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Kitsune Zero: Adorable Fox Girl

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October 31, 2009

Find of the Month (October)

Well another end of the month and another find of the month. It wasn't that hard to pick this time around since there was only one find I was excited about! The winner this month as Rockman V for the Famicom. I won this game on Ebay for a mere fifteen dollars! I was very anxious to get it and once I finally got it in my hands, I couldn't let it go! I'm not sure if all of you would agree with me but that's OK, we can all have different opinions. Anyways, here is another shot of this month's best find!


Happy Halloween

Just want to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween. Don't do anything that crazy! As for me, I might go see Paranormal Activity and them go for some drinks. Take care!


October 29, 2009

Re-arranging my junk....

Well today was a very tiring and long day. I decided to re-arrange my gaming area and came up with good results. The project started kinda of sloppy because as I was moving the book case with some games still on it I kinda of pulled it a little too much and all the games fell on me. It's ok, none of the games looked to be injured....I'm going to finish off tonight but here are some before and after photos. Oh yeah I also found a dreamcast in all the junk! Lucky me because I don't remember having one. I only had another one but it's broken...

Before photos!

After some tweaking here are the after shots!

Well that's about it for now. A lot of dust all over the place!

The Internet is 40 years old today!

Yeah believe it or not the internet is forty years old. The internet has a very interesting story as it was initially meant for military used as well as communications between exclusive schools. Today, the school UCLA in California of course will celebrate this precious day by a showing of events and seminars. I wonder if other places have anything planned. Anyways, have a good internet day!

October 27, 2009

Finds 126: A little bit of everything!

Well today finally came a package I ordered almost a month ago. It cost me 11 dollars so I'm guessing I didn't paid much for it.....

Oh yeah the GBA game with no label is Shrek 2. har har har!

Until next time! HAR HAR!

Finds 125: Dreamcast Awesome Lot!

So I found this ad on craglist with a dreamcast for sale with some games. I called up and made a meeting. I got the lot yesterday for thirty dollars. I don't think it was a bad deal at all. I enjoyed playing Marvel vs Capcom and Sonic Adventure 2 a lot! Well here are some photos!


Finds 124: Three NES Games

Just picked up these last weekend at the thrift store. I haven't tried them out but they look fun.....I shouldn't keep my hopes up though...

Each game cost me 1.95 + tax.

October 25, 2009

Retro Game of the Week 015: Goonies(FC)

Well another week is here and another edition of Retro Game of the Week! This time around, we have a true classic for the Famicom/NES. Goonies was a side scroller like no other for its time. It had very unique items and collectibles as well. I mean why in the world would you need to use an space suit? nevah! Anyways, the game is challenging at times and follows the story well sort off. You do start off at the house where the bad guys were in. You also get a fat guy that keeps shooting at you but you never see that dirt bag old lady at all.

The levels are pretty simple. Just beat up a rat and get the bomb. Place the bomb in the door nearby and get what's inside. You must find three children and a key to be able to exit the level. Make sure you also pick up the items in the doors, well you'll have to anyways because you need to blow them all up. The levels take you through an underground level and sewers as well. It's a pretty fun game overall! The ending is also worth it all the way! You must beat this game!

With simple gameplay and a great fun factor, this game is a must play for any retro gamer. It's very odd it was never released in the US even though it was based on a US released movie...
I never really got into Goonies 2 as well which was released here in the US because it just didn't felt like a Goonies game. I'm not saying it's a bad game, I just should probably give it another chance. Anyways, since there is not US release I suggest you buy one of those multicarts which are really common and have a very good chance of coming with the Goonies game in it. If not just play the rom! That's all for this week so until next time!

October 24, 2009

Infinite Bits 09!

Alright so I'm set and ready for Infinite Bits tomorrow!!! The even has been going on since Friday but I'll only have one shot at going tomorrow! I hope it's good ! I'll take lots of photos! Cya!

Forgotten Finds #16 Random Items + Diabolical Mario Doll!

So here were a new forgotten finds and these finds are actually finds I have gotten recently but forgot to showcase them to the public!

First we have this Nintendo 64 controller made by performance....yeah it's made by them and well to my experience they are not that reliable. I have broken around five performance Playstation controllers and the reason was because of a cheap design as well as my rage among the lame control grip of the device. I will give this one a chance though. I paid two dollars for it thinking it was the official Nintendo golden controller but I was wayyyyyy wrong....

Next we have a DDR game that I won by mistake on Ebay. I really didn't wanted this game but I guess it's mine now. I haven't tried it out but the disc looks great. I hope they have some hip music!

