Finds 1676: A CD Case Book Shelf

It's got to be the cutest most awesome design for a CD case ever!

Pokemon Black is added to the shoppe

Be sure to check this and all the newest releases on the Retro Gaming Life Shoppe!

Ads from the Past 461: Sega Game Gear

Classic ad for the handheld that rivaled the Gameboy.

Yu-gi-oh! Custom Deck Box: Toon World

Stop by and check out my custom Toon World Deck Box!

Kitsune Zero: Adorable Fox Girl

Play as a cute fox girl in a world filled with Japanese Folklore!

October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Just want to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween...just do what you gotta do but in moderation...

Retro Game of the Week 052: Battletoads (GB)

Hmmm what do you get when you put one of the toughest games on the NES in a portable handheld? The toughest portable handheld game! Not hard to figure out huh? But to be perfectly honest it's not one of the hardest handheld games but still tough and very high on the list. Battletoads brings you the toads in a portable adventure most likely to its NES counterpart rather than the SNES one(yuck what a disappointment). Hmmm anyways, this game brings you the toads and well from my personal experience racking up extra lives is quite easy on this certain game. Now, I know that you can do it the same way in the NES and SNES versions but the screen leaves you a limited amount of room which in the end result leaves you with less space to move around. Do you understand what I'm trying to tell you? Well, to conclude you have a better chance of hitting the falling birds to rack up extra lives....congrats you just passed Battletoads 101!

Overall, you will get a game that challenges you and keeps you coming for more! You have the great music that keeps you on your feet and well the monsters which you beat up in the most hilarious ways. It's ok if you haven't played a toads game before because this would make a great introduction to the series even though there aren't that many toads games to begin with.....To this day I asked why weren't there more toads games....I could sure use them right about now....then again that Battletoads phone call prank wouldn't be that funny because yes they would have Battletoads on stock...

I sure hope you can pick this adventure up for your handheld...hell even use the emulator with a big screen! You can't go wrong with the toads...they will just piss you off and make you come for more in the end! Until next week!

October 30, 2010

Famicom Guide is finally up and running!

Well about time I started on this well overdue project. The main idea of this project is to have an archive of every Famicom title ever released. It's very simple, I created a youtube channel named Famicom Channel where I will be uploading gameplay videos of every time. I think this will help some of the more obscure titles get more recognized as well as Famicom collectors deciding on future purchases. I hope all of take a chance and visit Famicom Guide

Also, take a chance to subscribe and leave a comment! Lets all help this get well known for future retro gaming collectors as well as us! Here is a little bit of what I uploaded today!

There are 8 videos added so far! I'll keep them coming as much as I can!

October 29, 2010

Yu-gi-oh! Amazing Cards 002: Fiend Kraken

While there are so many bizarre Yu-gi-oh! cards out there...this one really made me think twice about adding it to my deck. Not only is this card unbeatable since it resides in the magic and trap card zone but it has a whopping attack of 11200! You can't go wrong with using this card in play! This is your ace!
"The huge octopus hiding in the seabed suddenly floats out of surface to attack the enemy" Hmmm this isn't as bad as other amazing cards I have come across but it could have been better....The attack and defense of this monster makes it a must. The only way the attack of this monstrosity's attack being stopped is by a magic cylinder which means game! There are various other cards that can deflect the attack but alas not destroy it....hmmm now that I think about it mystical space typhoon can come in very handy....get it?

Famicom Freak in Obsolete Gamer Show!

I had an invite to do the Obsolete Gamer podcast and had lots of fun doing it....I suggest all of you check out this great site where I'll be contributing my best stuff! Obsolete Gamer

October 28, 2010

Finds 228: Sims galore! and some other junk!

New findings, I picked up the Sims games since lots of people go crazy over them, not me though. I might end up selling these as well as the rest of the stuff I found since I already have it anyways...
Here are all these boxed Sims games...
Xbox controller official one and blue colored yay!
Picked this title as well...not sure what it's about or if it's any good but I'll follow the red label on top of it and say it's decent...
And a copy of Smash brodassss!!!

