Parachute for DOS

A port of Parachute for DOS was released! Really neat work!

Finds 1436 PC Galore! Phantasmagoria 2 and Others!

A trip to thrifting brings a bunch of PC gems!

Ads from the Past 454: Zelda for Disk System(The First one)

Classic artwork for a legendary game, the Legend of Zelda ad is here.

Smarty and the Nasty Gluttons Getting a Physical Release

A Game from the past will be getting a physical release in the coming future. What kind of game is this though?

Retro Game of the Week 173: Gradius 3(SNES)

Shoot 'em all up, get all the power ups and try to survive this legendary game!

February 24, 2021

Zdey the Game Project, a New NES Game!

Here is a pretty awesome new game that's currently getting funded here. The game looks very promising and it's already over halfway to its goal. I highly suggest you back it up if you like side scrollers. This game is one I will keep my eyes on. Be sure to visit their funding side in order to see more of it! I am always welcoming new games for old consoles. 


Finds 1442: Granada X for Genesis

Here is a new arrival, it's Granada X for the Sega Genesis. I have been eyeing this game for a while and finally found it for a very fair price. No, I didn't paid 24.99 for it as the sticker shows, just minus 10 bucks out of it. Another solid game for the Genesis. 


February 23, 2021

Finds 1441: Space Channel 5 VR Edition!

Another Limited Run Games arrival. It's Space Channel 5 VR for the Playstation 4 VR. I really think I should get the VR headsets because I have accumulated quite a few VR games.... ufff!


February 22, 2021

Finds 1440: Finally Got an Atari 7800 with Games!

I was finally able to get an Atari 7800! It's been years of hunting for one at a decent price and I'm happy to announce that I finally got one. Of course, I got it with stuff missing but that stuff is on the way to me so we will see if everything is good to go. I think I did well buy paying 70 bucks for all of this! I even got the game that I wanted for the console, MS-Pacman! The library is really small for this console but with it, I complete the Atari Trilogy! Maybe I should go for an Atari ST, but I don't know yet. 

This is the beautiful 7800! Game on!


February 21, 2021

Finds 1439: Gamestop Closing Sale! Cadence of Hyrule and Others!

So another Gamestop is going under and that's where we collectors and gamers take advantage! I was able to save these games from whatever their future was. Overall, I was happy to get these at an amazing percentage of discount!!! I will be back to this store before it closes down! 


February 20, 2021

Finds 1438: Samurai Shodown Neogeo Collection for Switch! & Others!

Finally, some Limited Run Games are here! They are Samurai Shodown, Carrion, and Silent Bob and Jay Mall Brawl! Totally awesome additions! If you didn't preordered these, you will have to check eBay for the inflated prices, sorry...


February 19, 2021

Parachute by Friedpixels

So this is a really interesting port of Parachute for DOS. Of course, if you have a newer system, you will have to use DOSBOX on PC, Idos on Iphone, and  Magic DOS Box on Android. The game is pretty cool although I kind of want to place it on a floppy, label it and try it out on my older computers. I think it should work! It's a really interesting port, please click here to check out more info and videos on this one. 


Ads from the past 454: The Legend of Zelda (the first one)

This is wonderful art of the first game in the Zelda series. As many of you must know, the game was originally released in the Famicom Disk System. One thing you should know, the game was also released years later for the original Famicom. It's quite expensive too. Love the artwork as usual. 


A little WIP on Projects...

So I have been working on a lot of things lately, including building this arcade room for the turtles, and some other stuff with work and designs. I have some new releases coming for the shoppe too but the parts are taking long to arrive especially due to the storm and bad weather going around the entire country. Everything is going crazy so far. I will have lots of new things coming and back to work I go...


Finds 1437: Blockbuster VHS Tape, Just Dance 2017, and Others!

Here are some random things! Some VHS tapes! I only got the Blockbuster VHS because of the sleeve artwork. Just Dance 2017 is just for the Wiiu collection and I can never say no to Dr Mario! 


