Finds 1676: A CD Case Book Shelf

It's got to be the cutest most awesome design for a CD case ever!

Pokemon Black is added to the shoppe

Be sure to check this and all the newest releases on the Retro Gaming Life Shoppe!

Ads from the Past 461: Sega Game Gear

Classic ad for the handheld that rivaled the Gameboy.

Yu-gi-oh! Custom Deck Box: Toon World

Stop by and check out my custom Toon World Deck Box!

Kitsune Zero: Adorable Fox Girl

Play as a cute fox girl in a world filled with Japanese Folklore!

June 30, 2012

Ads from the past 222: Cybernator (SNES)

Another week and another ad to the ever growing collection. I've never heard of this game but by the looks of it, it looks kick ass! Check it out!


Finds 428: Crash Bandicoot, Arcana Hearts, and Final Fantasy XII Collector's Edition!

Here is a quick find from last week. The games are all pretty fun! I got Crash Bandicoot from a thrift store called South Beach Thrifty located of course in South Beach. Arcana Hearts and Final Fantasy XII came from Gamestop. I always wanted the collector's edition of FFXII and it's finally mine! Good day!

Arcana Hearts (PS2)
Final Fantasy XII (PS2)
Crash Bandicoot (PS1)


Finds 427: Famicom Carts! Final Fantasy 2,3, Druaga, and More!

Here is a lot of Famicom games that arrived last week but just got to them right now. There are a couple of good ones like the Final Fantasies. Nothing that great but new additions. I'm thinking of sending Final Fantasy 3 to one of the repro sites in order to change it to the English version. It will definitely be a lot cheaper than buying the NES repro. That's all for now!

Final Fantasy 2 (Famicom)
Final Fantasy 3 (Famicom)
Hello Kitty Game (Famicom)
King of Kings (Famicom)
Druaga (Famicom)
3x Unknown Games (Famicom)


June 27, 2012

Atari 40th Year Anniversary!

So it's a very important day indeed. Today is 40 years since the Atari was that's along time! Just a heads up to everyone out there who didn't know about this. Happy Anniversary Atari!!


Finds 426: Famicom Jump! Famicom Jump 2! And More Famicom!

I got a very interesting package today. The most interesting part was that it was partially wrapped in toilet paper. I sure hope it was clean toilet paper...then again I didn't see any shit stains so we are good! Anyways, the lot of four games had some really interesting games. You can ignore the top two games on the photo and focus on the bottom ones. It's none other than Famicom Jump 1 and 2. These are really kewl games that were never released in the NES (Of course). They are RPGs with some awesome twists. I shall probably have them as a weekly pick in the future but for now enjoy the cart only pick and why not head to Youtube for some gameplay videos.

Famicom Jump (Famicom)
Famicom Jump 2 (Famicom)
Mahjong Game 1 (Famicom)
Mahjong Game 2 (Famicom)


3DS Pic of the Week 032: Flaming Dragon Art!

So this week we have such a gorgeous work of art. You can never get enough from this talented artist! The more I see of her work, the more I'm amazed! There is nothing more amazing than dragons! I love them especially the one that grants you a wish for collecting the seven dragon balls! Wow! Getting a little out of subject there...anyways be sure to get your 3DS and click on the 3DS link in order to enjoy the full 3D experience! You have to see this! Great work once again!


Finding Miis 009: Melaniece is Found!

So today I finally got a new Mii. I'm actually glad I got one because it has been quite some time since the last and Miis can get very addictive. You should know that if you have a 3DS and are into the Mii plaza. Anyways, it sucks that this Mii is from my same region but better than nothing right?


June 26, 2012

Retrobeat Tuesdays 013: Super Mario Bros 3 Athletic Music

This Tuesday we have a classic tune from a classic game. Super Mario Bros 3 introduced us to some of the most amazing playtforming action you could ever ask for but that's not all, the music for the game was also as fantastic as the game. There is no way we can ever forget about this title without its music. Be sure to check it out and give respects to the reason why many of us are still hooked on video games to this day.


