Finds 1522: Castle of the Winds, Limited Run Releases, Mobile Light Force 1 and 2

All of these arrived at the same time so lets put them all together in one post. You will definitely like what you see!

Finds 1436 PC Galore! Phantasmagoria 2 and Others!

A trip to thrifting brings a bunch of PC gems!

Ads from the Past 454: Zelda for Disk System(The First one)

Classic artwork for a legendary game, the Legend of Zelda ad is here.

Smarty and the Nasty Gluttons Getting a Physical Release

A Game from the past will be getting a physical release in the coming future. What kind of game is this though?

Retro Game of the Week 173: Gradius 3(SNES)

Shoot 'em all up, get all the power ups and try to survive this legendary game!

June 11, 2022

Finds 1638: Fat PS2, Donkey Kong Country, Super Castlevania IV, Earthworm Jim, and Robocop 2

Here are some new games for the collection! Some familiar faces with Super Castlevania IV, Donkey Kong Country, and Earthworm Jim. Now, I am sure you are aware that I already have these games, but one can always use them for upgrades and future trades. The Robocop 2 is a famicom pirate which is another awesome addition. The fat PS2 is also another awesome addition! FAT PS2!


June 08, 2022

Finds 1637: Nintendo DS Lite Dock, PC Goodies, and Atari DS Game

Here is a nice haul with lots of PC goodies but a Nintendo DS lite which I got mainly because of the dock. The amount of the games are massive! Lots of goodies for the PC including Norton Utilities which I heard has some interesting stuff in there. Lets check it out! 

Here is the first set of games and software. I gotta say, a lot of these are interesting to check out but the one that takes the cake is the Norton Utilities. 

Here is another set of discs. This one comes with more software and a CD sampler. This is so awesome!

The one that takes the cake is this one. Don't you love the label? 81 games and you can recognize a bunch of classics on it. I haven't tried this one out, but I will eventually run into it. 

The only reason I got this DS lite is because it came with a dock. I was so curious about it! Anyways, the way it works is that you plug in the charger on the back of the dock and it gives power to the dock therefore charges the handheld. Pretty neat huh?

I also found this one which is yet another compilation of Atari gems. It's always fun to revisit these classics. Hopefully they bring some remakes of them. 


Finds 1636: PC Galore! Bug! Half Life, Portable Hard Drives, and More!

It's been a while, but I need to catch up with my recent findings. In this episode, we find a bunch of awesome PC games including some Windows installation disks and even BUG! which was a release from Sega. I also got an arcade SNES controller which is really neat, and some portable hard drives which I was able to get working. More storage units! 


May 14, 2022

Ads from the past 460: Gameboy Color, More Colorful than the Food at Your Lunchroom

This pretty much explains how amazing the Gameboy color is to this day. The color was the main grab for the customer especially because it has color. To this day, this is still one of my favorite handhelds ever!


May 13, 2022

Finds 1635: A SpongeBob Patrick PlayStation 2 Controller? Plus Games!

I really didn’t expected to find anything in my thrift store trips but whenever I go thinking I won’t find anything is when I come up finding some odd find. The PS2 controller is really cool as it’s based on the still popular Spongebob cartoon series but in this case, it’s Patrick! The design of this controller is just awesome! I love it! Everything is just a joy to look at! I also picked up some games but nothing too crazy, the main attention grabber is definitely the controller. I already got people wanting to buy it off of me as apparently it’s a rare controller. Maybe it’ll become my new main controller when I test out PS2 games. 


Finds 1634: A beautiful color, it’s the Pink Gameboy Pocket!

Here is a really awesome and probably one of my favorite Gameboy colors! It’s a pink Gameboy pocket! This one was only released in Japan and it doesn’t have the sharp screen upgrade, but it’s really cool overall! You gotta love the color! It’s too cute! The seller threw in Kirby dreamland with it so it’s a cool addition. 


Finds 1633: It’s the Gravis Gamepad Pro with Extreme Control!

I was able to pick this up locally and totally happy with it. The thing is complete! It comes with the CD with drivers, the little joystick, and of course, the box! Love this and will be using it. Doesn’t it look a lot like a PS1 controller? It’s totally awesome!


