Finds 1676: A CD Case Book Shelf

It's got to be the cutest most awesome design for a CD case ever!

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Ads from the Past 461: Sega Game Gear

Classic ad for the handheld that rivaled the Gameboy.

Yu-gi-oh! Custom Deck Box: Toon World

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Kitsune Zero: Adorable Fox Girl

Play as a cute fox girl in a world filled with Japanese Folklore!

March 31, 2011

Pirate Game of the Week 018: Boogerman (FC)

One of the most disgusting games I have ever played is none other than Boogerman. The game is just a mucus dedicated parade! If you do have a mucus fetish then I suggest you get this one and rub your nose on it you disgusting freak. This game was actually released for the SNES but I'm sure you know how savvy these pirate creators are so they eventually ported it to the good old 8-bit Famicom console. The game itself is not half bad. The controls are to be expected of a pirate as they are non responsive at times. You will need to give some time for the controller to react so be sure to time your jumps at least a second before you were supposed to do it. The response will not always be late but you gotta be aware of what is coming.

Your main weapon is your boogers...what do you really expect from the super hero Boogerman? You can find power ups that makes his booger a lot stronger. At first, you'll be picking the booger off your nose and then throw it at the enemy but after the power up, you'll be spitting booger. See how much of a freak you have become? Either way the booger doesn't reach that far so you have to use it to your advantage and aim close to your enemy. The problem with that is that you'll most likely get hit due to buggy controls and fast moving enemies.

The music of the game is quite fun and enticing. You won't get the best soundtrack a game must have but you'll also won't get the usual crappy pirate game music. Be sure to enjoy the catchy tunes! The graphics are not that vivid but they do the trick when it comes to having a decent background. There is not much activity in the background but that's mainly due to the capabilities of the 8-bit console. Just be sure you can take the sight of mucus everywhere.

Overall, this game is quite fun and due to the little bugs it might have here and there, it's quite a decent game. I do recommend you play the rom as a real copy is hard to come by. If you are willing to spend money for this, be sure not to pay more than 10 dollars for one as they are quite common in the right markets. Thank you for reading and I'll be sure to see you next week with another pirate pick! Har har har!


Finds 286: Nintendo 64 Controllers of All Colors!

Another trip to the local thrift store brings some new items to my possession. I got three Nintendo 64 controllers for 1.95 each and the NES game which is Little League Baseball was 2.95....I was shocked at their new prices but I'll have to deal with it. The controllers are in great shape except for the blue one...

I opened it up to check its inner contents. It was the first time I opened a Nintendo 64 controller so I didn't know what to expect. The main problem with the controller was that the analog was sticking to whichever side you would move it. I had to unscrew the black box thing you see there and disarm the analog. I took some q-tips and cleaned it with success. After putting everything back together, I was left with a fixed controller! Not bad huh?

So that's it for this hunt. Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty in order to fix problems yourself. I hope some of this info was helpful to some of you with analog problems. I would have taken more photos but I totally forgot about it until the end....I was so into cleaning the analog so it just passed through my mind.

Little League Championship Series Baseball (NES)
Red Nintendo 64 controller
Blue Nintendo 64 controller
Gray Nintendo 64 controller


March 30, 2011

Retro Gaming Articles 001: Star Wars Pinball

Since there is so much information we may or may not already know about the past of our precious video games, I thought it would be a good idea to pick certain articles and showcase them. Lets not forget about our past because it does resemble our present and future. Here as a first entry we have an article on an upcoming Star Wars Pinball Machine. I can just imagine how exciting it must have been to play with this baby. Well, be sure to read and comment. There will be other articles for you to enjoy! Take care!


Ads From The Past 108: For All Your Gaming Needs ^_^'

Be sure to use the coupon that comes with this ad!! Just kidding....Can you believe the price for Final Fantasy 2? 69.99! That's absurd but there were places selling it like that. Believe it or not it got worse in the Nintendo 64 era where there were some games up to 100+ dollars in price, one of them being Superman 64! AHHHHH the humanity!


Ads From The Past 107: Ascii Pad for SNES

I never got the chance of trying out this controller but I have seen it at the flea market from time to time. I would love to pick it up and try it out though, this ad even though it has nothing to do with the controller (It's just a stupid shark duh!) has gotten my attention! Well done!


Yu-gi-oh! Amazing Cards 018: Black Beetle Ball

Sadly a bad scan for this card and I really didn't felt like doing another one. Enjoy the text and name of this card, I know I did ^_^' Till next week!


March 25, 2011

Ads From The Past 106: TMNT: The Hyper Stone Heist (Genesis)

So here is an awesome two-page ad for the TMNT Genesis release. If you didn't caught on, the previous TMNT ad was from this game. I personally thought it was an awesome ad, I'm sure you agree right?


Retro Game of the Week 073: Parasite Eve (PS1)

Parasite Eve is one of those action-RPG titles that keeps you interested throughout the entire mystery of a game. For its time of release, the game was very interesting and unlike traditional RPGs the game took place in the present(kind of). The story is very interesting as you are a police officer going to a concert on Christmas day with your wimpy date. Things are going great until everyone starts to burn to crisp! What is going on you ask? Well, a lot of weirdness is going on as you are the only one that's not affected by it. What does that mean? You'll have to find that out for yourself as you investigate the case.

