Finds 1676: A CD Case Book Shelf

It's got to be the cutest most awesome design for a CD case ever!

Pokemon Black is added to the shoppe

Be sure to check this and all the newest releases on the Retro Gaming Life Shoppe!

Ads from the Past 461: Sega Game Gear

Classic ad for the handheld that rivaled the Gameboy.

Yu-gi-oh! Custom Deck Box: Toon World

Stop by and check out my custom Toon World Deck Box!

Kitsune Zero: Adorable Fox Girl

Play as a cute fox girl in a world filled with Japanese Folklore!

November 30, 2010

Finds 240: Gateway 2, Conan, and Tie Fighter PC Games!

As many of you may know I love boxed PC games from the 80s and 90s. I just can't get enough of the box art as there are some really wacky retro looking art in some of these games. I also love reading the specs as they ask for so much! Not really, just looking at those specs makes me feel like we have come a long way. Of course, none of my recent PC finds will ever live up to this, but there is always hope of something amazing appearing before you. Anyways, enough talk have at you!

First of all, here is a map that came with the Conan game. This is quite a piece huh? Times like these were so much more interesting as you needed help from a map to solve a game.

So here it is, Conan the Ciminerian complete for the PC. I wonder if the floppy disks still work...
I picked this up for 1.95.
Here we have Gateway 2 Homeworld. This is supposed to be mid rare to find so a good pick up for 1.95.
I finally picked up Star Wars Tie Fighter for the PC as well. It was a PC finds day for sure.

So that should do it for this month. It seems like there will be no doubt of which find won this month's find of the month. You'll have to read about it tomorrow. Good bye November!

-Findings list-
Gateway 2 Homeworld (PC)
Conan The Ciminerian (PC)
Star Wars Tie Fighter (PC)

November 29, 2010

Thank you for following!

Just want to give a big thanks to the 50+ followers we now have here at Retro Gaming Life. Thank you for giving this blog life and keep on visiting and commenting! You are always welcomed!

November 28, 2010

Retro Game Collecting 101 Lesson 1

So you want to start collecting retro games and retro gaming related items? Well, there are lots of things you should know before you start buying these games because I know you don't want to be wasting your money or want to end up with non working consoles and cartridges/CDs. First of all, ask yourself what you are trying to collect or what you are interested in collecting, it's a lot easier to start like this as you will probably be familiar at what you are trying to build into a collection. Some of us want to have these video games mainly because we want to go back to our childhood memories by playing these games. It's always a good idea to start with the games you remember the most and build from it. Of course, if you want to build a collection and have no idea where to start, I'll just tell you one word, Mario. I'm really sure you will start enjoying your collection if you start buying off the many Mario titles out there for different consoles and handhelds. They are always a treat to pick up and play so there is no way for you to loose as they are both fun and hold up their value. Now, if you are not a Mario fan at all and hate that fat bastard then you should ask yourself where to start off? Maybe you want to go for Atari or start with the Master System. After all, your number one lesson here is to do your research, don't just go out and buy anything because I don't want to hear you come back from spending twenty dollars on a copy of Shaq Fu.

Another thing to take account for is that RPG games always hold up their value so you can't go wrong buying them. Also, make sure you keep your eyes opened for limited released games because since their production numbers were low, the value is higher. There are many ways to start off a collection and the number one place you should hunt for them are thrift stores and garage sales. I don't mention flea markets because they aren't as common as I though. At certain thrift stores you will be able to find great titles for really low prices. There are different times when they will bring games out from the back that are ready to sale so make sure you make friends with some of the co-workers as they will give you very important information. The stores might also have sales once in a while so it's always good to take note into that and come back the days of the sales. Don't forget that you are not the only one into retro game collecting, there are lots of other collectors out there ready to bring their game to the next level, so watch out. These “rivals” will do anything to take you out even if it costs them their souls but of course not all of them are like that so make sure to make friends with some of them but be very careful when you do and who you socialize, believe me I have been back staved by many so called friends so I know what I'm talking about.

Moving on, garage sales are crucial to your retro gaming collective obsession! You will not find any better prices than in garage sales. Make sure you go early as well because like in the thrift stores, you are not the only one into retro game collecting. Also, make sure you socialize with the sellers as they will eventually give you great deals if you buy a lot from them. It also wouldn't hurt if you ask them if they have something they didn't bring out as they might have a big box of games they forgot to pull out, believe me it might sound like a long shot but it has proven to work in more than one occasion. You will surely end up with incredible deals from garage sales, if you have no idea where to find garage sales, such websites such as Craigslist have a posting section for garage sales in your local area so don't hesitate to check those.

