Parachute for DOS

A port of Parachute for DOS was released! Really neat work!

Finds 1436 PC Galore! Phantasmagoria 2 and Others!

A trip to thrifting brings a bunch of PC gems!

Ads from the Past 454: Zelda for Disk System(The First one)

Classic artwork for a legendary game, the Legend of Zelda ad is here.

Smarty and the Nasty Gluttons Getting a Physical Release

A Game from the past will be getting a physical release in the coming future. What kind of game is this though?

Retro Game of the Week 173: Gradius 3(SNES)

Shoot 'em all up, get all the power ups and try to survive this legendary game!

May 31, 2017

Finds 1036: Dream Mix TV World Fighters for PS2!

This is an alternative Smash Bros!! You want some of your favorite Hudson, Konami, and Takara characters? This is it! 


Game-bit of the day 774: Ys 3 (PC Engine)

These games are just so much fun. It's sad that I wasn't into the series when it was being released on the SNES. Either way, this is a pretty good series! Part VIII is coming out at the end of the year too. 


Wonder Boy Coming in Physical Form!

So this little gem over here is getting a physical release! There are two ways to acquire this gem. One of them is via-PlayAsia which is taking pre-orders of the game while the other will be in Limited Run Games in the near future. It's all up to you in which way you want to go. The safe bet is Play-Asia as Limited Run Games always runs out of the game in less than a minute. Well, we shall see what unfolds. Wanna take a guess as to where I will be buying this one from? Take a guess!


Sonic Mania Coming August of this Year!

A really cute video was uploaded by Sega in order to hold us over for the August release of Sonic Mania. I can't wait for this game to be released! All we can do is wait for the game to be released even though it was released today in Europe. Lucky Europeans!

Watch the trailer below!


May 30, 2017

Finds 1035: PC Engine is Life!

Here is some awesome loot! It's PC Engine once again! Lets keep them coming! A little bit of everything like always!!!! 


Game-bit of the day 773: Keith's Courage (PC Engine)

I think is a more appealing cover art to the American version of the game. It's a shame how so many of these games got castrated when brought to the USA. Different times I guess, then again, lots of them are still censored when being released here nowadays. 


Working on new projects

The blog has been lacking of updates and mainly due to my life being quite busy. There has been so much going on but I'm still around. I'll keep you updated indeed. One of the first updates is a new Youtube Page which I started working on. It mostly contains my recorded streams and gameplay videos of games for old consoles. It's a fun little project! 

I'm also working more on streaming as I want to become quite popular at it. Speaking of which, I have to stream in about an hour so you can catch me there! 

As for finding loot, I'm still out there and online looking for new loot to find and add to my collection. A video of my collection will be coming for sure. I will also be updating all my latest finds here. So much to do and so little time! 

May 21, 2017

Game-bit of the day 772: Rival Schools (PS1)

This is Rival Schools and it's a very fun fighting game. It was released on the arcades and ported to both the PS1 and later on the Dreamcast which had the sequel. Definitely a must have for fighting fans. 


May 20, 2017

Game-bit of the day 771: Fighters Megamix (Saturn)

This is an all star battle royale! You get to fight with various fighters from different fighting games of the time. Get ready! 


May 19, 2017

Game-bit of the day 770: G Darius (PS1)

This is a pretty fun shoot 'em up for the PS1. Both PS1 and Saturn had their respective Shoot 'em ups so definitely pick them up when you see them. 


May 18, 2017

Game-bit of the day 769: Bomberman Racing (PS1)

A racing game for Bomberman. Hudson really thought of everything when it came to Bomberman! 


May 17, 2017

Game-bit of the day 768: Golden Axe (PC Engine)

This is a port of the classic game from the arcade. Golden Axe plays alright, but I somehow prefer the Genesis version. Maybe I've grown fond of that port. 


May 16, 2017

Game-bit of the day 767: Ys Books 1 and 2 (PC Engine)

This is a pretty awesome compilation. The game was also released for the Turbo Grafx CD which I will be after soon enough. 


May 15, 2017

Game-bit of the day 766: Championship Lode Runner (Famicom)

A classic for the Famicom. Can you believe the bad guys look like Bomberman? What's up with that?


May 14, 2017

Game-bit of the day 765: Mega Man 64 (N64)

This is a pretty awesome game although the PS1 version is a lot better. It received mixed reviews... 


May 13, 2017

Game-bit of the day 764: Virtual Hydlide (Saturn)

Another game for the Saturn. This one is just awful but it was released by Atlus. I have to find something good about this one! 


May 12, 2017

Game-bit of the day 763: Enemy Zero (Saturn)

This game has been a long time coming. Definitely a wonderful addition to the collection. 


Finds 1034: Arrivals from Japan, Lots of New Additions!

A wonderful lot from Japan just arrived. It took more than a month and another package is still on its way but here is what I got for now. Check out the photos! WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!  

Here are some games for the Playstation and Fighters Megamix for the Saturn.  

 The PC Engine CD. AWWWW YEAH!
 Gotta bring up the count of Hue Cards! PC ENGINE!
 I gotta plug in my PC Engine asap! 
 I gotta try all these out! 
Some Famicom, Gameboy, and Game Gear. 


May 11, 2017

Game-bit of the day 762: Star Wars Rebel Assault (Sega CD)

This game is not amazing but it was the first glance at a Star Wars battle like in the movies! Gotta give them credit for that. 


Finds 1033: Commodore Test Cartridge!

This little device helps by doing a test on the Commodore to see which chips are malfunctioning. It'll come quite in handy when fixing old Commodore consoles. To the next level! 


May 10, 2017

Game-bit of the day 761: Gain Ground (Genesis)

This is a very awesome strategy style game. It plays like Zelda and you get allies in order to well gain ground. It's very innovative. 


Finds 1032: Free Commodore and Accessories!

Just when you thought there weren't any nice people out there, stuff like this changes your mind. I went to the house of this guy selling the commodore you see on the photo along with the accessories. After chatting and trying out the console, he decided to give them to me for free. It was definitely the nicest thing a stranger has done for me. Free loot!


May 09, 2017

Game-bit of the day 760: Deadly Arts (N64)

I don't know much about this game but I think Konami fucked up with this one. I haven't heard good things about it and I'm even afraid to try it out. 


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