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January 31, 2010

Finds 159: A Power Joy Finish....

What a weird day, first my cat talks to me and wakes me up! Yeah, my cat said "Wake up Luis" I swear!!!! She talked!! har har har....anyways, don't believe me, screw you guys. On to the finds, I made it to the flea market not expecting much since I already had a nice haul last Friday with R.O.B. minty find and all. So I headed to the flea not expecting much ended up with a lot of new amazing finds! Not as much as I am used to finding but good enough to make the day worth going to. I found games for various consoles and some unique ones so you can tell that from the title of the find's post. Lets start with something simple....

I ended up paying two bucks each for these two games. Not sure if they were worth it but they were games I haven't seen before so why not..

Here are some Game Gear games I picked up for two bucks a piece as well. I think there is a Japanese one and an RPG in that lot.

Here is also another game that I paid two bucks for which is also another Game Gear game!

I also got this N64 game called Robotron 64 for a buck.

Also my first ever Official Famicom cart find at this flea market! Introducing King Kong 2 for 2 bucks!

I also got these sexy games for two bucks a piece.

Turok 2 for a buck...

Got these games for two bucks a piece. Good update for my Dreamcast collection Ulala!

Got these two games for five bucks. Another Silent Hill for me!

Got this game for two bucks and in nice condition!

Got this replacement cover thing for a GBA for a dollar...still sealed!

I paid seven bucks for all of these. The Super Famicom cart is actually a pirate, you can tell by the bad label and the holes the cart has in the back to be able to fit the SNES without a mod(not shown in photo sorry)

Tada! A black label copy of Final Fantasy 8! Or is it???

What's this? Discs 2,3,and 4 of FF8 but disc three of Greatest Hits FF7? What kind of a crap is this??? Furthermore, knowing this I still bought it and for a dollah!

I got this little dirty looking Dreamcast for three bucks. I hope it works or I want my money back!

Now for the finale of January! This cart caught my attention over all other finds of the day not only because it's a pirate but also because it's a Power Joy 008 from the Power Joy series? I never knew they were released for the gameboy. Anyways, thanks to a friend(MottZilla) I was able to find a way to make this work. If things are successful, I will be able to show you what the cart's contents are!

Now this photo shows you what the problem is. The board is in the middle(somehow) and the only way to fix this is by opening the cart and placing it back in its place which would be on par with the back side of the cart. If this is successful, the five bucks I paid for this cart will not be in vain!

Once again although I didn't think I mentioned it before, I wasn't able to find anything SMS Andrew....maybe it'll be next time but the weather was bad today so lots of vendors were scared from vending today. OH well, it'll have to be next time. I hope you guys liked these finds as much as I did and the usual comes after this so like the Mega Man action figure from a Tips and Tricks magazine page from 1994 once said, "Cya Next Month"

Cat: I didn't said shit!

January 29, 2010

Finds 158: Enter R.O.B. NES Deluxe Set! + More!

What a day at the thrift store. I finally was able to find a R.O.B. for my collection. This one is so fucking minty that even the new Nintendo smell can be sucked in once you open the box. Everything is in great shape but the little robot is what I wanted the most out of it. The two games that came with the deluxe set look like they haven't even opened them and I was right because when I opened one of the boxes the cartridge is still wrapped with the plastic. It's amazing how stuff like this can be maintained in such great shape for so long. The two games that came with the deluxe set are Gyromite and Duck Hunt. Anyways, I'm not sure if the robot is complete but it did came with a lot of parts including cables, parts, and more parts. I'll have to put them all together when I get a chance. The price was one of the best parts of this deal as well as I only paid 34.95 for this neat find. Below are some photos!

Well those photos should show you more than enough about this robot find. But that's not all! I also found quite a few Genesis, NES, and one SNES title for both resale and collecting purposes.

One last thing is this Sega Saturn Controller which I was looking for to finish off the set. Har har har

So that should do it for the finds of today. Man it feels like Sunday already, today was sure a good day.....till next time!

January 25, 2010

Tactics Ogre in a box! two thirds complete!

So finally the case came for my Tactics Ogre game and I couldn't be happier! The box is as sexy as the game! Now all I need is the manual, and the metamorphosis should be complete. For now, I have the case in nice minty shape and the disc is in the case as shown in the photo. The manual will be harder to come by, even harder than finding a disc only of Parasite Eve disc one for the PSX. Anyways, behold the photos of goodness!


January 24, 2010

Retro Game of the Week 025: Bust a Move 2(PS1)

There were a lot of new finds to choose the retro game of the week pick but Bust a Move 2 took the cake this time around. Not only is this game addictive, but it also has a real good soundtrack. The difficulty is there as well as you'll be failing a lot of times going against the machine before you are successful. Of course, if you are already familiar with these series then you shouldn't have any problem mastering it quick but do yourself a favor and play the game in expert for a truer experience. The game cover art is just blah, probably Americanized due to the audience and what not, but what does a dude with little toothpicks in his eyes has to do with the game? Not sure, and also what is this about saying "so addictive it should be illegal" That can't help raise sales you know. What if a parent went ahead and was checking out different titles for their kids and saw the cover and read that? The parent would probably never pick it up unless he/she didn't give a shit about what the cover says.