Speaking of Craigslist, that is another source of finding great retro gaming items. You never know what you might find so be sure to double check their “video game” listings and it wouldn't bother to check the “toys and games” and “electronics” sections as some sellers might mistakenly place their ads for games there. It never hurts to look once in a while, you never know it might be worth it.

As for price range, I suggest you keep it under three dollars per game or you will end up spending more than what you desire especially if you purchase games you don't even know about. I only pay up to two dollars per game especially if I have never seen it because I don't want to be wasting money or time trying to sell it if I don't like the game. Speaking of selling, it would be a good idea for you to buy to resale in order to keep your hobby alive. You have bills, rent, and other expenses so you can see where I am going through with this as collecting retro games will become an added expense. If you want to cancel that expense, resale. It might sound bad to some but I can admit I resale in order to keep my hobby alive and this blog alive, it also helps you bring retro gaming all over the world if you decide to sell that far.

So lets review!

-First of all, do your research! Find out what games and why you want them, don't buy just to buy them because you might end up with a very unsatisfying collection.

-Find out where your local garage sales are and be sure to be there early.

-Visit the thrift stores and find out their specials if any.

-Make friends with workers at the thrift stores as they might have very important information on what you are looking for.

-Use Craigslist to find information on garage sales or to look for games at their “video games”, “toys and games”, and “electronics” sections.

-Always have a smile on your face and be positive, karma! It's all about karma!

-Resale if this hobby will be an added cost to your expenses, I don't want you to go broke!

-Have fun, this hobby should be nothing but a good experience! Search for treasure, you might find something no one has ever come across!

So that should do it for lesson 1 of Retro Game Collecting 101, I hope you enjoyed this and stay tuned for the second part coming sometime in the next month! Class dismissed!

November 27, 2010

Finds 239: Finally, Some Nintendo DS Entries

I decided to take advantage of the buy 2 get 1 free deal from Gamestop and although their merchandise is very limited (Especially since I only buy RPGs and one or two games from other genres) I was able to pick up a couple of games I have never seen before. Well, you have to take notice that I don't play much or know much DS myself but when I see RPGs good or bad, I must have them. It's just something I cherish and even though I have over 300 RPG games from different consoles, I don't think I'll be able to play them all but collecting is fun either way. Well, enough talk, check out my new acquisitions!
So here they are! You have Advance Wars Days of Ruin which by the way came with a register number that I used and got 30 coins out of it, sweet huh? Then there is also Black Sigil and From the Abyss. Overall, very interesting titles to check out but I do have others in mind that will probably be coming next week, I just need to have some extra cash for them. Want to take a wild guess? And no, it's not Dragon Quest although I wish it was sometimes....

-Findings List-
Advance Wars Days of Ruin (NDS)
Black Sigil (NDS)
From the Abyss (NDS)

Famicom Guide Featured Game: Matendouji

Known as Conquest of the Crystal Palace for the NES.

Retro Game of the Week 056: Castlevania 2 Belmont's Revenge (GB)

We always had lots of great games to remember from the old gameboy library and this one is no different. Konami was savvy enough to see their mistakes on their first title for the gameboy and work on it. Castlevania 2 Belmont's Revenge brings you a very improved gameplay experienced and a very memorable adventure. The music if you have heard it has been used in Castlevania titles from today and that just shows you it's that good. It really is! There are lots of things to like about this Castlevania. First of all, you can start the game from four different levels so the game won't feel very linear for once. The gameplay is your usual kinky wiping and jumping procedures and the enemies will be more familiar if you played the first gameboy Castlevania. The game does bring out an enjoyable enough experience so that you will have the will to come back for more. The game is not that easy so it's suggested for moderate players that won't get mad and throw the gameboy against the wall when they get their asses handed to them.

Overall, this game brings out a better improvement as well as better music and graphics. If you disliked the NES counter part even though I don't see why you would, this is the game for you. It is not that expensive so getting a copy of it shouldn't be a problem but if you are a very cheap person then emulation is your answer. Until next week!

