Parachute for DOS

A port of Parachute for DOS was released! Really neat work!

Finds 1436 PC Galore! Phantasmagoria 2 and Others!

A trip to thrifting brings a bunch of PC gems!

Ads from the Past 454: Zelda for Disk System(The First one)

Classic artwork for a legendary game, the Legend of Zelda ad is here.

Smarty and the Nasty Gluttons Getting a Physical Release

A Game from the past will be getting a physical release in the coming future. What kind of game is this though?

Retro Game of the Week 173: Gradius 3(SNES)

Shoot 'em all up, get all the power ups and try to survive this legendary game!

September 20, 2021

Manual Monday 042: Total Eclipse (3DO)

Here we have the manual scan of Total Eclipse for the 3DO. The game is decent and nothing great. I think you will definitely need to read the manual to find out what to do in this one. Enjoy!


September 19, 2021

Finds 1517: Tube TV, Xbox Games, Vintage Power Surge Protector, fake Mini NES, and PC Stuff

Here is the rest of the loot from that same trip. I found one of those vintage Surge Protectors and I think I will use it for my Tandy computer. Speaking of Tandy, I haven't even test it yet with the new stuff I've gotten. I've been leaving that behind for quite some time and I kind of hate it. I will have videos and photos of it on here once I do. I also got a fake NES which I'm sending to my friend, he will enjoy that. A couple of Xbox games and some PC software but nothing crazy. The tube TV was actually from a garage sale I stumbled upon. It works great and has three AC inputs so that's very handy. It's definitely an upgrade from the tiny TV I have so It's a plus. I was able to find a spot in my office believe it or not so It's good to go. The picture quality is quite good on this one and it works just wonders. I might just plug in my digital antenna to it for TV watching purposes. It was a good day overall!


Finds 1516: It's a Macbook Air WOW!

This is probably one of the best pick ups in a while. Mainly because the price was just right and the Macbook Air was in such amazing condition. Anyways, the story is quite funny. I was in my usual routine at the thrift store but didn't see much that would peak my interest. I decided to look around a bit more and saw this big composition notebook in this box. I thought it was really cool but when I went to pick it up, I noticed that it was a cover for a laptop, what laptop was this? a Macbook Air. I started inspecting it and saw that it was in great shape but, it showed the folder with question mark. Now, I'm no Macbook expert but I know that if you trouble shoot it, things will be alright. I did just that and it went into recovery mode but due to the fact that the battery was almost dead, I decided to shut it down. I had seen enough and after taking the protective case off, I saw that it was a Macbook Air from 2019 which is actually really new if you ask me. The lady working at the thrift store saw that I was checking it out and tried to find me a charger but couldn't find one, then she goes, 'Maybe I can get you a discount' and I was like 'Thank you!!' She came back to tell me that they would take ten dollars off which means I paid 189.99 for it! I think that was quite a deal! I paid for it and went on my way. I have other stuff to show but it'll have to wait on the next post as this one needed one by itself! 


September 18, 2021

Finds 1515: Mario Bros VHS, Wizard of Oz VHS, and Apple Keyboard

Here are some interesting finds. We have Mario Bros VHS and Wizard of Oz VHS. I actually noticed the cover of Mario Bros in this box while thrifting. The seller said he could do two for a dollar so I had to look for another VHS tape and decided to go with the Oz VHS. I also picked up the keyboard for a dollar. Now, that Apple keyboard definitely needs a retrobright so I will be making a post on how to do this in the future. You haven't seen the last of the keyboard!


Sega Saturday 003: Sonic for Sega Master System

Here is the first Sonic and no, it's not for the Sega Genesis. Believe it or not, the first Sonic was also released for the Sega Master System. That's right! The Sega Master System Sonic is different than the one for the Genesis and believe it or not, there are fans out there that prefer this one over the original on the 16-bit console. What's so different about it? Well, there are quite a few things. First of all, the look of the game. 

The game does play like Sonic but it feels more like a Sonic for the Game Gear except with their own Master System touch. It's such a fun game and the music is actually unique as well. You will probably have to play it to see what I'm talking about. Definitely check this one out as it's a very amazing game. Be sure to pick up the Pal release as it's way cheaper than the US release and the only difference is a sticker on the back of the box, yes, a sticker! Ridiculous! 