Finds 1436: PC Galore! Phantasmagoria 2 and Others!

Here is a big lot of PC games I found while thrifting. Apparently, a lot of people don't care much about PC games, which is good because I'll just take them all. I have a friend I'll be sending some of these to, he will release appreciate them. I was particularly happy about Phantasmagoria 2 which I will have to try it out once my office is finished it's remodeling! 


February 04, 2021

New Additions to the Shoppe! Star Cruiser, Final Fight in Streets of Rage 2, Luigi in Sonic, and Raiden Trad Remastered

Here are some new additions which you can find here or by clicking on the Shop button on the top of the page. This time around I went and added a very obscure RPG that was translated called Star Cruiser. It's one of those games that takes a bit to get used to but it's quite good once you do. Definitely check that one out. Then, Final Fight meets Streets of Rage in this awesome beat 'em up. You can play as Final Fight characters in the Streets of Rage 2 world. It's quite satisfying! Luigi in Sonic is a very fun little hack where you play as Luigi! Why is he even in the Sonic world? Who knows! Raiden Trad is a decent shooter and this one I have has been remastered to look more like the arcade counterpart. This are four new gems to the shoppe and I have more to come for various systems. Thank you for visiting! 


Finds 1435: TMNT Super 7 Ultimates Wave 2

It's about time these got here. Wave 2 has been out for about two months I believe, and the place where I order them always takes a bit to send them. You know, I shouldn't be complaining because they always deliver and I don't get any nonsense about cancelling pre-orders and what not. Anyways, you can check them out here as you can still preorder waves 3 & 4. Anyways, the figures are just amazing! This are a reworked series from the original line in the late 80s and are just fantastic. This time around, we got Leonardo, Mutagen Man, Shredder, and Bebop. I'm glad they are doing some of the figures that are a little less known such as Mutagen Man and honestly, they haven't been released until now. Lets take a look at each figure. 

Shredder comes with an exchangeable head which mimics the original release of the figure which came with the eyebrows painted on the helmet side which is crazy but funny. He also comes with so many accessories which is the norm for the Super 7 TMNT Ultimates line. Definitely happy with this one.

A lesser popular figure is Mutagen Man. I know this one has probably been released in the newer cartoons line but the classic one has never been re-released and remade like this! It comes with lots of accessories and it's just an amazing figure altogether. 

The second brother gets released with Leonardo! Of course, it has the look of the vintage line but it also came with an exchangeable head! You can keep the vintage head on or put a more serious head instead. As usual, it comes with tons of accessories including the turtle com and slice of pizza. I'm glad to have the second one. Mikey is coming in the next wave!

Now this Bebop is gigantic! What an amazing figure and as with Shredder it comes with the original head from the first line of series. Yes, his head was pink! Of course, you can exchange it to the other alternative head which is great as it gives collectors a chance to change it if they don't like the pink head. It comes with tons of accessories and it's just a massive figure! Can't wait for Rocksteady in the next wave!

What an amazing line this is! 


February 01, 2021

New Additions! Fix-it Felix, Darius 2, and Kirby in Sonic the Hedgehog!

Here are three new additions to the shoppe. I picked these as they are definitely interesting. I mean the port of Fix it Felix jr is pretty awesome and even contains voice samples from the movie. Darius 2 is a pretty cool shoot ‘em up by Taito, and Kirby in Sonic the Hedgehog is a really cool hack in which you play as Kirby in the world of Sonic. Definitely check them out by clicking here, or click on the Shop tab on the top of the page. Thank you, there are tons of things that are coming this week! 


January 30, 2021

Ads from the past 453: Super Mario Bros 2J

This is a very nostalgic poster especially for those of us that actually played this back in the day. I played this back in the only by a bootleg port of the game. I was after all, surrounded by bootleg games. I was never able to finish this game since it was too hard, well, only when I got Super Mario All-Stars did I got to beat this game. Then, I went back and played the original in the Disk System and beat it as well. It's a challenging game alright. 