Finally, we have a Mario doll that looks to be possessed! I always seem to place this doll in my bookcase and find it in the floor in the morning. Was this evil being trying to walk and strangle me? Or was this creature trying to tell me the secret of gaming? Who knows! All I know is that he looks kinda of freaky without his hat, then again, I tried to picture him with his hat on and it doesn't make any difference. This doll is freaky and alive but I must have it to help protect my collection! (not really)

So that's about it! I hope you guys enjoyed this special forgotten finds entry. Until next time!

Some Changes Coming....

Well there are some changes I'm going to be making to the finds entries as other sections. I'm going to try to make my entries more interesting overall. Anyways, I hope I get some awesome photos and maybe some video this Sunday at Infinite Bits! I hope to see some of you there (local people of course).....that's about it for now!

October 22, 2009

Finds 123: Another PS1 Import Lot!

So here is another lot I finally got in the mail. This one took a while to get here but I'm happy with what came in it. A lot of weird games but the one that I liked the most was the Parappa The Rapper game! Now I have both US and Japanese releases. I also think there are some variants to this game. Well here are some photos!


Friend Request: Metal Slug 5(XBOX)

A friend requested some photos of the Metal Slug 5 game I found so here they are har har har!


October 21, 2009

Backloggery List Updated!

Well just a quick reminder that I updated my backloggery account with my latest additions. Check it out and if you haven't yet, create an account! It's easy to keep your collection list there!!

P.S. The link is on the links section on the right of the blog. Scroll a little down and you'll see it.

October 20, 2009

Finds 122: Back to thrift store shopping...

Well I finally decided to hit the thrift stores once more and came out with some interesting items. I got a couple of genesis controllers to make your gaming experience unique, and I also got a 32x but with no cables. I tested it out and it works great though but the cables are always a bitch to find. Anyways, I also stopped at Play n Trade and got some interesting games. That's about it for now...


Finds 121: Rockman V for Famicom!

Well about time I got another Famicom title. This time around I manage to win an auction on ebay for this new game. Rockman V is a hell of a lot of fun you know so it was a nice pick up for my collection. The box is awesome as well! Gotta love Famicom boxes! The manual is also pretty kewl and fully colored! I can't wait to try it out and finally add a real awesome boxed Famicom game to my collection. Enjoy the photos!


Some Updates!

Hello it's me Famicom Freak once more with an entry of updates!

First of all, I'm going to have a huge update on my session videos that's way over due. I'm going to finish off TMNT for the NES and move on to other games. I will also be updating my game list as well as some finds I left out from other entries. I also opened up another pirate cart to show off its insides so that should be interesting nonetheless.

Well that's about it! I'm very excited about Infinite Bits this weekend although i will only be going there on Sunday so if any of you want an autograph(I doubt it) let me know if you are going on Sunday as well! har har har that's all for now!

October 18, 2009

Retro Game of the Week 014: Double Dragon 2(NES)

This is definitely the best double dragon game for the NES. I personally had a horrible time with double dragon 3 because of the difficulty and well, one life! They got a lot of things wrong that they did right in part 2. Anyways, double dragon 2 is one huge masterpiece with a great cooperative play with a friend gameplay. Playing with yourself as bad as it may sound, it's OK but playing with a friend is a hell of a lot of fun! Just think about it! You can also pick between game A or B which simply means if you want to be able to hit your buddy or not. I like hitting my friend!

The game is very complete and challenging as well. There are about eight missions to go through and they all come with very unique scenery. You are also given continues to help you continue through your quest. If you play the game enough though, even at the hardest mode, you'll be able to beat the game with ease. All your friends(foes) from the first double dragon are back well at least the ones I remembered.

I can't tell you how many times I played this game with my brother and we surely didn't got tired of it. Well, we did until Super Double Dragon was released! So that's about it, until next week!

October 15, 2009

Finds 120: Gameboy stuff and ps1 games...

I went to the local thrift today and got some neat things. One of the things that surprised me was the gameboy sp which I got for seven dollars but it didn't had a battery! I tried it out with the battery of my other sp and it works great. It's not a ++ though :(.... FACK! Anyways, here are some stuff. I also forgot to take a photo of this golden n64 controller I bought today. It's from performance not Nintendo but still looks pretty kewl but feels crappy!


October 14, 2009

Finds 119: Some Games for Gifts!

Well I hit the local PnT some days ago and ended up leaving with these games. The birthday of a friend that lives in Peru is coming up so I'm going to send him some games as a surprise har har har. I hope he likes them. Anyways, here are the photos.