Retro Gaming News 131: AshGuine Story II: Kokuu no Gajou

  • Full translation of all the texts in the game.
  • Completely re-wrote two of three print subroutines with support of new lowercase variable height/width fonts.
  • Created two new proportional fonts used in the intro and ending demo/credits (end demo/credits font is based on font that was used in credits scroll). Also re-done in-game font used in menus.
  • converted end-game credits from graphical data to text to create more space.
  • Improve texts in game menus to make their options more understandable.
  • New game logo featuring a translated subtitle.
  • Added optional MSX-MUSIC and MSX-AUDIO music to the game based on the original music and FM-PAC music. If you have both MSX-MUSIC and MSX-AUDIO, both will be used. Original sound effects are still present in the game.
  • Game translation fits in the same 2MBit (256KB) ROM as the original game even with added MSX-MUSIC. The version which supports MSX-AUDIO adds 32KB of drum samples and makes the ROM size 2.25MBit (288KB).
  • Fixed a palette bug which caused you to see yellow colors splashed on the screen before you get to see the fade-in of the stage number.
  • Improved ROM initialisation so the game will now load on all MSX2 computers or higher.
  • Added a feature to start game in NTSC mode on PAL computers (hold key “6″ until T&E Soft logo appears). MSX-MUSIC or MSX-AUDIO playback speed will not be affected.
  • Optimized & improved game interrupt subroutine, sprite sort subroutine and some other minor stuff.
  • Improved the screen split at the top of the game screen so it will look more polished and no flicker (It’s optimized to work on most common MSX models and emulators).
  • Fixed the bug which caused the main character and enemies to flicker on MSX2+ and Turbo R computers.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the player’s name to become empty when the number of characters in the name equals 10.
  • Eliminated some characters from being used in name entry. Now you can only use A-Z and 0-9.
  • Converted the password at the end of the game to English."


June 25, 2012

Pirate Game of the Week 038: NBA Jam (Famicom)

This week we have a pirate with lots of false advertising in it. Look at the cover art! It shows characters from the movie Space Jam and the title of the game is NBA Jam. If this hasn't confused you then I'm sure the game itself will confuse you altogether. It's none other than Basketball which is a five on five tough piece of crap game! Lets check it out as this game offers the dark side of pirates...

There is no music in this game hmmm unless the intro song counts but there is no in game music as far as I know. The sound effects are passable if anything....totally lame!

The pirate creators didn't even made an effort to include bugs bunny in the game. Not only that, but the game was called NBA Jam which would have been a very interesting idea in a 8-bit port attempt.

Gameplay is very painful. You can't seem to get through the other side of the court without getting the ball stolen and even then they always score. The score was 20-0 before I was able to score one basket and after that they started shooting threes just to take you out of the game completely.

This game would be painful to come back to. Not only has your spirit been destroyed by the false advertising on the label but it has also been a pain in the ass game to begin with.

There is not much to say about this game except to stay away from it. It's as painful as it sounds. Not only is there no bugs bunny but no mechanics of an NBA Jam game whatsoever. It sucks!! I didn't expected much though, it is a pirate after all!


Retro Game of the Week 108: The Jetsons (NES)

A little late with the entry but due to work I wasn't able to post it at the time I wanted. Nevertheless, we have a new entry! This week we take a look at a very fun title called The Jetsons Cogswell's Caper! for the NES. Other than cartoon related games by Capcom, there were other cartoon style games that were actually good from other publishers. You have the Flinstones and Jetsons series for example. This game in particular is quite fun and hilarious at times. George's way to take a hit says it all just experience it for yourself. Anyways, the game has a lot to offer and it's a title you shouldn't ignore! Check it out!

The music is decent for this game. It definitely doesn't make you feel like you are in the future but there is nothing more amazing like an 8-bit soundtrack especially if it's upbeat and fun. The sound effects are also pretty decent as well. There is no voice acting although it's possible in the NES but you do have some classic sounds. The music would be above average and some of the tunes actually mimic the cartoon's music.

the graphics are pretty kewl. This game definitely doesn't look like it has recycle graphics from other games. The levels are very large and interesting. They definitely look what they are supposed to look like. The robots, bosses, and even items are quite delicious looking! Putting that aside, it's a well polished looking game.

