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December 31, 2008

Finds 018: My Final Finds of The Year 2008

So we have come to the end of another year and for me it was a great one with lots of great finds and umm I also graduated from college haha! Anyways, here you go my final finds of the year....oh yeah two of the Famicom carts I already showed but I think they deserve another shot.

Here are the latest Famicom carts I got. Two of them came in two encounters at the flea market while the other one was sent to me from Canada by a seller who didn't sent me the cart I bought in the first place so I got this one for free. I though it would be TMNT 2 but it ended up turning into TMNT 3.....I like TMNT 2 better if you haven't noticed.

I went to the thrift store yesterday but a little too late to find anything good. I did found a ps1 game for 95 cents which is Rayman 2. I also found a gameboy color codebook for 95 cents as well and finally a PC CD game with lots of shareware. I can probably mess around with it in my old packard bell.

I also found a Genesis model 2 in the thrift store for 9.99 + tax of course. The only reason I got it was because I saw it had a set of wireless controllers. I tried them out and they work perfectly. It's amazing sega made these since stuff like this was so ahead of its time. You see consoles right now come with only wireless controllers so if had a genesis with wireless controllers you were probably a sega god hahahha.

So that's about it I hope you all had a great time checking out my blog. Happy New Year!

December 30, 2008

Finds 017: Thank You Gamestop

Heheh I got a nice lot of gameboy games for sixteen dollars and some cents. Great stuff to add to my gameboy collection. Some of these games are actually fun to play!


December 29, 2008

Finds 016: Flea Market Finds Including FF7

Here are some kewl new finds. I got all of this for 20 bucks! It's was a great day for especially for FF7 black label which I got for only two bucks! Anyways, enjoy the photos woooohoooooo!

Here is a Power Joy with a Power Joy cart! Pretty kewl clone you know I was also able to test it out and it works great. Anyways, here are also some other games including Donkey Kong and Baseball stars for the NES. One last thing is the Gameshark for the gameboy color.

Here are some SMS games and the Game Gear I got with Streets of Rage 2 and Sonic Chaos. It's really kewl to play the Game Gear again.

Here are some big finds. I got FF7 for 2 dollars which is a steal! Same price for FF8 and a dollar for each of the cube games and the SOR2 genesis game.

Overall, a great day for me at the flea market. I will be mostly selling all this stuff. I think the only stuff I'm going to keep are the power joy, game gear, and game shark. Everything else will be up for sale. Cya later!

December 26, 2008

Here is what I got!

I'm currently typing from my brand new top of the line desktop!! WOOOOOTTTTTT
I also got lots of other stuff but I'll talk about them later tonight because right now I gotta go to a Miami Heat game!!! OHHH YEAHHH!

December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope all of you have a great time. Lets hope that times will get better than worse and help each other out during these hard times. Also, enjoy this day and many more because you shouldn't only feel good during this time but all year long. People seem to forget what Christmas message is until it comes around next year.....Anyways, enjoy and stay tuned for more Famicom info here in my blog

December 23, 2008

Famiclone Power Joy

So which Famiclone have you used the most? For me, the Power Joy 3 is the only Famiclone I've used but lately it has been giving me problems. For example, this Famiclone is only made up of a N64 style controller with the cartridge slot in the back of it. The problem with that is that I can easily move the cart out of place and therefore mess up the whole game and then I'll have to start over.

Another problem with this Famiclone is the cartridge slot itself. It seems it was only made for pirate carts because most of my licensed carts can't seem to fit in any possible way. It's very annoying since the Famiclone is supposed to make it real handy to just plug and play but it becomes annoying in the end. I have to end up playing my Famicom carts in my NES or Famicom.

Well I wouldn't recommend this Famiclone unless you are a pirate freak and hate license games. There are also built in games that make it real handy when you just don't want to take your carts out. Of course, you get the usual games like Super Mario Bros and Contra but to this day, those games are awesome! Enjoy and hope this little blog helps you decide on future Famiclone purchases.