Furthermore, the game is just amazing from beginning to end. The player vs player mode also makes things real fun and it's a great choice for multiplayer gaming sessions. The game tends to get easy to difficult at certain levels. For example, you will have no problem beating levels one and two but once you get to level three, the cunt you go up against with is tough! This little bitch will beat you to the ground if you don't come up with a strategy. After level three, you'll have a lot more easier rivals until you finally reach the tougher stages in the game.

So that should be it for this pick, the game is fun and makes you come back for more but it's not so addictive it should be illegal. Games like these are a little hard to come by so get ready to spend some cash(around 10-20 dollars) but not much to make you go broke. Until next week....

Finds 157: CIB NES games among other things...

Here are some neat finds for this weekend. Dr. Mario complete with box for the NES as well as the Adventures of Lolo complete with box. The Lolo game also came with a bonus which was a strategy guide that has the solutions to all the levels in the game. Isn't that neat? Anyways, I also picked up an Xbox 360 wired controller(not sure if it's worth anything) and for nostalgia's sake, I picked up a DVD from one of the Dragon Ball Z movies. I should watch them when I get a chance but for now I'm organizing all my stuff. Well here are the photos:

Lolo with guide and all. Very minty

Dr. Mario is also minty.

Brolly Movie!! Should be a good one!

Xbox 360 controller....I wonder if it's worth the two bucks I paid for it.

That's all for now, until next time.

January 22, 2010

Some news and what not

So things have been settling down around here and will be back to normal in no time. Like I said, I'm going through some personal issues right now so not many updates for now. I have a lot of projects for the next couple of months and some brand spanking new videos to show but it'll have to come little by little. I hope to get internet at my home in a couple of months so we'll have to be patient. I do have another trip coming soon and more thrift store trips! I need to make some coin anyways! That's all for now....

January 19, 2010

Finds 156: Enter Persona IV

After a long wait and some extra cash in my hands, I was able to get this awesome game. Persona IV is one of the most unique and interesting titles for the PS2. Leave it to Atlus to release such a grand masterpiece. Anyways, I haven't had a chance to play it but I will eventually do it to check out its awesomeness. I also picked up Grandia 2 for the PS2 which isn't as good as the Dreamcast version but it'll do for now. I paid 29.99 for Persona IV and 12.99 for Grandia 2.


January 18, 2010

Tactics ogre picked as the best find of last trip

So after going through all my findings I was able to check the shape and value of each. I was already happy with the black label copy of final fantasy 7 but the one That took the cake so to speak was tactics ogre for the ps1. The game is Mighty expensive complete and the loose copy doesn't stay behind but I wanted to have it complete anyways so I will have I complete probably by the end of the week thanks to eBay. Well, that's all for now....there is more to come! Cya

Finds 155: Flea Market Hunt Was Successful

So finally another successful trip to the flea market! It was a great day to find games although the rain ruined everything in the end, I was still happy with my findings. I was very careful to lower the price with vendors and even joked about it at times which surprisingly most of them liked. I did threw some discs I picked up at the vendor because she was being rude to me. Anyways, the day was pretty good so here are some photos!

These controllers came with the lot of the two n64s and the one Sega Genesis model 1
The lot cost me 15 dollars! Not bad considering they all worked.
Bought this for a dollar but it didn't had the cable thing. The vendor swore she had it and told me to come back afterward to pick it up. I was never able to come back due to the rain.

Got Metroid Echoes for 3.50, Crash 2 for 2 dollars, and Final Fantasy 7 for 2 dollars.
Got this title for a dollar.
Got these two N64 titles for 2 bucks each!

Got this sexy thing for a dollar.

Got this hot looking NES with tons of games (shown below) and controllers and bales(also shown below) for 20 bucks!

and now the controllers....

Super Punch out for 2 bucks, and Streets of Rage for a dollar.

Got this Gameboy Pocket for three dollahs!

I also picked up a bunch of PS1 games for a dollar each. Some of them are HK originals as well.

and what would you say about that disc on the top right? LOOOK AT IT DAMN IT!!! It's Parasite Eve but Disc 2 again!!! WTFFFFFFF!!!! As some of you may remember in my last big hunt to the flea market I found a whole booklet filled with discs and that one also had Parasite Eve Disc 2 :( Son of a beach!!! Can you believe it? Someday Parasite, you will be mine!

Last but not least, the box with the NES and games came with these cables and adapters. It also came with a webcam. I'm going to download the drivers and try to install it on my other computer to see if it works. It's a nice plus as I wanted a webcam for stripping purposes for a while.

So that's it for this hunt, as usual I have tested everything that I can and will be selling whatever I don't want on Ebay. I will be selling most of this junk anyways because I have most of it already and I need monah for my trip. I hope you guys enjoyed the photos! I will be doing more trips more often now so keep checking back! Cya all later!
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