That's all for now!!

October 25, 2010

Deadbeat Videogaming...a new type of gaming forum

Allow me to introduce this wonderful new forum I have become a part of. Deadbeat Videogaming
is something I will be working on with a friend of mine to introduce a better way of retro gaming conversation, info, sales, and many other things including events. I hope many of you will be able to enjoy this site as it grows and promise you to keep you posted! Now visit, join, and just dew it!

October 22, 2010

Retro Game of the Week 051: ISS Pro 98(PS1)

With a dry week of findings there hasn't been much to put my hands into but I think this title would be worth a mention. ISS Pro 98 is what turned out to be the toughest rivalry the FIFA franchise ever had. The ISS games have always been something to play with ease and have had good gameplay since their first releases all the way back in the SNES. They didn't make it big until FIFA screwed things up and they stepped in with an even better game engine. EA sports had no other choice than to copy their rivals but still made things wrong. This is one of the reasons why video games are specifically purely about gaming and a true gamer will realize that. Who care if FIFA had all the team kits, in the end are you really playing with satisfaction? I think not.

ISS Pro 98 is just one of the first installments for the PS1 console and sadly the only one released here in the states. Europe was lucky enough to get their later releases every year and Japan had the same luck. The game shows a lot of promise and even though they don't have every international team, they still manage to give you a good line up of teams that you can have fun for hours to end. You can also have your own tournaments and play however you want. All in all, this game brings you the best of what's to come. The gameplay is tough and makes you want to have a rematch over and over. The game stays very real as you will probably won't win your matches in exaggerated fashion, but have close exciting matches.

This is what soccer is all about on the PS1, a must have but be sure to pay quite an amount for it. This game is hard to come by and well worth it!

October 17, 2010

Finds 227: Sakura Wars -So Long, My love- and something else!

So here we are Sunday night and another finds post. This time around I was able to get a game I had in my mind for quite a while and it wasn't because of the cute anime girls in the cover, but for the great gameplay it delivered. OK, it was partially for the cute anime girls but that's just an addition to all this awesomeness. Sakura Wars -So Long, My Love- is not your average anime/RPG game so watch out. Maybe there will be a review in the future so who knows!

I also picked up these two other titles for the hell of it. I didn't had them in my collection so they were great new additions!
That's all folks!

October 15, 2010

Legacy of Kain Gameplay Video

New video up! This time around it's on Legacy of Kain. Video property of Next Generation....


Retro Game of the Week 050: Baseball Stars(NES)

Here we are at week #50 and yet so many more titles to explore. This time around, Baseball Stars for the NES takes top honors as it's a game well over due for a mention right here at Retro Gaming Life. The game itself combines the RPG elements with sports elements in a very satisfying way. You can start up with a horrible team and win games to earn money to buy steroids for your players so they will get stronger and run faster. Is this what the American past time is all about? You bet! You are also able to name your team whatever you want, as I would name mine the Chomps. We finished last in our first season of play but ended up buying enough steroids to strengthen for next season. This is what it's all about!

The game is very precise on each characters abilities. If you have a low running rating then you are better off hitting stronger, and if you have low hitting rating then why don't increase your speed a bit so you can bunt hits all over the infield. Your pitcher also needs to be able to increase his ability so that you can go longer innings with him but even with the best stats your pitcher is only human or umm a pixel player....

The game is very enjoyable and even came with a battery so you can record your team(s). With the baseball season ending and the playoffs on the way, why not pick this baby up for some late night retro gaming action! Play ball!

Finds 226: International Superstar Soccer Pro 98!

So I went to the thrift store today and picked this baby up for .95 cents. I found out it's actually a hard to find game or so they call it "rare". Nothing much was left except a Wii that has been there for almost a month and some fat PS2s. That's all for now!


October 13, 2010

Mario 64 Gameplay Next Generation

New video posted, been well over due but I will continue to post these Next Generation classic videos.