Finds 238: Sealed NES Games Lot

So while surfing on eBay I came across a couple of sealed games that were incredibly cheap! I decided to consult with a friend and after his suggestion, I decided to buy them. I'm happy to add some more sealed goodness to my collection after being a while from my last NES sealed finding(You know which!). Anyways, I picked up the Sesame Street and Destination Earthstar from that eBay shoppe but I also picked up a sealed Dance Aerobics as well!
Sesame Street and Destination Earthstar were 9.99 each while Dance Aerobics was 4.99. Anything NES sealed is always welcomed to my collection! Until next time!
-Findings List-
Dance Aerobics (NES)
Destination Earthstar (NES)
Sesame Street 1 2 3 (NES)


November 26, 2010

Finds 237: Once more, Nintendo stuff!

I was able to pick up even more stuff today. Even though it's black Friday there wasn't much of a discount for these items but it didn't matter, I wanted them anyways!
I got this Nintendo 64 with two controllers for 14.95 while the games were 1.95 each. I was playing Mario Kart 64 earlier today, wow that game is as fun as ever!
I also picked these games up for 1.95 each. The usual Pokemon trilogy for the original gameboy as well as Tetris 2 and Donkey Kong Land.

It was a good day to help my hobby survive these hard times but I was hoping to find stuff to add to my collection, alas I didn't....till next time!

-Findings List-
Nintendo 64 Console with cables
Green Nintendo 64 Controller
Yellow Nintendo 64 Controller
Mario Kart 64 (N64)
Super Mario 64 (N64)
Diddy Kong Racing (N64)
Yoshi's Story (N64)
Mickey's Speedway USA (N64)
Pokemon Red (GB)
Pokemon Yellow (GB)
Pokemon Blue (GB)
Donkey Kong Land (GB)
Tetris 2 (GB)

November 25, 2010

Famicom Guide Featured Game: Dark Lord

A very interesting RPG, one that should not be ignored! Check it out!

Happy Thanksgiving from Retro Gaming Life

Just want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving from yours truly. Lets all give thanks to all the retro games we found this year and hope for many more in the future.....or well thank you families why don't ya? Cya!

November 24, 2010

Famicom Guide Featured Game: Crayon Shin-Chan Chinese

The anime series was quite funny and this game doesn't disappoint even though it's a pirate. The butt dancing bad guys make up for its lack of replay value. Check it out!

Some new sections among other things

It's time to expand this blog even more. With Famicom Guide going at full force, there will be other things coming out of this blog. One of them will be the Pirate of the Week which of course will have a pirate of my choice with some info on it and a little review of games something similar to the retro game of the week. The reason for this is because there are a lot of interesting pirates out there that people might find appealing so it's my duty as a pirate collector(among other things) To help spread the word on pirate carts. I can only hope I can dig them out from my storage unit! Another new aspect of this blog will be polls that will be posted in the right side -----> of the page. It's quite easy just to vote and all. These polls will be crucial in some upcoming events like video game giveaways among other things. I will also start talking about my other hobbies like Ninja Turtles collecting and Yu-gi-oh card collecting a little more. I know I have had some Yu-gi-oh posts in the past but there will become more often especially since I have lots of "amazing" cards to still show off. Furthermore, there will be more article posts about stuff retro gaming and maybe some next gen gaming as well. Of course, the usual Finds and Retro Game of the Week will be here to stay. I hope you enjoy the new content being added and keep visiting and reading! Thank you!!!

November 23, 2010

Famicom Guide Featured Game: God Slayer Haruka Tenkuu no Sonata

Some of you may know this one as Crystalis! The legendary game that never got a sequel but you can at least be happy to play this game in your gameboy color although I prefer the original a lot more....enjoy!

Finds 236: Pokemon Stuff and Xbox 360 Controllers!

Another hunt at the local thrift stores with good results. This time around I was able to pick up a limited edition Gameboy Color as well as a Pokemon board game. But that's not all, I also picked up two Xbox 360 controllers but did they work? Lets find out!
Here we have the Special Edition Gameboy color. There were quite a few of them released with the different games. Sadly, I already have this one but for seven bucks I couldn't say no. The screen is a little scratched up but it runs the game real well and with sound! I might just keep this one as well but I don't know just yet....we'll see.
When it comes to next gen I usually step away, but I couldn't say no to this deal especially since I heard of the upcoming Atlus title from the creators of the Shin Megami Tensei series coming to the Xbox 360 and PS3! Yeah, I don't think I even have to tell you the name! Anyways, I picked these two controllers for 2.95 which kept me wondering if it was a good price for controllers, I think it was. Anyways, as for testing them I was able to get one of them to search for the signal and will further test it on Friday with my friend's Xbox 360. The other one had some problems as the acid in the batteries left the dried acid thing so I had to get some water with baking soda and a swab to clean the battery contacts. I'm happy to announce that it worked and the signal light turned on, now all that's left is to test them out on Friday. I hope for a successful test run!
Finally, I was able to pick this up for 1.95. I don't know much about it but it's Pokemon so it has to be somewhat fun right? I don't even know if it's complete, guess I can count all 150 Pokemon which I know by heart har har har!