The game plays very well as you will encounter monsters and will be free to walk around the battle area in order to dodge their attacks. It takes practice to dodge the attacks so be sure to be good using your controller! Of course, dodging is not the only action you can partake during the battle as you can take on the offensive and shoot the monsters. You will be able to shoot your enemies although just like in real life, if you are closer to your target then there will be a better chance of hitting it and it works the other way too. Be too far and you will probably miss. Of course, as you progress in the game you'll be able to power up your guns at the police station. Be sure to work with what's best for you, it's very important for your battle strategy. You can heal as well among other things so most RPG elements are used in this awesome title.

The music is very intense and will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is a horror-style game that mimics the legendary Resident Evil series in a couple of ways. You can think of this as a Resident Evil game made by Squaresoft which explains the RPG elements in the game. You couldn't have asked for anything better! Furthermore, the graphics are a joy to watch and were amazing for its time. Especially with the cut-scenes which shows why many developers decided to work with Sony rather than Nintendo during the 32-64bit wars.

Overall, you have a joy of a game to play through so be sure to pick it up as it's not that pricey on eBay. If you are lucky enough to find it in the wild then pick it up for sure. It's not only a great game but an awesome collectible. I sure hope you take my advice at some point! Until next week!


Deadbeat Gaming -Podcast Kicks Ass, Period-

Just wanted to point out that Deadbeat Gaming has started a new series of podcasts for everyone's enjoyment. They have two episodes up which cover video gaming news from now as well as retro gaming conversations and import info you may have never heard. Be sure to listen to them as I'll be taking part in future episodes as well. Be sure to check them out on Itunes as well because every kewl podcast is on Itunes anyways....har har har

Visit Deadbeat Gaming for more info and say no to drugs!


March 24, 2011

Ads From The Past 105: Global Gladiators (Genesis) 2/2

Here is part two I'm guessing! Or I may be wrong because I don't see the second part of the comic. I'm going to have to do some research on this!


Retro Game Ending 003: Tiny Toons (NES)

It has been ages since the last retro game ending but that doesn't mean it's long forgotten. I just finished getting my Tiny Toons fix and I'm ready to showcase the ending of my journey in this fun-filled title for the NES. I gotta admit that after getting a little rusty the game was very difficult towards the end but it didn't took more than some practice and lots of continues to be able to beat it.
So you defeat Montana Max but jumping on his head three times which is a no brainer! You have finally done it! You have saved your sexy bunny!

Spoilers for those of you who don't want to see the ending!

The curtains will close then they will open back up to showcase Babs Bunny!

The rest is explained on its own right?
You know who's getting some tonight!
And the freakshow of heroes!
Somehow they called Babs a hero? She was the one that was kidnapped!
Even with all the confusing it was a very worthwhile ending. I hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to keep visiting for future retro game ending posts!


March 23, 2011

Retro Cheat Page 015: Mortal Kombat Special Moves Continue!

So here is the second page of codes for the Mortal Kombat session we started last week. This week you have the rest of the special moves so be sure to check them out for yet another blast from the past. Also, have you seen anything different in the last scan updates? Yes, the scans are of higher resolution and that's due to the fact that my new monitor gives me more real state to work with. I don't need to shrink scans anymore! Enjoy the better resolution scans!


Ads From The Past 104: Strike Gunner & Qbert 3 (SNES)

Two titles, one ad! Can it really be more efficient? Of course it can! How about eight games in one ad? I can go on and on but lets get back to this ad for a second. Here you have two titles that although they are average in the fun factor, they are still worth a pick and play session. I sure hope you think the same, if not then get out of here!


New Buttons Added, Others Removed!


So some big updates to the main page as I added the rest of the archives from our weekly updates. Polar Bear Animes Corner is gone as he decided to step down and we have our "classic" sections finally up! Be sure to check them out although some of them are still a work in progress!


Ads From The Past 103: Pingskin Footbrawl (Genesis)

So here is yet another ad trying to get back to date. Another Genesis game most of us probably never heard of. I do suggest you dig up these timeless classics.....Maybe not this one but there are others!


Cute Plumbers

Just had to post this pic on here and I do believe it's video game related! I hope you enjoy it! Aren't they cute? ^_^


Pirate Game of the Week 017: Everquest (FC)

I'm sure you are thinking WTF as you are reading through the title of this article but all I can say is sit down, shut up, and read on. Everquest for the Famicom! Yes, believe it or not there was a game named Everquest released for this console and it was very recent. See, the Chinese thought it would be kewl to start releasing crappy programmed games for the Famicom so they released a whole series of RPGs which all played the same except they had different scenarios. I do believe that they did it way too many times and even though you thought you would be getting the real deal, I'm sadly to announce that you are getting a very long battle, time consuming, getting to nowhere if you crash, video game.

There are many problems with these games and it's mainly due to the fact that they are of very low quality. You might get a copy that won't save or a copy that will crash after five minutes of gameplay so do what I do, just get the rom. I'm only telling you that so you can save your money but it won't make the game not crash so that's all you. Now, going back to the game it's your average RPG from Chinese people (Whatever that means) And it's long and unappealing. I do have to give kudos for the effort they applied to it but effort doesn't make new generation of players remain interested. This would have been a smash hit back in the late 80s or early 90s but now it's too late and too lame. You should still try to get a physical copy only if you are a fan and they are very collectible especially since they come with the box and instruction manual which you will only understand if you know Chinese.

Going once more back to the game. The game is quite dull and lacks character. You can't do much you haven't done before in previous RPGs from China. They are all based in the same style of gameplay. I do recommend it for learning purposes especially since the main lesson would be not to create such a game. The music makes me want to rip my ears off with the controller cable and the graphics are so-so at their best. Remember, stay away from this! Just because it's a pick of the week doesn't mean you are supposed to get it! I do once again suggest you try it out and do your very best to try and enjoy it. Until next week!

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