Yu-gi-oh! Amazing Cards 001: Cartoon Black Devil Girl

So here we go! The first of many showcases of amazing cards with incredible effects! You have to have this card because of its amazing effects and powers. She is not only of the dark attribute but she packs a whooping 2000 attack points.
The text of the card reads as follow: "In case that you have no cartoon on field, no power to make a special call. While the cartoon world is destroyed, this card also is ruined, if your opponent has no power to control cartoon, effective to launch the fighting to destroy the Black Devil or Carosi Devil. Your offensive can be boosted by 300 points."

Hmmmm....I'm not sure what to think of this except who the hell is Carosi Devil? I'm guessing that's Dark Magician? Or something else for the matter. Well, you judge how great the text is for this card.....I summoned a Devil Girl onto field, no power of 200 points and field is negated by Carosi Devil.....WTF!!!

Yu-gi-oh! Finds 006: Really really awesome cards

I was able to pick this amazing and powerful cards for .95 cents! Yeah, there are monsters with over 1000 attack points and some others that help you win the duel in one turn! I will be showcasing this amazing collection in time, card by card, to show off the perfect deck!(don't mind the official cards in the bottom of the photo).


October 12, 2010

Finds 225: Cheesy SNES console!

So I picked this console up for 9.95 and decided to play some good old SNES games. The console works great even though the shape of it says otherwise. Anyway,s the console also came with two other controllers but I got lazy when I took the shot so this will do. That's all for now!

Yu-gi-oh! Finds 005: Kaiba Card Folder!

Not card pick ups but rather a folder to put the cards in. Makes sense right?


Famicom Hebereke

I guess I haven't lived up to the height hype involving the Famicom. After having such amazing finds earlier this year, I have fallen apart and haven't had much to show of for this incredible console. There will come better days to finding these Famicom treasures. There are still a lot of titles I haven't gotten my hand son. One title specifically called Hebereke has been in my mind for a while. This game is platformers at its best! The fluent graphics portray very satisfying gameplay. The game also delivers a very satisfying soundtrack considering this is an 8-bit title. The only way I'll be playing this game for now is by the source of emulation as it's too expensive to purchase. But you all know that this game will eventually fall in my hands ahh yes there will be victory one day.....


October 10, 2010

Finds 224: Russian PS1 pirates plus Merio handheld & More!

Things haven't really gone for the better at my favorite flea market but we have to work with what god gave us! Or something like that, anyways I dug up and hunted for hours to bring these finds for you!

I picked up this TMNT foot soldier from the classic series(1989 or so) so I can start a new quest! That is to build an army of foot soldiers! I want to create a scene where there are twenty foot soldiers fighting the ninja turtles in a technodrome that's 1/20 complete! Oh yeah picked this action figure up for a buck.

Here are four PS1 pirate games! And no these aren't burned copies, they are pirated manufactured ones which makes them unique. I need to get my portable PS1 to try these out. I have checked the discs and they look in great condition so I don't think there will be a problem in running these. The games are also in a very familiar language but I think the title of this post says the answer itself, yes they are Russian! Oh yeah picked each game up for 2.50

Here is the back art, I think a very special someone will confirm this is Russian.
I also picked up these two sealed packs of e-reader cards for 50 cents each, wootness!
I also picked up this copy of Ico for ps2 for two bucks. It's the second one I found but I sold the other one to a friend of mine so I have this game back to my collection.

Now, here is a very interesting handheld, it's called Dragon Star but it looks awfully familiar to something very popular to this day......I'll let you think about it for a second or two ok?

Behold, Merio handheld! I know there is a Famicom pirate cart that goes for the same name so if anyone has some clues or if you know of any connection to it, I would greatly appreciate it.
Finally, I picked this one up for the hell of it. Gotta have some Goosilla! They were all a dollar a piece so I couldn't go wrong on this one.
Oh yeah I also picked up this green N64 with controller for 20 bucks. The lady wanted 25 but I told her I would be back later and as I was leaving she saw me and wanted me to take it and I told her all I had was 20 (I actually had 25 har har har) And she said yeah. I also think that's the expansion pack thing on the console, correct me if I am wrong though.

