, it looks in great shape but I still need an AC adapter to try it out. I may also need other stuff to make this baby work, but not sure since I'm not an Atari fanatic.

Here are some portable games. Yes, that's two Pokeymon blues (I'm a huge pokemon fan!) There is also a copy of Battletoads and Mega Man 2. Last but not least, there is a very interesting CD of NEXT Generation which was a magazine about PC games and console games back in the 90s(not sure if they are still around today). As it's stated on the label, the disc contains video clips of upcoming games for each of the consoles N64, PS1, and Sega Saturn. It will be interesting looking at them and maybe make copies and if any of these videos are not on youtube, well then I'll be more than glady upload them.

Last but not least, more gameboy games yay horray!! Also, a copy of Ghostbusters for the Genesis and Son of Chuck for the Genesis as well. There is also a jumper pack for the N64 and a Manga of Pokemon Volume 1! WUTT!!!

That's all for now, better things to come for sure!!! Until next time!


September 11, 2010

Currently playing.....

Nothing!!! I haven't played a game in two months and counting...all my crap is put away and no reason to take it out. I am hoping this will all change very soon...enjoy your weekend.

September 08, 2010

Retro Game of the Week 045: ISS Deluxe (SNES)

This is one of the games that brought back interesting gameplay to a very interesting and abandoned sport genre, Soccer. The game itself is very easy to handle, of course you won't be able to do much with the weaker teams so I suggest you start playing with the stronger teams like Brazil or Germany. The goal keeper is something else as he will guard the post like if it was a matter of life and death! I'm totally serious, this guy gets to a point that you just want to break the controller. HE SAVES EVERYTHING!! The post is also as big as it can get and the bastard always somehow makes the save. Either way, it's always a challenge to beat him. I usually just lure him out of the post and pass the ball back for a kick on the side he is furthest from and he still manages to save the ball half the time. Yeah, Konami made sure you sweat when you play this game. The teams are also very unbalanced in the aspect of weakest to strongest. I know that most games are very playable even with the weakest character(TMNT Raph, I'm talking to you!) but this one makes you want to just pick Brazil or Germany half the time. You can try it with other teams but you'll end up having a very hard time beating the goal keeper or even catching up to the offense as your guys aren't even as fast as your rival. This uneveness makes you work harder and truly think like a pro to find a way to win. I haven't played the game so much to get to that point, but you will know what I mean when you play it.

To conclude, the game is very entertaining just don't let yourself pick any other team other than Brazil or Germany when you start playing. With enough practice, you can beat the team with the weaker teams like Japan, USA, and even Mexico. Good luck!

Bleh delays....

More delays coming up this month as I am trying to get everything organized for the new format we'll have here. Not so many dastrict changes but I have been going through some stuff I need to take care of, until then....
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