So that's it for now, lots of interesting findings this time around and will definitely keep you posted on the Xbox 360 controllers. Cya later alligator!
-Findings List-
Gameboy Color Pokemon Edition
Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
Pokemon Board Game

Finds of the Month Updates

Here is the list of the finds of every month up to October. I do apologize that I haven't posted the last three or so and completely missed the March entry but they are all here! So here they are, each of them with a little info on how I found them.

NES Deluxe Set
I was able to pick this up at a thrift store for a mere 34.95. The best part was that the R.O.B. came complete and with all the parts. It was even still in its bag with the games in extreme minty shape! This is for sure one of my most valued items. Amazingly, due to my struggle with money I almost sold this precious item but due to "destiny" the set ended up back in my hands.
House of the Dead(Saturn)
This is probably the cheapest find of the month ever, because it was free. During this time, there was a play n trade opened near my home and I was very happy. I used to go there all the time but sadly, the store is gone. This memory will always stay in me though. I went in to go through their used games as usual and found the House of the Dead disc for Saturn but with no price tag. I asked how much it was and the guy checked it out on the computer and said 4.99! I was like WOW NO WAY! Anyways, I picked up a couple of other games and due to their offer of buy two get one free, I came up with a free copy of House of the Dead it being the cheapest game I was buying. Those were sure good times....

Famicom CIB

I gotta thank eBay for this finding. This console usually goes for 100+ as well so I was lucky enough to pay 56 dollars for this wonderful console but that's not all. The console also came with twenty six games as well as some pirates in that lot. I couldn't have asked for anything more but that's right, that's not all! I also got an extra Famicom Disk System RAM adapter, those might come in handy, thanks eBay!

Valkyrie Profile(PS1)
In one of my trips to the thrift store, I was able to pick this up for a mere 1.95 just to wet my pants later that day when I found out how much this gem was worth. I'm a real fan of RPGs so there is no way I could let go of this game especially when it is in such minty shape. Great find over all...

Goal Prototype(NES)
I picked this up at the flea market for the amazing price of two dollars. I had no idea what it was at first but the label caught my attention and I figured why not? And boy did I made a great purchase as this little game right here ended up being a prototype of the game Goal for the NES. I never really play through it to see any differences but it's OK, I'm just happy having it to show it off to my friends.

NES Sealed Game Lot
Probably one of the best finds ever from Craiglist, sealed games are what brings you back to the simpler time especially for the NES! I paid a little over 200 dollars for these but I broke even and even more after I sold the duplicates. It's a great way to help your hobby stay alive and not bother your living expenses. I wouldn't dare open any of these because I might just get a heart attack. This can be without a doubt the best find of the year although the rest of the entries are quite impressive and will post a challenge nonetheless.

Asian PC Games
In a month of horrible empty handed finds, I was able to pick these games up for .95 cents each if I remember correctly. I wasn't able to test them but they looked like Emulators with roms in them which made them a very unique find and with no challengers to fight for the top spot of July, this one went through with ease.

Thousand Arms(PS1)
When it comes to RPGs I go nuts and when it comes to RPGs by Atlus I scream like a little girl! But really, there is just something about Atlus I can't stop loving, they are amazing! I was able to pick this baby up for two bucks and it even came with a Thousand Arms sticker on the memory card. This is surely one of the games in my "to play" list.

Pokemon CIB Lot + Yugi
Play n Trade might be gone from my area but that never stopped me from finding others nearby and that's what I did, and that's how I ended up with these finds. Having paid only four dollars and some cents (With the help of my ten percent discount) I was able to pick all of these games up in minty complete condition. The only duplicate was Pokemon Blue which I ended up re-selling to break even with this purchase. This is just one of the things I love about savvy collecting, be sure to take notes mmk?