So that's about it, there were simply very interesting finds and games from the past I couldn't say no to. I say it wasn't such a waste of time going since I came back with some intriguing items. I hope things will go for the better though, the flea just isn't how it used to be. Till next time!

October 09, 2010

Retro Game of the Week 049: Super Metroid(SNES)

As I came across this game I though to myself why not pick it? After all, this game is one of the most praised by Metroid fans as they pick it as their favorite. The game itself has a very intriguing storyline that kept you interested in the game. As many of you remember the tragic ending of this incredible game....ahhh yeah the memories....Anyways, on with the game. Here you have a platformer style game with RPG elements and action packed! Should I even say more? The music is unforgettable and the graphics were top notch for its time.

Want to hear even more? The hero is actually a very sexy heroine! Yes, this is girl power to the max! I'm sure most of you Metroid fans already knew that but back when the first one in the series where at the ending your "hero" would take his/her helmet off and surprise surprise it was a chick! I have never felt so turned on!! har har har

So I won't say much more as I don't want to spoil the fun for those of you who haven't played this masterpiece but I will tell you one thing, try it out! It's available for the Wii virtual console.

October 08, 2010

Finds 223: SNES finds galore! Zelda, Metroid, and others!

Decided to pass by the thrift store and even though I couldn't find any new additions to my collection I did found some great games I can resell to keep investing in this wonderful hobby. I picked each of these up for 1.95 each.
The Legend of Zelda A link to the past
Super Metroid!
Mega Man X

Super Mario World

So that's all for now :)

Yu-gi-oh! Finds 004: Dark Red Enchanter and others!

I was able to finally receive these cards and found some useful for my deck. I myself added Dark Red Enchanter and Escape from the dark dimension. I think these two cards will help my deck greatly especially when in a tough spot. I also got some other ones that are very helpful for various decks like machine and zombies. Not adding those cards though as I am running an specific type of deck but I feel they will be useful in the future.

October 04, 2010

Retro Game of the Week 048: Keith Courage in Alpha Zone(TGfx16)

A very simple game to start off a very interesting console. The Turbo Grafx made its debut with this game as a pack in with the console and showed some a very simplistic game. We already seen stuff like this for its time so it wasn't nothing new. With games like Final Fantasy 2(4 in Japan) hitting the USA and other RPGs as well, there was no doubt that this title wouldn't stand against others. In my opinion, I think this game was released just to show off what the Turbo Grafx console was capable of. The game is very simple, although based by an anime, it's not bad at all. It contains some RPG elements that help it stand out a little bit. There is also a transformation sequence where you turn into a robot and fly around, Not sure how that works as you were a human a second ago and slow as a mother fucker.

The game's length is decent and will keep you interested until the end which will surprise you in the end and probably leave you wanting for more or maybe a lot less. It's all about taste in the end, I can't say this is a title that will keep you coming for it and that everyone will love but I will say this, the game is just your average platformer with RPG elements, the end!


Finds 222: Super Gameboy! Genesis' Strider Returns!!!

About time for new findings! This time around, I got a little bit for the Genesis and some Nintendo items. There is also a Metal Album some of you might like. Behold, photos!!
Picked up a Super Gameboy and Baseball Stars for the NES for 1.95 each, yay!
I personally love the Baseball Stars series on the NES. I have played the Neo Geo counterparts though and they are just a million times amazing!

Here are some Genesis loose games for .95 cents each. Notables are Strider Returns and Starflight.

Finally, found this really nice three disc set of Metal songs from various artists. I have listened to the first disc and liked it so far. I finally have some killer music to listen to when I go driving around.

Yu-gi-oh! Finds 003: Enter Ice Queen and others!

I finally got my hands on an Ice Queen card. I will try to mix this card into my water/ice deck in the future. So far that deck is still work in progress so there will be more updates as I get the cards I need to complete it and make it competitive. Behold, my other card finds!


October 03, 2010

Finally done moving.....

I am finally done with my moving procedures and I am ready to continue working on certain things. Well, I have really been focusing on my trading card addiction rather than my video game addiction but you will see a little bit of both this coming month. Lets keep up the good work, until next time!
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