Parachute for DOS

A port of Parachute for DOS was released! Really neat work!

Finds 1436 PC Galore! Phantasmagoria 2 and Others!

A trip to thrifting brings a bunch of PC gems!

Ads from the Past 454: Zelda for Disk System(The First one)

Classic artwork for a legendary game, the Legend of Zelda ad is here.

Smarty and the Nasty Gluttons Getting a Physical Release

A Game from the past will be getting a physical release in the coming future. What kind of game is this though?

Retro Game of the Week 173: Gradius 3(SNES)

Shoot 'em all up, get all the power ups and try to survive this legendary game!

September 27, 2021

Manual Monday 043: NFL Quarterback Club (Genesis)

It's the football season and this is one way to introduce some of that into the blog! This is the manual for NFL Quarterback Club for the Sega Genesis. If there is something Sega knew is that sports where the way to go! Enjoy and play ball oh wait that's for baseball.... 


Alwa's Awakening: the 8-bit Edition at Limited Run Games!

This is a really awesome new title that's getting the NES treatment. You can pre-order it at Limited Run Games and it should be out in December. This could make a really awesome holiday gift for the retro gamer in the family. There is also the version for Switch and PS4 that you can also pre-order. I highly recommend this game especially if you are into the classic adventure side scroller genre. This game will keep you on your toes and feels rewarding when you past through difficult areas. 

Be sure to get your copy pre-ordered before it's too late! Limited Run Games has been doing pre-orders for other NES titles as well as Gameboy so it'll be a good idea to follow them and see what they release next. 


Finds 1521: Half Life Adrenaline Pack, Total Annihilation, Little Big Planet 3, Cassette and CD Case

Over the weekend, I went thrifting but not as much as I have been doing lately. It was great to find something especially because it was raining so much! I picked up a couple of PC games like Half Life Adrenaline pack which was an interesting hunt. The CDs which come in three were in different parts of the CD section so I had to look closely till I found them all. That was actually fun! I also got Total Annihilation for PC which looks interesting and it's another welcomed game for my PC collection which has grown substantially. I also got Little Big Planet 3 for the PS4 and I believe I'm missing part 2 now, but I could be wrong. I also stopped at another thrift store which had the cassette and cd cases that I ended up picking up. As I have mentioned before, the cassette case is perfect for Famicom games and believe me when I tell you that I have a lot of them! I will find a spot for them just have't had the time. The CD case is really cool as you press on the front of it for it to open up and the case opening on its own. I have a lot of loose games which will go in here. Nothing crazy this weekend, but I'm always happy to add new loot to the collection. 


September 26, 2021

Latest Nintendo Direct: Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis

I am sure a lot of you are familiar with what happened a couple of days ago but I wanted to put my two cents into the whole ordeal. Although I am all for re-releasing software that's not available to everyone due to price and scarcity, I am not fond of the way it is handled nowadays. After seeing the only part I was interested in, which is the retro games being released for the Switch, I was a little disappointed. I have a couple of issues on these. Lets get started.

The first thing on the table is the price of the controllers. Why 49.99? The price is honestly quite hefty and ridiculous, but I am sure the fanboys are going to jump and say 'oh but it's retro and not out anymore' Which that may be the case, but it doesn't feel like the price of these controllers is fair at all. Think about it, you want to play Smash with other friends in the same home, you'll need 200 dollars worth of controllers. Of course, you can also play online but I am not sure how that is going to work so I can't say much about it. Another thing, why the Sega Genesis three button controller? It's most likely because they want to sell them first before releasing the newer six button controller, why not just the six button? You know that would make more sense as it's the definitive version of the console. The price of these should've been 24.99-29.99 tops, that would've been fair. 

Another thing to bring up is the membership upgrade, why? This stuff should've been included in the membership everyone is already paying for, so now, you are telling us we have to pay more to play games you have sold is since the Wii generation? That's just ridiculous, why include the NES and SNES and then decide that you want more money for the same games you have released ages ago? That's just wrong. In a sense, you are just releasing the same thing over and over and over. Stuff like this shouldn't need no upgraded fee as it's something that should have been included in the first place. This is quite disappointing and greedy on their part. Yes, we can't make money from these games so lets just raise the membership price, not fair. 

One last thing I'll mention is the incredible re-releases of the same stuff. We have gotten a Sega Genesis collection for the Switch not too long ago so now we have to get a controller for 49.99 and upgrade our membership for who knows how much just to play them? That's just wrong and makes no sense but I'm sure people will buy into it regardless because that's the reason Nintendo keeps doing this. Same thing can be said for the Nintendo 64 games, didn't we get a 3 in 1 Super Mario Anniversary collection which included Super Mario 64? So now, you are including it again? why? That's just ridiculous.

Overall, I'm very wary of these new releases but we will see what time will bring in the future. I do see some good with the release of such games as Sin and Punishment and MUSHA. I think these games will introduce these games to new players that It hasn't already, but overall not happy how Nintendo is pricing playing retro. Sometimes I feel it's better to just play them on emulators or the originals.


Galaga Port for C64 aka Commodore 64 Mini

Happy Sunday gamers! Today I have this really cool game to show you. It's for that little gadget called the C64 which mimics the Commodore 64 games. This one was done with a lot of hard work and dedication. It's Galaga after all! The game also comes with two player option. 

The game can be downloaded here at the author's page so be sure to check it out. I highly recommend this as it's a very faithful port with a Commodore 64 touch. I myself am a fan of Galaga and definitely enjoy when ports like these are released. The author of the game has a lot of detailed information on how things were accomplish to make this game playable. Once again, be sure to check out the page here to read further into it. 