Ico (PS2)
This would be my second copy of Ico I would have in my collection if I hadn't sold it to a good friend of mine but it was fine by me as I told him I would eventually bump into another one. The time finally came as I picked this one up at the flea market for the wonderful price of two dollars. This is another game in my list that will eventually be explore by yours truly, I'll be sure to keep you updated on that.

So that's it for all this year's top finds. Be sure to check each one out with careful consideration as I'll need you to vote this January for the top one! The reason? Do you really need one? All you gotta do is click and you are done, no ID needed so even illegal immigrants can vote! Cya later amigos!

November 21, 2010

Famicom Guide Featured Game: Cosmo Police Galivan

Here is another interesting title. Quite expensive but really good! Have a great Sunday!

November 20, 2010

Famicom Guide Featured Game: City Connection

Whatever you do, don't run the kitty over please!

Stop Violating My Turtles!

So here we go, I know most of you have seen certain videos depicting as this game being god awful. Really, what the hell is going on in your head? Are you thinking straight? This game is an incredible challenge that only real men are able to overcome. Stop whining and start playing a real NES game why don't ya? But seriously, who says this game is so horrible? Because it's tough? Aren't over 90 percent of the NES games tough anyways? I have all these questions which I know the answers for but just needed to get them out in the open already. Stop violating my turtles!

Lets go through this game little by little. You start with the four turtles at your disposal. Now, you can't use them all four at the same time but you can switch in between them, I'm guessing the reason for this is the limitation of the NES, even in the SNES turtles game(Turtles in Time) You couldn't use four turtles at the same time, you could use two but not four. I don't find this annoying at all because the game is better off just playing on your own. Just think how it would look if you had four players playing in the same screen? That's what arcade games were made for during the late 80s you know!

So as you can see, it wouldn't have worked in the first place. The game would go real slow and everyone will be on each others way! Stop complaining that it's not multi player already you punk! Furthermore, the monsters I'll admit are not from the animated series so what? There are many monsters that are not from certain cartoons or series so why are you bashing this game so much? The foot soldiers do look like foot soldiers you know...kinda of...still! I also heard that the monsters might be coming from the comic book which does make some sense since the cover art of the game is from the comic book turtles as they all originally wear the red eye cover things.

Anyways, enough about that. The main reason people complain about this game is for the difficulty which is fine if you are a whiner, if you want a real game experience, this is it. You can't any more of a bad ass game than TMNT for the NES(Well try Battletoads). This game will make you cry and cry until you want to throw your controller with rage but if you are wise, you'll know when you had enough and come back the next time even stronger for another round. You can get through the first six levels quite easy until you reach the Technodrome. That's when things get out of hand. I do suggest you stock up on scrolls with all the turtles as they are the ultimate weapon of destruction and of course always keep your turtles healed. There are certain areas where you can rescue a turtle. What you can do is kill your turtle on purpose if it has low health and just rescue it right away, it's just another great way to pick up a healed turtle. It will be really tough if you get to the Technodrome and loose your turtles because when you start off again, you'll be without any of your weapons and will be vulnerable to those spaceman shooting lasers at you. There are also other machine monsters ready to kick your ass, you have to be savvy and use your skills and health wisely. Learn the Technodrome surroundings and you'll come up victorious.

To wrap things up, yes the game is difficult, yes some of the things in the game don't make much sense but you have to tell yourself, it's just a game. Deal with it or just don't play, don't just bitch about it just because you can't beat it. I was able to beat this game when I was six for god's sake! If I was able to do it twenty years ago, I don't see why you can't do it now after all nothing in the game has changed, we have just gotten used to games kissing our ass for us. Cowabunga!


Finds 235: Metroid 2, Simon's Revenge, Darkwing Duck, and Super Bust-a-Move

Another day for hunting, and I gotta say another successful hunt! This time around I was able to pick up some classic Gameboy titles. They are also real good games! You can't go wrong with Castlevania 2, Metroid 2, and Darkwing Duck! I also picked up this PS2 title with a very funny cover art. Behold photos!
Don't you just love this cover? It's sho cute!! Paid 1.95 for this one!
Picked these three gameboy games for 1.95 each! Now, I just need to find my gameboy player add-on and my gamecube to play these beauties! I just can't do it on an original gameboy or gameboy color anymore, my eyes do I feel old....