Finds 1632: Double Dragon & Kunio-Kun Collection and Alphadia Genesis

Some new arrivals from Limited Run Games are finally here. The Double Dragon and Kunio-Kun Brawler set is just so satisfying and beautiful to look at. Best of all, the game is packed with games from both Double Dragon and Kunio-Kun. Now we all need is the Battletoads to make an appearance! Also, another arrival is Alphadia Genesis which is an interesting RPG and my first PS5 game! Yeah, I don’t even have a PS5 but can’t beat getting started early. Good stuff. 


May 09, 2022

Finds 1631: Ninja Gaiden for the Sega Master System

I have been itching to get a new Sega Master System and this was the perfect choice. This game is different than the NES version and more fair in many ways. If you want a lesser challenge, this is the one to get. Perfect addition to anyone's collection. 


May 08, 2022

Finds 1630: Floppy Disk 5.25 Massive Lot! Pride Disks!

A friend of mine hooked me up with a lot of 5.25 floppy disks! They are for various computers such as Tandy and Commodore. I believe some are also DOS compatible. They are beautiful! Look below! 

Pride disks <3


May 07, 2022

Ads from the past 459: Hilfiger Gameboy Color

So years ago, I found a Gameboy with this same design on it. I never knew the story behind it till now. I didn't know Hilfiger and Nintendo were such good pals! This was definitely a deal especially if you were looking for clothes and gaming in one shopping trip. 


Finds 1629: Gunbird for the Sega Saturn

Here is another Sega Saturn game I've wanted for a while. I slowly collect these so you will see them here and there. There are a lot of amazing games for the Sega Saturn especially when it comes to shoot 'em ups. This is one of them! Also, published by Atlus, can you go wrong?


May 06, 2022

Finds 1628: After Two Years, Clock Work Aquario is finally here!

This game took forever to get here! It has literally been over two years since I preordered this and it's a long wait for a collection that I totally forgot I even ordered in the first place. The only reason I remember about this game was because I got an e-mail about the shipping notification. Anyways, this game is a game that was never released for the arcade but was finished. This is a lost gem that's finally out for everyone to enjoy! 


May 05, 2022

Finds 1627: A couple of Mice, Wii Additions, Mario Party 2, and Xbox Games

Here are some awesome additions I picked up at the thrift store. The wii games were a little pricey but seeing as they are rare, they are definitely worth it. Mario Party 2 was a big surprise. The two Mice were awesome additions too. I'm using that Magic Mouse on my Macbook. 


May 04, 2022

Finds 1626: Limited Run Arrivals! Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol 1, Doom Collection, and The House in Fata Morgana

Limited Run Arrivals are finally here! These are freaking awesome and totally worth it! These are the awesome things that will keep arriving as they keep being released. My favorite one on this lot is the Neo Geo Pocket as it brings some awesome games that we haven't seen in forever. 


May 03, 2022

Finds 1625: Earthrowm Jim Special Edition is Finally Mine!

This is a local pick up I did that I will never regret! It's Earthrowm Jim Special Edition for the Sega CD! The seller also included the PC version as well which is just awesome! Totally awesome stuff. I'm happy to finally have this gem in my collection. It wasn't cheap but getting a game for half of what it's worth is totally worth it to me. 


May 02, 2022

Finds 1624: Cowabunga VHS Tapes, Portable Color TV, PS2 Silver Slim, and Accessories!

Here are some new additions for the collection. The TMNT VHS tapes were so awesome! I just love the artwork! I also got lucky and found a PS2 Silver slim, a case for big floppy disks, a mouse and some motion plus wii remotes, and a portable tiny TV. Good stuff! 


May 01, 2022

Finds 1623: Wireless Vintage Mouse, 5.25 Floppy Disk Drive, Brand New Hard Drive, and Encarta 98

Here is a bunch of vintage stuff! The Floppy drive was tested and it's working quite well! It's part of my packard bell computer. I'm not sure what I'll do with the brand old new stock hard drive, also, that mouse looks interesting but not promising as the signal is through infrared but you never know! 


April 30, 2022

Ads from the past 458: Gameboy Color Australian Ad

This is a really cool Australian Gameboy Color ad which is promoting the release of the Gameboy color. I see where they are coming from with this ad, and I completely approve. 

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