Ads from the Past 455: Sega Genesis -The Other Guys Just Don't Stack Up-

We are back with the ads from the past. We have been gone since February and it was time to bring this bag with our weekly retro ad! This series has been moved to Sunday now since we have Famicom Fridays in that spot, but it'll go back to being a weekly thing! Lets get started. This week's ad is from the Sega Genesis who did a lot of bashing of the Nintendo console especially because they needed to compete with the big boy Nintendo. The Sega Genesis started the race early but Nintendo caught up with the Super Nintendo console in terms of bits. The bit wars of the early 90s was something else. What a time to be alive! I encountered so many discussions and fights over who was better but I'll never forget that one of my teachers actually had the 3DO! I played Gex for a little bit and though it was awesome, but that's the first and only time I played that console till years later when I became a collector and found one in the wild. Other than that, it was either Sega or Nintendo. Sony would enter the console wars with the Playstation and recruit me into a big fan boy especially with the upcoming Final Fantasy VII game. Those were some amazing times. 


September 25, 2021

Sega Saturday 004: Phantasy Star 2 for Genesis

The Sega Genesis got a bunch of really awesome RPGs and this is one that Sega made a big deal of. This was a huge deal not only because this game started its programming on the Master System and ended up on the next console. The release here in the US was actually quite interesting. The game cost a little bit more because it came with more Mega Power as they say as well as a guide to help you on your quest. Extras like these are something that are a norm on video games nowadays, but back then, it was very far in between. If you want to play one of the best RPGs for the Sega Genesis, definitely try this one out. You have a very challenging quest, hours and hours of gameplay, and a great story. Believe it or not, the game was also unfinished in some parts as the programming team wanted to implement 3-D dungeons just like in the first Phantasy Star as well as animated backgrounds but they ran out of time. Even though those things were missing, we still got a masterpiece. 

One thing you should also check out is the remake for the PS2 under the Sega Ages series. It was never translated to English but it sure has a very interesting upgrade in graphics. It’s not for everyone so do your own research on whether you wanna go for it. See ya next week!


September 24, 2021

Famicom Fridays 004: Super Mario USA

Why is this game called Super Mario USA? It does carry a very interesting story. Turns out, the Super Mario Bros 2 we got in the States was another game that was released in Japan but was placed the Mario brand on it. This game was Doki Doki Panic which turned out to be Super Mario Bros 2 here. Japan never got that Super Mario Bros 2 as they got another one which we know as the Lost Levels. Confusing huh? Anyways, years went by and finally Nintendo decided to release the Mario they never got which was then called Super Mario USA for obvious reasons. The game made full circle and is available in both regions. If you want to play Super Mario Bros 2 USA release on your Famicom, then this is your answer! Super Mario USA!


September 23, 2021

DOS Thursday 004: Ski Free

I think a lot of us know this game because it was probably one of the first games we played when we got a computer in the 90s! Ski Free is simple yet a lot of fun. The goal is to do tricks while going down a never ending hill. Also, did you know that you can run away from that monster that always seems to catch you? All you have to do is press the "F" button on your keyboard and you can run away from this monster. I didn't know that till recently by the way. Definitely give it a shot! What a great game. 

Download it here!


Finds 1520: R-Type Final 2 & Raiden IV x Mikado Mix

So the other day I noticed I have some Amazon gift cards to use as well as some discount so I decided to look on Amazon for some deals and definitely scored a couple of good ones. I do love shoot 'em ups even though I suck at them, but I ended up getting these games. R-type 2 Final is a really nice set that comes with some extras and of course, the game. I was always a fan of the series so I'm happy to have this in the collection. The other one is Raiden IV x Mikado Mix which is a beautiful port of this wonderful shoot 'em up as well as with some different tunes, guessing it's from Mikado right? Anyways, when you have discount and left over gift cards, definitely take advantage of them. 


Finds 1519: NECA TMNT Chrome Dome

This must have been the fastest NECA has ever shipped a TMNT toy that was up for pre-order. So what gives really? There are some that I paid for around six months ago and nothing.... it's very disappointing that some of us get teased with action figures we cherished to have yet have to wait a long time for them. I do understand there is a pandemic going and that it did slowed down the shipment and development of some of these figures but we are already getting past that. With more and more figures of this line coming out for pre-order, we are just left with looking at the photos and teasers they keep releasing. It's either that or try our luck at beating resellers from emptying the shelves of the already small inventory they decide to drop at each store. Get it together already, this is ridiculous. I'm happy for the figure but why can't you just do this for everything else? 


Finds 1518: Playstation 2 Bootlegs, King's Quest V, and Alone in the Dark

This was a gift from one of my gamer friends, okay not so much of a gift but it feels like it. I paid 20 bucks shipped for all of these goodies. I was mainly interested in the PS2 bootlegs as they are something I haven't seen before. It's something I will probably have to look further into. Now, I need to go find my PS2 that's modded so I can be able to try some of these out. The discs are a little beat but I believe I'll get them working after some resurfacing work. Speaking of that, I will be looking on getting one of those machines to fix scratches on discs. He also gifted me a couple of PC classics which are King's Quest V and Alone in the Dark. I have played both of them years ago even though Alone in the Dark was a demo, yeah, it was that long ago. Anyways, this was very interesting loot!


September 22, 2021

Password Wednesdays 004: Pac-Man 2 the New Adventure (Genesis)

Here is a really cool password for Pac-Man 2 the New Adventure which will open up a time trial option for multiple stages. Be sure to copy it exactly and have fun!

The time trial option opens up four stages which you can try till your heart's content. 

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