Retro Game of the Week 013: Super Mario RPG(SNES)

Well this is the first time I'll be late with this entry but better late than ever. Anyways, this week we have Super Mario RPG for the SNES. Surprisingly a lot of people look at this game as a very odd one in the Mario franchise mainly because it's an RPG and we all grew up playing Mario in platformer games. Nintendo and Square got things right on this one though. The game is jammed packed with a lot of interesting features and an awesome storyline. The battles are intense and fun as well as the enemies. Your allies have very interesting stories behind them and you can even play as bowser! You can't do that in many mario games(except the sports ones).

The game brings your journey through a huge land with a lot of secrets to discover. Like any RPG, there are small sidequests that you are welcome to accomplish when you want to take a break from the quest.

I won't say much more for those who still haven't played this gem but I'll tell you this, this game rocks! Everything is great about this game. I can't see why anyone would miss out on this one! The only problems I had with this game are the leveling up system which only ended in level 30, and the fact that you couldn't play as Luigi. You did see pictures of him explaining you how to play the game in the instruction manual but that's not good enough! So that's it, until the next retro game of the week...

Car is working again

Ah I forgot to announce that my car is working once more. It needed a new battery so that's what I had to get for it. It was real interesting figuring out how to take the old battery out and then take it to the auto parts store and get the new one. Installing it was a breeze! har!

Lack of updates

Well I want to apologize for the lack of updates but I have been so busy lately thatI haven't had anything new to show. I will keep updating on other stuff though so stay tuned!

October 10, 2009

Car messed up!!!

Man I was getting ready to go out yesterday when my car wouldn't start ended up being the that really bites! I'll try to fix things this weekend...


Finds 118: Games for various consoles

Well I got my first Wii game but it wasn't on my plan to actually buy it. There was this lot on ebay and I decided to try and bid on it. I won it only for one game(guess which one) and now I'm stuck with the rest. I actually don't have a Wii to play the Guitar Hero game but I'll see what to do with it. I also don't have a 360 for the BK game so I'll see what to do with that. The rest I already tried them out and they work great! Here are the photos...


October 08, 2009

And then there was one...

Sadly another one of the kittens was found dead early in the morning which brings up a very interesting story to help the last one survive. We rushed everywhere trying to find kitten formula since the problem was that the mom wasn't producing any milk. She looks to be too old and she is not that active so we had to do this. We looked but with no luck found any so we turned into the internet and any twenty four hours clinics until we finally found one but it was half an hour away. It was our last hope and with the kitten crying for some milk, we had to do it. We drove and found the place around six AM. The people were really friendly and helped us out. I'll definitely bring my pets to this vet in the future. Anyways, we have to bottle feed the kitten every two hours which is just a lot of work. We are changing our schedules just because of this kitten. We also had a sad burial for the other two that didn't make it. My wife was devastated over the loss of the other two but there was really nothing we could have done in time as when we talked to the vet, they mentioned that some litters are just not born right and she was right. The cat has had a really tough pregnancy and is still trying to recover.... In the end, I didn't slept all last night and finally got home at almost nine. I'm awake now, and it's about time to feed the kitten so until next time!

October 07, 2009

A sad day indeed....

Well sadly today around 6:00pm eastern time one of the kittens from the litter wasn't able to overcome a breathing problem and passed away. We tried to do everything to make the kitten comfortable and sadly it wasn't of any help. The only thing I'm glad of is that the kitten is not suffering anymore and is finally resting in peace. The other two kittens seem to be fine but we'll have to keep our eyes opened as this happened over night. I'm not sure what caused this as the kitten was very active the night before. I hope the other two won't come up with any problems. That's all for now.....

Finds 117: A couple of games nothing that interesting...

Went to the local thrift store and actually finally for once found something. Nothing that great, but something is something right? I picked up some NES games that looked interesting but like usual, ended up being so-so games and some of them not that playable. Here are some photos.


October 04, 2009

A Pirate Cart Inside Look 001: Supervision Cart

Well here is a new blog series I'm going to be working on. It's pretty simple. I open up pirate carts, accessories, or consoles and you guys help me find out some info about it. I will be posting these photos on forums to find some info about them and post them back here. That's about it! So lets begin with this one!

Here is the first opened pirate cart. This one is a supervision multi cart. What interests me the most is that this cart comes with an adapter. Yeah so you can just take it out and place the board on the Famicom. I will post more info on this cart as soon as I get it.

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