Finds 1676: A CD Case Book Shelf

It's got to be the cutest most awesome design for a CD case ever!

Pokemon Black is added to the shoppe

Be sure to check this and all the newest releases on the Retro Gaming Life Shoppe!

Ads from the Past 461: Sega Game Gear

Classic ad for the handheld that rivaled the Gameboy.

Yu-gi-oh! Custom Deck Box: Toon World

Stop by and check out my custom Toon World Deck Box!

Kitsune Zero: Adorable Fox Girl

Play as a cute fox girl in a world filled with Japanese Folklore!

November 30, 2016

Game-bit of the day 642: Gargoyle's Trilogy !

I finally have the trilogy. Might not be complete, and one might be sealed, but, I have them all and they're all playable. That's what matters! 


November 29, 2016

Game-bit of the day 641: Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse (3DS)

This is one kick ass game! It's dark, it's full of demons, and it's difficult. Well, not difficult for me as I'm pretty rad in video games. If you want a dark RPG, this is one to get. The demon art is just fantastic. 


November 28, 2016

Game-bit of the day 640: Final Blaster (PC Engine)

The console is just full of shoot 'em ups! It's time to explore them all except those insanely expensive ones! This one is one you should try! 


November 27, 2016

Ads from the past 372: Duke Nukem for Gameboy Color

The madman is back to kick some more ass! Those bastards are gonna pay! 


Game-bit of the day 639: Tecmo Super Bowl (NES)

It's Football season! This is the perfect game to play year after year after year. Just look at all the retro collectors out there. They love this game and so do I! Perfection! 


November 26, 2016

Game-bit of the day 638: Super Mario Bros (NES)

The legendary first game of the long running Super Mario series! This is Super Mario Bros 1 and it's pretty much a classic! There is nothing more to say about this one. It's Super Mario Bros!


My Dream Crate for Loot Crate!

So what would be my dream crate? It's simple! Nintendo! Well, more into Mario really. In this crate I include a bunch of items that would make any gamer have a nerdgasm! The whole crate comes with Mario related goodness. Here is the list
Super Mario Bros 3 poster
Mario pixel action figure
Mario pj pants
Question Block Lamp
NES Classic Edition

I know a lot of people missed out on the NES Classic Edition and offering an opportunity for everyone to own it instead of scalpers abusing the demand for it would be just great. Let me know what you think! Don't forget to head over to Loot Crate as they have some very amazing nerd goodies for all of you. 


November 25, 2016

Game-bit of the day 637: FIFA International Soccer (3DO)

This is FIFA for the 3DO. The game is decent and would be the start of EA sports long running yearly sport titles. 


November 24, 2016

Game-bit of the day 636: Power Stone (Dreamcast)

This is a very fun games for the Dreamcast. It's kind of like a Smash Bros for the Sega Console and lots of fun especially in four players! 


November 23, 2016

Game-bit of the day 635: Mickey Mania (Sega CD)

This is a very good port of Mickey Mania! It's definitely one of the better Mickey games along with the SNES versions. Love this game! 


November 22, 2016

Game-bit of the day 634: Mark of the Wolves (Dreamcast)

So this is one of the best fighting games by SNK and thank god we got a Dreamcast version of it. The game is not a perfect port, but it's as close and the cheapest way to play this game. Definitely check it out if you like fighting games/


November 21, 2016

Game-bit of the day 633: Dragon Valor (PS1)

This is a pretty cool RPG with action in it. It's definitely something you should check out if you want something that's not Final Fantasy. 


November 20, 2016

Ads from the past 371: Star Wars Jedi Arena

This is a game that left a lot of people wanting more. Believe me, there is nothing impressive about this one, but it is Star Wars after all. 


Finds 965: SNES Console and Equinox, Boxed Tetris, Space Harrier 3-D, and Neo Geo Pocket Color Games!

I haven't gotten Neo Geo Pocket Color games in a while so they are good additions! Now I gotta find my Neo Geo Pocket Color handheld! I also got the box for Tetris for Gameboy which I've wanted since like forever. Space Harrier 3-D is another Sega Master System game for the collection. Finally, Equinox for the SNES is a nice little game that plays like Zelda. The SNES console was a must since it was practically new! It's beautiful and in very minty shape! You can never have too many consoles! 


Game-bit of the day 632: Dungeons & Dragons (Sega Genesis)

This is my feline with Dungeons & Dragons. She looks as scared as the game is quite scary and difficult! Beware! 


November 19, 2016

Finds 964: Lots of Loot! Turbo Grafx, Repros, and Tons More!

Here is another set of goodies that arrived! Lets start with Shadow Blaster which is a pretty awesome side scroller style RPG game. Advance Guardian Heroes is just like the Saturn version but with more extras! Metal Dungeon is a sub-par RPG for the Xbox, but one you don't hear much of. Bloody Wolf can be said that it's the Contra for the Turbo Grafx, it's a lot of fun. Finally, four repros for the SNES. The games are Dragon Quest I and 2, Terranigma, Ogre Battle, and Tales of Phantasia. All quality translated games. 


Game-bit of the day 631: Rush 2 (N64)

This is Rush 2 for the Nintendo 64. I'm not really that crazy about racing games, but I'll take this one as it is. 


November 18, 2016

Finds 963: Lots of New Loot! Time Gal, Legendary Axe, Jewel Master, Pac Man, and More!

A lot with tons of quality titles. Legendary Axe being on the front with excellent gameplay and sound. Also, Time Gal is another wonderful game that I've been wanting for a while. Jewel Master was a recommendation by a friend and if you haven't seen it, Worldwide Soccer for the Saturn is an arcade Soccer game that's a lot of fun. I also picked up two Wii games, one being that infamous Castlevania fighting game. It was mighty cheap so I picked it up! Good stuff all around! 


Game-bit of the day 630: Shadow Madness (PS1)

This is a very average RPG but it caught my attention mainly because I don't encounter games like these for cheap and as a collector, I must have it! 


November 17, 2016

Finds 962: Project S-11 for Gameboy Color

This is a nice little shoot 'em up by Sunsoft. The game is average at best, but the music is quite good. You can definitely feel the Sunsoft feel! 


Game-bit of the day 629: Assault Suit Leynos (PS4)

This is a nifty little mech game that's tough but very rewarding. I love the look of this game and it's definitely worth your time. 


November 16, 2016

Finds 961: Cadash, Smart Ball, and Captain Silver!

Another set of three games! Cadash is definitely a classic for the Turbo Grafx. It was released by Working Designs and they did a wonderful job with the game. Also, Smart Ball is a very fun game for the SNES, I can't believe people don't talk about it as much as others. Captain Silver is a game about a dude trying to get the letters of his name back! Yeah, as weird as that may sound, it can actually be lots of fun.  


Yu-gi-oh! Card of the Week 058: Frightfur Sanctuary

I have yet to figure out how this card will be used in my flufall deck but I'm sure it can replace something already in it into something better. More support coming to it as well! 


Game-bit of the day 628: Neo Contra (PS2)

This game left a lot to desire for the Contra series. What happened to the classic NES action we can't ever have enough of!!! 


November 15, 2016

Finds 960: Wonder Boy in Monster Land & Double Switch

The Master System continues with new arrivals! This time, another Wonder Boy game! This one is Wonder Boy in Monster Land and I don't even know where this one lands but I think it's the second one in the series! Double Switch is a very mediocre game, but fun to play through if you want to kill half an hour or so. 

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