Just like over 80 percent of the NES games from that era this was a platformer. The game is the usual going left to right or right to left. There is a lot of jumping, throwing, and more jumping in it. But it's quite fun! I only wish George had a gun or something!

The game is your average platformer with a futuristic spin and it's definitely a game to come back to. It's one of those games you can beat under an hour and have lots of fun with it. NES was and still is the master of such replay value. Play it till your satisfaction is achieved!

In the end, the game is quite fun and one that should be in your collection. It is quite pricey but I'll be sure to pick it up if I ever see it. Other than that, it should be a great hour or so of fun and one you can come back to whenever you have a Jetson urge. There is not much to say except that there is no wrong way to see this game. It's not the greatest but it goes beyond average on every category.


Animonday 013: Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 (Opening) HQ

This week we have some Dragon Ball Z awesomeness! The PS2 games really revived the Dragon Ball games and gave them a whole new series altogether. With an immense amount of playable characters with great voice acting, you were bound to get sucked into the Dragon Ball Z world. Enjoy this awesome intro!


June 23, 2012

Famicom Translated Games Section Added

So a new section has been opened. The reason for this section is to have a place for all the translated NES/Famicom projects in completed format. What I mean is that only completed translated games will have a home here. I think it'll be a great opportunity to introduced a lot of gamers to lost gems. Believe me, there are lots of lost gems out there and I'm here to showcase them for you. Be sure to check out the section! If you haven't figure it out, it's called FC Games which is short for Famicom Games. So in the opening of this section we have added the following games to the database:

Adventure Island IV
Adventures of Musashi
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons -Dragon Lance-

That is all! Enjoy!


Ads from the past 221: World Heroes (SNES)

So all the hype of Street Fighter 2 came all the clones. Most of them mimicking Street Fighter 2 one way or the other but still making things fun. This is one of those "clones". If you haven't played it then what are you waiting for? Lets fight!


June 22, 2012

Monster Ball Go! Pidgey-Pidgeotto-Pidgeot

It has been a long while since the last post of this series so it's always nice to bring stuff back for a second running. Pirate Game of the Week being one of them. Anyways, this series was never dead I just totally forgot about it. I have a deep love for Pokemon. I have been playing the games ever since the first game was released and of course was hooked with the anime until the third season (Johto Journeys). Over the years though, I have disliked the anime series for obvious reasons (The same shit over and over) And also the games haven't offered enough for me to put the 100+ hours into it. Putting all of that side, lets get started! This time around we have the Pidgey evolution stages as well as Pidgey itself. The Pokemon is from the 1st generation and one of the few ones that actually has three evolutions. Pidgey is a great Pokemon for novice trainers and very easy to catch. Probably as common as Rattata from the same generation of Pokemon, It's actually worth while to raise it to its final evolution.

Once, Pidgey reaches level 18 it'll evolve but of course you can stop the evolution by equipping your Pidgey with the Everstone. Of course, I'm all for evolving your Pokemon but it'll be your decision to do what you want. Of course, once evolved Pidgeotto is even stronger than Pidgey. With such an increment in the stats department you'll definitely have a very good advantage. The main habitat of these Pokemon is the forest. If you ever want to catch one in any of the Pokemon games in which this Pokemon is included, I suggest you hit the forest but then again the Pokemon is so common that you'll find it in the oddest of places. The evolutionary stage doesn't end there though....

The final evolution is Pidgeot at level 36. There is nothing better when a Pokemon evolves twice because each evolution gives some added powers and abilities to it. As you can see, Pidgeot is fat! Yeah a fat bird! But he makes up with its speed. This is definitely one of the flying type Pokemon to have in your team. Although not the strongest, you'll definitely have a great ally in your battle to become a Pokemon master.


Retro Gaming News 130: Dream World Pogie Revival (NES)

"This patch serves as an improvement for original game. There’s various changes done to make the game much more enjoyable and, more importantly, possible to finish. You can read more in Readme.txt"

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