One last thing, I give this Famiclone a rating as well! This Famiclone gets a three out of five. I'll have to work on some number graphics for this heheheh.


Playing New Famicom Multicart Parts 2 & 3

Yeah I have uploaded the videos in my youtube account for your enjoyment so check them out! I'm also working on a new Famicom Pirate video which I'll showcase sometime soon.

Forgotten Finds #9

In this entry of forgotten finds I came upon a find in a thrift store in South Beach. It's a place where you mainly find clothes and old records but this time around they had some games and it's rare since I have been there plenty of times and have come up empty. This was my lucky day as I walked out with these goodies for less than ten bucks. The biggest score was probably Final Fantasy VIII because of the black label and all. The discs looked like they were never played and the instruction booklet is intact. GTA3 was another game I wanted to check off my list and I was finally able to get a copy of this gruesome game. Anyways, that's all for now until next time.


December 20, 2008

Playing Prince of Persia SNES

Alright so I decided to give this game a shot after over a decade since my last encounter with it. The game is still as fun as it was a decade ago and challenging as well. I was able to beat the first level in a couple of tries and well I got to the second level and that was it for me. I got to a part where I fight swordsman after swordsman and eventually I ran out of energy. I did kicked ass for a little while and the extra energy fat bottle helped me have more energy but not enough. I guess I'll give it a shot at it again tomorrow so I'll keep you posted and maybe a password for those guys who want to play the game themselves where I left off.

December 19, 2008

Youtube Page Update Famicom Pirate Video

Here is the latest video of the Multi Cart I found at the flea market. Parts 2 & 3 will be coming out soon so keep visiting and also check out my growing Famicom Encyclopedia videos which is a project I'm working on which will show gameplay of all Famicom releases. I'm currently working on letter A.


No N64 for me yet....

Yeah I have been collecting retro stuff for at least a year an a half and still with no N64.....I have come close to purchasing one but sadly I haven't I do have a couple of games for the console itself but they are unplayable! Anyways, just wanted to point out about my N64 console miss have.... AWAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Gotta stop buying Famicom carts....

Finds 015: Some Kewl Magazines

Ah I totally forgot to blog about the magazines that came with my CIB Felix the Cat game and well they are all very minty and well I already had two of the three in the lot but still a very nice addition to my collection. Anyways, one of them is of a RIP magazine called Game Players which is really interesting. I only went through it looking at the pages real quick but it had a lot of information about SNES titles in particular as you can see in the cover it says "Nintendo Guide". Anywho, enjoy the photo and sorry for the delay on this lot.

Finds 014: New Finds for Multiple Consoles

Here are a bunch of little finds I got yesterday at the local thrift store. All of this for ten bucks is not bad at all! There were great deals in the end especially with the Castlevania Bloodlines and well the SNES. I tested everything and they all work correctly so it's time to see which I'm missing in my collection and which are going to be sold for some extra cash. That's about it for now....until next time!

The whole finds right here! SNES and Genesis games as well as some NES carts!
Here is a close up of the Genesis Games! Sweet memories of Mortal Kombat 1 & 2. Also Altered Beast is a kick ass game! Yes that's a Barbie game but I'm only keeping it for collecting purposes awaaaaaaaa!

December 16, 2008

Forgotten Finds #8

Back in the June, 2008 I was able to acquire this lot of games all for the disk system and all pirates! Yeah, this nice haul gave me endless hours of fun and still do once in a while when I can get my disk system out to play. There are some notables that come in this lot like Pacman and Kung Fu and there are others that have very unique perspectives. Overall, a nice find especially since I only paid five bucks for each. Until next time!