So that's it for this hunt, there should be more stuff coming up in the coming weeks and also a probable flea market trip soon! Oh yes, don't forget to check the findings list below!

-Findings List-
Super Bust-a-Move (PS2)
Darkwing Duck (GB)
Metroid 2 (GB)
Castlevania 2 -Belmont's Revenge (GB)

Retro Game of the Week 055: Sword of Mana(GBA)

One of the more interesting games for the GBA is surely Sword of Mana. Supposedly this is the first Seiken Densetsu game in the Mana series but was for some reason renamed to Final Fantasy Adventure in its original release. I'm guessing it was more of a popular name to put into a title to raise sales. Either way, as much as I loved the original, this one is a great improvement over it. Of course, I can't say I miss the classic gameboy colors but this is a totally different experience altogether. The game is a well done remake that proves yet again how Square kept milking their old games into "remakes" This time around though, they succeeded in a positive note. The game plays like any of the other Mana games(The good ones at least), and delivers a very satisfying gaming experience. You are able to pick from a male or female character which you will name whatever you want(Name advice, Petunia, Resputan).

So here we go in a new grand adventure, you will probably feel at home with the beat em up style gameplay it brings as well as Mana cards you can use to summon your magical powers. Sadly, this game doesn't bring a link cable gameplay option which would have made it an incredible experience(Some of you may remember Secret of Mana on the SNES, three players!). You can still connect two GBAs with the games but only for trading purposes, this isn't Pokemon you know! The game does deliver you with companions who will aid you on your quest but won't stay long with you, just like the original(Remember that mage that looked like a red mage?). The game also has a very interesting gameplay feature which involves finding items on certain days which is a big plus as it'll make you play the game for a certain amount of time.

Overall, like always don't want to give out too much so you can enjoy and find yourself yet another great gaming experience. Until next week!

Dear Virtual Console, Bite Me

With the release of the virtual console in the next gen consoles, we have been able to play our classics without the chore of bringing them out of our closets. In some cases, some of us still have our classic consoles connected to the TV because we just love to get our retro game fix once in a while. I think it's a great idea for a virtual console except for the fact that it's ruining our collections one game at a time. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that new generations are able to play these classics with their latest consoles whether it is the Wii, Xbox 360, or PS3. There have also been new releases by developers that keeps our interest up with such titles as Mega Man 10 and Castlevania. The problem is that with new technology, new problems appear in front of us to deal with. For instance, I'm a collector of everything to do with retro gaming and have cherished and worked hard on obtaining certain games so wouldn't it just bother you at least a little bit if you find out that due to the game being released as a download, the value of your game you worked so hard to find has gone down in value as well. I think that's just killing the retro gaming collectors all over the world. There are certain things that should be left alone, of course they can release the Marios and Megamans and what not but why not do as Capcom and release a new Mega Man rather than just try to milk out from work that was already done decades ago. That's one of the things that pisses me off about Nintendo especially during the GBA era when they re-released lots of the SNES titles into small chopped up versions of each one. Whatever happened to the originality? It's definitely gone, I can tell you for sure that I'm one of the gamers that doesn't get excited when I hear a new Mario game is coming out. I lost that excitement years ago.....

There are some pros to the virtual console though. We have gotten a new generation of gamers to cherish and respect these games. I'm glad that some of the younger generations are able to appreciate these classics and can still find them fun to play to this day. You really can't beat Super Mario Bros 3, that was Mario on his prime if you haven't noticed. It's amazing to see how many teenagers are collecting old consoles like the NES and Genesis. It's really great to hear that they love such games as Castlevania Bloodlines and Contra but also tend to complain about the same games we complained about. Some of them have the guts to challenge these games and come out victorious, it's a great feeling when I get messages from kids telling me they beat certain game that is just brutal to play through but not impossible. There are also the bad side of these individuals, the snotty punk ass smart ass retro wannabes that don't appreciate or cherish anything. All that comes out of their mouths is stench of ugliness surrounded by their loud ego. I advice you to stay away from them and run the other way as soon as possible.

Overall, the virtual console does good and bad things to collectors and players alike. Whether you like it or not, this paid emulator will be here to stay. I must say though, there is no way I'll pay ten dollars for a download, I rather have the real deal.


November 18, 2010

Famicom Guide Featured Game: Cocoron

Here we have Cocoron for the Famicom. This title is quite odd but fun over all. There were 20+ videos added today so take a chance and check them out. Lets help the Famicom Guide keep on growing!

