Finds 1676: A CD Case Book Shelf

It's got to be the cutest most awesome design for a CD case ever!

Pokemon Black is added to the shoppe

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Ads from the Past 461: Sega Game Gear

Classic ad for the handheld that rivaled the Gameboy.

Yu-gi-oh! Custom Deck Box: Toon World

Stop by and check out my custom Toon World Deck Box!

Kitsune Zero: Adorable Fox Girl

Play as a cute fox girl in a world filled with Japanese Folklore!

December 30, 2021

The Year is Almost Done!

It’s been a crazy year where I felt I’ve grown as a person not even in this hobby, but overall as an individual. I feel like I’ve gotten more serious about every aspect of my life and been more focused. I feel like it’s time to make things happen and I’ve been very successful at it. I mention this because it’s something that I think everyone should be able to do in their lifetime. We all need to grow as individuals and find our calling. Whatever it may be, go find it! The time is now! Furthermore, my collecting goals will change next year with me focusing on other parts of collecting which I’ve neglected for a while. As many of you know, or not, I refer myself as Famicom Freak and my collecting started with the Famicom. I’ve gotten out of that for quite some time so it’s time to get back into it. I do plan on getting some rare hard to find gems with the box as the box is amazing for the Japanese release of these games. I do apologize for the lack of updates from the series I’ve been running but the holidays just turned everything upside down. Things are getting back to normal soon! I promise! Be safe everybody! 


Finds 1571: Mechanical USB Keyboard!

Here is one of the more interesting finds of the month. It’s a USB Mechanical Keyboard. I’ve never seen anything like it but apparently a company decided to released these awesome devices. Not only that, I tested it and it works quite well. It also lights up as you’re using it so it’s quite fancy. I will be using this on my Windows 98SE Desktop. It’s a thing of beauty!


Finds 1570: Ace Duck & Mutagen Man

Two more figures I’ve been waiting for in the NECA line. I actually never saw Mutagen Man episode but I remember Ace Duck being part of the series for like five seconds. It’s crazy how they released something that had so little air time, but I guess people were really drawn to it. Mutagen Man on the other hand, looks really cool. I’m happy with these additions!


Finds 1569: Ultimate Chex Quest Cereal Box Limited Run Games

This was a really cool Christmas gift as I was given this Chex Quest collector’s edition box. The box is massive and comes with so many extras. The game was something new for use back in the 90s as it came with the cereal. We actually got the cereal just to get the game and still have the game to this day. What I didn’t know was that the series ended up getting three games in total. I was never aware of both part 2 and 3 but they were released alright. The game plays like a Doom-clone and it’s a lot of fun. It does have some character and a really good fun factor. This one comes as a remake and as I mentioned before, tons of extras! Younger me would be so excited about opening this Christmas morning. 


Finds 1568: TMNT Turtle Blimp is Here!

I was sad that I missed the first wave of the Turtle Blimp but happy that they restock it and people spread the word around so I was able to get one of these beauties. I’m not sure if they still have it for sale but be sure to check out Wally World’s website for more info. The Box is really cool and definitely loving the graphics on the box. They are just nice and retro!


Finds 1567: NECA TMNT Additions! Vernon, Pizza Monster, Rat King, and More!

Got a big shipment from NECA to end the year with some new additions to the collection. These are some  awesome new additions including Vernon and Pizza Monster. I ended up buying multiple Pizza Monsters for army building reasons and the same with the Roadkill Rodneys! Overall, I’m happy with these additions as my collection of NECA Cartoon line turtles keeps growing! Cowabunga indeed!


December 20, 2021

Finds 1566: Holiday Matsuri 2021 Finds! Capcom Generations, Rockman Games, and Bonk!

I had a blast at the latest con called Holiday Matsuri 2021! I saw some friends and definitely hunted for some deals and here they are. I was able to hit all the remaining Capcom Generations games to finish off the set for the PS1. Rockman and Forte was finally mine after wanting this game for so long. Rockman Battle and Chase is a game I've wanted for a while and decided to add it. Finally Bonk for the PS2 is an awesome remake and totally worth the price! As you can see, all the additions were imports as this convention only had two vendors of games. I stayed with imports because I saw a lot of good deals for the collection. I felt I spent more than what I wanted, but it was totally worth it. When you compare prices, you have to make sure you are getting the better deal so I had to do a lot of price checking before each purchase. Lets just say I saved around 20-30 percent out of each game I got. Be a smart shopper!


Finds 1565: Thrifty Ten Dollar Finds

Here are some findings from the thrift store. It was a really cool day as I was able to find stuff for PC, PS2, Wii, and even Dreamcast! I never ever find Dreamcast anymore so I'm happy about this. Going to have to check them out soon! 


Finds 1564: Creative SB15 Speakers

I found these at the thrift store for a couple of bucks. I was finally able to test them out and they work flawlessly. I will probably use them with my iPad just because I can and don't have another PC to use them with. I know right? I might switch some things around! 


Finds 1563: Cristales, Collection of Mana, and Assassin's Creed

Here are a couple of the final pieces of the Gamestop Sales. I went overboard but totally came out with great additions for the collection. Cristales, Collection of Mana, and Assassin's Creed collection were the selections this time around. Out of all three, I highly recommend collection of Mana the most. 


Finds 1562: 8 Bit Music NES Games !

Limited Run Games had these games for pre-order some months back. These were original released for the Famicom which I missed out on. When they released the NES versions, I had to have them! Not only is the artwork cute, but the games are a lot of fun. I have tried them in a convention before and will eventually get around to playing these. For now, they'll be in my shelves looking cute. 


Finds 1561: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2, Kingdom Hearts, Spyro, and Puyo Puyo

Here are some games from the Gamestop sale. You really have to take advantage of these deals and the added points! it is totally worth it if you're picking up some games you have been wanting all year long and was waiting for a price drop. The Spyro trilogy, Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, Tony Hawk 1 + 2, and Kingdom Hearts All in one were the selections. I highly recommend taking advantage of these sales. I'm sure they're not done! 


Finds 1560: PC Madness! PS4 Additions and a 1993 DVD

This was a really awesome pick up as I visited the usual spots for more loot. I am always looking to add interesting stuff and I've really been into PC lately as they are easier to find. The games are actually really awesome and makes me realized how many of them I've missed. I definitely want to find older games and games for other consoles but these will do. Not only was I able to find some PC stuff, but a couple of PS4 and Xbox 360 games as well. The most interesting pick up as the DVD that was released in 1993 and believe me, DVDs weren't that popular back then, as a matter of fact, I don't even think many of them were even heard of as they were more popular in the late 90s. The movie is called Skinner and will definitely be looking more into this one. Overall, interesting stuff. 


December 06, 2021

Manual Monday 050: Dragon Warrior (NES)

This week, we have the amazing Dragon Warrior for the NES. This game is known as Dragon Quest in Japan as the name was changed when it was brought here to the States. The series went back to using Dragon Quest instead of Dragon Warrior therefore going back to its original form. Check out this manual that's really vintage and cool. 


Finds 1559: Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania & Sonic Colors Ultimate

It’s December and we are going to end the year with some awesome loot as usual. These I got from the Black Friday sale at GameStop. They sure took a while to arrive, and believe it or not, I’m still waiting for some of the stuff to arrive. So far, the experience has been good and everything has arrived as advertised. This time around, we have Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania and Sonic Colors Ultimate which were both recently released but were already half off! You have to jump into games that are half off, there is no way you can ignore such great deals especially some that feel they should be staples if you are a Sega fan. I’ll eventually get to it, I’m in the middle of Zelda links awakening.

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