Finds 1434: Sonic Mania, Octopath Traveler, and Stay-Puft

Here are some unusual additions. I say unusual because I never expected to find them! Well, lets start by having to go to Wally World for Duck Food and Garden Soil. After getting that stuff, I decided to go to the toy section to find that they had restocked the Ghostbusters action figures and to my surprise, I saw a Stay-Puft which is the one I was missing from the set. I am so happy to have this one and finally finish the set! Then, I went over to the video game section to check out if they had Octopath Traveler as people on social media had said they found it on clearance for ten bucks. I did saw the game but it had no price tag so I asked the worker there to scan it for me and once she said ten dollars, I was like sold! The Sonic Mania was also on clearance at 14.97 or something like that which is fine by me as I've been wanting a physical port of the game. Overall, a good trip to Wally World with some really awesome cheap additions. 


New Additions to the Shoppe! New Super Mario Land, Dragon Ball Final Bout, and Mortal Kombat Gold 2000!

New arrivals to the shoppe! These are some pretty cool additions and are available right now! Lets start with Dragon Ball GT Final Bout which is a port of Dragon Ball Final Bout for the PS1. Of course, it's a port and a really cool one at that. Mortal Kombat Mythologies also referred to as Mortal Kombat Gold 2000 is a port of the game into the 16-bit console. It's quite fun and as tough as the original. Finally, New Super Mario Land is an interesting twist of a game! It's a port of Super Mario Land in the New Super Mario Bros style. It's really something amazing as it plays and looks great. It reminds me of the DS games. An amazing port indeed. Be sure to check out my shoppe by clicking here or click on the Shop tab in the top of the page. Thanks again and be sure to check these and many other repros I have for sale! 


January 28, 2021

World’s Smallest Nintendo 64 Console is More of a Handheld!

Behold, the smallest Nintendo 64 console ever. It’s so small that it is a handheld. How is this possible? Well, lets just say all it takes is dedication and a lot of love and skills to accomplish this. 
The creator of this mod is called GmanModz is notorious for his different mods including a Nintendo 64 mod which was able to fit into a Gameboy SP. This is just one of his many projects! This is the smallest yet! It’s even a world record!

Imagine manufacturing these, come on Nintendo, are you reading this? You love making money off of nostalgia and this would be really awesome. If you aren’t going to release a Nintendo 64 classic, then why not go for a Nintendo 64 portable? It’s just an idea. 

Be sure to click here to see the steps this genius took to create such an amazing piece of hardware. Just WOW


Finds 1433: TMNT Playmates Comic Turtles

This set of turtles was something I didn't think much about since I preordered it. I mean, they are like the turtles they released(same mold) some years ago as their version of the cartoons turtles, but this time they are the comic book turtles. They are alright, but they just seem to be a different color of the same mold of turtles which is kind of disappointing. I wanted something new out of these. I don't even know where I'll place them but I guess I will learn better next time. If you did missed the first release of these as cartoon turtles, then this is the set to pick up. They are pretty cool overall.


January 27, 2021

Donatello & Cobra Kai

So I've been working on my custom Turtle Lair for quite some time now. I ended up putting the wallpaper as you can see it's bricks style, and some posters. One of them being the Cobra Kai poster which fits well with the turtles as they are ninjas and all. Here is Donatello ready to enroll you in Cobra Kai! The Turtle Home is coming out pretty good, I'm happy with it and will have some photos of it as I get it more complete! I have some stuff coming in today for it, more custom work to be done! 


Finds 1432: TMNT Neca Turtles! WOW! Krang and Splinter Baxter

I was finally able to find some NECA TMNT action figures locally! I almost went and bought them from a reseller and now I'm glad I didn't. It was so awesome going into a Targey store and just seeing them on the shelves. I hope they mass produce all the new releases from here on forward as it has been such a pain to find them thanks to scalpers. I also got those Dino two pack but I'm still looking for the other one which I am sure I'll find now that we know they are being made in higher numbers. NECA is at least getting something right, finally! I will be opening these sometime this week. 


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