Famicom Guide Featured Game: Contra Spirits 1995

Here we go yet again with another crappy pirate game! Contra 3 gone bad...

November 17, 2010

Famicom Guide Featured Game: Akomajou Dracula

Hmmmm Halloween may be over but Dracula is alive all year long!

Famicom Guide

Some Changes! UPDATE!

Hmm I decided to change some things for the better. This is not a major change but as you have seen in the past couple of days the text has changed a little bit as well as a little updated background photo. There is one more change that will make things easier on the search engine. Every time there is a finds post I will post a list of the newly acquired titles that way when people search on this blog for specific games or something similar to it they'll get a better result. That's it, just plain and simple! That's all for now!
P.S. I will be editing the last couple of Finds posts to give this new method a try.

Famicom Guide Featured Game: Chaos World

A very interesting and challenging title by Natsume. I'm totally impressed!

Famicom Guide

November 16, 2010

Starting up again...

As some of you are aware of, my collection has been put away neither for good or bad it's just gone for the time being. I have started a new collection from the ground to errr mid level? Anyways, here is what I have assembled so far! Quite a team huh? There were a few things I couldn't show but there will be hopefully in the future(When I get a book case or something). So that's all for now!

Foot soldier agrees by giving the thumbs up!

Retro Game of the Week 054: Commander Keen 4(PC)

I have to apologize for the delay of last weeks retro game of the week but better late than ever. This time around we have a classic for any PC gamer that was around in the early 90s. Commander Keen IV is what made the franchise complete as it unveiled a game like no other. Commander Keen was what Mario is for Nintendo, a franchise that always delivered but like any great franchise it must have it's ace game. This game is Commander Keen at its best and it shows. With great graphics(for its time) And awesome mechanics and sound, there is very little to dislike about this game. The plays very simple, it's your average platformer but with a spark of creativity that makes it very enjoyable. You play as Billy once more and are on a quest to save some old people! Yeah, these old people are actually a community of keepers that have been kidnapped. Your mission my friend is to save these keepers, sounds simple huh? It's not! Especially in the later levels as the game becomes more challenging than ever before. Overall, the game is just enjoyable from beginning to end although there are many secrets to be found(I haven't found all of them).

The music of the game is enjoyable as well, if you are lucky enough to play it in true DOS then you will also be able to choose from the PC speaker sound which isn't bad at all just very retro. If not, you can always use the wonderful and probably best emulator ever released DOS BOX and find yourself a copy of the game, you'll do fine like that as well. I wish I had my classic PC out so I could be playing it in pure DOS but I will have to settle for Dos box which is not bad but I think most of you know how much I love classic original stuff(Except Famicom, I wuv Famicom pirates).

To conclude, this amazing masterpiece published by Apogee and developed by ID software Is something that any gamer should play period. It will cost you nothing now that the episode is everywhere on the net and in the end, you'll have a very enjoyable retro gaming time. I'm telling you this for your own good, be sure to pay respects to the roots of gaming and try it out, until next week....


Famicom Guide Featured Game: Akumajou Densetsu

So it's another day and another set of videos added to the Guide. This time around, yes it's a pick from the Castlevania series! Castlevania 3 as we know it in the USA is none other than Akumajou Densetsu! Enjoy!


November 15, 2010

Finds 234: Lots of Nintendos and a Challenger Appears!

Another day and even more finds! This time around I was able to pick up a Nintendo 64 console with two controllers for 14.95. The main reason for this purchase was so that I could try out the green console I got a week ago or so and I'm happy to announce that it works! Well, both consoles work which is good for me. This console and other stuff were discovered today....
Here you go a N64 with two controllers as well as a memory card and rumble pack accessories. Not bad for 14.95!
Here you go, a NES console...I did saw a bunch of them for ridiculous prices at the flea market but this one was just right. For 9.95 I say it's a bargain but wait there is more....
Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt cart inside the console! YAY! Well I wouldn't call it the best freebie but it came with the console...I won't complain having another copy of a game that turned me into what I am today! har har har!
Now here we have some really mondo games! All released by Nintendo and all 1.95 each! The only problem is that the Super Mario World cart came with some tape around it because the previous owner opened it....what a bozo....