Finds 013: Felix The Cat CIB

Hello and welcome to an entry of another one of my finds. This one I was able to get for only seven bucks which is great since I heard they go for much more. The game is so mint it even came with the plastic wrapper for the NES cart and dust cover. I tried the game and it's not bad at all. I don't know much about CIB NES games so I don't know much about this game. It also came with some Nintendo Power magazines and another magazine from the early 90s with it. Overall, it was a great deal and a must have addition for my collection since I love the Felix the Cat cartoons(the old ones that is).

December 14, 2008

Forgotten Finds #7

Here is one of the more interesting multi carts for the Famicom. This cart contains the following games: Pokemon Green, Spartan X2, Chip n Dale 2, and Recca! Yeah this cart has a copy of the exclusive Summer Carnival 92 Recca! It's an amazing game like no other. Not only it's rare to find this in cart but it's also a very good game that takes the NES capabilities to its limits. This game for those of you who have no idea what it is, is a shooter that goes at massive speeds both in gameplay and space. This cart is truly a great addition to my collection. Well the other games are very unique as well like Pokemon Green which is a hack of a Hello Kitty game. In the Pokemon game you play as Clefable and you have to I guess kill forrest monsters and reach the boss fights. Clefable is green for some reason so that gave it away since in the original game you have to play as the frog. The other game is Spartan X2 which is an awesome side scroller. For those of you this is the sequel that never made it to the US shores of the game Kung Fu. Spartan X2 plays like Kung Fu but with improved graphics and better gameplay. It only has four stages but each of them are very challenging unless you play on easy that is. The last game is Chip n Dale 2 which was released in the US. It's a game that you can have a lot of a fun with a friend so it's all good stuff in this cart. Well that's about it for now, gotta get some rest so until next time.


December 12, 2008

Finds 012: Flea Market Finds including Famicom Pirate

So I went to another trip to the Flea Market. This time around the weather ruined my whole was a real sad day for me since we didn't sell much of our junk. Well after putting all our stuff away we were tired and depressed due to our low sales....we expected to make some good money you know! Anyways, enough of that, I decided to go walk around and try to find stuff to cheer me up and did I? Yeah!!! I found my first Famicom cart in a Flea Market plus other stuff! Check it out!

On the top left you can see the pirate Famicom cart I found that comes with some good games like Super Mario Bros 3, Castlevania, Super C, Jungle Book, Toy Story, Ms.Pacman, and many more! It's a pretty kewl cart if you ask me! Then I found some CIB NES games and Gyromite cart that hopefully has a converter inside of it. Then there is The Little Mermaid cart and Prince of Persia for the SNES. I had a good day in the end but I couldn't wait to get home and sleep...yeah I didn't sleep at all the night before. I ended up going to sleep around 2pm and waking up at I'm off to bed....enjoy!

Finds 011: More Famicom Finds!

Here are a couple of new finds. There were supposed to be three carts in this lot but the seller didn't sent me one by now he is going to send me another one to take place of the one he ended up sending someone else. Yeah I was pissed because the other cart had a pretty kewl label. Anyways, the games here if you don't recognize them are Goal(left cart) and TMNT(right cart). TMNT is in Japanese for some's odd because pirate carts usually have English versions of the games. Goal is a pretty kewl cart too. I used to play it so many years ago and now it's part of my collection. That's about it so until next time!

Goal(left cart), TMNT(right cart)

December 10, 2008

Update on SNES Mod!

Well I finally found what type of paint will go great with the SNES so all that's left now is buy except I'm kinda of broke right now since I went a little overboard with Famicom games again but not to worry, it'll be done with the mod and have photos very soon.....

December 06, 2008

Forgotten Finds #6

Here is a great lot I got from craiglist a while ago. It's a fully working Saturn with some games. I paid ten dollars for it so it was really worth it. It even came with a gun and a memory card. One of the games that is worth a lot is The House of The Dead which costs around 130.00 dollars and up. You can search it on ebay and find different price ranges but I found out that the average is what I just mentioned. That's about it for this find, I'm happy to have a Saturn finally!

Finds 010: New Famicom Finds!

