Nov 7, 2011

Emulation News 198: Updates for 11-7-11

Welcome to a new week and now more gaming emulation news!

MESS SVN r13187

typo fix (nw)
cleanup (nw)
- mbc200: mapped rest of hardware (no whatsnew) "


XM7 V1.1L30aLP02/V2.9L40aLP02/V3.4L40aLP02 (2011/11/02))

"- 2011/10/15 version has the same content.
- Because of the original outage XM7 HP (now 2011/11/02 12:00 JST),
The entire source code archive."


DSP Emulator v0.12b1 (2011/11/06)

"06/11 - DSP Emulator 0.12b1 Released
Windows binary and source available.
Rewrited Z80-PIO and Z80-CTC devices.
Support for AMX Mouse with emulated Z80-PIO (not simulated) and support for Kempston Mouse in Spectrum driver
Added sound to Starforce and fixed small video issues
Added sound to Sega System 16A
Rewrited Sega System 1/2 driver, fixed all video, sprites and sound issues. Added driver for Choplifter, Mister Viking, Sega Ninja, Up'n Down and Flicky
Implemented sprites effects in Ninja Kid II"


HalfNES v0.041

"-Added experimental NTSC graphics filter. Wriiten from scratch, not a port of
Blargg's NTSC code. This looks quite a bit more like a real old terrible 80's TV.
Unfortunately, it's still very slow.
-Fixed Punch-Out, which was broken since version 0.039"


bsnes v084

"This release adds preliminary Game Boy Color emulation. Due to lack of technical information, this is undoubtedly the least stable module I provide at this time; but improvements should continue as it is developed.

This release also polishes the NES emulation and user interface code.

- added preliminary Game Boy Color emulation
- NES: added MMC6, VRC1, VRC2, VRC3 emulation
- NES: fixed MMC5 banking and added split-screen support [Cydrak]
- NES: pass all of blargg's ppu_vbl_nmi tests, pass more sprite tests
- NES: palette is now generated algorithmically [Bisqwit]
- SNES: fixed SA-1 IRQ regression caused by code refactoring
- Game Boy: rewrote audio channel mixing code; sound output is greatly improved as a result
- Game Boy: uses DMG boot ROM instead of SGB boot ROM
- Game Boy: fixed potential bug when loading save states
- phoenix: fixed ListView focus issue [X-Fi6]
- phoenix: fixed dialog message parsing [X-Fi6]
- ui: video output is truly 24-bit now; SNES luma=0 edge case emulated
- ui: audio frequency, latency, resampler are now user configurable
- ui: gamma ramp is dynamically adjustable
- ui: all filters ported to 24-bit mode (speed hit to HQ2x)
- ui: added turbo button mappings for all generic controllers
- ui: fixed audio volume on unmute via menu [Ver Greeneyes]
- ui: shrink window option does nothing when no cartridge is loaded
- ui: re-added compositor disable, driver verification from v082"


Altirra 2.0 Test 50

"Cartridge: Added support for a 5200 64K cartridge with 32K banks."


DeSmuME SVN r4121

- Allows the NDS input system to work on big-endian processors."


Gens-ReRecording SVN r301

RAM Search: fix reset code and update the current values for every addresses.
RAM Search: workaround for auto search restart."


Surreal 64 CE B5.52u

"Surreal64 CE B5.52u
-unofficial patch

This is package is an unofficial patch containing some experimental work that took place after B5.5's release.


-Trigonometric analog sensitivity. 2 new analog sensitivity settings exist. "Increasing" uses a tangent wave to make the analog stick more responsive as it moves away from its center position. This could compensate for the stiffness of the XBox's control stick and make it "feel" better. "Decreasing" uses a sine wave to gradually decrease sensitivity as the control stick approaches the outer edge.

-Rice 6.12 Software Vertex Clipper. This fix utilizes the Software Vertex Clipper used in Rice Video 5.60. Several games no longer crash and newer ucodes can be utilized. Diddy Kong Racing, F-Zero X and Perfect Dark are among the most notably fixed games. Keep in mind this uses software and will result in a CPU hit.

Simply overwrite your .xbe's with those bundled in this package."


PCSX2 SVN r4961

Game patch: Dead or Alive 2 (J) [SLPS-25002) playable with the R5900 recompiler. Does not make other versions playable, there seems to be a separate issue with them.

A proper fix for this is not happening nor is it even desirable because of the performance impact it would have, the game seems to unintentionally rely on the RPC arguments remaining in cache until sceSifCallRpc. A slightly better patch is possible, this one eats some extra EE cycles and might theoretically make the game emulate at less than full
Added CRCs to the DoA2 patches because pirate game copies are often based on DoA2. If your game identifies as DoA2 and it isn't, you're going to hell.
Forum user ateste was so kind and found/fixed a savestate issue with Lilypad :)
The problem would cause lost controls or "Controller disconnected" messages in a few games.
This fix is temporary and only works with Lilypad, until we take care of the core issue.
- Rewrote and simplified the TriAce gamefix
VU interpreter:
- Implemented a TriAce gamefix for vu0 interpreter
Ateste worked on the Time Crisis fix some more and figured out the (hopefully) right flags in the (hopefully) right places.