So that should do it....I also got to meet yet another rival in the retro gaming hunt. It happens from time to time but this one was one of a kind for sure. I was paying for my games and all and then she was called to the register(She was behind me in line) As I was paying she looked at all this stuff and right away I knew what she was up to. Anyways, I asked to see some consoles and she started making small talk until she said "So you are my competition now, interesting..." So I replied "I wouldn't call it that but if you say so". I gotta admit, she was really cute and looked like one of those otaku girls you hear about...she was buying an anime doll anyways. I had spotted her looking at the video game controllers so I had a feeling she was into that stuff. It's ok though, I don't mind getting to know people with the same hobbies as mine cute or not....until next time!

-Findings List-
Nintendo 64 with two controllers and cables
NES console with two controllers and cables
Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
Super Mario World (SNES)
Super Mario World 2 -Yoshi's Island- (SNES)
Super Smash Bros(N64)

November 14, 2010

Finds 233: Tommy Hilfiger Gameboy and an array of great finds!

It's flea market time again and why not now since we just turned two! I know we are still babies according to everyone in the web but you have to think of internet years! Two is a lot! Anyways, there is a story behind each of these finds so lets get started!
Lets start off with a really neat find. I was looking at some Nintendo 64 games which I was planning on purchasing until this guy out of nowhere came to look and took them off my sight. He did asked if I was going to buy them but I wasn't sure because I would have spent all the money I had left so I let him have them. It was alright though, the same seller then took out this Tommy Hilfiger gameboy that I have never seen before so I asked how much and he said three dollars. I said yeah but then as I was about to pay for it, I saw a box underneath the table and found a little something which he gave me for free with the gameboy purchase. Another plus was that it came with the Super Mario Deluxe cart while the Double Dragon cart I purchased from another vendor for two dollars. A really good find in my book!
So here is the other thing I got with the gameboy...hmm no it's not the long box PS1 title but the Famicom Multicart! Yes, this little game was right there looking at me trying to shine the sun on its cart coat and caught my attention. Now, if you must know the Tennis long box game was a dollar from another vendor. This one is going to my long box collection.
I must have passed by this game at least three times before I decided to get it. It only cost a dollar but what I liked the most(if you know me you should know!) Is the graphics on the box!! Can't beat Apache Strike released in 1987!
It was very umm coincidental to run into this game as I was in the middle of a trade for it in the first place so in a way I'm really happy but I'm not sure the dude I was working on a trade with will be happy by the end of the day. Anyways, I picked this game up from many that were available but overall this was the one I wanted. A funny thing happened when I was paying for it though. I had a ten dollar bill and handed it to the vendor but somehow she said it was a twenty dollar bill until she was giving me that change back and I told her it's a ten, then she said "Wow you are on in a million" I know I know, I'm da best! har har har!
Rewinding back to my search for the twenty foot soldiers....well lookie here! I just found the second one so that's 2/20 complete. Only eighteen more to go! Oh yeah if you must know, I paid a dollar for this one and the game my brother paid .50 cents for and just gave it to me.

I mainly bought this lot for the Lolo game and didn't had a problem paying two dollars for it. I guess the rest of the games can be used to include in lots I'll be selling. Don't get me wrong, they aren't bad games(looks at NBA Jam) They are just wayyyy too common!
This guide was very interesting and it was pretty much free so nothing bad about free stuff right? Good old Gamefan days....
This wireless NES connector receiver thingy was also free.....go figure....
There was also this awesome Sega Saturn with Tetris Plus in it. Hmm not sure if it works or not but the Tetris Plus disc is minty enough to be worth a three dollar buy don't ya think?
So to wrap things up, I bought all these controllers for 12 dollars. I should be OK with N64 controllers for a while although I already have each of these colors they will definitely help me with my hobby. Well, that should do it for this trip. There will be a lot of more stuff coming in the coming weeks as well and I promise a bunch of other updates including how I started off a new'll see what I mean. Until next time!

-Findings List-
Tommy Hilfiger Gameboy Color
Super Mario Bros Deluxe(GBC)
Double Dragon(GB)
78 in 1 Famicom Pirate Cart (FC)
Apache Strike(PC or Commodore 64)
Fatal Frame(PS2)
Foot Soldier(Action Figure)
NBA Live 2000(N64)
Adventures of Lolo(NES)
NBA Live 95(SNES)
Killer Instinct 2 Strategy Guide(Arcade) Gamefan
Wireless NES Controller Receiver(NES)
Sega Saturn Console
Tetris Plus(Sega Saturn)
Nintendo 64 Controllers x6
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