September 17, 2021

Famicom Fridays 003: Holy Diver

Have you ever wanted to play a game like Castlevania but just harder? A game that would make you want to rage quit? That will have you play the first level over and over because you can't get past it? Look no further! Holy Diver is that game that didn't make it to the States but holds such a huge challenge that it's totally worth importing. This game is only for pros, believe me when I say that. 

The game does have a lot of similarities to Castlevania so you'll feel right at home in it. Now, you can either import this or search online for the recently released NES version of it. That's right, this game was released for the NES after so many years! You will be fine with either version. Enjoy!


September 16, 2021

DOS Thursday 003: Clyde's Adventure

Oh boy does this guy looks like Mario or what? So, this game is actually a lot of fun and has very little room for mistakes. You play as Clyde in his first adventure! The goal of this game is simple. Collect all the gems in the level but don't run out of energy. There are some items that will help you recover this but, you need to know the best way to beat each level. This game does take a lot of trial and error, but the reward of beating a very tough stage are priceless. I highly recommend this game if you are looking for a challenge. You can probably play the shareware online somewhere or just get DOS box and emulate this classic. Help Mario errr Clyde yesss Clyde!
 Download it here!


September 15, 2021

Password Wednesdays 003: Little Samson (NES)

This week, I will share the password for the final stage in Little Samson for the NES. I know, this game is a bitch to find but you can always use the emulator for it. Isn't it great that the password is only four characters. JR6P , that's it. Enjoy!


September 14, 2021

Retro Tuesdays 003: Tomagotchi

This week, we have the crazy Tomagotchi toy. What is Tomagotchi? It's none other than a virtual pet. This was a craze that came with Pokemon in the late 90s. Taking care of your monster was the whole craze and this become quite popular. The idea is quite genius. You have this little peripheral that works as a Pokewalker and you have a little monster that you take care of. During the various times of the day, you can feed it or play with it. Depending on how good you take care of the creature, it'll live a longer healthier life. If you don't take care of it, the creature will die! That's okay though as you can reset the game and try again. They were quite fun especially because a lot of kids would bring them to school. They even came out with some that would battle mimicking the whole Pokemon gimmick. They have recently made a comeback and you can find them at stores such as Hot Topic or Gamestop. A really cool gadget indeed. 


September 13, 2021

Finds 1514: Tengen Tetris is finally mine again!

So here it is. Probably another amazing pick up for the collection. I got this game around eleven years ago, here I even found the post about it here. I ended up selling that copy because of financial difficulties and totally forgot about it. Now, I have it once again. This is probably my favorite Tetris game ever! I have the bootleg carts of it as they were quite common. Definitely happy about this addition and now I can forget about the past and enjoy this beautiful copy that has a sleeve too! Mega Loot!


Finds 1513: Adventure Island 3, Battleship, Formula 1, SNK Heroines, and Gun Gun Pixies!

This is a lot of games that is kinda random. Let’s get started with the lesser exciting findings which are the PC software additions. We got your classic Battleship PC game and Formula 1 which is an odd one. I’ll have to look more into that one. Finally, I was able to get Adventure Island 3 for the NES which is a game I had years ago and sold it to make ends meet. I have it and have actually streamed it on Instagram! I will play it till I beat it! I did get to Island 3 but that’s about it. Also, I had some GameStop credit so I figure I would go online and get a couple of games. After a little research, I decided to go with these two gems. One is called SNK Heroines which puts you in a fighting game between all these beautiful ladies from SNK games, now that’s freaking amazing and adorable! I also got this other game called Gun Gun Pixies which I am sure I have something similar but I am not sure. It was a great deal too as both of them were on sale and I was able to use my coupon code. Gun Gun Pixies puts you in the shoes of pixies that traverse a world with females babes! It’s another cute game. I’m starting to really like those bizarre games a lot. Love this loot!


Manual Monday 041: Final Fantasy Adventure (GB)

This is one of my favorite games for the Gameboy along with Zelda. The game is actually known in a different name in Japan but was brought here and had the Final Fantasy name added to it due to the fact that it was more known. This is actually a game from the Seiken Densetsu series which is known here as Secret of Mana. This same game got ported to the GBA in a remake style and was named Sword of Mana which a lot more people remember playing. Enough of that, here is the manual scans for this gem!

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