Here is a new lot of games that I just got today. They are awesome titles but the one I liked the most was the Kunio Samurai game which plays like River City Ransom except it takes place in ancient Japan. Some other games I recognized are Ys and Dragon Buster 2. Dragon Buster 2 is a pretty kewl game and you know what when you start to walk it sounds exactly like when you walk in the game Front Line. Pretty weird huh? Anyways, that's all for now!


December 05, 2008

Forgotten Finds #5

Here is a very interesting lot. I have for the first time an strategy guide! It's for the game Super Mario Bros 3 and also in Japanese. It's great to see the pages even though I don't know what it says but in the future I will be able to read them. Anyways, there are also some kewl multi carts in here with some great games in them like the Kunios and Samurai Pizza Cats. Speaking of the Samurai Pizza Cats, I was able to beat the game last night without losing a life. The ending is very enjoyable but I won't spoil it for anyone. Enjoy and hope you like more of my finds of the past.


Finds 009: Vay for Sega CD is Mine!

I was able to buy this game for a dollar! Man I got a really good deal for another masterpiece by Working Designs. I'm starting to like this company more and more since they have released such great titles mostly RPGs for the old consoles. There are many more games I want for the Saturn as well but I won't rush it. Anyways, I haven't tried this game but it's a real nice addition to my collection. The gameplay is similar to the Dragon Quest games so that's a big plus. Enjoy!


December 02, 2008

Finds 008: Contra Adventure + Alundra are mine!

Here are my new finds brought to you by Ebay. I was finally able to get Alundra for six dollars which is not bad although the only bad thing about it is that it's disc only. Still, I'm happy to have this game back in my hands. Also, Contra Adventure was a title that a forum member mentioned in the forum Famicom World so I decided to get it even though I heard it sucks.

Here is a closer photo of the Alundra masterpiece. I really didn't care about the lame sequel Alundra 2 but this one is just too good to pass up yet again. The intro has a lot of anime style art and even some gameplay and puzzle solving. This game is really nasty at puzzles. They can drive you crazy for hours but at the end you have the satisfaction that you accomplished something which is the boss hahaha! Well I guess that's good for the people who do nothing with their life.

This is a very interesting game. It plays like Contra 3 in some ways but instead of dying from one hit you have an actual health bar. I didn't played this game much but from what I did it was alright. The first level does have a revamped version of the Contra 3 first level. There is a lot more to check out in this game and I'll surely let all of you know about it but for now the game plays decent although I do have a complain which is when you are shooting one way and then want to switch to the other side it takes a little bit which makes you get hit a lot easier.

That's about it for now!

Forgotten Finds #4

Here are a couple of finds I snagged from Nintendo Age some months ago. These were pretty nice pick ups since I never had a pirate Super Famicom cart and this one is CIB! Yeah a CIB Super Famicom pirate cart doesn't come by often. The games that come in it are well pretty explainable if you look at the box. If you still don't know the titles are Super Mario World, Gradius 3, Super Smash TV, and Super Tennis. The titles themselves tell me that this cart was released during the first year of the Super Famicom.

The other cart (top right) is a Famicom multicart with some good games in it. The usual games come in it like Galaga, Contra, Mappy, etc. You'll also find Bobble Bubble in this cart which is a big plus. There are some other great games but I forgot which they were, I haven't played them in a while.

The final cart is the usual 32 games in 1 and yeah it does contain 32 unique games. They were kind enough to place the gambler girl from the Samurai Kunio game in it. Anyways, in this cart you get the usual Adventure Island, Goonies, Contra, Tank 90 game among others.

That's about it for this forgotten find. I still have lots of more finds to come back and give a little chat about.

December 01, 2008

PS1 Titles Arrived!

I had two PS1 discs arrive today well sort of today and Saturday but I haven't had time to check them out. I have to go to work in half an hour so I won't have time to take photos until I get home tonight. Anyways, I'll post some info later tonight or tomorrow morning which is my day off ahhh good times....
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