Finds 1676: A CD Case Book Shelf

It's got to be the cutest most awesome design for a CD case ever!

Pokemon Black is added to the shoppe

Be sure to check this and all the newest releases on the Retro Gaming Life Shoppe!

Ads from the Past 461: Sega Game Gear

Classic ad for the handheld that rivaled the Gameboy.

Yu-gi-oh! Custom Deck Box: Toon World

Stop by and check out my custom Toon World Deck Box!

Kitsune Zero: Adorable Fox Girl

Play as a cute fox girl in a world filled with Japanese Folklore!

July 06, 2024

Finds 1880: Moon, Maniac Mansion, and Night Trap for GBA!

Here is a lot of games from Limited Run Games. Moon is a release of a game that never made it out and we finally got it while Maniac Mansion is a re-release of the NES classic. The one that really caught my attention is Night Trap for GBA which is a movie of the game to play on the portable handheld. Now that's pretty unique! 


Finds 1879: A Huge lot of Thailand Famicom Bootlegs! Castlevania Cart Port and More!

This is probably one of the last big Famicom lots from Thailand I will get since I already picked up pretty much everything I need for the collection. With that being said, check this big ass lot of games out! There are just so many gems I'm adding to the collection with such games as Castlevania and Journey To Silius and even Totally Rad, It's just a ton of fan added to the classic console. Which game am I missing in my bootleg collection? Am I finally done with it? Let me know!


July 05, 2024

Finds 1878: Thailand Bootlegs are just beautiful!

Here is another set of beautiful bootleg games. One of them is missing a label, I think it's Power Blade, I forgot lol! The rest are really nice games and will be adding more in the near future! That Double Dragon 2 cart is unique which is why I picked it up even though I have the game in other forms. 


July 04, 2024

Finds 1877: IBM Thinkpad Model 2826

This is a really awesome addition! I picked it up through Facebook Marketplace! The IBM Thinkpad 2826 comes with both a floppy disk drive and CD drive which makes it very usable! Not only that, it also has a USB slot for more possibilities as long as you can install the drivers for it using a trusty floppy disk. The game is a thing of beauty! I love the IBM Thinkpad series so it's a welcomed addition. Believe it or not, this is only the second IBM Thinkpad laptop that I have. 


Finds 1876: Bonks for Super Famicom

Some new arrivals from Japan arrived! Two Bonk games for the Super Famicom. Can you ask for anything more? I recently added the NES Bonk to my collection and I already have Super Bonk for SNES so these were up next. Maybe the Cube version next?


Finds 1875: PC Games Galore!

I went to the thrift store I don't usually go to and found some PC games. Nobody really gives a shit about PC games so I always end up looking at their section and find weird stuff. One of the CDs is a midi collection, you remember midis? 


July 03, 2024

Finds 1874: Power Quest Sealed, Slave Zero, Virtual Pool, Metal Gear Solid 4, and Tetris Evolution

Another lot of goodies. I finally went for it and got Power Quest but couldn't find a really nice complete version and ended up with a sealed copy which is fine as I already have the game, I just wanted the box. I also went thrifting and got some Xbox goodies. Slave Zero is a really cool game if you haven't tried it yet. 


Finds 1873: The Rumble Fish 2 and Scorn Deluxe Edition

Here are a couple of pick ups. Scorn is becoming hard to find while the Rumble Fish 2 was a Limited Run Release that I found at Gamestop. Weird huh?


July 02, 2024

Finds 1872: Road 96, Ninja Jajamaru, and PES 2017

Here are some new additions from Amazon and Gamestop. I have been hitting Gamestop a lot recently as they really have some good stuff. I recommend you do the same. 


Finds 1871: Little Samson for the NES is Finally Mine!

Yes, I went for it and got Little Samson for the NES! This is crazy! I never imagined I would get it especially for the price. Now, there is something you should know. The board is completely legit but the shell has a repro label on it. I will be hunting for a shell to replace it, you never know, there might be one available some day and I can have a legit label on it. As for now, I will keep the legit board in a repro shell. I'm so happy to have it! 


Finds 1870: Record of Agarest War, Fighter Maker , Monark, Astronite, the Outbound Ghost, and More!

Here are some new additions to the collection. Me and my girlfriend went to this Gamestop that had a lot of interesting games so we ended up picking up some little gems. They were also on sale, I believe it was 4 for 40 during the time we got them. I also got Fighter Maker which I saw in a local game shop but they had it for 40 bucks which was kind of ridiculous as I ended up finding it on eBay for ten dollars in even better shape. Record of Agarest War is a really cute version with a lot of extras. It's a must have for your 360! 


July 01, 2024

Finds 1869: Floppy Disk Drive!

Here is a sweet little floppy drive I found while thrifting. It works so I have yet another back up for my work. 


Finds 1868: Calling and Block Knockers!

Here are some new additions from eBay. Block Knockers is another adult themed game for the Switch while Calling for the Wii is a horror game for such console. I'm hunting down the more unusual stuff for consoles now. 


Finds 1867: More Additions! Perky Little Things, The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince, Loop 8, Destroy All Humans, Destiny Connect, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Here are more additions from eBay and Gamestop. Just keep adding stuff for Xbox One as their games are so cheap! I'm not sure why Xbox One games are so much more affordable than other consoles but I'll take them. I also got an adult theme game with Perky Little Things. Get more Games!


June 30, 2024

Finds 1866: Cuphead, Bubble Ghost, Ikai, Goodbye World, Spyro, and More!

More deals from Gamestop as usual! I also got some deals from Walmart as they were having some goodies for clearance. Bubble Ghost was from eBay as it's for the Commodore 64. The rest are sweet deals from Gamestop. Cup Head or Goat Simulator anyone?


Finds 1865: Gamestop Deals are Here! Amazing pick ups!

So many Gamestop deals lately, it's crazy! All I can say is that you have to take care of the deals they have when they are doing the Buy 2 Get 1 free. Be sure to check out the photos below as there are so many interesting awesome games! Fight Crab is just awesome! 


Finds 1864: Trip World DX, Hammerin Harry Concrete Collection, and Heart of the Woods!

More arrivals from Limited Run Games! Trip World DX is the colored version of the game I got not too long ago. Hammerin Harry brings the games to the NES! While Heart of the Woods is another cute little RPG. Limited Run Games delivering good stuff once again! 


Finds 1863: Amazing Haul! Just so Many Goodies to Mention!

Lots of more goodies! Here are some mail day arrivals and other findings. Please be sure to check each game as there is a little bit of everything. I also got another PS5 game even though I don't have a PS5. I'll eventually get the console. 


June 29, 2024

Finds 1862: Vegas Pins! Super Mario Bros trilogy!

I got these really cool pins from a shop during my trip to Vegas. The Super Mario Bros trilogy in pin for! aren't they beautiful? 


Finds 1861: Plumber Don't Wear Ties Definitive Edition

I can't believe this game was actually re-release. I was all over it when it was available for pre-order. A cult classic for the 3DO!


Finds 1860: PC Controller and USB Zip Drive!

A little stop at a Garage sale ended with a USB zip drive finding! I'm not sure if it works but it was a decent pick up for a couple of bucks. The controller I found next door at the Goodwill. It looks like an older version as it only has two buttons like NES style controller so I'm guessing it was mimicking the controller of the time. Overall, really unique stuff. 

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