Thanks for helping out! :)"


Fake86 v0.11.01.26 Test

"Hey all, I've been a lurker on this site for a while but I decided to register and share my emu project Fake86. Some of you guys may have heard of it somewhere before. It's not exactly new, I've been working on it for almost a year. I am really looking forward to talking with other emu devs here, though. It's hard to find people that really understand how this stuff works for the most part.

It's a cross-platform x86 PC emulator I've been writing in C. It's the first emulator I've written that is 100% my own code. I wrote a NES emulator before, but used somebody else's 6502 core and built around it. Writing an x86 core on my own has been a GREAT learning experience! I can't think of any type of programming that's more interesting than computer emulation, fascinating stuff on the technical level.

At this point, Fake86 only supports real-mode and 8086/80186 instructions, but 386 and protected mode is on the way. I've begun re-writing the core with protected mode in mind, but it will be a few months until it's ready I'm sure. Anyway, here's an overview of where it stands:

-100% of the 8086/80186 instruction set emulated
-i8259 interrupt controller emulated
-Hercules/CGA/MCGA/VGA video adapter emulation (I don't have EGA or VGA planar modes like 640x480@4-bit working, I've been having problems with this.)
-Floppy and hard disk images support at the int 13h BIOS level, I would like to eventually implement true I/O register-level emulation of the controllers
-Adlib FM music card emulated (it needs work, but it's pretty acceptable... I haven't figured out the percussion stuff yet though)
-Disney Sound Source sound adapter emulated (this works great with Wolfenstein 3D)
-Windows version supports using WinPCap to emulate a network adapter, but it's a custom implementation that requires the use of a special DOS packet driver I made... Later I really want to emulate something like an NE2000 instead.

Also, a few VGA programs/games can show some graphical glitches but most stuff seems fine. I am going to rewrite the whole VGA/EGA emu code and try to get it all right.

It's capable of running just about anything that doesn't require EGA video, including Windows 3.0. So, I thought I would provide a download if anybody would like to try it out and offer advice/criticism/comments. I will also happily share the source code, but give me a few hours to clean it up a bit first.

That has the current compiled Win32 version, and a 20 MB test hard drive image with MS-DOS 6.22, shareware Wolfenstein 3D, and Ultima VI. Extract it to somewhere and run this command line to boot from the image:

fake86.exe -hd0 test.raw

If anybody wants to get involved in the development, let me know. It's been all me so far. I am hoping this ends up becoming a really viable option for a PC emulator in the future. It's no QEMU, but I think it's a start! Plenty of work to do...

Here's a video to really demonstrate what it's like so far. This is booting MS-DOS 6.22 and playing a bit of Wolfenstein 3D and Ultima VI: The False Prophet."


Ootake v2.62

"- The maximum of the volume adjustment (PageUp,PageDown and
FunctionButton+UpDown) was changed to 120 from 100.
* Only the time of a play on Hu-Card game is effective for 101-120.
At playing CD-ROM game, 101-120 is the same volume as 100. (To stop
saturation of sound)
* When a check is put on the "File->Set Resume" menu, preservation and
restoration of volume setting can be done.
- Processing of ADPCM sound was improved. The sound quality improved. In the
visual scene of "Jantei Monogatari 2", the problem that sound was
difficult to catch improved.
- A volume balance of "wave memory sampling sound" was readjusted. I think
The quality of the voice (mainly Hu-Card game) was improved.
- A volume balance of the whole sound was readjusted. I think it approached
a real machine.
- With some PC environment, at full-screen of 640x480 (Direct 3D), the
problem that the screen upper part flickered was corrected.
* With some PC environment, when overscan territory is indicated at
640x480(Direct3D), there is a possibility which flickers. In that case,
choose the "Setting->Screen->DirectDraw(Old)" menu.
- The speed and timing were brought close to the movement of a real machine.
In the visual scene of "Jantei Monogatari 2", a problem that a screen was
in disorder was settled.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.
+ The execution file for "Windows 98/Me" was opened to the public. The
operation test is not done. Please see "Readme98.txt" in the ZIP file
about details and notes, etc.
+ I began Twitter. (Japanese language)"


NitroGrafx v0.6

"Fixed graphics rendering and optimised everything to better handle CD-ROM emulation.

*Support for all 2048 tiles.
*Support for 1024 wide tilemaps.
*Support for 320 pixel wide screenmode.
*Better caching of tiles/sprites, less flickering
*Optimised everything."




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